March 30, 2011

One more sad news...

Well.We can not go tomorrow to orphanage which we were going, because almost all members of team got sick. Each one got sick almost for one day! Everyone has a fever, headache, running nose, sore throat etc. Maybe it is some virus? We feel not good...and we can not visit kids in this condition. It is so sad  especially you know they wait for you all time...
Today is not good day for us... :( We have broken van, we necessary finance. We are sick we necessary finance...Please, pray for us.Pray for our team...

Thank you to each one!Thank you for your prayers!

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We are in trouble...

Today we found out that we are in trouble.What happened?
We found out we need to change brakes in our van.It is worn out much during all years.If we will not change, we can not visit orphans or we can be in wreck in any day...After it will cost more, what is unreal for us...
We need just $50. If several people will donate a little bit, it will save us. Can you please to help?...
Tomorrow we are going to visit orphanage where we have regular Bible lessons to mental retarded girls.
Also we are going to visit mental institution this week, where are about 85 special girls.If God`s will...
If you can not donate.Please, pray for our safe traveling.We will go and we will risk.Hope God will safe us.

Thank you!!!

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March 27, 2011

Clothes to children

By the way we think maybe you will be interesting to know about our Ukrainian life. As each person in the world knows and understands each country has own culture and tradition.People email to us and would love to know more about Ukrainian life. We will try to do the best we can. :)
Before we will tell you what we are going to say.We invite you to come to see ukrainian orphans your own eyes, spend time with them, will play, hug, kiss.

Yes, it will cost you some! But this experience which you will get, you never forget!Children love very much guests(and we too)  :-) from foreign countries! It is good experience for them too! You will find new small friends, who are very sweet and dream about good and new friends about someone who will love them. Yes, you can read our posts, see pictures but it is better to see your own eyes and will take part in it! We have saying "Better to see one time than to hear hundreds time."

So, before our last  traveling to orphanage with boys about which we told recently .

As God blessed us some.We decided to save some money that we can visit other orphans. Our decision was will go to other city name is  Khmel`nytskyi (it is hard to pronounce for foreign people) :) and buy clothes to children in this city because there more cheap than here.
As Bible says: "For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have [sufficient] to finish [it]? " Luck 14:28 (KJV) We decided to save some money.

This city is about 350 km where we locate. It takes for us 3,5-4 hours to get there. It takes 16-18 hours to get there and come back for us.In this day when we go there, we do not sleep.Because we leave city at 2.00 AM(night) and come back to home at 6-7 PM. Spend time there about 8-9 hours to walk and find places where is cheaper clothes. This bazar is big very much . You can walk all day long do not stop but you will not go round all bazar.
Also the roads in Ukraine is not so well, with holes and humps.You can not sleep when van is jumping. Maybe if you tired very much. :)
Yes, after this trip we tired very much.It is not amazingly if you do not sleep a night after you have to walk during 8 hours. :)

You maybe already ask questions.Why you went far away? Is not better to buy the clothes in city where you live? It is right questions.
In this city Khmel`nytskyi  is place which we call bazar. Who has been in Russian, Ukraine or Moldova knows what it is a place bazar. There like big market where you can buy everything.But it is not under roof or in building.It is open place.There more cheap prices than in shops.In this city bazar is for wholesale. We needed to buy clothes to 90 kids.It is a lot of. If you buy there you save much money.

Even people from Moldova and  Belarus come to this bazar, this countres are next to our contry. Also people from many cities of Ukraine come there.They buy clothes and different things and sell it in their cities for more high price. It is cheapest bazar in Ukraine. We come there to save money. :)

Yes, we could to buy clothe to children here. But we seat down and conceived if we will go to Khmel`nytskyi, even will spend much gas for van, ( per 1 liter $1.16) any way it will be cheaper and we can save some money that to visit children in several orphanages.Now in Ukraine gas is very expensive per 1 liter is $1.16. And soon  it will be more expensive...

And we did it! We saved some money and we able to visit 2 orphanages which we are going to visit this week.We are exciting very much and can not wait to see them again!Enjoy pictures our traveling! :)

 Our team.We are walking along of bazar.It was closed some places, but some worked already.It was 7.00 AM and was cold much.About 0`C (32`F).
That are containers where sellers sell clothes and different things.

                 We stoped here to check prices of socks for boys.

                                                          Roads on the way
                                     But some of them are not so bad

                                                  The view of bazar from sputnik
Hope you learned something new and interesting. :) Blessings to you!

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As we said before we will post pictures our last trip to orphanages where are 90 disabilities boys.
 God was good and we had an amazing trip!

Enjoy pictures.
Before the Bible story about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Nadya showed object lesson. A water was in balloon if you will keep it under fire a little bit.Balloon will not burst.We explained to children and employers a balloon is our flesh, water is our faith.As water saved balloon from fire, our faith in Jesus Christ save us from hell.
It was funny much to observe when children hidden their ears and were ready that balloon will burst.
We think it was a good beginning to say a Bible story like God saved 3 young men from fire. 
 After that Alla told the Bible story about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

 Our Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.They enjoy much to play of these heroes.

The game about which we told before.The teams competed between themselves who will win.Boys were happy to take part in this game.

After when teams opened paper bricks we learned the Bible verse with children.

Here children played next game.Children had to burst a balloon and give answer to question from Bible story.
Also we sang a song with children again which we learned in the beginning our meeting.In the end of meeting Sasha was preached a little bit to employers of orphanage.
It is great opportunity for us! We are thankful to the Lord for it!

And in the end we gave to children a clothes as we said before.

Thank you so much to be blessing to these special children!Thank you so much you give us opportunity to see them and tell to them about Jesus Who loves them so much!

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March 25, 2011

God is sooo good!

God is so good, mercy, great and wonderful!He blessed us  much! We had so amazing day today! We could to visit orphanage. There are 90 mental retarded boys who has  different profound mental retardation and Down syndrome.Their age is 5 -35 years old. Most of them can not read, write, do not know numbers.Some of them even can not speak well or do not speak generally. It is heartbreaking and sad.But we have what we have... 

But they all so precious, so sweet, cute and adorable!And in same time they are so lonely... When we just came to the orphanage they had run to us and many children were waiting us in big hall where we had to have a meeting with them.Before our coming we asked administration of orphanage can we come? So, children already knew and waited for us!It was so blessing to see them all waiting us!

We had an amazing meeting with children! Yes, there boys age of 5-35 but call them all children.We had puppet show.A small kids love it very much and even elder boys too!
After that we had a Bible story (Daniel 3) about 3 young men who did not worship a image and were cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace. We had used some decoration of fiery furnace and golden image what we made ourselves.Children love it much! We try to do the best we can that children remember a Bible story for a long time.
It was funny much for them when we chose 3 boys they played 3 young men and 4th boy was a king.The Bible story they listen heedfully and even an employers of orphanage.There 90  kids and employers were in hall.

After that we learned with them a song, played different games, we sang a song and Sasha preached a little bit to employers of orphanage.
The one game was they had to find out a Bible verse which was hidden under paper bricks.The Bible verse was "Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God". Isaiah 41:10 We divided 10 kids to 2 team.
On 2 big sheets of paper was written Bible verse.Each word of the verse was hidden under paper bricks.Each team had to open bricks on the desk compete between themselves who will win, who will be the first.As children love to run and play.They were running with pleasure!After we learned with them this verse.

The next game was.We inflated balloons and had hidden inside of them questions about Bible story which they had listened before (about 3 young men). Children had to burst a balloon and give answer to question.As a children are mental retarded and of course we helped some of them to answer. They were so happy to burst balloons!It was so fun!They laughed and enjoy!

In the end of meeting we could to give them clothes.Yes, clothes!Our God is so good and amazing! He blessed and we could to buy a new t-shirts, undershirts  and 2 pair of socks to each boy! Dear Friends and Readers you have to see their faces how they were glad! When we told and showed  to them what we brought.We heard WOW!
Children were very glad to get a new clothes! They smiled, running and showed to their friends or employers what they have. We are very happy God blessed and we could to help kids.
We asked the Lord to help kids in their needs and we are very happy He answered!How is good and an amazing our Lord Jesus!We are very glad we could to help if a little bit these special kids!
 We are very glad and happy to see happy orphans!
Dear Friends thank you so much for your prayers and to being a part of this ministry to orphans in Ukraine. We cherish your prayers and support very much!.May the Lord richly bless you!!!

But there are still a lot off needs. Director of orphanage asked us to help with sandals and summer breeches to children. We have their sizes.Can you please, to help in this needs?

Here is several pictures. Sorry, we can not post more pictures today for some reason.Some later we will post more pictures of this meeting.Hope tomorrow.Thank you for understanding. :)

Thank you to each one to being a part of this ministry!

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March 24, 2011

A new little blessing

We have a new little blessing! God blessed and we could to buy a new colored pencils.We are very glad!Because we asked the Lord to help us and it was problem fo us. We have several orphanages where we have Bible lessons each week.Children LOVE very much to make crafts, draw or something like it.Each orphanage is different and sometimes we have more than 45 kids in one lesson. We have just 10-12 boxes of colored pencils.We use them more than 4 years, some pencils have lost, some is not good, some boxes do not have all colors. Sometimes children ask us: "Can you please, give me a red color or grey?" We answer, "No honey, we do not have this color.May be you will change for other color?"
Or we have but 5 pencils of one color for 45 kids.

But most of all was a problem when 10-12 boxes of pencils are for 45 children.Yes, we know it is not so big trouble!

But we are glad and very much glad!We are very much happy we could to buy them in metal boxes.Why? Because we travel a lot of by different transport and we take it with ourself all time. If even pencils would be in paper boxes.It is not problem! But in several weeks paper boxes would be broken. 

If someone used ukrainian buses anywhen has to remember it. Especially buses which goes to villages.For those who do know we think have to tell.There a lot of people who go with many  big bags who push you, no place where to sit or sometimes even where to stand. We got used to it. It is not problem. But sometimes when you take something with you it can be broken, deform or lose it. The buses so full of people. We call it like "fish in preserves" or "tinned food".Sometimes it is really funny and adventure! :)
So, our stuff and pencils were pushed a million times.

We have to think how to use what we have during long time and that it will be effective and do not waste money.
We could to buy 20 new boxes of colored pencils! We are very glad and thankful to the Lord!
We are very glad children can enjoy it and do not have to wait for color pencil they would like to use.We are very glad God answered our prayers and use you Friends for His Glory!

Dear Friends and Readers, thank you so much for your prayers and support on behalf of orphans!May the Lord richly bless you!

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March 21, 2011

World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.

Down syndrome (also called Trisomy 21) is a genetic disorder that occurs in approximately 1 of 800 live births. It is the leading cause of cognitive impairment. Down syndrome is associated with mild to moderate learning disabilities, developmental delays, characteristic facial features, and low muscle tone in early infancy. Many individuals with Down syndrome also have heart defects, leukemia, early-onset Alzheimer's disease, gastro-intestinal problems, and other health issues. The symptoms of Down syndrome range from mild to severe.

Life expectancy for individuals with Down syndrome has dramatically increased over the past few decades as medical care and social inclusion have improved. A person with Down syndrome in good health will on average live to age 55 or beyond.

But not in mental institutions!Kids live there more smaller...

According to official figures Ministries of Health in Ukraine in 2006-2008 the 1182 children were born with a Down syndrome. A birth of the child with a Down syndrome — huge stress for parents. Children with a Down syndrome pass the same stages of development, as usual children, but with some delay.

Doctors persuade to refuse children though should know perfectly that any child growing not in a family, and in children's home or mental institution lags behind in development the contemporaries growing in families, and refusal of the child with DS will simply break human life and will kill their future!

What should collide a mother who has made the decision to keep the special child? How he will grow, develop?
The big problem consists that we in Ukraine don't have such conditions which would allow children with disabilities to be integrated into a society and to take there a high-grade place.

This is words one man:
"In the newspaper column I have written that life of Downs ugly and other ugly - it is not sugar, to put it mildly. Also it would be more humane to narcotize such newborns under the decision of parents. It is difficult to disagree with this opinion, isn't it? And in a case when it has any defects are it is extremely desirable. What for to us the rust a little genetic material?"

What?! Children with Down syndrome are rust genetic material???!!! It is heartbreaking but it is thinking of many people...Oh, no, no, no!They are creation of God!Each person are creation of God!

 This is rejection. Children of our society haven't got used to see children with Down Syndrome, for them they are strangers, they are exposed to sneers and mockeries.

Why in our  country not all every tenth knows that such the Down Syndrome? Why we are so not inform? The first association which has people -  not normal?

It is terrible mistake - to leave the child in children's home or a mental institution for the same children who never will enter into our society, always will be excluded people. Because when the child gets to such place, a bed with iron rods and meal are given to him. The aunty or caretaker whom speaks something sometimes, comes and never takes on handles. Such children have no possibility to develop and remain in the condition for ever.They since the birth are surrounded with another people who in good mood name them tenderly, and in bad mood...
When you think of it, your heart start to cower.

The main danger to the child suffering by a DS , are not from a condition of his health, but  from prejudices, fear, indifference and... pity of associates. Because of them there are "barriers" in a society, interfering people with a DS to get support, which is necessary for them to participate in society life.
Unfortunately, our country with huge delay joins in world processes of creation of equal possibilities for disabilities, especially for disabilities with intellectual insufficiency.
        Conclusions of our experts with DS as about sick defective people, are based on supervision over children in mental institutions where environment is extremely adverse for development of any child. Especially for those who has congenital infringements in development. For this reason unreasonable negative forecasts concerning possibilities of the child with are created with DS and their future.

In mental institutions children survive from the bad care and from illnesses. But most of all from feeling of the uselessness. Skilled parents know about indissoluble communication of the child with mother. Children with DS especially feel it.
Just 8-10 % parents visit their children in mental institutions.Not every day or every week but during months...

The statistics shows that children with DS, handed over to a baby house,  lives only about one half to one year.

Each year about 7-15 children die in different mental institutions.

                                               It is usual cemetery in Ukraine
    This is unusual cemetery, because here buried children with special needs...
Some of them never saw a face their mommy, never heard warmly and tenderly words, never  played, never felt mothers hands, never played any game or with any toy, never saw sunshine or even breathe a fresh air...

We believe they are in the heaven with Jesus Christ, Who loves them so much that died for them on the cross and arise from the dead to give a new life!

This article is calling or cry of soul about special children.Please, help them!We are very happy to know when any child with DS has find a home in foreign countries.The child will be lovely in this family and get everything he need. We know not each person can adopt for any different reasons.

Please, pray.Pray for these special and adorable kids we able to visit them and give them love, joy and hope! Please, if God gives you a wish, please, help them in their needs which they have many!
Yes, we know we can not change a world, we can not even a touch or play with each child when we visit mental institutions.We do what we able.We do how many strength Jesus gives us.We do how we understand and how many knowledges we have.We know we are not perfect.We know we need to learn much!We do not have any education for special needs children.We do what we can...Please, help us to bring a light and hope to those who most of all are forgotten.

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March 20, 2011

Information about Dasha`s family

To all our followers, readers, friends and guests!Thank you so much for your efforts to help Dasha!When we told her that people start to help how they can.Dasha was surprised! She asked: Really?
She is very happy to hear that some people who never saw her and does not know personal wants to help her to find siblings. Please, keep doing what you do! Post a link in your blogs, facebook or any social media. Dasha is thankful to each one for your efforts to help!

As Dasha says she was a small girl when her siblings were adopted.It was in 1995-96 year. They all were in Zhitomir orphanage number 4.
About one or two years later Dasha was transfered to orphanage in Grishkovci( Berdichev). Where Yana her sister met her in 2006 when she came to Ukraine.We said it a little bit before.

Here we will post a pictures of Dasha`s family.Maybe it will help someone to help Dasha find her siblings.

 Dasha Avvakumova, she is 20 years old.Who wants to find her family.On this picture she is 17 years old.
                                                     Same Dasha

                                               Parents when they got marriage.
        Mother Avvakumova Galya(Galina) Viktorovna.She died when they all where a small. 

                  Grandmother Nikitina Yanina Pavlovna.She is 79 years old.
Kristina is sister.She is still in orphanage which we visit.

Yana, sister who was adopted in 1995-96.She met Dasha in 2006 in Ukraine

Same Yana.She has to be 22-23 years old.

Same Yana.When she was a small girl.

Maybe it will help someone...Thank you very much to everyone! May the Lord richly bless you!

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March 19, 2011

Please, help to find a family!

In social dormitory where are live orphans which we visit sometimes.A girl Dasha lives there.She graduated a orphanage  about 4 years ago.Now she works. She asked us to help her with tears in eyes.

She look for her family which she lost.Her parents died when she was a small. She has 7 brothers and sisters. One sister is in an orphanage which we visit regularly. Dasha wants to take out her from this orphanage but she does not have a place where to live.

Dasha has 3 sisters and 1 brother which  a family from America adopted. They all were study in orphanage too.After they were adopted Dasha has lost connection with her sisters and brother.

In 2006 one sister of Dasha, her name is Yana came to same orphanage where was study Dasha with a small group of Americans people to help orphans.Yana did not know that Dasha was study in this orphanage. It is a miracle!They met one other there!

But now Dasha lost adress of Yana.She knows she lives in America, she is age of 22.Also in same family live sister Sasha 22-23 years old, Katya 11-12 and brother Vitalick 16-17.They all were adopted by one family.Dasha knows they had moved to live to other city in America.

We know surname of Dasha and her brother and sisters who were adopted.We know surname of her grandmother and her mother.We have their pictures and Dasha`s too.

To those who live in America.Please, can someone help Dasha to find her family?
She is weeping, it hurts her, she does not know where is her sisters and brothers.

Maybe in America is a program on television which helps to find relatives.We have a several programs in Ukraine.It helps to find relatives one other.But Dasha`s sister and brother live in one family in America.

Please, can you help us to say name of a television programs in America or HOW we can help Dasha to find her family? Maybe you have a better idea.Can you advise us how we can help Dasha?
Thank you! God bless you!

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This Thursday and today(Saturday) we were able to visit orphans in social dormitory for orphans. We come to them to tell about Jesus.Today and last time we had very good time with them!

In this dormitory are 30 places for orphans who graduated orphanages, who does not have a place where to live. In Ukraine thousands orphans graduate orphanages every year.Most of them do not have houses or places where to live. How about them?Where they will live after leaving walls of orphanages? Nobody can answer this question...

In this dormitory they can live just 3 years, after they have to find a place where to live.They have nothing own there except their worn out  clothes. They do not have own bed`s clothes and kitchen utensils. There are one kitchen for boys and girls.In this kitchen one refrigerator which is empty.There are 6 saucepans for 27 persons! There about 25-27 kids, most of them do not work.Why because people are not interesting take to job a orphan.It is very hard to find a job for them.
How they live?Where take money for food, shampoo, soap and other needs?When we ask them it and many other questions.They answer i do not know...Many of them start to steal food from other kids who work.When other find out they start to fight.Many of them start to steal food everywhere they can.Most of time they are hungry.Can you imagine yourself hungry several days? How is about not several days but more? What you would be do?
These children have to survive! No one is not interesting to help them in any a little problem.They are lonely and forgotten.The social does not accept them.They can not find a job...
That is why ·
60% of orphanage graduates are unemployed
·50% use drugs and abuse alcohol
·15% fall into prostitution to survive
10-15% get to prison
10% die before come up the age of 25 for many reasons(drugs, alcohol, killed or suicide)

They want to work  to live.They want to have a good family.They do not want to drink or use drugs how their parents.They do not want to get to prison.Girls do not want to sell their body  to survive.But circumstances to forced them to do it to survive...

Orphans tell us about their worries and different problems. Of course, we would like to help but many of them we can not... We can tell them about God Who can help them, give piece in hearts, will answer on their prayers etc.

But in some problems we can help with your helping. We can buy food for them. We need $200 for orphans who do not work. If once time  but maybe someone will be interesting to help orphans who can not find a job if only sometimes.Once a week or even once for a month. We need about $200 to help them.We can buy food for 10-15 kids for a week.We ask you, please, if only a little to help them in their hard time until they will find a job...It also will help them to open their hearts to Jesus and praise Him!
We tell them often Jesus cares about orphans, He will help you etc. With your helping we can show to them Bible says a truth.Please, help them if only a little...

"[Is it] not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?
Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy rereward. 
And [if] thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness [be] as the noonday: 
And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not."
Isaiah 58:7-8,  10-11

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March 16, 2011

A little blessing!

Well.We would like to share our little blessing what we have.We have a crafts stuff for our kids!God sent us a little colored pencils, wood sticks, glue, wiggle eyes and other stuff.

Are we glad? Yes!
Are we thankful to the lord? Yes!
Will it help us what we have? Yes!
Will children be happy of it? Yes!
Do we need more craft`s stuff? Yes!
Do we need colored pencils, glue, wood sticks etc? Yes!

We have about 130 kids each week  who LOVE to make crafts!

We enjoy and so exciting this little blessing what God provided! We believe He will bless more some day!
Why we believe?We have piece, joy and faith in our hearts!And we thankful to the Lord for it! :)

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March 15, 2011

Seeds of heart

As usually we could to visit orphanage which we visit regularly every Saturday.God blessed and we had a wonderful day with children!
As all time one part of team Sasha and Lyuba could to be with teens.They sang songs about God, Sasha told them about guiltyness.Often we people do something wrong in our lives or in lives other people.After we feel guilty, do not have a piece in heart.Here is just one way, will ask Jesus forgive for a sin and give a piece in heart.Also children played games and had fun time.
                                                    Sasha with teens

In this time other part of team was with younger children.The class was full.We do not have enough chairs to sit.So, sometimes children sit on floor or school-desks.
The topic of lesson was  What seeds of heart we have?Do we have good or bad seeds?

                            Nadya showed to children different kind of seeds.
Children were interested to see kinds of seeds.Some of them never saw seeds of lemon and different fruits.

After that children played a game.And Nadya told to them a Bible story about meeting Joseph and his brothers.Joseph had good seeds in his heart because he forgave his brothers for evil they did for him.Children love this story!
If we have good seeds in our heart.There can will grow up a tree what will bring a good fruits of Spirit for God`s glory.We have to care about our heart to have good seeds.It help to be our heart soft, good,compassionate, sacrificial, care about others, not to be selfish, friendly, forgive everyone who did to you any evil, lovely  etc.
If we do not care about our heart.There will grow up a tree with fruits which will have bad seeds.It makes us unhappy, no piece in heart, no joy, no forgiveness, agressive, revenge etc.
It is so important to care about our heart before the Lord!It helps us to be happy in our life!
                                                 In the end of lesson  children made craft.
We are glad to be with them each time!We are glad to tell them about alive God Who loves them and cares about them!We are glad to do what we can.It is a blessing for us!We have many visions and desires about these orphans.We just pray and ask the Lord to help them.We have a wish to make their life more bright and sunny, more colorful and happy!Maybe some day God will answer our prayers that to help these kids in their needs???...

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March 11, 2011

Bible lesson to abandoned girls

We were able to visit girls in orphanage what we visit regularly.There are 90 girls.We had very and very nice time!We sang few songs, told to them Bible story about Abraham and Lot, played several games and made craft.Usually half of orphanage comes to Bible lesson.It`s about 40-45 children.At this time we had more than 45!Praise the Lord!
Most of them are elder girls.We would like to be with youngest also but we are not able right now.But we have a plan and vision about these orphans too.It is really hard as we have a small team who can visit them regularly.Please, pray about us!

 Here is some photos.
                                                                Our class

The Bible story about Abraham and Lot

Children making craft
Girls enjoy their balloons
                                            The little one whom we could to see
                  Some children were sick.We could to visit them and gave candy.

The girls in this orphanage have Down`s syndrome, oligophrenia and mental retardation.There are girls age 6-35.The half of them speak very bad, have different illness, most of them can not read, do not know numbers.The teachers teach them but the program here is very and very poor.
After they come up age to 35 they transfer to mental institution for adults and live there to the death.A mental institution for adults is worst place for people!People live there like animal! :(
These girls do not have future, they can not study in any college or school, they can not have a family, they do not have hope.Parents who leave children here visit very seldom.So seldom that a child does not want to see their mom or dad.Also some caretakers beat them and maltreat.

 We saw like one employer grasped a girl on her hair and pulled her.She called her not good words and pushed her.It happened just because a girl did not comb her hair.Yes, she is mental sick, it`s must to remind her but  not pull her hair!It is awful! We know the black sides of orphanages about what we can not say here.But when you see it your own eyes.It result you to a shock! These girls are abandoned, unprotected and vulnerable...

The religion can not change your life.Just relationship with alive God, Who is Jesus Christ  can give you hope, future, piece and change your heart forever.  It is a reason why we give Christian literature and witness employers of orphanages and mental institution about Jesus. Just Jesus Christ can change their hearts, make soft, good and give a love to these special children...
Please, pray for these children...

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