July 31, 2012

Sponsoring of boys in mental institution

Guess for whom this blessing that you see in a picture below? :)

I`m so excited to tell you that we have been in mental institution on past week and our precious boys received this gift with love from our dear monthly sponsors.Boys could receive diapers, cleansing things, powdered laundry soap etc.
Thank you so much to those who opened hearts showing God`s love by caring of needs of poor orphans.It`s such a joy for us!

We spoke with the director and we had a fine and warm meeting. Friends, there are a lot of needs! I just would like to shout to the Lord and to beg about His mercy and goodness. We pray hard and diligent that the Lord would send more sponsors to these poor and suffering children. These children are deprived of very many that is necessary for every day. We are  forceless something to make. Only the Lord, only He is their Heavenly and loving Father and the Creator can help with their vital important needs.

Clothes, footwear, in particular autumn and winter, outer clothing- coat or jacket, bedding, and also vitamins, minerals and different medications are necessary to these boys. It is only small part of their needs.

But the most important that, that there isn't enough hands that to care about boys. One nanny simply doesn't manage with 15-20 children and it is VERY hard physical work. Therefore in the future we want to raise funds to hire nannies who could care of these children. It will be one of our projects some day. The director was very much and very glad to hear about it and very long shook hands with brother Misha. Therefore we need more sponsors. We ask you to join this prayer, that the Lord would provide and covered needs of those, about whom He calls us to care and show His love.

Recently was airing a documentary film "Ukraine's Forgotten Children" produced and directed by Kate Blewett. This is a story about the desperate suffering of countless vulnerable children in mental institution. What these kids experienced and still experience is terrible and heartbreaking...It`s impossible to watch without tears.I saw the film and cried then couldn't get to sleep easily.The film is incredibly moving and depressing...It`s very emotional.

If you didn't watch yet. Please find an hour and 28 minutes to watch this film. I believe it will change your heart, mind and thoughts... 

 That is why we pray and plead Lord Jesus to help in needs of our suffering boys.This is the reason why we visit and share God`s love with them and wish to do more with God`s help.

PLEASE, watch this true story.This all is REAL TRUTH about Ukrainian children!!!

If you have a desire we warmly invite you to become a part of this ministry BOM. To help with needs of these dear kids and to make a difference in their lives.         

Please enter any amount that you wish to give $15, 25, 30, 50, ...on the right side of our blog, as a monthly recurring donation to help meet boy`s needs. If you wish to make just a one time gift, you are WELCOME!
A little love and kindness is like water to thirsty children.Thank you so much!God bless you!

July 28, 2012

We started!

Well.We started repair of Valya`s home.We are so excited! Valya is so happy and she can not wait to see the process and to live there. :) This past week we have been SO busy!Many meetings, discussion, calls, driving, thoughts, legwork and much more...We are not builders and not professionals, so we afraid to do something wrong there.It`s so many headaches. Oh!But mountains moved a little. :)

 We need to begin first of all with windows and doors, then we plan to make electricity. Then we can make all the rest. The problem consists that now a season and all something build and repair. Therefore it is necessary to order doors and windows and to wait from 2 to 10 days. And so we need to wait until it will be ready. :(

I CAN NOT wait to share with you pictures of new things! :)
Lord`s willing, we hope to replace windows and doors to the end of this week.So, please, pray God give us wisdom and everything go smoothly.Thanks a lot!!!

Sasha and Olya - urgently!

Olya and Sasha has VERY difficult and urgently situation. We at all don't know how to help them... Dear our sweet Friends, we need MANY and hotly your prayers.I will try to describe the best I can.

I`m so sorry it took me a week later to tell you about this young couple.We have been VERY busy here by visiting orphanages and repairing of Valya`s house, about these all things, I will tell in next posts.

Sasha has a room in a hostel(dormitory) where they could live...A room is in the awful status, about 12 years there nobody lived. There is no electricity and water, no door etc. But we would help them with the God's help.

We learned that Sasha's sister doesn't allow to live this young couple there. Though he is registered there. In Ukraine it is of great importance, if you have registration. If you are not registered, you can not find job, place to live, make any documents and a lot and a lot more...By other word you can do absolutely nothing.
Olya isn't registered anywhere, Sasha's relatives don't allow to make it to her in Sasha`s room. Even if we would make there repair and everything solved.

A problem is in that, that in this room many relatives are registered and they all can claim for it after repair... They all can throw out Olya and Sasha on the street with the kid on hands.
Also they all drink vodka, use drugs and there many other problems.  Usually with such people there are a lot of problems.It even is dangerous to live to these children there!

Olya has a grandmother, she sold Olya`s house while she was in an orphanage. And now this orphaned teen has no place to live. The grandmother doesn't want to take Olya to herself.
Also the problem consists in that, if Olya isn't registered anywhere, she can't receive money for her son from the government as the help. And she can't to do registration anywhere.

We see only one way.It`s to have a house or a room in dormitory to them, to buy or rent...

They will be owners of their house and anybody can make nothing to them.Also we can visit, help etc. Situation VERY much and very heavy...

So, we really do not know...We have only one way, it`s to pray really hard.Please, pray God help Olya to have a registration somewhere.She has only several months.If she would not do it, she will lose ALL her help money for baby from government.It will be worst than now...

We buy food  and give to them, each time we meet these kids. They both hungry often, so Olga does not have appetite.It`s very bad for her now, as she breastfeeds Edik.She is so suety(pale) and it scare, she can get any sickness.Please, pray for her health also.

 Olya went to ask a room from a city governor, but to her refused. Yes, it is reality dear our Friends. These orphans have NO place to live now with the small newborn baby on hands and anybody can't help them... It is simply awful and breaks our hearts...You can not sleep and eat well, knowing their situation.It`s our one more burden now...

 This young couple really suffers and survives. All relatives kick out and don't want even to hear about them. Imagine their situation, fear, hopelessness, disappointment, helplessness, hungry, without any hope and help...

It`s URGENTLY! PLEASE, please, please, pray for these teens that God help and protect them.We pray hard that Jesus will be mercy and do a miracle in lives of these kids...Everything is so heavy...Please, pray Jesus help them to have their own nest to live.They both are still children, who need a protection and help, love and support.Many thanks for your prayers!!!

"Yea, the sparrow hath found an house, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, even thine altars, O LORD of hosts, my King, and my God." Psalm 84:3(KJV)

July 22, 2012

Our dear teenagers

I would like to share with you what the Lord does here. Your donations not only bring joy, make a smile on faces of teenagers, but give hope and faith that someone loves them and cares of their needs. ;) God loves orphans. Many thanks, Friends!

BOM provides not only necessary food, personal care items but necessary clothes and footwear, to those teenagers who needs it.

But the greatest our blessing, is that these teenagers can study the God's Word and visit our Bible Baptist Church services.

I very much want to tell you about big joy and blessing which we have!

Once, a teenager came to Bible studying and started to laugh at what our teens did. He sneered and spoke, and do you really believe in these fairy tales, that God really exists? When we gave to him to read a Christian tract about salvation, he refused flatly, having told, I do not read such. It was fun for him. We tried to be with him polite and not to pay attention to his roughnesses, invited him to join etc. But he left... The next time when there was a Bible studying, he ran in room and ran out many times, turned again, overheard etc. But he didn't join to group of teens. 
Behavior of this guy was not good, because of it he had many troubles in the life. Lost work, could insult seniors, not good words, offended girls and much more. We prayed for him that the Lord would touch his heart and changed his life.
So, the next time he took a chair and stayed listening to God's Word, nearly a half time of group!It was surprise!
Today this guy not just visits ALL groups on studying of the God's Word, but he also visits ALL services in our Church(3 times a week), he edifies children and teaches them to be serious on the relation of the Bible, :) he ceased to humiliate and offend seniors, he is nice with girls, his behavior absolutely changed. We are surprised and so excited! Nobody simply doesn't recognize him! What a joy! What delight! Look how God's Word can change the person! Hallelujah!We are soooo happy for him!!!Great!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!God is soooo good!Our God is great and awesome!We are sooo happy!
Please, continue to pray, Friends!Our God can do more! ;)
Love to all and hugs!

July 20, 2012

Miracles in life of Valya

WOW!It`s simply amazing!It`s real, real miracle!!!I can hardly believe my own eyes that a goal has been met for the repair of Valya's home!I just wish to scream from a joy!Two days.We raised $3500 for two days!Can you believe it?!God is so good and mercy!!!Our God is AWESOME!
Look what prayers can do, Friends!!!We are so grateful to all of you for pouring out your love on our dear Valya.Thank you soooo much for ALL your gifts of love small and such huge!Thank you for your open hearts and such amazing magnanimity and generousity!Thanks a LOT for all your prayers!It`s so greatly to see how God uses His children for His glory!So wonderfu!Tears, tear of joy!
"Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?" (Jeremiah 32:27) KJV

 We just can not wait to start to repair the house of our sweet friend.We are so thrilled!
 We very hope that this amount will be enough to do everything.Please, pray God will lead and bless.

 One more great blessing I would like to share with you.God greatly loves our dear sister Valya. ;) It`s amazing to see how God leads and bless her in all her needs.

Valya wanted to find her mother and tell about that, what the Lord made in her life. But Valya didn't see her some years, she at all didn't know or mother is still alive. All she could to do, it to pray. She often asked the Church about it. That the Church prayed that the Lord would help to find her. She already was going to write application that the police would start to look for her. But prayers are capable to work miracles!

It was emotional day for our sister in Christ. Joy, tears, hope, pain, grief, helplessness... All these emotions filled her heart.

Tears causes and pain of heart, looking at these pictures. It is simply awfully and breaks heart...
Yes, this lady is mother of Valya...

It is difficult to imagine, how it is possible to live and work here for 6 hryvnias($0.75US) a day. Yes!You are reading correct.She earns 6 grivna($0.75US) a day.She works hard since early morning to the darkness.It is simply awful. Without hope, without any help, protection, alone, in poverty, without the future.It so and so heartbreaking...Tears, just tears of sorrow...

 But it broke our hearts more, when we have found she is former orphan too...She was at orphanage...and now she lives on the street.

It`s reality, Friends.That is why so important to pray for orphans, share the Gospel with them, that there is hope and future, there is way and life."Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me". That is why we pray, we can build a Transition Home for teens after graduating orphanages, that to protect and save them from this horrible life.

We helped with food to Valya's mother and shared with her the Gospel of grace. We think it there would be such huge blessing when we will finish house repair that mother would come back home and started to live new life.
Please, remember in your prayers the mother of Valya, salvation of her soul and Jesus will help her in needs.

We want to wash her, to give clean clothes, to feed and take to the doctor. She awfully coughs. I am afraid that she can have tuberculosis. It is not surprising. If to live and work there with barehanded, without gloves, it is possible to get any awful illness.

Despite that, that it was impossible to breathe, while we communicated with her, because of awful a garbage smell. Despite that even our clothes were smelled this awful smell and people looked at us strange, looking back. We rejoiced for Valya, that she found the mother! We rejoiced that she could hear that, while she is alive, still there is a hope and she can have new life.Praise God!!!!What a joy!

July 17, 2012

Today's court

First, I would like to thank you all, who prayed and still pray about our family situation.Please, continue to pray!

Today was court.Everything was well, I think.The judge is serious lady.I like, as she led court. Everything is fine.But it was first court and in two months the 18 of September will be second court.Because I gave enough arguments that our mom is not guilty and the government is on her side.So, the new facts came out.I have to come next time for court with witnesses.Also a lawer of  neighbors asked the judge to make one more court and they need to make some document against mom, prove her culpability in fire.

During the court and after, all the time the Lord gave me the perfect peace and calm in heart. I was rejoiced!It was such a GREAT blessing, peace in heart! I glorify and I thank the Lord for it!!! The Lord Jesus is soooo good and mercy!!!I felt your many prayers!Thanks a lot!

I don't know the end of this matter, than it will end, but I glorify and I thank the Lord for His presence which He shows through the peace and calm. 
When I came back home, I sang and exulted, I rejoiced that the Lord nearby. I prayed and thanked the Lord for everything!

But it isn't  acceptable for the Devil! His purpose to destroy our spirit and the peace, to intrude upon calm and that our hands and knees weakened in fear. The purpose of the Devil to destroy everything that only is possible, if only to achieve! He is mad and enraged, when sees Christians quiet and trusting to the Lord. I think, you agree with me. :)

So, after court, neighbors seriously threatened me. If I don't bring money or I will not pay, I won't live to second court. Yes, they threatened that will murder. They even told me where it will occur. :) Yes, that is not funny.But I`m not afraid, dear Friends. I do not know or you believe me. But the Lord gives a boldness or confidence and the perfect peace. Yes, it is not pleasant to hear this talk, etc. as it is the man, which taller me twice. And you never know what in the head of the person. But the Satan always frightens, threatens, gossips on children of God, buys, by other word does everything to knock down the Christian from a narrow way and to destroy his spirit. The devil is angry and doesn't wish what on this piece of the land, there was a house for homeless orphans. He doesn't wish that they would come to Jesus and were declined before Him in a repentance prayer. He hates, when the sinner saves.He is mad, when children of God make Lord`s will.He doesn't wish that orphans would find rest, calm and a consolation in Jesus.

In same time I don't want to be careless and thoughtless.

So, please, keep pray for our future court, what should be in two months.But especially that God protect our family from evil.Probably, I will go to a police.I do not know yet...But anyway, please, pray!!!Many thanks, sweet Friends!Love and hugs, to all :)

July 16, 2012

They can be on street again...

...if we will not help them...They can feel fear, lose hope, trust, feel lonely, forgotten and bitterness, if we don't give the helping hand and will not support...

Our hearts are broken...It`s so frustrating and so sadly.There no words to describe what we feel now...

Imagine, if you have to move to live in this house in a month or so...where nobody did not live for a long time and this house is uncared...
Where is broken stove, where no gas and no light...

Where is no doors and no furniture...
Where windows are broken and glasses are beaten.Imagine how it can be in cold season.But what if frost?..

There are broken walls, where no hope that some one would help you, because you do not have finances...
As the result you stay simply on the street...

But worst if a young lady is expecting a baby and she has to live with him in this house because she has not other way...
Dear Friends, I`m talking about orphaned girl, who had not a place where to live.And she lived everywhere she could to find a food and stay warm...Who stayed alone without any help, with fear and broken heart.
She lived with a one boy who promised to marriage her but it was only words...A time later she has found that she is expecting a baby from him and she had run away from him...in searching the way out and help.

I`m speaking about our beloved Valya whom we love dearly.Who became Christian several month ago.Who asked about forgiveness of her sins and accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour.Who asked about protection and mercy.These all troubles led her to the Lord Jesus.

So, Valya is expecting a baby boy and has deliver of him in little more than month.In the end of the summer or in the beginning of autumn.Does she excited? for now,Yes! 
We care and help Valya as much as we can.God loves her so much and blesses greatly, covering her daily needs.She is excited very much each, even a little blessing. And recently she said, Oh, I have so a lot for the last time!(She meant, the food, some clothes, personal care items). :)

So, we prepare for baby boy named Timothy, who has to come to this world very soon. :) Here a lot of busy days.Those, who have kids, should to know how it is.Especially when you expect your firstborn, so many worries and thoughts etc :) We prayed about baby bed and in two days God answered prayer.
 Valya could not believe her Timothy will be asleep in this beautiful baby bed.She was sooooo happy and thrilled!!!
Isn`t it cute?We love it too. :)

Also Jesus sent some kitchen utensils to Valya and baby carrier for Timothy etc.We call it "kangaroo". Awesome blessing!
But we can't help with all needs and it breaks our hearts.
Dear Friends, our dear Valya, has to leave dormitory in one month(where she lives now). A person can live there only 3 months.But she has not at present where to go... The single place is the house about which she learned recently. All pictures are above, this pictures of her not of livable house, where she will be forced to live with the kid on hands.It`s horrible and heartbreaking...
No one can not help our dear sister in Christ in this situation...Her father died and her mother Valya did not see some years.She even does not know or she is alive.But today we spoke with neighbor and he said, a month ago, mother came to this house, looked on it and gone away...She lives on junkyard or junk heap...Oh, it is more than terrible! It simply has broken our hearts.On this week we are going to find her, if God`s will...

So, our decision was to ask YOU ALL to help Valya to save from street life.She can be on street again as several months ago, if we will not help...Imagine, how it awfully can be orphaned girl on street with baby on hands...
 We prayed a lot and thought, looked for...I really do not know or is it a good place to ask you to help Valya.But we do not have other way to help her.Our goal is to raise $3500 to make a repair of her home.

This money will be spent for windows, doors, electricity, make furnace, paint for floor, to renew walls, to make a fence around the house (only on the one side of house) to make a veranda(small construction or corridor with walls, roof and windows). There are also possibility to construct a gas in home and water.The gas line is close to the house, same is with water.But it may cost expensive.We are not sure yet...We would like much and it`s real need as a baby will be soon there.It depends how the Lord will provide.It`s large amount and we pray for miracle.
Here, on the blog you would see update and pictures of progress of this project.
We know it`s huge work!But it`s NOTHING that to save our friend from street life!We are ready to work hard.Just need your help...

Also Valya has a brother who graduated this year from training school (after orphanage) and he already lives on the street.., asks people money for bread, he can not find a work...This is his part of house, same is in awful condition. :(

So, dear our Friends, we ask you very much with humbled our hearts, to help Valya.The situation is URGENT as you see, we have simply accounted days.That to save finances, we will do everything by our own hands.We ask you to pray hard that God will do a miracle we can raise necessary finances to help our dear sister in Christ and her baby Timothy.PLEASE, PLEASE, help if you can!
 Every cent is appreciate!If God gives you a wish, please donate to thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com
 or use chip-in button on our blog.Thank you so much!!!
PLEASE, share about this need on social networks, by e-mail, on your blogs, everywhere it is possible.Thanks a lot!!!


This is not all.We have one more sad story and urgent prayer request...

On picture below you see a 16 years old teen, who graduated orphanage several months ago and gave birth to sweet baby boy named Edik, just 2 weeks ago.Many people said that she would make abortion or sent the kid to baby house that would refuse him, after all she is so young, can't arrange the future etc. But Olga decided to give birth to the baby, in what that didn't become, how it will not be heavy.
We bought to her some food and personal care items.
So, here is this darling boy, precious creation of God.Isn`t he cute? :)  He is sooooo sweet!!!
We are so proud of Olga, she made right decision!

Olga is orphan, who stay with little boy in hospital now because does NOT have a place where to live...Oh, my goodness!There are so many heartbreaking situations...

But Olga married and the kid has a father, who the orphan too.Sasha graduated a training school probably this year(I`m not sure) but anyway he is still teen.

It breaks our hearts that they are absolutely NOT ready to adult life, absolute knowing nothing about family life.They have to learn so many things how to live after orphanage.But we are HAPPY to help them!
We ask you to pray diligently for this young family. Olga accepted Jesus Christ when we had trips to graduates several months ago. She is also our sister in the Christ to whom the help and support is necessary. Sasha lost a job a few days ago. He earned $25.00 a week! If to be exact, $21.00. Both of them are undernourished now. Olga has an anemia now. She very pale and lost some weight . We pray to help with clothes and all necessary for the boy. Probably someone can send here.., for the newborn baby. It would be such blessing! Everything is necessary, clothes, small feeding bottles, diapers, nurseries cream, baby linens, by other word all that is necessary for the newborn. Olya absolutely doesn't have anything!

We now solve a question with housing for Sasha and Olya. There is a hope...(?)But I can't tell all details while precisely I will not know. I hope this Friday, everything I learn and I will let you know.
 Probably someone would wish to sponsor them monthly or from time to time while they won't rise on feet...Even the one-time gift will be big joy for them. 
Sasha now lives in very small room in a basement, where is damp and cold, sleeps on a floor, without a mattress, at his friend, which the orphan too. :(
 They STILL ARE children.They really need our help!!!PLEASE, remeber in your daily prayers this young couple too!Many thanks, sweet Friends!!!

These all situations are so sad.We should help them with God`s help!!!That is why we pray to have a transition home for teens.Please, will you pray for these young families?

Please, pray for our family too.Tomorrow should be court.Our hope only on God. Thanks!

July 8, 2012

God expands our limits

Dear Friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, our God is awesome and so good!!!I`m so happy and so excited to share with you some blessings we have lately.God hears your prayers and blesses BOM so greatly!
I even don`t know what the first blessing to say. :))) Ok.I will in sequence.

The first.Probably somewhere about a week we had huge traffic on our blog thanks to sister in Christ Susanna! Around thousand people could visit our blog just for TWO days and learn about these poor and neglected boys to whom the help is so necessary.Wow!

The second. As the result we have already some monthly sponsors who have opened the hearts, to be a part of this ministry and to help with needs of these precious boys.
The third. BOM become known worldwide. We have wonderful sponsors now not only in the USA, Canada but also in Australia. Can you believe it? It`s so exciting!

The fourth. Little by little but our ministry grows and extends. For several months already we have a one orphan, the beautiful girl Nastya sponsored by our dear friends.I really love how they said in one e-mail: "Nastya stole our hearts!"
They so deeply love and are correspondence with her! Yes, not just personal needs of these beautiful girl is met but she has such wonderful family, who loves her with all hearts and contacts with her through letters.Such a joy! Thank you, Duffy family!You make a difference in life of this sweet girl!

By the way.We are going to give a list of many children, whom are need sponsors, who not just covered their personal needs but could have contact through correspondence too.I really don`t know when we will do it because for lack of time.It`s huge work.But we really want, pray and believe kids will find those who would love them too. :)

The fifth. One of most our readable posts at one time about a graduated orphan. The traffic was such huge! This is our dear Valya.Do you know that she has a sponsor also? Praise God! 
Our dear sister from Canada so greatly and wonderfully with such huge and kind heart cares about our new sister in Christ.That means Valya is not hungry every day, has necessary clothes and her daily needs are met too.You would see HOW Valya is happy!Awesome!Isn`t it?Thanks a lot, Aidan!

The sixth. Several weeks ago one of graduates of orphanages, accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior! What a great blessing!!His name is Vova on the picture below.

The seventh. Now Valya and Vova prepare for a baptism and wish will join our Church and to become her part.

The eighth. Where Valya temporarily lives in a dormitory, we met Nadia who is also the orphan, the disabled person and also wishes to become a part of our Church Charity.
So, the three orphans will joined to our Church soon.What an awesome blessing!

We often visit teenagers in a dormitory, it is very small and there a person can live only three months...
 On the picture below from the left to the right is Valya, bro.Misha, Vova, next Vova too and Nadya(who lives with Valya).

Besides that they visit Church services, brother Misha gives Bible meetings with them often.
Vova that in a dark shirt and light jeans, is not saved yet, but he is very much wishes to study the God's Word. He is so close to Jesus Christ's acceptance.Please pray that the Lord helped him to make this most important decision in his life. Thanks!

Well.I think that didn't forget about any else blessing and told you everything.
It`s so awesome to see what God is doing!We are so thrilled and so happy!It is surprising to see, HOW God expands our limits!It`s simply amazing!Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!We cherish EVERYONE of you and a bit of your help is SO much appreciated!!!We love you, Friends!

July 3, 2012


  I`m so excited to share with you that God made a great miracle!It is inexplicable! It is such big joy and such thrilling!!!
Many of you prayed and still pray for the father of our brother Misha. We are so blessed to know and see that hearts of each of you were heavy in hard minutes and time of our director BОМ. We were so happy to see as many of you had spread this news when Misha`s father was dying and nobody expected that till this day he will be live. Here we could tell to you the latest news about the father. That he is still alive, but lost his mind and became mental sick. It broke our hearts, brother Misha very much suffered as couldn't help the father and he did everything that was in his forces. All of us, Church of alive God could only pray and ask Jesus to make His will in life of the father and our pastor. It seemed,  better to leave in the heavens than so to suffer here... It caused all pain.

  But will of Lord perfect, good and acceptable! The Lord makes miracles as well as thousands years ago. He is a  strong God! He is amazing!. He is all-powerful. He is good and Holy. Which else god can make miracles as Jesus Christ, alive and raised God. Praise God! 
  Dear brothers and sisters in the Christ, dear Church, the Lord made the REAL MIRACLE about which anybody even to think and couldn't! The Lord completely healed the father of our brother Misha. The Lord on favor, returned his  mind. Today he is completely healthy as physically and mental! What is a joy and delight! Doctors make a helpless gesture and can't explain that occurred. But there was miracle! The simple miracle! Is it possible to explain a miracle? That, what not under force to people, our Almighty and Omnipotent God is capable to make miracle. Praise the Lord!

  Dear friends, look what can make prayers, what God can make miracle, when all come together in one spirit  and ask about His favor.How our God is wonderful and great! My heart rejoices and the soul sings and exults! God used each of you to make this miracle. He heard your prayers! The heart of bro.Misha is overflowing with gratitude to every of you.He is so happy and amazed!He is speechless and overwhelmed.It`s AWESOME blessing!!!

"Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. 
Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness. 
Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp. 
Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs. 
Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals. 
Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD." (Psalm 150)KJV

July 2, 2012

News about court

Here we asked you to pray for a court.It`s such a blessing to see how many people prayed together with us!It`s such a joy!Really.It warms our hearts and brings encouragement.Thank you so much, Friends!

Here is small updating that court weren't today. We waited an hour and a half, waiting for the response there will be court or not. But matter was adjourned because of that, our judge was occupied today by other case. Everything is just fine. :)  I trust the Lord, He knows the best day and time. I had enough time to read the Bible, to pray and meditate. The Lord gave me the perfect peace in heart. Though when this morning I woke up, I started to worry a little. But when in prayer I told to the Lord. "Lord Jesus it is your land, it is your fight, I hand over everything in your hands". The God's peace filled my heart. So absolutely quiet I went, without knowing what will occur. But everything is all right, the Lord supervises everything.

So court adjourned for July 17 on 3.00 o'clock in the afternoon (the Ukrainian time). We very much ask you to continue to pray concerning this matter and to support us in a prayer. Thanks to your many and diligent prayers, the Lord made many miracles in our ministry and private life to that many of you are witnesses. We love you and we appreciate each of you. We are very blessed to know you and to have a part of this wonderful ministry.

In next post I will tell you that God made big and inexplicably miracle.So, coming back soon! :) Blessings!


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