December 31, 2014

Gifts to young adults and families

Recently we received many, many wonderful blessings to many orphaned children! Clothes but mostly toys. We can't wait to share with them this blessing and bring joy! Awesome!

Some of boxes with many beautiful blessings were for young adults and families under BOM support.

So, here are pictures of some young adults of their delight, great excitement and amazement. It's such a joy to see happy faces and smiles! :) It warms and bless your heart. And there is nothing more rewarding than to bless others!!!!

Love precious smile of Yana!

Sweet little helper ;)


Happy Stella :)

Two of those boys wanted to play with the doggy :)

Little babies, Ilyusha, Edick and sweet Sophia.

Little prince Andrew just woke up.

A short video.


We are very grateful for all your wonderful and generous support! It`s amazing to see God`s hand and His astonish love!We are very thankful for your time, prayers and thoughts. It's such a great joy for us to see many people love and follow BOM! It encourage us greatly and gives us strength serve these precious souls, bring joy and hope. It helps us to see God`s love and His presence.Thank you trusting and loving BOM!THANK YOU!THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!! ♥

We hope you enjoy this season of holidays with your beloved ones and have a wonderful time!May God bless you greatly and your families!!!!Our love to you all! ♥

December 28, 2014

We are expecting!!!

A big announcement for you dear Friends! :)

 Yes, one more baby! :) Such unexpected blessing.

Your support, care and love helped Stella and Vadim become a Christians few month ago. They both grow spiritually and happily raise their darling Ilyusha . They love Jesus with all their hearts and thank for every blessing. Both young people changed a lot since joined to church! What a great blessing! God decided to bless them with one more precious gift :) 

Thank you very much for your prayers and support this lovely couple. Please, keep praying for Stella, she is feeling not well sometimes. Also Vadim can earn money to feed his family, now 4 of them :). And they can continue grow spiritually in Jesus.

So excited for coming Baby shower on Spring!

Love this sweet couple! ♥

December 27, 2014

What is with current project?

First.We have all funds! Yay! God has provided all needed funds to bless 50 teenagers with warm jackets and boots! At the very last day we had 100%. That`s AWESOME! 

We are so humbled and so grateful to all of you, who took part in the current project! Thank you thousands times to each of you, for your sowing seeds of love. Many thanks for your generous gifts small and huge. Thanks for prayers and sharing the word about the need. Our thanks never will be enough! It humbled our hearts that many children and young people took part in the project. What a beautiful testimony of God`s grace!Dear Friends, you are really wonderful hands and feet of Jesus!!!What a great blessing you all are for the teenagers! We glorify and praise Lord Jesus for His mercy and goodness to these precious souls!!!

Second.The next day on Wednesday at 3.00 morning we were ready go to purchase these wonderful blessings for many teens. We couldn't wait to bless those beautiful souls!But at that night, when we almost were ready to leave...God stopped us.

We faced a big trouble in ministry...Not, it is not with this project. So, we did not go anywhere.. As we needed immediately solve a trouble... We couldn't sleep till the morning, the dream has run from us, hundreds thoughts in the head. What to do? How to be? God be merciful and help us... Next few days and nights were really, really hard emotionally and spiritually. It seemed that everything against you.
At those days I felt myself as Israelites, when they fled Egypt. When behind them were Egyptians, and in front was the sea. They were in fear and horror.There no way come back and ahead where to go?So we did not see the way, where to go? I wanted nothing at those days...Only that this trouble would be solved.Everything we could, pray that God will open the door and show us the way. And...He did! Same as the waters were divided in sea... God showed us the way how to decide the trouble.It has not resolved to the end yet... Maybe we are on the half way. It`s hard to say now. Some questions decided finally.Some not yet. It may take few more weeks.

Any way it's worth that! That many precious children will be greatly blessed, it's worth. It worth of that, because there is battle for life! Worth of sleepless nights, many headaches, energy, worries, troubles and many more. Because those treasures deserve it! It should turn to a huge blessing what will happen in next year :)  

(Philippians 1:29) "For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake" 

So, for today we really don`t know, when we will purchase jackets and boots for teenagers...Now started season of holidays and it`s really hard. We hope to do it as soon as possible. Any way I will update :) Please, keep praying for the current project, for precious orphans and for BOM staff. We really need your prayer support! Thank you very much for everything you do! Your support means so much for us and many children in Ukraine!

December 16, 2014

Only a week

We have only a week to raise $1,440! Time is very short and it is urgent!!! 

We are so so excited we can bless orphaned teenagers as we have raised 60% already! That is amazing!!!! Just for a very short time God has provided necessary funds to bless more then half kids! We are able to buy warm jackets and shoes for 30 teenagers! Thank you so much to all who praying and took part in this vital project! Your involvement means so much for all these souls!!!Thank you!Thank you all so very much!!!! You are awesome!!!!

Often orphaned children wear a jacket or coat like this boy, who looks so sad...

Can you imagine your child wear shoes like this one?

Do orphans deserve wear shoes like this one?

What do you think they feel when they wear shoes like this during several years and they know that no one will help them to get a new pair?

Do you know that during this season of holidays new pair of shoes and warm jacket can be the best gift for many orphaned teenagers?

We have a week to raise the rest of funds because starts a season of holidays and it will be harder to make purchase jackets and shoes. Also exchange of rate $ grows highly everyday. It means that prices absolutely for everything grows up daily! It`s scary how high are prices! Everyone predicts next 2015 year will be very hard for Ukraine...So many terrible things may happen here and already happens. So, we concern now or it will be enough all funds to bless all 50 teens? As prices change daily...
But most our hearts are concern that in week children from the orphanage will go for a winter holidays. They all are from very, very poor families, who are unable to help them in their physical needs. Because kids are from not full families or have parents who absolutely do not take care of them...Alcohol or drug abuse. If orphanage takes care and is a temporary home for many children. Thus many children often survive at their homes on holidays, being hungry having daily needs! This is vital! 

Can we all make a difference in lives of teens? Can we all show Jesus Christ, who loves and cares of them?
We pray God will do a miracle in lives of these children.We plead God take care of needs of these precious children, who deserve for better. If parents abandoned them, so they can see that they are not abandoned by their Heavenly Father.

Would you please, prayerfully consider to bless those precious children, if you can?Would pray with us please, God will provide necessary funds?

If God gives you a wish in your heart to bless teens with gift of love. Please send donation through PayPal , leave a note "for teens" and we will add your amount to the button on the blog. Or you can make donation through blue ChipIn on the right side of the blog. Also you can donate by check to:Bible Orphan Ministry 404 Greenview Dr. Caledonia MI 49316  
Even a little gift $5.00 , $10 can be a special blessing!Thank you very much!

If you unable to donate, would you spread the word about the need, please?Thank you on behalf of children!Your participation is greatly appreciated!!!!

December 15, 2014

More clothes to kids!

So, so glad tell you that more children received clothes!Yay!The orphanage has over 80 kids with special needs. Children have been blessed today by socks, hats, gloves, sweaters, pants and lots of more! Praise God!Praise God!!!

Thank you!Thank you very much for your wonderful support and such generosity!

Many, many warm thanks to those who, made it possible from USA and Switzerland!

Your love and tender care means so much for all precious Ukrainian children!!!THANK YOU!!! ♥

December 12, 2014

Just a simple thing make them happy!

Do you see this precious smile? I love it!

Do you see these happy faces full with joy and delight?

Do you see excitement of girls? Maybe you hear their laughter? :)

Well. We played in the snow with girls and threw snowballs at them few days ago. Just such a simple thing made everyone so happy! 

So sad that no one playing with them at the snow... But it is so simple, so fun and need nothing for that! Just snow and love to these souls.

The day was beautiful even not sunny. We laughed together and had fun. Just playing with those beautiful souls lifted the spirits and bring such joy!

Before the exciting time we had Biblical lesson with younger group. The story was about Joseph and his coat of many colors. (Genesis 37)

This little lovey is deaf and does not communicate...So priceless she wanted sit at lap.

At the end we made a craft, Joseph coat of many colors. Cookies, chocolate paste and M&M.

Dear friends, you would see how they were happy and so delighted! I can not find words and describe how much they were amazed!This girl was so excited and overjoyed she made this craft! She took Misha`s hand led to a place where she was sitting pointing to the "Joseph coat" with such great joy. She applauded and was thrilled! :)

Then they all ate their "craft". "Mmm. So yummy!" It made us smile and feel joy in hearts. We are so rejoice that simple things make so happy these children and bring such a joy!

Also BOM provided with different clothes what many of you sent.

Huge box of many puzzles.

Hats, socks and many other blessings.

Thank you!Thank you so very much to those, who made it possible! Staff of orphanage greatly thanked as they have nothing!

Staff asked us to help with bedding and towels. Towels look terrible and so worn out. Bedding should be provided 3 times a year. But orphanage uses beddings several years already!

The situation is going to be worse due the war and economic situation in Ukraine...The 25% of staff should be cut soon. How it will work where are children with special needs? It awfully even to think...

We have learned sizes of bedding is different in Ukraine than in US at least. If someone wish to send... I don't think it is good idea. Thanks for understanding.

If someone has opportunity and desire to bless these precious souls with beddings and towels, please email to   or leave a comment here. Thank you!Many, many blessings to you and your families!

December 5, 2014

Little fishermen

Recently we visited orphans at orphanage and  had such a sweet and lovely time with kiddies! We were not able to visit these precious souls for a while. Because we have been super busy with so so many things to help many others. :)
Oh, my! You would see how all children were happy to see us all! They flew as bees to honey! Lol Hugged, kissed and asked lots of questions. So sweet.

So, we continue travel on Bible with children learning about great heroes and many amazing God's miracles.

This time we talked about fishermen of Jesus. So, children were like small fishermen. We prayed, sang song, telling Bible story about fishermen of Jesus and played games.

One of game we called "Catch a fish" Children had to catch a fish(balloons) with help of a net. Win that one, who catch most of "fish". It was fun as everyone tried to catch as many as possible fishes.

After Bible story we have been learning a place of Scripture (Luke 5:10) "And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men."

Children caught numbered fish in the water, and then the number what they are caught, that number of the word, they placed.

In the end we had a fish craft. I really like this boy's reaction to the craft! :)

Kids really loved and enjoyed it greatly!

They have been so excited they could eat what they made!

We will have the same craft next time, too?they asked :)

 I was surprised children still remember what crafts they made a while ago and they could eat it. Sweet.

Some young adults(supported by BOM)  seeing the craft said. "Oh, it`s so cool! When we will do the same?" Ha ha!


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