February 28, 2012

Come to Me, I will give you rest...

"Come to Me, I will give you rest"these words belongs to Jesus Christ who says it in His word SO many times.
I love this song, it so pure and beautiful.

Our Heavenly Father wants we trust Him with all our heart when we have some trials and troubles, sorrow, grief, cause, heart aches, even it`s hurts and heavy.Because "all things work together for good". God does the best in our lives.He loves us so much and He never wants brings us a pain because He is our Father and the best Friend. He wants we will be happy with Him and enjoy every moment of our life.He just work in our lives and hearts that make us better and purer for His glory.That we will be more fruitful.Yes, you do not see the light in such dark tunnel, yes, you do not understand why and other things.But our beloved Saviour wants you trust Him.I just trust what He says in Bible.Probably we never will understand His purpose.But He is God.His ways are perfect and the best.And after any trouble, God blesses SO greatly that you forget about all sorrows you had before.You trust more to Him and say, "yes, Lord, you was so right!"
One of my favorite Bible verses: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)KJV

Just trust Him.Then faster we will accept it in our life and make up mind to it, then the faster come the peace and rest in heart,  to us it will be easier to live.

Friends, we need your many prayers.We see and feel as devil harms our efforts in ministry, how he bother us and try to stop everything here. We need your prayers that the devil will be defeated in his attempts to harm us.

Lately Bible verse is in my head."Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them." (Job 1:6)
Many of you know this great story about Job, about his trials and how the Lord blessed him in the end.
Yes, we are far away from Job, we are not perfect as he was before the Lord, we will not have so many trials as he had.But our situation reminds me how trouble came one after other. 

First I would love to say about blessing we have.Recently we would inform you that you didn't visit our official website as spammers has cracked it.Somebody has told to us, it`s visible that who dislikes you strongly, as already the third time for year have cracked the website.I think that we don't need to think long who us strongly doesn't love and harms that people wouldn't learn about orphans and didn't help them. :)

But the glory to the Lord website already works. There were some difficulties and have spent more days than we thought.But anyway, our official website www.bibleorphanministry.com already works!Praise the Lord!

Yes, it is small harm if compared what happens.Simply it is really visible as the Satan harms.We are very sorry if it has created to someone inconveniences.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Before there was a great grief in our family, has burned down the house of our mom. Many of you already know about it. We asked you to pray strongly for it, as test only has begun. In the beginning I have strongly got confused and didn't know what to do.
 I have been VERY strongly frightened, not that has burned down the house, but what waited for us ahead, as to us have already informed. I should make the correct decision as Christian and to protect the family. It was very heavy, I cried, prayed, begged God to help to give to me wisdom and to help. It was very heavy to understand what is correctly.

One my dear friend has told that I should accept this decision that will bring to me the peace in heart.Just in moment I understood, she was SO right! I thank God for this my dear friend!I have remembered that learned recently children in a orphanage that we can win fear with God`s help. When I prepared this lesson, I have thought about, as I would like to become once courageous as David. But I hadn't to wait long. :) In this situation that has occurred to our mother, it was necessary to me boldness and wisdom in the correct decision. I had to make the decision that I VERY much was afraid. I had only 5 days.These days I wanted to hide in Jesus embraces as the small girl in embraces of the father or mother. That He strongly would embrace me and didn't release...It was awful days...

I have thought, I should win this fear as David has won Goliath. Guess what? When I have countenanced to it and I have accepted which that decision was afraid. The God`s peace has filled my heart! I have ceased to be afraid and I am NOT afraid any more. The Lord has helped to win this fear! Now I rejoice and I glorify the Lord! I would love to thank you ALL for your many prayers!I`m very grateful for all your wonderful e-mails and encouragements!It`s such great blessing to see and know how many wonderful brothers and sisters pray for us.Thank you so much for your Christian love! 
One more moment.Once I posted about that trial on blog.It hurts and breaks my heart.But when I published a post.In several minutes a felt peace in heart.I felt as many of you prayed for us.Isn`t amazing blessing? :)

It is no matter what was in my childhood and where I have spent, it has no matter that I grew out of my family,  but in orphanages, has no matter that was in the past. But we should live by future instead of past. It was the God`s plan and purpose. Yes it were awful days spent in different orphanages. But it was the God`s plan and I thank God for it.And I praise the Lord for that! I should care of my mother.It reminds me history with Joseph. When he was have sold to Egypt, it was more than awfully. But it was the God`s plan, that to saved his relatives and family. Many years of my Christian life, it was one of the most favourite my stories.And I love this story!

Our trial has not end yet...I`m very sorry that I can not tell to you of all details, this very personal. I trust that many of you have made the same. We would be very grateful if you continued to pray for this problem. The Satan wants to cause us the BIG damage and harm. I should protect myself, my sister Oksana and mother. A situation is VERY heavy. I would very happy if you pray that the Lord has protected us and has helped us with the decision of this problem. I don't know when is the end. The Lord knows. But we need many prayers, the God`s protection, the help and a miracle. Thanks!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~
The next. I named it, if not fire or conflagration but flood. :)
Some days ago we have come back home and have found out water on a floor, a computer table, etc. I couldn't understand technically whence water arrived? Then I have found out that water dripped from the inside of Internet a cable and it has caused to us of a few harms. I could not believe! How it happened? I was horrified when have seen that all electric wires, electric plug, charging devices and all electricity was in water.It`s was good that Internet cable was not connect to computer but it would burned away.Also router what I use for Internet was in water.I use router to connect Internet cable because network interface card burned in my computer some time before. :)

                                                   Can you believe that? :)

As the result we did not have Internet some days, I could not work on computer.And I have more work now than had before.
But we thank God, we came back to home in time and He protected while we were not at home.Nothing has not burned yet.Yes, it brought damage some furniture but not so awful as it could be.
The problem is that days earlier snow began to melt outside.Water on streets everywhere, we laugh need take a boat to swim to get somewhere.:) We had strongly frosts before, as many of you know already.
As a result our Internet cable has damage and water inside of cable  became to get inside of apartment.
We had water inside where we have computer and all electricity wires.It`s miracle that nothing were damade.Router was in water but I use it and very hope, it will work and everything will be well.
I thought that we will not have Internet for a long time for some reasons.But praise the Lord we can continue to work for the Lord!Even I have much more work.But it happened and what I can say.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
But it is small harm that the Satan wanted to cause to us and wanted to stop our work for some time. The greatest need for what we now pray and we worry these days, for our pastor of Church and director ВОМ.His father at deaths door and he is dying... It crush and breaks our hearts.It`s so heavy to lose someone you love and who are dear to your heart.It`s hurts your heart, sorrow, eyes full with tears, pain, grief, loss...
We never met him personally.But our hearts aches because he is father to our brother in Christ, brother Misha.

Some years ago brother Misha has resulted his father in the Christ. According words of brother Misha, his father couldn't believe to his eyes as his son has changed. He couldn't believe in what he speaks. After all he was the bandit and the thief in the past who constantly broke the law, an orphanage, the street and prison were his house and family. Brother Misha spoke during some days and nights successively about love of the Lord, about as the Lord has changed his life and about salvation. Later his father has asked what I should make to be saved? Today he is the Christian. It was the happiest day in life of our pastor!

After many years ago, after brother Misha was imprisoned and left. His father has told him, once again you will get there, I don't know you any more and I do not want to see you. And it has occurred. Brother Misha got to prison second time when he was released, he many long years didn't see the father. But what the love of the Christ can make? The love of the Christ is capable to forgive, sympathize and bring together! It is SO amazing  and incredible! 

Today both of them are Christians, rejoice in the Christ. But the father of our pastor is dying. He is 75 years and has very sick heart. But we ask God`s mercy that the Lord has extends the years of life, if it in His will. It was more heavy for our brother that his father lives in Russia. It very much, very far from here. There 2 days are necessary to reach.

That day when all of us have learned about this awful news, heart of our pastor and ours has been broken with tears in eyes. He wouldn't have any cent that to visit the father and probably to say goodbye to him... It costs not small money. All of us hotly prayed and asked God`s mercy and miracle. Guess what? The Lord has made a miracle and has sent money this very day. Believe, that nobody expected that the Lord will answer SO quickly! It was the REAL miracle!Amazing!!!

So, today we ask you.Please, pray for brother Misha, cover him in many prayers.Pray for his father...Pray for traveling of our pastor, we do not know when he come back, probably in a week.May God bring him peace in heart and comfort in this difficult time.He needs our prayers and support as never before.Thank you!

This is not all.We have more troubles here...

 These all and other things stymie or make slow our ministry here and we can not serve full time as before.But we very hope it`s for a short time.Recently we began our new project to share the word about Down syndrome.But we should to stop for a while.We were excited so very much when we began.We very hope we continue soon but do not know when...It`s so heartbreaking we did not visit all our dear and precious kiddies some time.It`s breaks our hearts, knowing how they wait...Please, pray for us here.We need many your prayers.Thank you!

At the end I would say, what said to me one my friend:
The devil only attacks those who are a threat to him, and this shows us that we are worthy of Jesus and of His kingdom!  I like that! :)

One more not good news.I have told you before about a family who is going to adopt their precious little girl Amelia.They have a great trial in their lives also.Please, lift them up in your prayers.As Satan destroy everything.Their blog http://bringamelia.blogspot.com/

February 21, 2012

New detail to our van

Dear beloved friends.Several weeks ago we asked you to pray about our need we had with an accumulator or rechargeable battery for our van.It was very weak and we had a trouble with it.

Finally we can share with you a picture of new detail we bought to our van.God is awesome!He answered your prayers the next day! But just today we can share with you a picture and show to you the answer to your prayers.We apologise it took a some time.
We are very grateful to you!Thank you VERY much for your prayers and help, we can visit orphans and our van works well.It`s such a blessing to visit them and see their precious faces, receive their hugs and kisses.It`s so sweet and melts our hearts.
We are so excited!What a joy and great blessing!God is so good!We are rejoicing and praise Him!

I do not understand much in details of cars.So, sorry if it`s wrong name.Hope it`s correctly. :) But detail you can see where is marked by yellow arrow.

Brother Misha, our driver and Director of BOM is excited very much and grateful to everyone for your prayers and help.

I`m going to share with you more blessings we have.I will try to find a time and update as soon as I can.I`m excited to share with you all how good our Lord Jesus and He hears your prayers!Blessings to all! :)

Please, pray for this missionary family

I was going to update about our ministry here in Ukraine.But "accidentally" came to this link and watch this video news.Click here for FoxNews.It breaks my heart.We've never met and we do not know personally this family but my heart aches to hear of their loss small beautiful daughter.This young couple, whom I have never met, were missionaries to Cuba.They had a car accident yesterday.
Oh, how my heart breaks for this family!  There simply are no words to describe it.

Please, pray for this family missionary and cover in many prayers.Please, pray  they feel God`s presence and may He bring them peace and comfort in this difficult time.Our church is lifting them up in prayer and we ask you to do the same.They need our love and prayers like never before.

To leave them a message of condolence, go to their Facebook page here . Leave a message on their website here.

February 20, 2012

Snow, ice and frozen sea in Ukraine

Below are several pictures and video of Ukrainian winter at this year.In the beginning when it`s snowing, everything is very nice and white.Everything is SO beautiful and perfect!!!

When we go somewhere and I see everything just white.It remind me that we have to have so pure and perfect hearts before Lord Jesus.And it reminds me what Bible says about snow. When I see some step or something that make dirty snow, it reminds me about sins.Than more dirtier white snow, then more sins in our hearts.In the beginning when you make first step on snow, you afraid to blemish the beautiful picture.You afraid to break God`s amazing creation.Because everything is just perfect! But when snow is so much dirty, you just walk and do not pay attention, because everywhere is dirty.
Same is in heart.When you do a sin, one, second,.. you tremble before the Lord and ask Him about forgiveness.But when we tired to fight with a sin, you do not have a strength, you feel weak yourself, bitterness, pain, soreness etc.You stop to ask Him about forgiveness and began to live as everyone  in this world,  not paying attention what is in your heart.Because everyone does it...
But it`s so horrible and dangerous!When you have emptiness in your heart, you do not feel joy and happiness, you do not have faith and peace.

But Jesus says in Bible He has the way!
"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." (Isaiah1:18)

Isn`t amazing!It`s such a joy, a blessing and happiness to have pure heart.When you live and are not afraid of future, you are free and do not have a burden of a sin in your heart.Can be something better than peace, faith and joy in heart?Can be something better when you are free? It`s such a blessing we have Jesus Christ who forgives every our sin and make our hearts white and pure as snow!Isn`t a blessing for all of us? :)

Below are pictures of winter.Can you believe that the sea frozen?For those who do not know that the south of Ukraine washes the Black sea.Frosts were so strong that sea frozen far away.It`s unusual for Ukraine and first time for 30 years!

Is not it  look as on northern pole? :)

  Roads in some regions of Ukraine.        

Next pictures are after storm of Black sea on the next day, in warmest place of Ukraine.To be exactly  in Crimea, Yalta

We would love to thank you for all your prayers about weather in Ukraine!We are so excited that it became warmer.We very hope it was last such cold days we had this winter.One man who lived very close to North in Russia, he has moved to Ukraine recently.He said they had about -40`C and it  was easier to suffer than ukrainian frosts -20`C. We even when have 0`C it`s still cold.It`s because the air is humid but not dry.

Orphans felt cold very much in orphanages during these terrible days.We visited orphans several days ago.They had let us know that have a lessons in basement.There are warmer than in their classes where they have lessons. Also when they wake up in the morning, they do not want to get up because in their bedrooms is so cold.It`s just breaks our hearts.

Several kids are at hospital with high fever.Administration of orphanages are very afraid that can be epidemic of flu.The snow began to melt.Children do not have a footwear change.A one vice-principal shared with us her worries.When older boys cleansed territory of orphanage from snow, later their feet and shoes were wet.They had not other shoes to change and became sick.They have only ONE pair of shoes.But what to do if it is became wet???It`s so heartbreaking and overwhelming...

 Oh, Dear Lord, please, help in needs our dear and beloved ones.Please, help orphans in their biggest need with shoes...

We ask you.Please, pray God will provide shoes for orphans.It`s the BIGGEST need in ALL orphanages.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 I have so many to share with you.I hope to do it very soon.Hugs to all and love. :)

February 18, 2012

urgent- Please, do NOT visit our website!

Please, do NOT visit our website bibleorphanministry.com for a while we fix it!A spammers has broken our website.It can automatically take you to a weird site where it can pretending to be scanning your computer!!!  Our website comes up associated with an online drugstore! Oh, that is terrible! And it says that the website is compromised! It`s when you search and enter through Google.We do not want you have a trouble.So, please, do not visit our official website BOM for a while.Be careful. Thank you!
Spammers broke our website in third time, just for this year.How we can protect ourself??? :(

Oh how this world is sinful and Satan works everywhere, if only to make any little harm...

February 14, 2012

Orphans feel cold

Many of you know that now in Ukraine is very cold. Many people suffer because of it,many are ill and many homeless people died. Without having found warm place from this awful cold. It is terrible. Simply there are no words. Many people leave the houses in search of warm habitation because of impossibility to live in their cold houses.
When we go to orphanages, the defroster(furnace) in the van doesn't work well because of strong frost in the street. And we in the van very much feel cold while we will reach in an orphanage or come back home.The glasswork has cracked in window of our building of Church.ATMs does not work.Accumulators for cars have bought up all and it is impossible to find it to buy.

And there are a lot of things that cause us inconveniences. But our hearts are break and worries these days about orphans.It`s very heartbreaking and so sadly.It crush and breaks hearts...

Even if they sit in buildings and them don't start up on street. They very much feel cold in buildings. Batteries hardly warm.
 Many orphanages have windows in this condition. That to change windows, it costs very expensively therefore orphans are compelled to freeze and be sick.The price is very high and it`s unreal for orphanages to fix it.We pray hard we can help them in this need.We pray for God`s miracle.

Children wear overclothes inside of buildings because it`s coldly very much.

 Many orphanages(who have it, many do not have) use electric heaters that be warmer inside.

Orphanages close cracks in doorways, windows, everywhere where it is possible that to keep warm.

But most heartbreaking and terrible that orphanages have NOT medicaments!

We have talked with vice-principal of an one orphanage.She let us know that they have NOTHING with medicaments.Oh, it`s awful.Orphanage has more than hundred kids, many of them are sick already.But they do not receive treatment.They sent several kids to hospital.Kids were at hospital several days.But hospital deny to treat these kids because they are from orphanage.Kids still sick came back to orphanage.How it can be? Where is justice? These poor kids, about whom God has commanded to care and love are refused by society.It`s even more that terrible!It`s heartbreaking and awful.It just breaks our hearts...

We have bought a little that there was the most necessary, from a cold, cough, nasal drops, belly-aches, etc to help this orphanage.
Yes, we know that is just drop in sea, as we say (drop in the bucket) for a more than hundred kiddies.But administration of orphanage was VERY happy to receive it!They thanked very much!

We ask you to pray hard for orphans who feel cold these days, who are denied by society and do not receive medical treatment.Please, pray God send warmer weather and we will be able to help orphanages with medicaments.  Thank you very much for your prayers! God bless you!    



February 10, 2012

I`m rejoice!

I`m rejoice and praise the Lord!I`m happy very much! I Excited and  thrilling!What awesome God we serve!
Let me start this post by saying what a wonderful Saviour we serve! He is so good! He gives us love, strength, peace, power, grace, wisdom, encouragement and joy! He gives us friendship and such wonderful and dear friends!
I want to say thank you SO much for reading updates of blog, sending e-mails and for praying for us in these very hard days in our lives with my beloved sister.It`s such a blessing reading your lovely and warmly e-mails.It melts our hearts because of your Christ love. And brings us encouragement and gives strength to serve the Lord on His field.
No, the trouble with burned house of our mom having not decided yet.It will take many months or even a year or more...Depends how Lord will lead and bless. 

But I`m ok, thankfully of your many prayers.It`s such a blessing to know how many wonderful and loving brothers and sisters in Christ, praying today with us.What a blessing to know that not only in Ukraine but in other countries many Christians lift up their voices to the Lord Jesus.Thank you very much for your prayers!We appreciate it VERY much! 

Here I would love to share with you about a great and many blessings we had today!God is so good!I have not shared yet with you about visits of orphans we had last week.I just had not time.I very hope soon to do that.There is as blessings and heartbreaking moments also.

I will begin in stages.
In the morning, when we prepared for a trip to an orphanage, the calorifier(what gives us a hot water) has ceased to work and as a result there was not hot water. That it is interesting at first worked, and then has suddenly stoped. We with the sister, began it twisted, twirled, tried to repair as that. Nothing helped. At the wrong time. I should wash hair. I wasn't ready to a trip. Again attacks of a Satan? Again obstacles? We with Oksana have smiled, as was a little ridiculous that some days ago we have one trouble, now the next headache. I have started to think. Oh, no! I have not time already. And now also the calorifier it is necessary to be engaged, cause the service-man that would look and has repaired. But when? What day? We have started to pray for that to the Lord. Have gone have tried to make something. Do you know what? It has worked! What a blessing! Yes, certainly we were late for the bus by which usually we reach in this orphanage and have arrived after the usual, probably 40-50 minutes later. But it wasn't a problem. We rejoiced that the calorifier works, we have a hot water and we had enough time to be with kids! The glory to the Lord that He hears prayers!

Next blessing.Some kiddies already had a nap, as we have arrived later.But a teacher had let us take some kids to Bible lesson.When they have seen Nadya, they began to cry because of joy, huged and kissed her.They dressed just in moment! :)

Today meeting was very unusual.
Children asked many times why we haven't arrived last Friday. We weren't here, because of weather.It was very much and very cold. Oh, how we have been surprised when they have told that cried for us because so very much wanted to see us! Also they spoke that pray for us every day. Really, it overwhelms and melts heart.I wanted to cry at this moment.Those, who are left by the parents, those who need a love, a consolation and prayers, they pray for us.Isn`t a blessing to know how they love?How you can not love these God`s treasures?It`s so sweet.They are so precious!

 The next.An One girl the moment later has come and has called me to a corridor.She strongly having huged me, has told that very much has missed. Also she has told, that looks every day at a picture where I am with her and she loves me. It has melted my heart absolutely and my eyes were filled with tears. Certainly having huged her in the answer to her, I also have told that I love her very much and I pray for her.

 The problem consists in that almost 9 months ago when we gave gifts to graduates of an orphanage and had with them last meeting. I have noticed that Nastya sat aside and cried. Having approached to her, I have asked what happened. And she has told to me that at this day she found out that her father doesn't want to take away her on vacation to home and he has left her for ever. Having let know to the director, let does with her what he wants. He doesn't want more to see her and to her destiny he is indifferent.The mom she didn't see many years and she doesn't know where she is.Also Nastya has some brothers and sisters who are in different orphanages now too.What do you think, what she felt at this moment? Listening to her family situation, tears have acted at me in eyes. It was very heavy and heartbreaking to listen to it. My heart was squeezed from it. How? What for? Why? How I can help?

When summer vacations have begun, she has been sent to hospital to live there some time because in the orphanage  would be nobody that will take care of her. Having learned that she is in hospital. I spoke with the director that to take her to my home. He has told that when she will stay at my home and I will return her  back in some time, it will be still bigger stress for her. So in the beginning of summer, some times I visited her in hospital. And our sisters visited her also. The director cared of her that she wasn't on the street. So throughout summer she was in several different places. Such, as this lovely girl Nastya, hundreds and thousand children in orphanages. They go home on vacation, but they aren't waited there, also they aren't desired there. Therefore many children escape from the homes, in search of something better...

 Here is I with Nastya at first day her being in hospital. When I just arrived to her.She has let me know.That she cried all day and prayed that I will come to her.I was so surprised to hear that and God answered her prayer!What a miracle!

Also today Nastya has expressed desire that Jesus has saved her and has changed her life.WOW!What a joy and blessing!I`m so happy for her!

She is 14 years old.In several years she will graduate this orphanage.But where she will go, I have no idea...Please, pray for Nastya and so many same kids, as she is...

There is more. In the beginning of our meeting several children have asked us about something (do not remember) and our conversation was about soul salvation, about a meeting with the Lord etc. Children was concentrated, sat so silently and so attentively listened more than ever in life! Even the most disobedient prankishes sat very silently and the behavior was wonderful.We were surprised so very much! I felt, as the Lord conducted and as if words come out  from my lips, as if it was told not by me. I have understood that the Lord conducts this meeting and the fine moment what to make an invitation to children about soul salvation. Children have started to pray and ask that the Lord has saved them and has changed their life. What it was a joy and such great blessing when we have learned that 15 more children asked Jesus to rescue them!We were soooo happy!It seemed that we are in the Heaven already!What a blessing!!!

This lesson was a bit unusual, that we have made a craft in the beginning. It was also good object lesson.They were very excited to make their own crown. :)

A boy with Birthday gift.We had 2 birthday kids at this time.They loved their gifts!

 Especially children liked to make crown because they could to adorn by glitter.They loved it so very much!

 Aren`t they sweet and lovely?

 Kids enjoyed their own crowns very much.They said all time: "I`m king!" or "I`m queen!"They were so proud of themselves!It was funny. :)

As we speak about the first kings of Israel. Children spoke, well when we already learn who was the third king?

So, they were ready to listen a Bible story.And it was perfect!I was glad to hear they were interested to know about third king.We spoke about king Solomon and about his wisdom.They loved this story very much and listened very attentively!

We used here these figures.
 As I wouldn't want that figures simply stood. It would be desirable to make something unusual. Thanks to the computer, the printer and brads. I have made so the soldier hand can move. In the history when king Solomon has told to split the child on two parts to learn, where the real mother of the kid. I have raised a hand of soldier there with the kid that he was already ready to make an command of the king. Before the hand of the soldier has been hidden behind his back.Children liked it very much.

 But they were more AMAZED when have seen a house of the Lord which built Solomon!Wow!Let us to see!What is that?

They wanted to touch, consider what inside and asked tens questions. They wanted to view each detail there. "It`s  something great! And it was constructed by Solomon?"- children asked.They were excited and amazed VERY much!

When we have learned with them a new song The wise man built his house upon the rock, we played game on fastening. Nadya asked questions on story which they listened. Those who has answered correctly, had the right to attach a puzzle of our big picture. We named this game, "Help to construct to Solomon the house of the Lord". As children very much love puzzles. This game for them was excellent.They enjoyed this game very much and answered on questions correctly.And we were very glad!

In the end we had this picture.

Also in the end we gave them candies.Oh, how they were excited!You know how kids love sweets. :)
We were so happy by this meeting with these precious kids and our hearts were full of joy, so many blessings and sweet moments!!!

But when we came back home, we prayed strongly in our hearts. Because a driver was seemed drunk, also the bus get here and there. It seemed that the bus somewhere will move down aside or will turn over. Now very strong frosts in Ukraine. And for this purpose that to be warmed, many people drink vodka that as a result costs to life of other people. Pray please for our trips and that the Lord would send warm weather because many people suffer because of these frosts and die.But thanks God we got to homes, safely.Praise the Lord!

February 8, 2012

Burned house...

Dear beloved friends, supporters, followers and just guests, with very heavy and broken heart I`m writing this update.First of all I would love to thank you for all your prayers, sweet e-mails with Bible verses, comments.When a day ago I asked you to pray. It`s such BLESSING to see some one with you in this big trial.Your love and prayers brings comforting and consoling.And it throw light in these dark days of our lives.We are in grief and sorrow.It hurts, breaks heart, feelings of hopelessness, eyes full with tears and it`s VERY and very hard.We need VERY much your prayers.
On monday late night I received a horrible calling..."You must come immediately!Your mother is burning"...I was shocked and scared very much.When we came to a place, having seen that 2 fire-engines still haven't extinguished a fire, the house which burned already about an hour.I was crying and beging God to stop the fire.I typing and tears do not stop to run down my face.
It horribly to see and understand you can do nothing...We could not sleep all night.

The next day we have seen the home in this horrible condition...Nothing...Everything is empty...Only smell of smoke and still burns fire in some places.Everything have burned up...It was home of my mom where I lived only first of my 9 years...

Again tears and hurting heart...It squeeze heart.Why God?What are you doing?Why it with me and my lovely and dear sister, who is great helper and servant in ministry to poor orphans.Why God? We have daily problems and now you let that it happened.We had a lot of troubles in our life already.Why God? We are still in grief after death of our dad, who died only several months ago.God, it hurts our hearts, it`s heavy for us.It`s heavier than I can bear... I feel so hopeless and emotionally exhausted...It`s so very hard...

That is not all. Everything only began...and it`s terrible...Dear friends, Christians, Church of Christ, we need your prayers VERY much! After this trouble everything  the consequences of our mother, actions have fallen upon me and my sister Oksana... Disastrous occurrence happened.The situation is more than hard.I and my sister have to pay for that.There is NO guilt of some one in this situation.It is God`s law and human sympathy. The situation is very and very hard.We have only 5 days to decide it.If we will not decide, it will become even very much worse for me and my sister.Situation is very hard and I can not explain it.And it scary me because we live in sinful world...

It influence on our ministry also.Devil does not like what we do for orphans and he is mad and destroys everything.

I believe many of you have worse situations and it hurts you too.You do not see a light in dark tunnel and do not know the end.Every day you pray with tears in eyes...And it`s hurt...When I think about these terrible things, I want Jesus come sooner.

With broken and heavy heart we beg you to pray hard...Please, pray God will protect us from evil and give us wisdom how to decide this trouble.Please, pray God will lead us to people who could help to decide it.Pray God give us strength and cover our needs.It`s cost for us about $5000.What is unreal and terrible for us.It scary.It is very huge money and I have no idea where to find.Please, pray God will decide this situation because it influence on ministry to orphans here.We beg you to pray.We need God`s miracle!Our hope only on God who see and controls everything.Please, pray...
Thank you, VERY much!We appreaciate your prayers VERY much!

I do not know how many "hundred" times I listened this psalm and especially in these hard days.And I so agree with this brother.His words SO much deeply touch my heart.Each time when I listen this gospel song and cry.We have to rejoice and trust Jesus even it`s very hard.Hope this psalm bring you a comfort too and console also...

With Love,
Alla and Oksana

P.S.I`m very sorry if it confuse you.I CAN NOT tell you details of this.It`s too personal.We ask you to pray.Thank you for understanding.

February 6, 2012


Dear sweet friends and supporters, with heavy heart I beg you, PLEASE, pray for me and my sister Oksana.WE HAVE A BIG TROUBLE IN OUR FAMILY! We need a lot of your prayers!!!PLEASE, Pray. God knows everything.I will tell you later.Thank you so much!!!We appreciate VERY much your prayers!
Love to all,

February 5, 2012

We can go!

What an amazing God we serve!We are so exciting!Praise the Lord!
 Several days ago we kindly asked you to help with a need to repair our van.Thank you so much for your help and be blessings for us!We appreciate it VERY much!Thank you for your prayers!

These words are from brother Misha, Director of BOM:

Dear friends and supporters, thank you so much for your prayers and support!Your Christ love humbled us and overwhelmed our hearts.You Church of the Christ, who doesn't remain indifferent to needs of these poor, wretched and abandoned children.God hears your prayers and has blessed us.We able to fix our van and continue the ministry.It is such a blessing to see your understanding of God`s commandment, "To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction". So, we can go and visit orphans!We are very happy by this blessing and praise our Heavenly Father and Saviour, who cares about orphans.We glorify the Lord who has opened your hearts to help with this need.Praise the Lord!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Sincerely,your humble servant in Christ,
brother Misha, Director of BOM in Ukraine

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, 
Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, 
For your fellowship( your love)..." (Philippians 1:3-5(a))

February 4, 2012

We can win our fear with the God`s help.

Do you see these sweet and precious faces?

Do you see  these wonderful of our helpers with bags in their hands?Yes!These are our bags, what children helped us to carry into a class(room where we have Bible lessons usually).
 When they only have seen us near orphanage`s gate, they flew to us to meet and help to carry  bags. They are sooo lovely. Oh, how they rejoiced having seen us!

 Finally I can share with you a wonderful meeting we had with these dear kiddies last week.I was going to do it every day.Finally I can do it.And i`m so glad!We knew that this day will be cold therefore we have dressed  more warmly.But the day was nice. The meeting with children was amazing and we were excited much by this blessing!God is so good to us!We praise Him for His mercifulness to us.

Aren`t they precious and sweet in prayer?

After prayer we sang a song.We love to see that they remember Bible verses we have learned with them before.It warms our hearts to see and we are excited about that.So, when we remembered with them Bible verses and last story.We told kids a Bible story about David.Children loved this history very much!Especially when David killed Goliath.

 Goliath looks ridiculous and amusing. Isn't it?Children were laughing very much when they saw him. :)

I like different ideas, that lessons will not be same.And I like when something impress kids.

This Goliath took me many hours to make him ready.In this day when I was making him, I tired so much that I was sorry that began to make him.To think up so it would possible to assort and gather it again, as it is necessary to carry in transport that can to destroy it. It was necessary to think up, that will be practical, simple and inexpensive.To think about idea, to print, to color, to glue, to scissor out, to buy a fabric and many other things.I felt tired very much and went to sleep only at 5.00 AM in the morning.But not only I made Goliath.Sisters helped me in some things what I asked them.Praise the Lord for such good helpers!

I thought it was crazy idea and I wanted to have rest already when it was too late at night.I was sleepy, wanted to sleep and thought that I can not conduct a lesson because I will not have energy.Next day we needed go to this orphanage with this Bible lesson.But in same time it was fun and exciting!I was excited and had imagined the admiration of kids. :)

And it WORTH of it!Praise the Lord I felt well, when I have woken up in some hours to go to  orphanage.Children were excited, laughed to see him.When you see happy and smiling kids, it`s such a blessing and you forget about everything.We were so blessed to see them amazed.
 Probably it is interesting for someone to know.Feet we made from plastic empty bottles.We have wrapped up bottles by sintepon and have dressed atop old stockings. Also feet we have put in a sandals.
Goliath in a picture sits. On idea he should lie down. Simply we should pull the big sheet of paper forward on which he is attached and then it would seem that he lies instead of sits. That we have forgotten to do. :)
Anyway children liked him.

As our Bible history was about David. We paid attention to that, that Goliath is our fear which we can't sometimes win. But if we do something in the name of the Lord Jesus, same as  David. The Lord gives to us of  strength and boldness to win fear.Also Goliath, can be our sins or temptations which we should to win.

"Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.
This day will the LORD deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee, and take thine head from thee; and I will give the carcases of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air, and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel. 
And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD'S, and he will give you into our hands."  (1 Samuel 17:45-47) KJV

After history we played game where children should at beat Goliath as David. Who has given the right answer on a question on history. Had the right to take a stone and to kill Goliath, trying to hit in his forehead.We have made stones from old papers.Crease it in a ball, forming stones and have painted by gray color.
Children were more amazed to see a Goliath!They said, Oh he is so tall!Wow!

They were soooo MUCH excited by this game!They all wanted to be David that to kill Goliath.Even when we finished the lesson, they asked again to play at this game.Kids were so much impressed!We even did not expect such their reaction.They LOVED this game!

 By means of the next game we studied a Bible verse. It was necessary to overthrow one more a stone, it was Goliath, with the help of smaller stones.

Who has brought down Goliath, had the right to open a verse word, which we were going to study.

They liked this game too! And all of them hastened and  pulled hands that to play.

Bible verse: "And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee..." (Jeremiah1:19)

 And in the end we did a craft, where David threw a stone in Goliath.As every time, some kids need a help.

When we have shown them this craft, they have been not so impressed. It looks very simple.But when we have shown that figures can move, they have been excited.Wow!That is great!And excited to do it.

With the help brads, David's hand can move when he throws a stone. And Goliath's figure can fall downwards. Also there is a moment when the stone flies to Goliath.They liked this craft, especially boys. :)

When we have finished the lesson, children didn't want to disperse and asked. Will you arrive tomorrow? Some of them began to kiss us.Ah, it was so lovely and heartwarming!It melts our hearts how they are precious and how they wait for us.

 Some of children saw off us till the gate the orphanage helping to carry our bags.

Our sweet helpers. :)

 With such full of joy in our hearts we came back to home.We were so much impressed and blessed!We praise and thanks Lord for each blessing and each moment to be with them.

Tomorrow I am going to share with you a blessing we have.What a wonderful and good God we serve!Please, come back soon!Thank you!


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