May 28, 2015

About the 12 spies to younger ones

Hello everyone! I hope you have wonderful days with unexpected blessings :)

Yesterday we had such a nice time with younger group of girls! We had planned spend time with older girls. But when we arrived to a mental institution we learned that they have a bath day. It means that many girls won`t be able to come and have fellowship with us. Maybe the administration forgot to warn us? Opps. Then they asked us maybe you will spend time with younger group?  If God wants we share Christ love with little ones today. Why, not?So, the Bible lesson we planned for older girls we had with younger ones.

We had such a blessed time! It was pleasant to hear a caretaker said, I want be present too and have a fun. I like very much when you come and how carry on meetings. Can I join? It was sweet balm to our ears. :) She helped us in many ways with kids. Such a blessing!

So, our Bible story was about 12 spies. It was great! 

Then girls had to "eat a huge grape" answering questions about story. They tear away the number they wanted, so this number of the question they answered. 

The Bible verse

When we repeated a new song we learned in the beginning our meeting. We made the craft of spies. Kids were excited and made so wonderful job!

The young lady helped other girl to color her craft. It was so sweet...

The little one was so happy to get balloon :)

And in the end everyone received a stuffed toy.

Many happy faces and smiles.

Also we have such an awesome blessing! The entire orphanage received 80 towels and underwear for girls! Administration and staff was very glad and greatly thanked! For all orphanage! Can you imagine?! How wonderful!!! 

We are so and so thankful to bro. Daniel Scott and his community in Ohio, who helped so and so many orphans in Ukraine already!What a beautiful , beautiful blessing!

(Deuteronomy10:17-18) "For the LORD your God is God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, which regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward: 
He doth execute the judgment of the fatherless and widow, and loveth the stranger, in giving him food and raiment. "

May 21, 2015

Beauty and joy

Do you see these beautiful smiles and joy on faces these young people? We have one more exciting and amazing blessing. Each year we raise funds to bless graduating orphans with blankets, kitchen utensils and Bibles. Each year we have about 80-90 young people who leave orphanages and begin independent life. Usually they graduate orphanages with "empty hands" and have nothing, only very few belongings. Some kids even don't have necessary clothes... That is very sad and their life becomes very and very difficult.

This year we have little less graduates. An one very kind and generous man blessed with funds that have been enough to bless all kids with necessary items! How awesome! Our minds were blown away by this huge donation!!!! It made me teary for a some reason and it was hard to believe... Amazing! Amazing what God is doing!!!!

(Psalm 34:1-3)"I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together."

So, BOM team was able to purchase and distribute blankets, kitchen utensils and Bibles. Also some teens got towels and personal care items.It was such wonderful blessing to see beautiful smiles and joy on faces these sweet souls!

God is so good and merciful to these young people!

(Psalm 66:5) "Come and see the works of God: he is terrible in his doing toward the children of men". 
But most great joy and beauty...For the last few weeks about 15 precious young people, boys and girls asked Jesus save them and change their lives including one teacher of orphanage!Praise God!!!! Our joy was no end and our hearts sang a glory!

Our project is almost done! One more orphanage we are going to visit with these wonderful gifts, sharing with teenagers Gods love, who are going to leave the orphanage soon.We are so excited! God made everything beautiful and joyful.

(Psalm3:11) "He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end." 

May 16, 2015

Adventures in Kentucky and Michigan

I am so excited to tell you the next part of my adventures! :)

From Texas I flew to Kentucky. I had to get a next flight in Charlotte airport. The landing in Charlotte was not very well. The airplane was shaken up and down, it was not fun. It was a scary a little bit because I have learned the information about airports, flights and so on before going to America. The most dangerous for flights are first 3 minutes, when it takes off and 10 minutes before landing. I did not afraid turbulence! At all! When it even started, I even was excited a little bit. "Yeah!!! Turbulence!!!!" I was excited as a kid. I know I was like crazy, but I wanted to feel how it is :) Also, I learned that airplanes never fall down, when is turbulence. So, it was fun. 

It was storming and raining at that day. So, the landing in Charlotte was not fun. I know, if I die, I will be with Jesus in the Heaven. :) But I prayed, "Jesus, please, I must landed to tell people about BOM. I must landed... I must landed". I prayed always. :) I am so thankful to Jesus it was OK!!! Now I am laughing over myself.

I do not know how many thousands pictures I made. In every airport and in every flight. I like to make pictures, even it is not professionally. But I enjoy. :)

So, I told myself , "Alla enough". But now I am sad a little bit that I did not make pictures of Charlotte airport because it is beautiful. Ha ha!

The Kentucky surprised me by its beautiful hills.

In Louisville airport met me Susan with Ukrainian flag and yellow and blue color balloons like ukrainian flag. It was nice.

She is amazing woman...Everywhere we go, she told about BOM. We go to museum, she says about BOM, go to a cafe she says about BOM. In EVERY place and EVERY person we met. Do you know what? She told about BOM and pass out the BOM tracts! What a wonderful blessing!

.Besides sharing info about BOM in a Church, I visited so many different places. There`s so much to explore not only in the cities, but around it. The area has such a rich history!

I had a privilege to visit Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate.Home of famous 19th-century statesman Henry Clay.

Gainesway Horse Farm. Amazing and shocking... So beautiful farm. I never thought that horses can be taken such an awesome care. :)

 Kentucky Horse Park. A 1,200 acres showcase of museums, galleries and exhibits dedicated to all breeds of horse. It is HUGE and neat place! I love it!

 I was so pleased and happy to see how shod horses! We came into the barn in time and it was so neat to see it!

Then on the way we visited one more private horse farm.The little foal was born just few days before our coming. So precious.

Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort.

The statehouse is gorgeous!!!

Interesting Kentucky national meal.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. America's largest restored Shaker community with 34 buildings open to the public. National Historic Landmark.

It is so interesting place!

Had a fun :)

The castle on the way

I heard many times that kids and adults with special needs cared better in America then in Ukraine...I always wanted to see a special place, school, kindergarten or whatever, how it look like...

I was so and so blessed to visit Stewart Home School established in 1893! Wow! There are 850 acre such beeeeaaaautiful and gorgeous campus in Frankfort! It is amazing place for students of all ages with special needs! I was greatly surprised and blown away to hear what students do and how they live! I feel so blessed to see this wonderful place! While we have been talking with administration asking questions, and I shared info about people with special needs in Ukraine...The young man with Down Syndrome came into the room...It made me teary...Really. I do not know why. Or I felt so sad about kids in mental institutions in Ukraine or I felt happy for this young man that he lives in such beautiful place and he is well cared. I do not know. But then more and more young people with special needs started to come. I hardly kept tears. I was ready to go outside and sobbing. I remembered at once when I saw a blind man in Disneyland in California. Yep. Seeing him made me teary. I was so happy for him. That his family loves and takes care of him. These all makes me emotionally. Because, if you come to Ukraine, you will not see people with special needs on streets... They are abandoned and neglected...

Then I flew to Michigan. The airport in Chicago I found very pretty :)

I felt so emotionally to meet my sweet and dear friend Sabrina, who is BOM Donations Coordinator. Imagine, after many years of fellowship through Internet, Skype etc, you meet in person the family, who became so dear to your heart. Amazing blessing!

With a group of young precious people I visited Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park .The exhibition with many of butterflies from around the world.

Such a pretty flowers...

Soooo beautiful...

In second part of the day we had a picnic! Yay! The weather was nice. I do not know how many, 35 or 40 precious people came to the park to meet me and we had a great time! How awesome!

Such sweet and lovely... ♥

I was so blessed to meet in person those beautiful families and their precious kids!We dreamed for years to see each other! Can you imagine how awesome was meeting and how strong hugs! Lol

Next day I came back home. It was so hard to leave everyone... I felt like my heart was somewhere in belly... Tears and again tears.

The view of Grand Rapids
It was fun to see a train at the top there, in Detroit...

My huge airplane to Paris...It was very hard to leave America after such greatly blessed and amazing trip... But it took off about hour later...

So, it came more than hour later and I began to get nervous a little bit... Because I had to take a flight ticket to Borispol. I did not know yet how big is airport in France and how long it will take me to get to my next flight. When I finally took the flight and lady said that I should take a train to next terminal. Oh, no! I knew it would take some time... and boarding already began! 

I thought after train I will get to my airplane but... Oh, no! When I saw so many people going through security. I having experience a little bit after 11 flights. Lol. I knew I will be late. So, I asked security staff let me go earlier and not standing in a long line. Thanks God, they let me go! The terminal was so long! I had run like a crazy!

So, finally I was sitting in the flight, 10 minutes before taking off! Wow! Thank God, I made it! I was not afraid to be late for flight at all. I just did not want to wait for next one, because it was hardest part for me in airports wait for flights 3-4 hours. Oh. I did not want my friends in Ukraine worry about me. So, now I know what feel people, when your flight comes late and you need get to next one. Ha ha!

I could not sleep in the flight from Detroit to France and jetlag was not a problem for me at all.  Jesus loves me so much! :) When I came to Ukraine I felt great!

I was so happy to see my sweet friends and young adults met me in airport! We missed everyone a lot!

Also I know how it is, when aircompany lose your baggage. Ha ha! When I got the flight to Kiev from France, my bag stayed there. I had to go Kiev and pick it up in few days. So, I have quite experiences with flights. It is fun and I love it!

Thank you again! Thank you so very much for all your prayer support! Also many, many thanks to sweet friends and families, who made it happen! My awesome travel and wonderful adventures was thanks your love, generous hearts, hospitality and kindness! THANK YOU from bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

May 12, 2015

Wonderful blessings for 38 kids!

We are so and soooo excited to tell you the exciting news and great blessing we have!God is so good!!!!The new 38 beds what have been delivered recently, they are made already and now more kiddos enjoy to sleep on it!Children were so happy to help and make their own beds!How awesome!!!

We are very glad that our young adults could to learn the new skills as well. And they were such a great help and blessing!

At the end bro. Misha made a little tour for kids. Some of them were riding in the van all over the village (where is the orphanage) and they had lots of fun. Because they were out of the orphanage! But most happy moment was when everyone got the ice cream! They all were delighted and so happy! Such a little thing...but so much joy and happy hearts. I'm sure those precious souls will remember these days forever!

We are so and so happy for these sweet hearts, glorify and praise God for this amazing blessing!!!


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