July 31, 2011

Games for orphans in camp

Our wish is to help orphans in camp. Usually children have fun and exciting to being in camp. They come back with new energy, health, found there new friends, have many impressions, etc.

But not in this camp, where we visited orphans. Buildings inside and outside look horrible. In their rooms are only beds and clothes cabinet. You will not see nothing on walls of their room. It reminds little bit a jail.You can see only difference that windows are with curtains which do not have lattice and kids scamper everywhere. Also children undernourished there, no games, no fun, nothing, they bored there.

Because of this reason children run away from this camp to different places.Sometimes to different cities, where police catch them and give back to camp.But some time later children run away again. It happens again and again. That is big problem, because in this time they are street kids, where they can meet many troubles, sickness, they hungry, begin to steal food, clothes, etc.

Children do not want to be in this camp. They do not have their homes where they can stay for a summer. They often say, it is better to be in orphanage than stay in this camp.

We want to bring to them different games, make them busy and sweets and different fruits.We need to raise $280 to the end of this week.Because next week we want to visit them again.
But we are not able to do it without your help.Please, will you help orphans in camp? Will you help to bring to them a blessing and save if little bit? Children have nothing there and it will be big joy to them!

Please, use chip-in on our blog.Thank you so much! My the Lord bless you!

Blessing time with orphans

I would like to share with you one more blessing we have. last week we could to visit special orphanage for boys and had Bible lesson with them again.
When we just came into the room, children were so much happy and impressed to see us. That they took our hands and  fastened sooooo much! They jumped and were so much excited!We were glad to see their smiles and happy faces!What a blessing to see happy kids!

Our goal is come to small boys and we invite older boys too.Of course they come in  on too, because they do not have enough attention here and just human love. Many of them are like small boys, think, play etc. You can see difference between them only their hight and age.
And we happy to see everyone who wants to hear and know about Jesus. Is not it blessing? This time we had a wonderful time with boys!

In the beginning of our meeting, after prayer, we sang several songs with movements with them. They do it real good!
                                                     I like this one song

After that we congratulated kids, who had Birthday.This time, we had only one Andrew.Andrew has Down Syndrome.His parents left him in hospital when he just was born. Poor boy. :(

After that we had object lesson about fruits and vegetables.Some fruits have seeds inside, some no.Some have good seeds, some have not good etc.
Question was what seeds of our heart we have inside, good or bad, sleepy? God wants we have good seeds of our heart, what is pleasure for Him and brings glory and praise to Him.

After that we gave to them several kind of fruits: plums, bananas, apples and nectarines.They were excited and glad to get it!

And it was our mistake we gave them fruits before Bible story.Children were so much impressed that we could not catch their attention during some time. :) We think probably we should gave them fruits after Bible story. But that is not big problem.We were glad, children excited their fruits!

We told them Bible story about Cain and Abel. Abel had not good seeds of his heart before the Lord that is why he murdered his brother.

Boys liked pictures so much that we showed to each them. They said wow when they saw pictures. Really, it was look like they saw colored pictures first time in their lives!

Also we have played game with them. Boys should to choose nut they wanted and will open it.The nuts were with surprises! Inside were question about Bible story they just heard.Questions we placed inside before and glued nuts. Boys excited so much this game!

Next game we learned with them Bible verse. Boys placed different fruits on blackboard, where were written words of verse.They so much wanted to play, that we were lost whom chose! We did choice kids, who did not play yet.Some boys took offence at us. :)
                        Is not he cute! Vova is sweet and smart boy.

        In the end of lesson kids did craft, basket with fruits inside.
           Look at these precious faces! Are not they cute?
Some boys need to help as all time, who can not color or scissor out.
Can you believe this boy is more than 24 years old? Look at him, how he is exciting his craft!
As i told you above, older boys here are like small children, happy to do or recieve any small thing.

Look at him! How he is happy that he did this craft.It is incredible!

At this time we noticed, boys change little by little. Often boys beat one other, call bad names, hit one other etc. We teach them, it is wrong, you have to be kind to each one, do not say bad words etc.We know it will take time and we pray for them, God will change their hearts and behaviour.

At this time we were surprised, when some boys taught other about good behaviour, also some boys told sweet words to other, behaviour some boys were better than all time.We were glad to see and hear it! Really we did not expect that! It is blessing for us to see how boys are changing just during several meetings!WOW!

Please, pray for them. Also we pray that it will be good testimony to caretakers and other workers, how God`s word ability to change hearts and lives of these abandoned and poor kids. Thank you! Blessings to you!

July 29, 2011

We did it!

Yes! We did it! We are so rejoicing of this God`s blessing!
We bought paint for orphanage. We bought different colors of paint they needed and paint for a floor. But paint for floor was not in warehouse(where we bought paint). I think probably now is summer and everyone make repair. :) Any way we have paid for that and employers of orphanage will go to warehouse next week  and will take all paint to orphanage, we paid for. Administration of orphanage have a bill of paid paint. It is in twice more paint for floor, big jars than on picture.It is a lot!

Administration of orphanage was rejoicing of that much. Do you know what they told us? They said: "You came and bought just in time! Slava Bogoo!"--Praise the Lord! They need to be ready in two weeks for special inspection.We were glad to hear it how God is doing everything in time and unbelievers praised the Lord for that!

Also God has blessed and yesterday was wonderful weather!Praise God!Thank you for prayers!  We could to did dye different installations of playground.
Until we worked there kids were curious much. They asked what  we are doing and many different questions. They showed us a song with movements we learned with them before. It was so sweet! Also we bought and gave to them different sweets. Ah, they are so cute and sweet!

There are many installations, we worked all day long.We tired very much and came back to our homes only after 10.30 pm.It was hard working day but blessed. We are so happy and blessed could to help orphanage! Did we dye all? No.There are still a lot of work!

We hope, if God`s will we will come back to orphanage to dye some more installations or building inside. We are not sure yet, because we have schedule for a month for other orphanages.We would like come back to help again and administration requested us.So, we will pray and see where God wants us.Where we most needed.

Dear friends, readers, followers, supporters, we all team BOM would like to thank you so much for your faithful prayers and donations to help this orphanage! It is real blessing! We could not be to help orphanage without your help!Thank you very much to being blessing to this orphanage!

Administration of orphanage not expected it, they were surprised and glad of that we were able to help! The playground looks much better than before! Other constructions inside of the orphanage where workers did dye too, we did not do pictures.We are so sorry. We worked all time until it became dark and every worker has gone to home.Everything was closed.

Dear Friends, thank you so much to open your hearts to help in this need and being of hands of Jesus Christ to orphans.Thank you so much for your kindness, love and care about orphans!You all are real blessing to orphans in Ukraine!

July 26, 2011


Hallelujah!!! God hears our prayers! It is amazing and fantastic! We have all $735 to help orphanage with paint! WOW! We are shocked and overwhelmed! It is wonderful to see how God bless and care about orphans!We praise God for His mercy and greatness!

"Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. 
Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. 
Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. 
For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations." Psalm 100

Really, we are shocked and do not have all words that thank our God, we are speechless. It is huge blessing!
Thank you each one for prayers and donations! We are sure it is great blessing to orphanage and administration of orphanage will be shocked as sound like we are :). Thank you!

Dear Friends it would not be happened with out all of you!Thank you to open your hearts to help poor kids in orphanage!

If God`s will we are going to orphanage this Thursday, buy paint and help them to dye inside or outside of orphanage, where administration will tell us.Please, pray for nice weather for this day, because the rain every day here. Thank you! May the Lord richly bless you!

July 25, 2011

Few more days

Sometimes heavy to understand what God is doing and why He is doing that.One we know, He is right all time, because He is righteous God.We should to trust Him with all our heart even we do not understand His ways.

Bible says: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 28:8

Well.We decided to add few more days that to raise more money to help orphanage with paint. We hope maybe God will bless and send more...We pray and beg Jesus to help orphans.

But we can not do it without your help. Please,will you help in this need? Will you help us to show God` love and His care about orphans?We already have $200. The orphanage need $535 more. Each $ and cent is appreciating!

Please, use the button chip-in on our blog.Thank you! May the Lord bless you!

July 22, 2011

Please, help...

We have only to 2 days to raise money to help orphanage with paint! We are sooo thankful to those who already donated! We cherish each $ and cent! We praise the lord for that! But we are so far away from our goal...

Don`t these pictures scare you? Imagine orphans have to live in these places and use these things! More pictures here.

We beg Jesus will help these orphans who live there!Please, will you help us? Time is running out...

Orphans who without parents, some of them never have seen them since their birth.They even can not imagine how it to be in family, feel loving and be darling. They have no hope, no future, no protection, no encouragement.They feel lonely, unwanted and neglectly. And they have to live here. It brings to them more stress and no sense to live.We Church of Christ, we should to care and help orphans! It is our  liability! It is heartbreaking and afflict to see these awful places.

 Please, help us to bring if only a little light to lives of these poor children. We hope you will open your heart and be hands of Jesus Christ. Will you?
Please, share this need with others. We appreciate each your step to help orphans in Ukraine!Thank you!Blessings to you!


This week we could to visit special orphanage for girls and had Bible lesson.This time was unusual than we have all time with them. Because we had 2 groups of children older and smaller.  We wanted all children could to be with us in this time. We had full class about 45-50 kids! We really excited by it! And were so glad to see with us smallest kids!They are so sweet!
But it was very heavy for us because at class were noise little. Older girls did not perceive smaller, they did not want to give them their place to sit.We made sure certainly that we need divide them to 2 groups, because of the age too. Next time we are going to do that, will divide to two groups and have Bible time in one time.We just afraid will start.We pray about it and think for a long time that all girls of orphanage can be on Bible lesson. I think we can do that.Most of all problem is for us, we have not enough people who can help us during this time.

When we have special program for all orphanage it is not problem.But when they together in class, it is heavy for us and for them too.

Also unusual was that Annya could to be with us in this time too!What a blessing we had! She was so glad to be with us!She could not be before, because of her old wheelchair which she could not use. Next times Annya can be with us every time! Praise the Lord!
I would like to mention here about Annya again that she is much happy by her new wheelchair!It is comfortable for her, easy to use, not heavy etc. She was thanked again for that!

But even with little inconveniences we had very good time with kids!In the beginning we gave presents to children and congratulated with their Birthday.They were so glad to receive it!
During lesson we told to them Bible story about life Jacob in his uncle laban.Genesis 28-33.We showed to kids a little puppet show, have played different games, learned a new song and Bible verse.Also in the end had craft.

And this time i decided to post unusually too, not pictures as all time but video what we did during our time with kids. :) Enjoy!

Also unusually was for us an one employer helped us during lesson.We were so glad by that! She is very sweet lady and excited to help us during this time.She asked us come back and come there more often!We were blessed by that!

All kids were so impressed and glad of the time we had! We rejoicing these blessings!

July 19, 2011

Only 6 days...

We have only 6 days to raise money to help orphanage with paint.
We do not know will God send enough to help orphans. We have only 11%. The administration of orphanage asked us to help.The orphanage is very big and it is heavy to care and give all to kids with  not enough money. Director is upset much, because he does not know where will take finances to care about orphans.The economy is not good in Ukraine now, many orphanages suffer because of it.

We would like to show God`s love and care about orphans.But can not do it without your help. Please, will you help us to help orphanage?
It is will be real blessing and joy to kids and administration of orphanage.And good testimony to show that God is more mighty of any economy of the world.

We cherish any $ and cent. Please, can you help? Please, use chip-in on sidebar of the blog.
If you can not donate and would like to help. A blessing will be for us if you will share with others about this need and pray with us about it.Thank you! May the Lord bless you!

July 13, 2011

Paint for Orphanage

We began a new project, "Paint for Orphanage". This is one of biggest orphanages where we serve.There are about 200 orphans, including orphans with special needs.

Our goal is raise $735 for paint to help orphanage. The orphanage suffers much because of not enough finances to do all necessary to care about orphans.
Untill orphans are in camp, administration of orphanage wants to renew if something a little bit outside and inside of orphanage, to make better. We need much your help!
Bible says: "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."James 1:27

Children are in camp now but it is horrible place!They boring and suffer there...Can you imagine how they will be happy when they will come back to the orphanage and will see it looking better?Our help, it is open door for the Gospel to orphans and employers of orphanage!

Can you please, to help us to show God`s love to orphans?

Here are pictures to show real need!



          Please, help!We have very short time! Thank you! May the Lord bless you!

July 12, 2011

Working Monday in an orphanage

The team of Bible Orphan Ministry not only conduct Bible lessons to orphans, have special time with them and helps in physical needs, as the Lord provide. The team helps orphanages to repair something or do any kind of work to help and do not only by words but acts too, as much as it is possible.

Yesterday we were able to help a one orphanage. We helped to renew a stadium of orphanage. We filled up holes that children will not get in a trouble, raked a dry grass, dyed old wheels, mowed a grass, pulled weeds etc. We rejoice of that and it was real fun!

Yes, we tired much!But most of all we tired because of hot weather. It is real hard to work in hot weather, when  is 32`C (90`F) moist air and it is hard to breath. :) But we were glad and rejoiced!

                                                enjoy a short video :)
                                                   wheels before

Next to the orphanage is very nice nature! We love Ukraine for beautiful nature created by God!It is so beautiful and brings a pleasure for us!

We need much your prayers and support to help other orphanages in their needs! Will you help us, please?Thank you!


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