July 29, 2014

Our God is awesome!

We are so happy and so thrilled! Our God is awesome, Friends!I am so excited to share with you amazing news and blessing we have!

Some time ago we started the Project to hire Caretakers for boys in institution again.Our dear friend Bree greatly helped, who sent emails over 80 people and lots of them sent beautiful different items to help with project. Wow! We are so grateful to everyone!

We hired our sweet caretakers for the half of year. Due to the economic and political situations in Ukraine director of the mental institution was forced to cut several employees for orders of local authorities.This means that in institution less caretakers, who would take care about the boys. Today director greatly thanks and says in this hard days these "extra hands" he feels especially.

We planned to start that continue the project these days as we still needed $1,310  that ladies keep working for another half year.
Do you know what?! God so awesomely blessed!!! An one Christian family sent all needed funds $1,310 that women could continue taking care of precious boys! Praise God! Wow!
We are amazed at what the Lord is doing! We do not need continue the project as it ended even we did not start it. :)

We are SO happy boys will continue receive care and attention, on the half year more! Thank you all for your prayers!Thank you for involvement and love to these poor boys!THANK YOU!!!Special thanks goes to Kissell family :)

July 24, 2014

Friends since childhood and God`s grace

Last week we could visit girls with special needs. We had a wonderful time with them!
We spoke about Heavenly food, how God cared and sent a food to Israelites in wilderness.(Exodus 16)

During the Bible lesson we gave girls honey with  flavorless cookies.
(Exodus16:31)"And the house of Israel called the name thereof Manna: and it [was] like coriander seed, white; and the taste of it [was] like wafers [made] with honey". They were glad!

As Manna was white. Girls played a game.Who the first and more will pick up manna blindfolded.It was lots of fun! Many wanted to play!

So grateful for the help...

At the end we made a craft with a Bible verse. Everyone enjoyed and it was nice time.

But most precious and sweet time was when Stella with her darling son could visit her friends since childhood...Yes, most of these young ladies were together with Stella at one orphanage many years.But then they were transferred to another orphanage, where they will be till 35 years old. After they will be transferred to a psychiatric institution for adults, where they will spend the rest of their life...It`s so sad.

These beautiful young ladies never will have a future, never will get marriage, never will get an education, never will work where they would like, never go to a store to buy what they would like, never go to any park, zoo, lake, their dreams never  become real and so on and so on...Here can be many "never"...

It was so lovely, when Stella showed them how to change a diaper for a baby.

Oh, yes, they never saw it... It was their first sight and experience.They watch with such interest. Where they could see the baby?

These beautiful souls with a great interest watched how a young mom dressed her adorable son.

Honestly. We were shocked, when Stella said, years ago I could be at this place too. I just strived and battled for myself. I knew how bad to be there...I proved that I can stand up for myself and can live independently.

Oh, my!How horrible! Can you imagine this lovely young lady being there? Can you imagine how many beautiful and precious moments of life she could lose? Hear the first cry of her sweet just born son, enjoying his first tooth, dandle and loving him, have a loving and caring husband, feel loved, walk on streets with her family, enjoying a friendship with Christian friends, having a fellowship and spend time in McDonalds with dear friends...

...just a simple thing, skype with a lovely friends over ocean every week. And so on and so on and so on...

When I think about this beautiful girl what could happened with her, how she would feel lonely, unwished, neglected.., I am AMAZED by great God`s grace and love... HOW good, mercy and astonishing love of Heavenly Father to this precious soul!

Can you imagine Stella in this orphanage and then to be transferred to psychiatric institution for adults?..

How sad and disappointed about these beautiful young ladies, who, some of them may live independently but never will have this chance...

(Hebrews12:28)" Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear". 

July 21, 2014

The fundraising finished!

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU very much!!!! Our fundraising for Kristina and Kolya to help with their education is finished! God provided all necessary funds and we raised $2,480 only for 2 weeks!It`s even less than we planned!Awesome!

Thank you very much for your help in fulfilling their dream.What a great blessing for these two beautiful young souls.Thanks alot for your little and big donations. Your seeds of faith give a future for these two teens.Many thanks for your great kindness, showing love and support for these future students.

We are so humbled and are so grateful to everyone, who took part in this project!Our hearts rejoice and praise God.Our thanks never will be enough...THANK YOU! You are AMAZING, dear Friends! We are SO blessed!

July 8, 2014

About Joseph with boys

I am soooo excited to tell you what an awesome meeting we had today with boys, with special needs!

When the kids only saw  blue van, they started waving their hands,  jump and screaming with joy. Running up to the van, they asked, did you come to us? :)

The meeting with boys was simply amazing!
We sang a song with movements.

Told a Bible story about Joseph. (Genesis 37)We paid attention to how it is bad jealous and have envious heart, how were Joseph's brothers.What evil they made to him because of jealousy.I like that even caretakers there can hear God's word.Praying for their hearts.

Sweet souls so excited to play a game, which we called "Dress up Joseph".

Those who gave correct answer to a question of Bible story, had the right to "dress up" Joseph, attaching his beautiful coat of many colours.

 But the most favorite part of this meeting was, when boys made sandwich-craft, coat of Joseph.
Oh, my, you would see their eyes and impressions!They have been amazed!

Thanks those, who recently sent peanut butter from USA! ;0) It was so helpful! Also these kids never seen and ate Peanut Butter. 
I was so glad that found the cookies the right size for this craft. I wanted to use Jelly Beans as they so colorful and same sizes. But we had no enough for 70 boys :) And we never seen it in Ukraine. So we used M&M's. It was SO delicious! Mmmm!

Spreading the peanut butter on cookies

Boys themselves decorated coat of Joseph.

 They all were sooooo happy and soooo admired their work!!!!

Sweet kids were so blown away by the craft and overjoyed!!!! :) Even the caretakers liked it very much and asked all stuff for craft for other boys, who were not able to come to meeting.

And then they ate the sandwich-craft

"Mmm! It's so delicious! It's soooo yummy!" screamed out the precious boys.

We have been so happy seeing their smiling and such impressed sweet faces.I LOVE IT! Love to see their sparkle eyes and shining faces! Love their happy smiles and bring joy to these abandoned boys.Wish you be here and see their delight and great admiration :)

Thanks to you, Friends, for all your packages and donations. We won't able to bless these sweet souls without your support. Much love and God bless you! ♥

July 2, 2014

Will they have a future?-New Project

Each year orphans leave orphanages and each year they face with the same trouble to get an education or find a job and find housing.Each year these kids fear to leave their temporary homes. They do not know what wait them behind of fence and walls of orphanages. They do not know from what to start, where to go, whom to ask. They don't know where to live, go to study.Who will help, who will give advice, who will support?

This year these 2 sweet kids, Kristina and Kolya, graduated orphanage. They faced with a huge challenge in their life, where to go? They can not enroll at to any college or school, because they both studied at orphanage for kids with special needs. As you know, these children are most vulnerable and socially unprotected in Ukraine...Do you remember what a great trouble Masha faced?

But they as many children, dream... dream to get an education. They both dream to be the cook.

When we started to hold Bible lessons at this orphanage and visit kiddies. We had no idea that God had a plan. That BOM will be provided and continue support graduating orphans. :)

We know Kristina and Kolya, since they were small kids. 

Bro. Misha instructed Kolya how to shoot from the bow

They grew

and became beautiful young adults...(Kristina in light blue sweater)Their teacher said that both Kolya and Kristina love to help in the kitchen.

They can enter at an one lyceum- boarding school for the disabled, who agreed to take them. But they should pay for her tuition and living expenses. This is impossible and unrealistic as they leave orphanages with empty hands, only a little their clothes and items BOM provides. The government will not help. All the more today`s war in East of Ukraine... It's necessary $2, 480 for the year for both these young adults. For each $1,240. This blessing will go for their education, life in dormitory and food. They will not receive a stipend as students. 

So, here we are to ask about your help...On behalf of orphaned children we ask you kindly and with humble hearts to help Kristina and Kolya get an education. Our hope is ONLY Jesus that He would provide all necessary funds, if it is His will.They both still do not know or will be able to realize their dream. Because they do not have funds. Will they have a future?..
We know them both for many years. It would be such a blessing for these beautiful young adults, if they have some one, who can help them in their challenge. It would be so wonderful, if they could continue visit our church and continue hear the Gospel, find Christian friends, same, who were in orphanages and whom BOM supports today. Can you help, please?Your little donations, seeds of faith, would be greatly appreciated.

The blue widget on right side of the blog will show the process of fundraising. You can send your gifts  of love through this widget PitchIn or through PayPal thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com THANK YOU very much!!!

We would SO grateful, if you could share about this need everywhere it is possible.Please.Thank you!

But most of all we ask you about prayers. God would provide all necessary funds, if it is His will.Many thanks to you , friends!


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