Our Team

The BOM team do not get monthly or weekly salary or payment.But Christians volunteer who live by daily faith and trust to the Lord that He will provide daily bread on their tables and other their physical needs.

 If God give you a wish to bless all members of BOM or someone individual.You are welcome! :) Thank you very much!

Misha Glazov, Director of ministry in Ukraine, preacher and pastor in local Bible Baptist Church Charity.


Read and find out why director of ministry helps orphans

Alla Vasilieva, Head of Bible classes at orphanages, Administrator of Ministry

Read how Jesus has changed life of Alla former orphan

Nadya Soroka, teacher of Bible classes at orphanages

A story of second birth

Oksana Vasilieva, teacher of Bible classes at orphanages

Testimony a orphan who was abonded but was found by the Lord

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