September 21, 2017

What a retreat does for the young souls?

This unexpected kiss was an invaluable gift! I love all our kiddies in the church and BOM community and it's such a great joy to see them growing along with loving parents warmed by tenderness and care. After all, they all could be in the baby house! But instead they are protected not abandoned by their fathers and mothers!♥♥♥

During three years of public ministry, Jesus would sometimes invite His disciples to 
" Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat." (Mark6:31) These were days of retreat.

Little Edik(the older one) prayed all year that God gave the opportunity to go to the Carpathians again!It humbled my heart, when his parents let me know. We did not know, if it will be possible? What God`s plans? Will God give the opportunity again? The two brothers were so happy that God answered the prayers and they kissed me with happiness! Perhaps this trip was made possible by the prayer of this toddle?! ;)

And so, we managed to do it with God's help few months ago!Young adults along with several church members were able to go to Carpathian mountains for retreat!We all are so grateful to everyone who presented such an amazing gift for these beautiful souls!!! ♥All glory to the alive and almighty God!!!

When we first arrived on the first day everyone was tired, but everyone was delighted that it was done!

 God provided such a beautiful and perfect weather.Every day we did something new that was often very rewarding!

  • For the good of the Church we got away for a few days to rekindle relationship with Christ and deepen friendship with Him.

It was such a great blessing to see the young people reading and meditating on the word of God together!How much good it does for the soul!

 We also had the opportunity to hold a church service with several unbelieving souls and even masters of the house! All of them have never seen how the church meetings take place, where the Gospel preaching sounds! God was there! This was evident when some souls shed tears while listening to the Word of God.
"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

  •  A retreat acts as an escape to some degree. So, young people escaped from daily routine and their troubles for a few days.
Aren't they cute? Edick, Andrew and Sophia?

  •  The young adults could just be themself and lose the fear! 

  • Get Inspired and learn something new!Olga was so happy to catch the fish that kissed it! Ha ha! It's a little sad that we did not make a video how she was overjoyed and thrilled! :)))

  •  They are motivated to make more positive change and help others.

  • It was really difficult physically driving on bikes in mountains but so rewarding to see this breathtaking beauty! ;) It was healing souls and brought so much inspiration and joyful emotions!

  • They could allow themself to be free!
Everyone was delighted, when we went to a small mountain with young children!

  • They are inspired for anything new!

So Lovely! ♥

  • By experiencing new things the young souls change for a good!

This retreat was beautiful, great and amazing! To be continued...Come back soon to find out the second part! ;) 
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September 15, 2017

Two more souls

A week ago we had a great event in our Church, this is Water Baptism! Yay! Two more precious souls expressed the desire to follow the Lord Jesus and declared this to the whole church, friends, the Heaven and God! So very excited!!! Praise God!!!

 Alyona and Sasha(on the right on the picture) accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior some time ago. They both are orphans. For us this is a doubly special event. Sasha is the first deaf person in our Church and very much hope that not the last one. ;) Pastor Misha began to study the deaf signs. Interestingly, he never knew the language of the deaf. It was difficult for Sasha to understand certain moments from the Gospel. God is so good! Brother Misha began to learn the signs and taught Sasha the Christian signs to deeper explain the Word of God, not only to the young guy, but to many deaf people in the future. Sasha was amazed! :)

 Please, pray God bless in this matter and send all that is necessary. And also for our sweet Yana, who works hard to witness the deaf. That God would apply the saved souls to the Church, not only among the hearers, but also among the deaf.  :)

Please, watch this short video. Sorry for the technical errors. We have a problem with the computer.

 Oh, yes! We had to order lots of huge pizzas to feed everyone! Lol

 I love this expressions of joy! ♥

We had such a wonderful and beautiful day!

September 11, 2017

Please, meet little Karina!

Zhena's family has a beautiful addition!It`s a girl!!! Finally in our small church family we have a girl! Yay! Please, meet a little Karina! ♥♥♥ She was born few weeks ago. A while ago we shared that Zhenya had some health problems. Therefore the baby could be born earlier or young mother could lose her beautiful precious God`s gift any day. Mommy and her precious daughter both are doing well and healthy! Praise God for His mercy and goodness!!!Thank you very much for prayers!!! God is so good!!!

Congratulations to Kolya and his wife Zhenya with their third baby! God has created little Karina such a beautiful baby!
For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb.
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.
(Psalm 139:13-16)KJV

This young family has a lot of physical, spiritual and emotional difficulties. Please, remember them in your daily prayers!Thank you! May God bless you!

September 7, 2017

Journey and impressions about US(3)

Interestingly enough, I learned about the fact that I'm flying to Pennsylvania at the last minute! In a few hours when tickets had to be booked! Wow! And undoubtedly it was God's plan and God's providence!!! And about this little later... ;)

To read about my trip to U.S. part one Here. Part two is Here. And this is the third and last one. :)

God made the mountains amazingly beautiful. I just couldn`t not share this beauty with you!

 I was delighted enjoying the mountains when flying over the state of Utah, Salt Lake City!

Longwood Gardens is a botanical garden in Pennsylvania. Breathtaking and amazing place!

20 indoor gardens within a 4.5 acre (1.8 hectares) group of heated greenhouses. Garden has 4,600 different types of plants and trees, as well as fountains! Wow!

It is the most beautiful garden I ever seen!

I made so many photos that I thought that my camera would break! Ha ha!It is gorgeous!!!

Oh, I have been in Chick-Fil-A! Yay! I loved it! I`m not sure what I ate... I remember that it was chicken and I liked it very much. ;) It was yummy!

Wonderland with millions of Christmas lights...

We don't have much lights in Ukraine for holidays. I was anxious to see!

Beautiful place!

Christian Theatre "Sight&Sound" is stunning and inspirational!!! This is one of the remarkable place on the earth!

I was very impressed to see the show Samson! A wonderful play of actors, costumes, music, and even alive animals took part! It was awesome! Jesus says that we preach the God`s Word to unsaved souls. It is His commandment. What I really liked they presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the end of the show. So wonderful!

An Amish buggy
   Lancaster County had been on my list of places what I really wanted to see. It was really interesting to see the countryside as well as I traveled through. 
When I think of the Amish lifestyle I’m reminded my homeland country, Ukraine :)  
These days I already began to miss my home... Everything was absolutely beautiful and perfect!!! My sweet friends treated me like a princess in every state. ♥ I felt like in the earthly Heavens. :) But I missed my little family, my dear friends and my beloved church in Ukraine. I felt a little tired...

Interestingly, to see Amish countryside… plain clothed people riding horse and buggy, farmers toiling on the land, children in home stitched clothing playing simple front yard games. 
  People live very simply in Ukrainian countryside as well. Women wash clothes with their hands and hang it on a rope, children play in simple games in the street, men and women work very hard on the ground with their hands. Some still use bogie and ride horses.

If you are interested in knowing more about life in Ukraine and the culture of people. Here you can watch the life of an American guy, who lived 6 weeks in a Ukrainian village. :)

And finally I came to the most interesting part.
Some people play a huge role in our lives and are heroes and a great example. Right? I believe that there are people in your life who inspire you, light you up for something new and beautiful. 
Susanna is an wonderful example for me personally... By her openness, immense love for Christ and with a great and dedicated heart to children with special needs, she is a modern hero for me. I was inspired by her blog posts, humbled the heart and drawn ever closer to Jesus Christ. I saw how God lives in her house, in her actions, in her words, in her family through blog posts. God's people draw you closer to Jesus Christ and do not push away from Him. Isn't it? I started dreaming to meet her... It seemed like an impossible dream. How it can be? She lives far far way in another country... But very deep in my heart, I cherished this dream, hoping that someday sometime in the future, God will make it possible. Who knows? You never know what God has in store for you :)

As I said above, at the last minute, few hours before the tickets were booked, I was invited by another wonderful family and our dear friends in Pennsylvania! My heart was so excited and thrilled with joy! It seemed to me that it would jump out of happiness! I was so excited to see our old precious friends and meet new once! At that moment God began to do something more and great for BOM than I could have thought...

The Lord has repeatedly used this wonderful woman for the BOM. In the correspondence we "knew" each other. When I wrote Susanna that I was going to be in America soon, in what dates and where. It turned out that she lives in Pennsylvania very close to the city where I was going to spend time with a beautiful family! That becomes very interesting... But that's not all! This woman of faith and the family where I was going to be, they know each other! How amazing! Wow! Incredible blessing! 

  My desire and dream became a real! I lived so close to this beautiful woman and her lovely family! We had a wonderful time together. At the beginning of this year, we lost the way where sponsors could send funds to the ministry. It was God's plan because He was preparing something better and more special. Thanks to this meeting very soon we began to work together with the amazing organization Ting Ministries. We feel very blessed to partnering with them! ♥

  My trip was surprisingly successful in many aspects and ways, because in everything was God and it was His will. :) My gratitude will not end to everyone, everyone who took part and blessed in every moment!!! ♥ God's actions in life helps to grow into a deeper relationship with Him, seeing many beauties, seeing His almighty hand, His guidance and His miracles which are so numerous.

  Thank you so much for your spent time to read and reflect. His overflowing love blessed my heart and drew closer to Him. I very hope it brought you joy, positive thoughts and blessed your heart! I hope it also encouraged you and helped you to see the beauty of God in His acts and nature to know His deeper and praise Him. My love to you! ♥

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