January 21, 2011

They were waiting

Today when we came to orphanage to have a Bible lesson.The children already were sitting and waiting for us in class.It was nice!We had almost 30 kids!God blessed we had a great time!

We told a Bible story about 2 brothers Jacob and Esau.How Jacob 2 times deceived his brother.Genesis 25:27-34;  27

We have read Bible and children were playing act of this story.They liked it much!Also we sang a song, have played games, have learn a Bible verse 1John 5:17(a)  "All unrighteousness is sin..." and have made a craft.

Also we have fed children a "red pottage". We do not know to the end what it was when Jacob cooked.So, we cooked a red Ukrainian borsch.It is seems red color also.Children enjoy it much! When they have done to eat, we understood here children often hungry.We know it.But when you see, you approved in it. Because they just came back from a dinner what they had 30-40 minutes ago.
They ate all borsch and asked us for more.Some children were licking their plates.Children do not have their own games or toys. They asked us to presented them plastic plates and spoons  what they have used already.Can you imagine it? They wanted to play of it! It is very and very sad children have ready to play anything they got does not mean what, because do not have toys or games.

Here children have to say what is inside of bags.It was hard for them.We explain to them that people often deceive of blind people what is sin before God.Their life is real heavy.Same Isaac was blind.His son deceived him.

                         After we told them the Bible story.They were enjoy of it!


                          Oksana cooked Ukrainian borsch and have fed children.

The game.Children had to answer to questions about story. After game we learn with them the Bible verse.

                                                      Children made craft.
We were blessed to  have this meeting with these sweet kids!Praise the Lord!

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  1. Amazing story! What a blessing from God!

    I am a parent of a child with Down syndrome in the US and I also have two others, one was adopted. I was wondering if you would like some help with editing your home page. The Google translator sometimes makes things seem strange in English. I would be happy to write some things more clearly, such as your headings and sidebars. Let me know -- send a message through my name link to my blog page.


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