October 31, 2011

A literature or teaching books for children with special needs

Here on picture, what you see are education books and literature for children. 

   These books help teacher to teach children.Also these books are what children use at schools. Using  these books, children learn to read, write, math.These all books for healthy children who study in usual schools.
  In Ukraine you will find hundreds and hundreds different education books and literature what helps teachers and pupils.Also so many publishing firms here what print and publish thousands books for education of children.That is very good!

But you will not find any book or literature for children with special needs...And that is BIG problem!

Recently our sisters looked for teaching books for children with special needs.They have been in biggest store of books we have.And seller-woman were surprised to hear questions about special literature.She said, she never heard some one asked for literature for children with special needs and this store never have sold something like it.This store is biggest store in our region!That is very and very sad.

I would tell that children with special needs do not have education.But I can not tell it exactly, because children in orphanages get education.But this education is very and very poor.I can not tell it is "education" because Ukraine does not have special educational program for children with special needs.
They use teaching books for normal kids, because they do not have others.

But anyway I do not want to speak what Ukraine has or not, what she does or not for children with special needs.I want to say about our desire and idea which we have in our hearts.

We think what if some one will send to us educational good books for children with special needs, what to help to teach them read, to write, math etc.

 We would find translator, who would  translate it to Ukraine language.After that we would be to print it and to present to orphanages who do not have any literature.Think about it.Can you imagine, what a blessing will be for teachers, who do not have ANY educational book and not just simple but for children with special needs? Can you imagine it? Children would get much better education they have now!I`m sure it would much help orphanages! It would be great blessing for administration of orphanages, teachers and for children!It would be something amazing and incredible!

Yes, it is NOT easy!Yes, it is required a lot of finances, people who would agree to help, to translate, to print etc.Yes, it takes MUCH time.But, think about result!Think about orphans who get very poor education and think about teachers who do not have ANY literature.We need it only for a two orphanages.
Think, about how we can show God`s love to orphans and the light of Jesus Christ we can show together to staff of orphanages too.

Yes, probably it is more heavy than we think.But we have burden and desire in our hearts to help orphans get better education and enjoying their life as much as it possible.

Yes, we have nothing! But we have God who can do something!  In His word He says:
 "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?"Jeremiah 32:27
Who knows maybe some day God will answer our prayers? :)

For now we begin to pray about this great need. Will you join us in our prayers to Jesus?Will you pray together with us?We would be very thankful!

And we do not know what are good foreign educational books.We would very thankful if someone would to help, to find something and let us know.Or someone know good teacher with special needs and can speak with her/him, ask to advise something good.Thank you!

Probably some one have better idea.We would glad if you share it with us.Or just let us know.What do you think?Is it real to do it?


Different goods for orphans

I would love to share with you what a HUGE blessing we have recieved!We are sooo happy and rejoicing by this amazing God`s blessing!We are so much exciting!I even do not have words to tell you how we are happy!!! :)

Friends, God hears your prayers!I believe you will rejoice by this blessing together with us.

Oh, my goodness! There are so many different goods that I did not have enough place to make picture to share with you all! :) I made several pictures.

Look, what a wonderful blessing  God has sent to orphans!
There are so many different toys to children.We began to worry a little bit recently, because we had only few toys left to present to children for their Birthday, as we do it regularly.God has sent it just in time!Is not a miracle it?
 Also we have Gospel children`s tracts too.

This is not all!God has blessed by many craft supplies for children!Kids adore to make crafts!
We have wooden big and small sticks, brads, paper plates, different colorful pompons, wiggle eyes, colorful chenille stems etc.WOW! That is amazing!

And even is blessing to members of team too! :) We are sooo glad and thankful to the Lord!
How is great and good our Lord Jesus! What wonderful and amazing God we serve! He is only one faithful alive God who loves so much orphans and cares about them! We are overwhelmed and shocked by this great blessing! WOW!

Thank you so MUCH Sabrina and your wonderful and amazing family! We love you all and greatly thankful! God bless you! :)

 Thank you everyone to being such kind and sweet!Thank you for your love and care!Blessing to you all! :)

October 27, 2011

School Supplies for Orphans

Hello everyone!Finally I can share with you an amazing blessing we have! First of all I would love to thank you everyone for your sweet e-mails, encouragements, prayers and support.You all are awesome and wonderful friends!Big thank you! :) God bless you for your sweet hearts!

With joy in my heart I want to let you know we raised $710 for school supplies to orphans with your help!It is for all period.Is not amazing? How is good Lord Jesus! What a blessing!
We have bought a LOT OF things need to children and orphanages.These are exercise books, sketchbooks, playdough, pens, pencils, printer paper, colorful pencils, glue stick, paint, brushes, exercise books with printer base paper etc.

These all supplies you can see on pictures.

These are pens.Children in Ukrainian schools write by blue pens.Can they use black pens?Yes, but only pupils of older classes.

This is how look exercise book inside.
We have bought exercise books on 12 sheets for young kids and commonplace-books for older children, 48 sheets.
The Exercise books with printer base paper how is look inside.Children learn about Ukraine, some things from geography, nature, biology etc. and fill in and dye special places in these exercise books.Just let you know these exercise books we bought only to an one orphanage, not in all orphanages children do that.

For English speaking persons I would like to let you know that children learn English in one orphanage. :) They need special workbooks.
Inside of workbook
It is sad that only healthy children can learn English.We minister most orphans with special needs and they do not learn English.But in several orphanages they would do that, if they have enough finances.I am sure children would LOVE it!And they really exciting to hear English words! :)
We are so happy we were able to buy it to help orphans!We are so glad by God`s love and His care about them!And we are sooo happy you are God`s tools in His wonderful hands, whom He use for His glory! :)

It is not all! During these days(hope tomorrow) we are going to buy more school supplies.I will show you pictures and let you know about it soon when we will do that.

 So, our Project School Supplies still continue.We do not know the end.Administration of orphanages let us know, children need everything now.But they will be happy to get it when we will bring.
We hope next week to visit several orphanages if God`s will.Please, pray God will help us do that and organize.Thank you!

We are so exciting and can not wait to see children and bring to them this wonderful blessings!We are enjoying to see them again and tell about God`s love and His care!
We would love to thank each one who donated, prayed, told others and did any little step that to help orphans.
Thankfully each of you we are able to bless precious creation of God and sweet ones who are needy care and love!

Our Project still continue until God will show us a date of the end.We decided to continue until we will have enough to help all 760 orphans(who educate).We still need a lot.We would be thankful if you continue to pray God will bless orphans in their needs.Thank you!God bless you!

October 18, 2011

We appreciate much your love!

Dear sweet and beloved Friends,thank you soooo much for your prayers and encouragements!We appreciate it VERY much!
We would like to let you know, today our dad has gone on the Heaven to His Saviour.
Yes, he asked Jesus to saved Him!We are distress and with broken hearts.We are overwhelmed and crushed.It is so HARD to tell good bye to someone you love...Just tears, pain and broken heart...
But in same time we have peace and calm in our hearts that our dear and beloved father is in the Heaven with Jesus.We still can NOT believe as it happened so fast, just for a few days.He suffered physical VERY much.He was in crisis care centre because of his very bad condition.He had big trouble in his brain, because accident happened with him.It was so HARD to see how he suffered from his a lot of pains in his body.And it is more hard when you understand you can not help him and only beg Jesus to be merciful to him and take away his pains.But God called him to the Heaven.
It is still hard to accept his death.We were shocked to receive this news, as we did not expect it will happen today... But God gives us a peace, because of YOUR prayers.HUGE thank you!

Funeral will be this Thursday.
We would love to thank you for a lot of your prayers and sweet emails, comments and encouragements again.Your blessing e-mails, encouragements etc helps us go ahead and live for Jesus.You are light of Jesus and Church of Christ!
Even in this hard trials of our life we see God`s hand.God has blessed and covered all our needs we needed for medicine our father and now for funeral.Also God blessed us by good doctors and nurses, who cared about him.And we saw God`s love in many little things He has blessed us in this trial.
We would love to hug you ALL that to tell thank you but we are not able.But some day in the Heaven we will do that.

We love you ALL and so THANKFUL to being with us in this hard moments in our life...
P.S.I do not know when I can post again.Because some questions and matters I need to do after this what has happened...We have some good news for you.I will try to post as soon I can.Thank you!We love you ALL!

October 17, 2011

I need much your prayers...

Dear beloved Friends. With heavy and broken heart I`m typing it.Tears running on my face, I do not have words...Sometimes it heavy to understand.But I need MUCH your prayers.My dad is dying...He is at hospital now in very hard condition.Doctors do not give a chance he will be alive.They do not know yet diagnostics.We need thousands and thousands grivna, we have nothing. Please, please I beg you with broken heart to pray for my father and salvation of his soul.We love him much and it is very heavy to see when you lose someone you love....

A new future for children with Down syndrome

We are so happy to see this update!!! And we are so excited to hear all that has developed for the children and families in the past years, who have children with Down syndrome.

That is a wonderful article and update! It sounds like this is a great start in Ukraine for children with special needs!That is fantastic and amazing!

Please, follow this link to read and find out full information.
Building a new future for Ukrainian people with Down syndrome
Thank you!Blessings!

October 13, 2011

Joyful moments and worries

Last Saturday we were able to visit this orphanage and had blessing time with kiddies.Each journey is different.We have joyful and happy moments during spending time with darling ones to us.Also we see sad moments, which crush and break our hearts...

But I would love to start with joyful and happy moments we had at this day.

The topic of our lesson was 12 spies when they went to check out promised by God of land.Nadya has told this Bible story and she does it perfect all time. :) Children listened attentively this history.

Children were so MUCH impressed when they saw binoculars!What that? many asked.Some asked:"Is it real?" 
Here when they came to me up and wanted to see.We took binoculars to show children how today people check everything out on border, to catch spies etc.  WOW! Children were impressed by that so much!Especially boys! You know how boys love all these things.:) It was funny!
 But what a surprise was when came to the class our two "spies" and they brought huge grape!Children were amazed!
But it was real so funny to see how these two boys were excited much to be these spies.When they were putting on clothes(in corridor), they all time said "how great is that!"
They were excited so much by that  and it was honour for them to act in this history.They looked sooooo funny when they could not control their emotions.:) I LOVE it! I love soooo much to see exciting kiddies! :)

After Bible story when we sang little, we could to play several games.Here Children needed find words about history they listened.They did good job!
                                          They all wanted to find words!

Next game.Children choose numbered "berry" of grape they wanted and gave answer on question.

It was funny some.We used sticky scotch tape which helps to hold our "grape" on big sheet.When children separated berry, our magnets did not hold sheet good.We needed to hold sheet, help children to separate berry because sheet was moving on blackboard.
And in the end we made craft, Spies carrying grape.Children LOVED it!And they exciting all time to make a craft. :)

Next pictures are teens.They were in next class.
 Sasha and Lyuba had wonderful time with them too.They were talking about faithfulness to the Lord, faithfulness between friends, faithfulness in any good acts etc.
We had wonderful  and blessed time with kids!Children were amazed and joyful!We were so blessed at this day!
The next are worries, stress and sadness I have in my heart. I would love to share it with you.Each time we visit these precious kids, each time they let us know they do not eat enough. They get only two pieces of bread for each meal.They can not eat more because not enough food, bread etc.I know director of this orphanage loves children and cares about them.She does everything she can do.But orphanage has not enough money, so they save as much as they can that cover other needs.

My heart broke and crush for them. Last days I can not eat good, I can not sleep, I can not stop to think about them and I can not stop pray for them.I remember all moments when we give them any sweets, food and whatever and how they are happy to recieve it!I`m typing and crying.Crying because it is heavy to see their eyes waiting for you to give something but we are not able...We are not able to help them...It became more heavy when you understand you can not help.The big lump is in my throat and tears running, tears of sorrow and hopelessness.It is very heavy to explain what I feel in my heart...I`m trying do not cry but I can not.Tears do not stop to run...It is very heavy to say all this.

I know what feel this children.I know well how children hidden bread under clothes, in pockets or everywhere they can that bring it to their room.How children eat it that no one see, especially caretaker.If they eat not enough, they took and eat only bread, because they have nothing.Or they begin to steal...If children   malnourished some later they get sickness.If they do not get good medication, they suffer all their life with their sickness.I know what they feel and think because I was in their shoes(when I was in orphanage).My heart is broken and overwhelmed...Our prayer and pleading is to Jesus is to help these poor children...

I think we must do something.We christians should to care about orphans, to be hands of Jesus Christ, because Bible says James1:27. We pray we can help them.We think what if we will bring to them food each our visit or when we will be able.Food what they can take to their room and eat there or whatever they can.There are about 90 children.We need $1 for a child.We ask you please, pray we can help them.
We do want to let you know of our need for funds and we want to give you the opportunity to be a part of the blessing of this ministry.
Will you lift up our pleading to Jesus together with us?Please, will you bless only $1 to feed an orphan?
We would be happy to hear any comment, e-mail or whatever how we can help orphans.Maybe some one has better idea.Thank you!
Thank you so much for your prayers, support and love!Blessings!

October 10, 2011

Blessed meetings

Here I would like to share with you a meeting with orphans what our team had a week ago.
As all time we divided all kids on two groups, smaller and older.We had just wonderful time with kids!It was awesome! But not all small children could to be there, because half of them were sick. :(  Now everything is ok and they are healthy.Praise the Lord!
The topic of lesson was 10 commandments with small kiddies.Children could to remember last Bible history.And they did it perfect!Also they sang, played games, listened the new Bible story etc. They were excited VERY much by games and the new song we have learned with them.They LOVED it!

Also we saw sad moments.:( As there are many children do not have toys, they have picked up bits and pieces of blown balloons at once from the floor and they played with it trying to make small balls.
It breaks and hurts our hearts to see that. :( Oh, how I wish to give them everything if I could to make them happy if a little.Oh, how I would like they have enough games and toys to play...I only dream and dream about that to see happy these darling kids.It overwhelms my heart to bend my knees in prayer about these poor kids.

As we had game with drinking straws so after game, we gave it to kids as small gifts.They were so glad to receive it!They even asked us it before game to give to them.
Please, know gifts and toys you send, it is huge blessing to orphans!Big Thank You everyone to be blessings for them!

When we had meeting with small ones, Sasha and Lyuba had meeting with teens.They had amazing time with teens too!Children were excited much by everything!
God is so good to us! We were amazed and blessed by these meetings!

I did not post here as usually.I decided to make video.Hope you will like it. :))) Enjoy! Blessings!

October 6, 2011

Strongest man

 We have talked about strongest man in Bible with kids in this orphanage.This is Samson.And we had great time with kids at this day!
Our meeting was as usual.We continue to learn about Bible heroes. We have learned a new song about power of God, have played different games, had Bible history, made craft and just had fun time. 
We all time say to kids we have travel on Bible and something has to happen each time.We will get a new knowledge and exciting moments.
And they LOVE to learn Bible!That is such great blessing for us!We are so glad to bring Gospel to orphans! What a blessing!WOW!

Before the Bible story we have played a few games, to see who is strongest boy in class.All boys wanted to show how they are strong!

It was real fun to see how they tried to show their strength. Those who thought they are strongest, they lost.Boys enjoyed much to play this game!

And it was funny when girls wanted to show their strength too! :) All kids loved these games!

After that we have talked about strongest men in Ukraine.They are Klitschko Vladimir and his brother Vitaliy and Vasiliy Virastyuk. In 2003 he was World's Strongest Man.
"How they became so strong?After many and many physical trainings.But Bible tells us a story about man who was strongest without physical trainings because God gave strength him." Children were AMAZED to hear it! They enquired is it real?WOW!

After Bible history about Samson,we have played a game, where kids needed to answer on questions about this story.
We made barbells from small balloons and drinking straws. They looked amusing. :)
Children made choice of colorful barbells they wanted.They were numbered also.The balloon which was numbered and they did choice, that number of question they answered.

 But we wanted it will fun more for children to play this game.When they picked up barbells, they needed to lift their hands up and then "struggle", until they listened question and give answering. :)

They loved this game and had fun time!Many of children wanted to play this game again and again. :)

Here how they have learned Bible verse with gestures.When we were learning it, we explained to children.How God gave strength to Samson, He can give us a strength to get the victory over a sin.
The verse is "O Lord, my strength and my fortress..." Jeremiah 16:19
I know many of you will not understand what they are saying because of language.But we excited so much how they have learned and they liked this verse! That I wanted to share this video with you. :)

Than children made craft Samson with same Bible verse.

The sweet boy is enjoying by his craft.This boy is very special to us. Even he is 14 years old, he can not read and many things he can not do.And he is ignored by many those who thinks he is not as everyone. :(
 But he is so exciting by our meetings! He LOVES it much!When he see us, he begin to run to us, helps to carry our bags etc. He is soooo sweet and kind boy!We are soooooooo glad to see him so happy!

In the end of our meeting we gave to kids  balloons! WOW!They were in delight of this little gift!

We had such wonderful and amazing meeting with kids!We are so glad!

Also we had a small blessing that a teacher of one of this class she could to be with us and hear the God`s Word.I think that is great that seeds of God`s word were have sown on field of her heart.Really she is kind teacher.But any person even very kind and sweet is need in Jesus to be saved.Please, pray for teachers and workers of orphanages.Thank you!Blessings!

October 3, 2011

Package with school supplies

What a blessing we have got today!We have recieved a package with school supplies!There are a lot of of different stuff, pens, beautiful colorful pencils, 15 boxes of crayons, colorful construction paper, puzzles, foam reward stickers and many more.Look how is beautiful everything! I`m sure, children will love all these things.They love everything colorful!We are so exciting God provides needs of orphans!
We are so glad by this blessing!What a great and gracious our Lord Jesus!Thank you to being blessings for orphans in Ukraine!
Thank you everyone for prayers and donations! Thank you soooo much Alexia! :)
God bless you all!

October 1, 2011

Heavenly manna to orphans

Well.Finally I can share with you one more traveling to an orphanage we had last week.Yes, it was blessed and amazing meeting with kids!
I`m so sorry it is late little.Sometimes it is hard to find time, because we are busy here, and plus 2 orphanages we began to visit regularly as before.And we visited orphanages this week too.I will share with you about it in next posts.Plus more people began to write to us and I need time to answer. And it takes me some hours to post about any visit. :) But I love to share with you about how great and good our Lord Jesus! I love to share with you about our visits to orphans! I love to share our blessings and gladness! And it is BIG blessing for us to receive your e-mails, your encouragements and love.What a blessing to hear and know someone pray about poor orphans in Ukraine and our team too!We are exciting much to recieve your e-mails with wish to help orphans! And we are happy to see new followers and readers! :)
Thank you each one for all you do for children here, whom are need love and care! BIG thank you for your kindness and love!God bless you!

Ok.Let`s come back to our visit of orphans last Saturday.I`m so exciting to share it with you, about blessed visit we had!
The topic of our meeting was Heavenly manna.When God fed Israelites by food.Exodus 16-17:1-7 It was fun so much, when we have told them Bible history, all children acted in it.When they have heard the word water, they showed how they drink. When they heard the word meat, they said "yummy-yummy" and showed it on their belly.And when they have heard the word grumble, they made angry face.

They just loved it so much and excited by Bible story!

This meeting with kiddos was little different than usual we have because we fed them.
As Bible says manna was taste like wafers made with honey.Exodus 16:31We wanted they excited by that and have taste and see honey.

So, we bought honey, cookies and gave to children.They were surprised and could not wait until we gave it to them.Oh, my goodness how they were happy to taste it! They were soooooo glad and enjoyed by that! So many emotions you could to see there!
They often said "Oh, how it is Yummy-yummy"! "WOW!That is good!"
 Many of them did not want to eat it at once.They licked honey little by little.Or did bite off piece of cookie a little.Most kids first time ever eat honey!

They were so much interested to taste it!All kids LOVED it so much!WOW!

It even had bring to heel some kids, who did not obey and did not want to listen us during some part of meeting.We were amazed to see how they began to listen and obey!WOW!

Many children have families who do not care about them, do not train them etc. So, many not good things they brought from their homes.Yes, it is sad much and breaks your heart.But we believe and know children are very kind and they will changed, just need a time.

But who is better than they are?We all are not perfect, everyone does a sin before the Lord.But God loves us even we do a sin! If we confess sins before God, He forgives and give a strength to go ahead.
And one more thing.These kids are with special needs.Their sickness reminds about itself sometimes.

These kids need help, love, care what they do not receive in their homes.They are not protected from this evil world and they are hungry much of  fellowship. Our wish is help them to do right, teach what Bible says etc.We are happy and excited by that!

We are happy that cookies with honey helped us much! :)

Well, we wanted to save honey for next orphanage but children loved their sweets and asked us more.
Can we say not, to those who are hungry? Can we say no, if we see how they were happy to get it? Can we say no to those whom we love? :)

                                           Ah, how they are so and so sweet!
Also children LOVED much to pick up manna to container by spoon.A child who will pick a lot of manna for some time, this wins.

Short video

When we have learned Bible verse by game, we made craft with children.
Oh, yes!They LOVED it sooo much!We made a guail with Bible verse at the top.Kids glued everything on half of disk, has cut apart before.They loved it!

Children so much loved to make this craft that even older teens came to do it or help smaller kids!
Sasha already finished with teens and they came to us in the end.

                                                  Sweet ones with their crafts. :)

Here are few pictures when Sasha had meeting with teens.Usually they have Bible time, songs and fun time.They love it much and enjoying to being there!

We had wonderful and great time with orphans!So much thankful to Jesus for His blessings!

Some days later I was talking by phone with a one teacher of this orphanage.She let us know, children were amazed by last meeting and could not calm during several days, how they were glad!WOW! What a blessing! What blessing that kids had positive emotions!

Thank you!Thank you each one for prayers and care!Blessings!



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