September 12, 2018

Hope for little Elijah...

Our hearts are absolutely broken these days...I can not find words to describe what we feel these days. My heart is squeezing from indescribable pain. It beyond words... My eyes are full of tears.  It hurts. Very much...

  Many of you know (from Facebook posts) about the situation of the little Elijah and thanks to God's grace, many hot prayers and generous donations, the kid is still alive...

About six months ago or so, the kid was an active boy, played games, laughed and lived like all the children. But over time, he became worse. We began to notice strange things in the behavior of the little boy.

We saw how he got worse every day ... The boy was very tired, every 15 minutes there were epileptic seizures, because of seizures he could not sleep, he started talking badly, there were days when his body refused food, he could not swallow and all the food went back, the body did not obey the child, he could not walk, fell constantly, could not sit, began to lose sight... He was in intensive care many times for this period... Not once we thought that we had lose little angel...He could not breathe and the doctors used an oxygen mask. Doctors fighted for his precious life. Thank God, he is alive today!

It is difficult to convey all the pain that we experience in these difficult days, and especially the parents who both are orphans... Elijah has been found the brain cyst(not confirmed today), and then Rasmussen's encephalitis. Inflammation of the cerebral cortex.


The doctor gives a disappointing prognosis and says that everything is very bad ... 😢 And he told the mother to prepare for the worst ... The condition of Elijah deteriorates VERY quickly...😓 Day by day.. The situation is VERY critical. The little boy slowly goes away...We know this baby from the first months of his life. And it is scary to think he may will go away today or tomorrow...😭 Elijah is slowly dying...

The doctor says that Elijah is the first patient in his practice, which makes it difficult to treat the boy. Doctors fought for his precious life and did everything they could ...

Later little Elijah was sent to Kiev for a medical examination,  further and better treatment... He became worse... Besides all the terrible symptoms, the little boy has a pneumonia...😥

 For today, no medications help him. The neurosurgeon doctor says that sweet boy needs to do the surgery, delete half of the brain because the medications are powerless... He says if the surgery is not done then the other part of the brain will stop functioning as well... 😰😭

We need to raise $4000 US for a med.tests, a surgery, on medicines, diapers, food, transportation, consultation with specialists and various expenses. His mother is scared of the surgery very much. No doubt it would be scary for any person...

The neurosurgeon in Kyiv said that he had already operated on several children with encephalitis and the surgeries were successful. Children live a full life. His first surgery he did with a specialist neurosurgeon from New York. They are ready to operate Elijah in November.

He also said that the boy can be sent to Germany for treatment and they give direction. Next week we meet with specialists in neurosurgery from Israel. Please, pray that God will give wisdom and the right decision.

This week, little boy is being prescribed to go home to treat pneumonia at home(he can`t be in touch with kids and there are no place at hospital) and get ready for surgery so that he is healthy and ready for it. If he is sick with any infectious disease the surgery will not take place.


We do not know what the Lord prepared for this sweet family. They are going through a VERY difficult time now. 💔The Lord knows all the experiences and HUGE troubles... We pray that God will arrange everything and send Elijah where he needs to be.

Many of you love this precious angel what is a great encouragement for his parents. ♥♥♥ Please, keep praying for the healing of the poor boy. That God strengthened the faith of parents, give perfect peace in hearts and gave them the strength to go through everything. His mom Stella feels exhausted from sleepless nights. Also, that the Lord will open His will in the treatment of the baby, for wisdom and right decision of doctors, and for the needed funds. PLEASE, pray for a miracle, God`s mercy to the precious boy and his family. Pray for God’s glory to shine upon Elijah that God will be glorified through this situation. His precious life is valuable and in God's mighty hands...
Your prayers mean VERY MUCH for this sweet little boy and his family!
If you wish to bless little Elijah to give a chanse to LIVE, you can send your gift of love through PayPal
Send a check to:
Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar
Street Lebanon Pa 17042 USA

 Also you can donate through the blue button PitchIn on the right side of the blog.

Every $5, 15, 25, 50 is VERY helpful! Please, leave a note: "for little Elijah". Thank you so much!!! May God bless you!!!

July 23, 2018

Please, meet baby girl! ♥

We have something VERY special, beautiful and heartwarming for you...Yana and Sasha have welcomed their firstborn to the world, a baby girl named Nadiya, Nadya(Hope). They call her Nadiyka. What a gorgeous family! Sooo very excited for this sweet couple!!! ♥♥♥

This is amazing blessing in the BOM family!!!Daddy and mommy love very much their precious daughter! It warms our hearts to see their tender love and care to their newborn. And little Nadiyka is everyone's favorite!!! ;) What a beautiful and lovely blessing in the BOM family!!!

Daddy's little princess ♥

Doctors were delighted with how wonderful Sasha cared about his wife during childbirth. What a beautiful testimony of God`s grace and love! Yana's birth was very difficult. But thanks to the wonderful doctors, the support of the husband and the grace of God, the darling daughter is alive and well, and Yana feels wonderful! God is soooo very good!!!

Please, remember this lovely family in your prayers.That God would have filled their spiritual and physical needs. That they both grow spiritually in love for God and for each other. And that God's will was done in their precious lives.

"The greatest desire in my life that my daughter to grow up, become a Christian and serve God!" Yana, mother of little Nadiyka

June 28, 2018

The bittersweet project

 These beautiful children with childhood traumas, some had to sleep on the streets in the bushes, under the bridge or where they had to... Some escaped from the orphanage in cold and frosty winter days, without clothes due to humiliation and violence in the orphanage...

These sweet kids live in terrible poverty and are forced to earn a penny to support their families. Sometimes parents have many children in family and are not able to provide food and forced to send the children to the orphanages. Parents of some of the kids spent their childhood in the same orphanage. :( Sometimes the parents are very ill and unable to give the most necessary to their children. But most parents drink alcohol and they do not care where are their kiddos and what will happen to them tomorrow... Sometimes girls hate men because their fathers drink alcohol. Can you imagine what feel a girl, when her godmother sold her to a guy for 2 bottles of vodka ?... That`s terrible!!!

Graduates were afraid to leave the orphanage... Every day they face fear what there will be tomorrow, uncertainty, loneliness. They are looking for a comfort drinking alcohol or sniffing glue. Some were dying many times due to intoxication of the body... Recently, a 20-year-old girl from the same orphanage committed suicide leaving her small baby...😢We do not know the details. But this is awful news since we knew this girl... :((( Each story of child is heartbreaking...

Therefore, we decided to make a small camp for these precious souls, in the hope of helping them in emotional healing and surrounded with the love of Christ.

When we started our travel, the big sum of money was not enough. But with all our hearts we believed that the Lord would send the necessary funds! The Lord gave peace and calm in the heart. We did not even care about this, because we worried about the children more. :)
The Lord knew that this would be enough! In many places we were given a huge discount or it was free of charge, when they found out that the children from the orphanage! We praised our Heavenly Father for such great blessings!How awesome!!!

At the first our day we stopped for a small picnic to eat on the way to... We spent only half of the day and children said that they got to Paradise!!!  What?!! We did nothing yet! 

My heart thrilled and was filled with such incredible joy and happiness! Honestly, I thought that I would die from happiness to see them so delighted!!! ♥♥♥ :))) I only imagine what an amazing next few days will be, I thought for a moment...

We arrived late at night when it was dark, so no one could see the mountains. But many woke up at 5.00 AM to see this beauty! Probably, they did not even close their eyes in anticipation of the sunrise. Ha ha!

Every morning before eating, we devote time to reading the Word of God and praying.

Also we had a Bible time every day, where we discussed different topics and talked about salvation. Everyone listened with great pleasure and interest!For the first time in the life these sweet kids saw waterfalls, fed animals, went to the mountains, climbed the highest mountain in Ukraine, Hoverla, saw the castle, went for a drive in zipline, played games, had fellowship and many more. What an awesome and incredible time! All the kids thrilled, delighted and said that they had the best days of their life!!! They had a blast! ♥♥♥ They are such sweet souls...

We thank God for the safe road, for the wonderful weather, even we had to survive the downpour. Little experience :) But most of all, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the wonderful time with these beautiful souls! We lived together as one big lovely family and it was amazing time!

It was a bittersweet project... A lot of heartbreaking situations. So many wounded and broken precious hearts... Many souls needs spiritual and emotional healing. :( 
But it was the BEST project we had!!! :) God is doing amazing things!!!

 Their hearts began to open for the Gospel. During the year when we came to the meeting of the graduates, they did not express much desire to sing, many felt shy. But these days, we could not stop them! They wanted and asked to sing again and again!!!
 We became better and good friends. And we keep fellowship daily :) Those who were afraid began to show courage, those who were silent became more talkative.Those who did not laugh began to laugh with all their heart. The children began to open their precious hearts telling about their lives, share their feelings and experiences. The graduates never went far and one of the girls started panicking... You know what? She began to show courage in many things!The teacher was very surprised and said, "I do not recognize them and can not believe my eyes! What's going on? For the first time in 9 years of work, I see them new!"  The love heals wounds! :) 

One of the girls said how good that I fell ill with pneumonia 9 years ago because of this I did not go to school. And I went to school for the coming year and got into this class. Just think, I had to graduate last year! After all, if I was not sick with pneumonia, I would never have got into this place in my life...

We are so grateful to all who took part in this awesome project!!! You are AMAZING!!! THANK YOU soooo very much to everyone, who made this possible and brought so much joy, delight and helped in emotional healing!!! Thank you very much for prayers! And thank you for giving opportunity to show the love of Christ to these precious souls. ♥♥♥

It was a little experience in holding the camp for orphans and it was a success! We plan to hold the same camp for graduates next year, God`s will but longer. ;)

Please, watch the video to see more pictures of God's beauty and mostly beauty in precious hearts! These kids are amazing and they took special place in our hearts ♥

May 30, 2018

Marshmallow and Kite!

What an amazing day we had with the youth on Monday! We learned it had to be holiday. So, why not to do a little picnic?

We learned how to toasted marshmallow! Yay! We made s'mores with crackers and chocolate.
For all, toasted marshmallow was for the first time! Except me. :) Some of my dear friends in America have taught me how to do this. I was glad to share my little experience!

Everyone was delighted and said, "Wow! We could see it only in the movies! It's so cool!" :)

 Also we learned to launch a kite!And this was also the first time for everyone! It was so funny and great! So many emotions and laughter!!! 

Children and even their parents were delighted and super excited!!!😍 Edik shouted at the top of voice, "Mama, look, I'm launching a kite myself! " His joy was not the end!Olga was so proud of him :)

Everyone was like in the Heaven! 😇We all had a very fun and amazing day relaxing and enjoying each other!!! 

Praise God for the amazing day, beautiful weather and wonderful fellowship with each other!!!

May 26, 2018

The Last Bell

Yesterday was a Last Bell in the orphanages. This means that the children went home to relatives or summer camps. It was painful to watch graduates... because they are still children... Where will they go? What awaits them? Where will they be in a few years?.. That`s sad and our hearts are broken for them...
And at the same time it was joyful. We again had the opportunity to see each other and show that they are not alone. Give one more hug and to show and tell that they are loved by God, their Heavenly Father.

Brother Misha had the opportunity to say a valedictory speech.Many tears were shed...

We came not only to say goodbye to graduates but also brought small wonderful gifts.

We collected all the photos of their childhood and made photo albums. Children were delighted!!!

Look, how small I was! This was often heard. :) It was so great to see their joy and delight! ♥

Sounds the last bell for graduates ...

This year we managed to attend the ceremony of the Last Bell in two orphanages. Because they were at different times.That was great!

These little ones were so cute! ♥

One more valedictory speech of bro.Misha in other orphanage

I think that picture is a small gift but dear to the heart. :)

It was so sweet to see the joy of the children ♥♥♥

We hope that these pictures will remind them of the wonderful moments in their life and will remain in their precious hearts forever.

Even, if the children are on summer vacation, our ministry does not stop. There is a lot of work and many other orphanages, where many precious souls are waiting for us :)

May 23, 2018

The transformation of housing(before and after)

We are super excited that we finally finished a HUGE project and the Kozak family moved to their new lovely home!!! How awesome! The transformation of housing is amazing! Olya and Sasha are VERY happy, VERY much appreciate this huge blessing and they are VERY THANKFUL to you all!!! ♥♥♥ They could not even think that this could happen sometime in their life. Such a large and wonderful change in their house! 🏠

Olga has long been dreaming of a bunk bed for her boys. What a wonderful a surprise was not only for mother but for her precious sons! Edik and Anrew are soooo very excited about their new bed! Olya burst into tears, when she saw a new electric stove and an oven. "It was my dream! And I could not believe my own eyes!" And tears sprinkled from the eyes of the young mother... ♥ We are happy for sweet mommy.

Here are few pics from their housing before and after...

You can see the short video where are more photos ;)


Thank you VERY MUCH for participating!!! Thank you all for this great miracle and that you touch the hearts of young people and make a HUGE contribution to their lives! Thank you for being a wonderful miracle in the lives of many hearts!!! You can not even imagine what this house means for this sweet family and what a precious blessing you are for the BOM... But God knows :) We glorify and praise God for each of you!We love you!!! ♥♥♥

May 11, 2018

Summer camp for kids!

These beautiful graduates are from very poor families where many of them live on hunger. Parents of some abuse alcohol or drugs. Some children witnessed violence or murder. Therefore, the children are left to themselves and forced to beg on the street in order to somehow survive. Teenagers try to mimic the older to look better and wear the clothes of their friends or relatives of their age. Often these children are deprived of personal belongings. But most importantly, they feel lonely and needless to no one... Many of them have to endure of humiliation and insult in families. Their hearts are full of fear, uncertainty, emptiness, loneliness and without hope. They are defenseless and often in danger. As we call them "social" orphans. They can`t be adopted and parents don`t take care of them also...

Once we talked with a tutor of this class about the problems in the families of precious kids and what awaits them in the future. Then she burst into tears and said that she loves very much these children and that they had not left the orphanage for many years. Can you imagine how these teenagers feel in their hearts? Many of them are afraid to leave the walls of the orphanage knowing that they have at least something and they are safe. They are afraid of something new and afraid that no one will help them after they will leave. What is there beyond the walls of the boarding school? What awaits them in the future?

We really love this orphanage and this class of graduates! It is especially dear to us. ♥ I do not know why... Perhaps this was my orphanage in the past and the same teacher was also my teacher??? She remembers me as a little girl :) I really do not know. But my heart cries out to God about these sweet children every day... 

God gave the idea to make a small camp for these young souls to somehow ease their troubles before leaving the orphanage. To bring joy, delight and show that they are not alone, that they are loved and dear. And especially dear and precious to Christ! For several days we will live together, sing, eat, pray, read the Word of God, play games, have fellowship, enjoy the creation of God and just have a great time! We would really love to show how beautiful the world and the creation of God are! After all, these children have never seen a mountain, a sea! They've never been to McDonald's! The orphanage is located in a very small village, where there is nothing and interesting to see and to go out. 
I believe with all my heart that God will send all that is necessary for this! In some moments He has already begun to show His hand and bless. :) 

When I asked the teacher, she started crying and said, "You do not even know what it means for them ..."

I'm sure that these few days together will change the world outlook of children! I'm sure that it will help them to see how beautiful the world is and how great it is to be together with those who love you! Our desire is to become a big loving family for these few days.♥ They have never been in a camp and especially a Christian camp! It will bring a lot of pleasure and great joy to these young people! It will also help them to see and feel that they are not alone, not abandoned and loved by Christ! That many people not only in Ukraine but also abroad love and care for them!

Would you like to touch the hearts of these lovely children? :) In a previous blog post I wrote about how several weeks living together touched the hearts of two young precious teens. And I'm sure that it will be unforgettable and amazing time and will stay in the hearts of these lovely children forever! ♥♥♥

To bless these teenagers, it is need $2,320. 17 children and the BOM team along with their teacher, together 22 people. It is $21.00 per person for a day. It includes absolutely everything! The money will be spent on food (5 days), accommodation, bus rental, gas and much more. We have only 3 weeks to raise funds!!!

Would you like to be a part of emotional healing and bring joy and delight in lives of these precious teens? Would give a chance to live these sweet souls like one big family with BOM staff, please? :)

The gift of love you can send using the button Chip-in on the right side of the blog.

Also you send through PayPal to save fee.
Please, leave a message  "summer camp for orphans"

You can send a check to:
Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
Ting Ministries

29 East Poplar Street

Lebanon Pa 17042

Thank you very much in advance! You can make a huge difference in lives of many! :) May God greatly bless you!!!

P.S. We would be so thankful if you share the need, please! ;)

May 8, 2018

They have stolen our hearts

I`m super excited to share with you about amazing things in BOM! These orphaned brother and sister have stolen our hearts. ♥

Nina 19, Tolik,17. They are like a gulp of living water in the wilderness and a great encouragement for us! They are such a precious treasure! 

I'll start from the very beginning... Some time ago, our wonderful partners Ting Ministries asked to visit teens and learn about their needs. We prayed for the opportunity and the right time because of the busy schedule. And finally came the day of our meeting! We did not know what to expect... But after spending only one day together, we became wonderful friends and realized that we can not leave them... They do not have anyone who would support them in a difficult moment. :(
Nina and Tolik live in such terrible poverty that the heart shrinks with pain seeing everything and realizing how hard it is for these children to live alone. It overwhelmed and absolutely broken our hearts and we understood that we should to do something... I cried. My heart ached with big pain for these sweet kids...  They faced with loneliness. No support. Fear. Emptiness. Poverty. Danger. Without future and hope. And many more...

They often go hungry, having no means of subsistence. They do not have firewood for the winter and they often freeze even in summer because the house is very old and damp. The roof leaks when it rains and the ceiling can collapse at any moment.

Nina says that she goes to bed with fear going through so that nothing falls on her head. The young guy did not know how to shave properly and much more.

  Can you imagine how to wear winter shoes in +20 degrees with no socks? Tolik could not afford to buy even the cheapest shoes and a pair of socks. You would have seen his eyes and delight in having a new pair of shoes!
"We never had so much food!" Their eyes glowed with happiness and delight! Our hearts rejoiced, seeing the joy of these young souls!

When we said goodbye, they asked, "Please, take us to live with you..." Oh, my! This broke our hearts even more...

Very soon Tolik and Nina came to us. There was no limit to our joy! Very soon we were able to buy these sweet kids all the necessary clothes for the summer. We lived together as a family. Together went to orphanages, packed and gave gifts to graduates, played and spent time with children in orphanages, had fellowship with the church, cooked meal, prayed, read the Bible together, had fun and much more. 

In one of the orphanages the guys quickly became friends and the graduates asked,  bring Nina and Tolik to us again! :) ♥ So sweet.

A few days later they started calling us Mom and Dad. How lovely! ♥♥♥ They had appeared an appetite and they started eating a lot. :) They were shocked and surprised. Soon they even gained some weight :) Love heals!!! 

After spending only 2 weeks together. Tolik wrote such a touching letter, which made us all shed tears. Then the poor guy cried all evening...

Translation to the letter:
"Dear our friends. I am writing this letter so that you will never forget us. I know that we are not like you would like us to be. In these two weeks you became our parents. We never thought that such kind, affectionate, and good people still exist on this earth. Oksana, I appeal to you. I want you to always be so young, beautiful and kind always. Aunt Alla, you become us like mother. We will never forget your kind and wonderful smile. Your heart is big as the sun. Uncle Misha you are our father. You are wise and kind man. And I am sure that you will teach more than one hundred children of wisdom and God bless you. 
Friends remember you are more than believers. You will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts. We love you!"

Message from Nina:
"Thank you mom. We will do as you said. We love you and may God bless you.
I will pray for you and read the Bible. Maybe God will help me to become like you are..."

We ask you to pray for these precious young people, please! They have many difficulties and some dangers. So that God will solve problems that can hamper their future lives. That He would lead them out of the land of spiritual bondage as the people of Israel from Egypt. That God opened the door for them to new opportunities. How the Red Sea parted before the people of Israel. We believe that God has a special plan! But we need His guidance and almighty. To make a miracle in the lives of these two sweet young souls, who have became especially dear to us. Pray they trust their lives to Jesus!
Thank you very much! Prayers can do miracles!!!

May 4, 2018

Bikes and Shish kebab

We had a terrific day with the children of the whole orphanage a week ago!!! Having collected all the necessary things, we came to kids. Several young adults and BOM staff rode bicycles with the children. Nature, fresh air, beautiful weather. Everything was amazingly beautiful! While part of the team went with children on bicycles, another part of the team cooked shish kebab, pilaf and everything else. One of the graduates learned to cook shish kebab.So wonderful! Everything was very tasty! Mmm! So delicious!!! 
Do you remember the Biblical story of how Jesus fed 5000 people with 2 fishes and 5 loaves? Something similar happened to us. :) We were going to feed about 30 people but not more. But it turned out that more than 70 people were fed!Wow!!! This is the whole orphanage! Amazing!!!
Then we played different games with children. Children were delighted! Everything was just great! All the employees of the orphanage and especially the children were so happy! One of the employees came up and said. "I'm very ashamed to admit. But today was the most delicious shish kebab in my life." ♥ So, if you want to try the best shish kebab, welcome to Ukraine! Ha ha! ;)

But really, God blessed in many ways and we were surprised and so thankful to the Lord! Many warmly thanked with  kind words. It was so awesome to see everyone happy at one big table! Big and lovely family. ♥ 
We thank God for such wonderful opportunity to have a great time with children and employees! We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for the opportunity to touch the precious hearts of kids and even adults!It is such a wonderful blessing to bring joy and delight to many souls!!! God is so good!!!We praise and thank Him!!!

April 19, 2018

Necessary items for graduates

The main reason for our night trip yesterday was the purchase of gifts for graduates! ;)
Every year they leave their orphanages empty-handed...Life is very hard for them without support. Each year, BOM blesses teens with the necessary items.

So, we have started this huge and wonderful project to bless 60 graduates with blankets and kitchen utensils!We are so excited!!! We went early at 3.00 AM to another city to the bazar. God was good and blessed in many ways!

We could buy blankets and kitchen utensils at a good discount. Isn`t it wonderful to see God`s hand in it?

At night it's harder to drive on bumpy roads. But God is good and we had a safe trip!

This year the roads became even worse in Ukraine. But in some places it is already being repaired. Therefore, we really hope for improvement so that we do not have to repair the van after almost every long trip.

This is what happens when you drive on bumpy roads in Ukraine ;) You're losing parts from your vehicle! Ha ha!Thank God that we noticed it in time! 

Nature wakes up and everything blooms that so pleases your sight and brings a joy to your heart!

We are very grateful to everyone for donatings and participating in this wonderful project! It's so great not only to cover the needs of many but also to be a participant in the joy and admiration of precious hearts!THANK YOU very much!!! ♥ May God greatly bless you!!!

Please, pray for graduates, for their hearts, for their needs and that they would give their lives to Heavenly Father.


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