October 25, 2017

Pip Ivan

Here is one of the incredible parts of our wonderful retreat with young people.
In the past blog post I mentioned what the retreat does for young souls. Here I would like to tell you about one amazing day.

One day we hiked to one of the highest mountains in Ukraine, Pip Ivan. We had to walk on uncharted paths 20 km. We were morally ready for difficulties, heat or cold, thirst, hunger, fatigue, when your legs do not listen you and there is no strength to go further, but the incredible charm of nature draws you farther and farther... An incredible desire to see what is going on there, gives the desire to go forward without turning back.

When we arrived in the nearest village of Dzembronya(West of Ukraine) from where we had to start our journey. We were shocked that there was not a single sign where to start the path! OK. This is Ukraine, as we always say. :) Well. How to be? Where to start the way? I rushed around the village trying to find people to ask the way. And you know what? There were no people, not a single person! This village is very small. In my heart, I began to pray that God would show us the way to begin. We knew the way forward, but it was hard to find a beginning. After a while I saw a group of foreigners and among them several Ukrainians. :) It was easy to distinguish. I approached the Ukrainians in the hope they can know the beginning. What was my surprise that they were all going to go to the same mountain at that moment! And showed the way where to start. Where there was not a single sign and I would never have guessed in my life that you need to open the gate and enter the private property where the path to the mountain begins! I ran happily to our group to share the joyful news! And so we started the journey together! I was so happy that God sent this group of people! I thanked God hundreds of times for bringing us at the right time! If we arrived a few minutes later who knows how much longer we were looking for the beginning of the road. Every minute was precious to us. We had to return home before dark.

It reminded me. Often in life at some point, in some area of ​​life, we do not know where to start, perhaps we are feel  lost and confused in life's problems and experiences and do not know the right way. Where there are no signs that would tell us where to go. But there is someone, who will always direct the right path. Jesus is the Way of Truth and Life! He will direct you to people, who know exactly and tell you the right road in life, where you walk along this road you never be lost and enjoy the beauties and delights of life that only God can give. If we are confused, lost, Jesus will definitely show the right way! If we really want to know His will, He will guide us.

When we were halfway through, a cold and piercing wind began. And here we decided who returns, and who will continue the path. Dressed warmer and the bravest and hardy, decided to continue the journey. :)

We were ready for everything but not for the snow on the path!  Honestly, it was the most terrible moment. The snow was very slippery and on a large slope of the mountain. One wrong step and you're downstairs ... It was scary.

Here is a short video of our adventures.

Young people were delighted and amazed with this trip! For many of them it was the first hike! One lady was so very excited and overjoyed that after 20km on the mountains she did not feel tired at all! We did not believe our eyes! For many, it was an excellent experience to experience the cold in the mountains, fatigue, fear, courage, fun, mutual help, what they can do or test themself, inspiration, beauty of God's creation from which breathtaking and as well as for the good of their own souls.

We are so very grateful to all, who made it possible and bless young people with such amazing journey and incredible retreat! They had a blast!!! Thank you very much! Million times thank you!!!! You not only touch precious hearts but it helps in their spiritual healing and restoration!!! ♥ May God bless you!!!

P.S. Young adults often ask me when we are going to mountains again? ;) 


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