January 28, 2011

Talking about life of Jacob

   Today God gave us opportunity to have Bible lesson in orphanage K.What we like when we came there, children already were sitting and waiting for us.That was nice.After dinner they know, they have go to class and wait until we come.We had played games, had listened Bible story.
   We had spoken about life of Jacob when he lived in his uncle laban.That was funny.When we said we will be listen Bible story now.Some of kids had pulled of their hands and asked may i be Laban or Jacob and other character?We decided to change the way how to tell them story.That would be interesting to them.We took a flannel. Second reason for it.Last time we had 4 big bags.There were costumes for Bible story, Ukrainian borsch(we cooked it at home) and many other things. We bring some things all time what we need for lesson.Sometimes it really heavy. Our hands were in pain somewhat.
 Especially heavily when a lot of people are in the bus and also it is impossible to go through them when your stop. Sometimes it is need stand  on "one leg" and ride in the bus of 45 minutes. Because of a lot of people are in bus and their big bags.But is it ukrainian life.Sometimes it is funny. :)

Any way we are happy come to kids, tell them about Jesus and spend time with them.
This time children listened attentively during all lesson.
In the beginning we had a little puppet show.About a small mouse.How It was temptation for it to eat cheese.A mouse did not obey a mom and mousetrap did catch it.We have explained to children.Often it is a temptation to say a lie to any person.We must to obey God or a sin will catch us.

 Children were enjoy this little puppet show.

The Bible story about Jacob and his life in home of Laban.Some of children have helped to put flannel on board.
 The game.Children have to find Bible names of hero in this story.
 The game-stickers.We came up with an invention this game.We do not have opportunity to buy stickers.So, we print it in big format had placed a sticky tape on picture.And we have big picture stickers.Children really enjoy it!
                                                                 Next game
 Children enjoy craft camel with Bible verse.Are not kids sweet?
We were in surprise when they all told us the Bible verse what we had learned last time!It is amazing!We glad they remember and have desire to learn it!
We had blessed time with children!We are happy we able to visit orphans and tell them about Jesus Christ and His love to them!

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