December 29, 2016

Extra Hands for Saving Lives-new project

   Bible says...Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. (Proverbs 31:8-9)

  We do what we can, as far as God allows... One of our services is for children with special needs. BOM for several years already hires 4 nannies, who as loving mothers take care of the boys. Feed them, dress, change diapers, bathe, play with them, sing songs, learn to walk, laugh or even give just a simple hug. That's what everyone wants and every child deserves.  Simple love. And every child is precious in God's eyes. ♥
  Some time ago the BOM has received rewards for cooperation with a mental institution for the past many years. I think, 13 or 15 years from now? Honestly, we do not count how many years and how much we have helped. Because, no matter how much we doing, it is still very small... So much we have not done yet and how much we still did not help .... We understand that we are dust of the earth, and our doings is nothing compared with what God is doing. It is your reward! We cannot do anything without your love and participation :)
  It was very sweet and courtesy on the part of the administration institution. Melted our hearts. But the greatest reward is to see our boys' healthy, happy and alive! Yes, alive!

We are starting a new project caretakers could continue to do their job and take care of  these beautiful souls giving them their warmth, love, and do everything from the heart. This year, due to economic instability in Ukraine has been made order to cut many jobs. This way in the mental institution became even less nannies. It was hard before. Thus it became even much harder... Each time we come, and each time the administration warmly thanks for this wonderful support, extra nannies hands. These hands are invaluable!!! It is such a great help! What happens if we will not help? The boys will start die little by little... Do you think, this what God wants?

   Jesus said: "The thief(satan) cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. "
Don't you see how Satan steals peace in the hearts of men, how killing and destroying precious human lives in different ways today? God called us all to fight for precious souls. Each Christian has his own calling. I believe each of you fighting for someone's life. Dear Church of Christ we are all fighters!It is such a privilege to be a warrior of Christ, and to be in God's army!

These kids are abandoned and much neglect... These are children, who deserve love family, a Chance to live a beautiful meaningful life. A chance to go to school, play at the park. See the zoo, ride a horse, fly a kite. What is impossible here... Most of the boys are not available for adoption anymore. But They Deserve To Be Able to LIVE LIFE!!! These nannies are as a loving mothers for them. Only one who can give a love and care...

And so we're here, and we need your help, please. We need to raise $7,200-7,500 for 4 nanny for a year. Wow! This is a huge number! Every month salary for nannies is different. It depends on how many hours they worked during the day and work at night is also a little higher. We will need $600-625 each month in the next year. So we need and hope to collect half of the required funds $3,870 and minus $120 PayPal fee.

Would you bless please? Giving your donation is value and make a huge difference!!! It gives a chance of life for precious boys! Even your little contribution mites or cent can save lives!

We have few different options to donate.
You can make a donation through the PitchIn black button on the right side of the blog. It automaticly will show the donation. But PayPal will take a fee, 2,3% from the donation.

You can donate by check. Please make out to Kevin Ruth who will then transfer the funds to us. The mailing address is: Bible Orphan Ministry P/O Box 328 Bremerton Wa. 98337

Also you can send as a gift through PayPal and we will add your donation to the button on the blog. For more info please

But mostly we ask you for prayers! Please, pray God will do a miracle and provide all needed funds. We can do absolutely nothing without Him! Please, pray for sweet boys. They deserve so much more then we can do... ♥♥♥ It breaks our hearts.

And we would be so very grateful if you could share about the current project please. Online, through emails, on social networks, with your church, family and friends...everywhere it is possible. It means a lot for us! Thank you so much!

We cannot imagine what will happen with the kids... if we won't be able to help take care of them. Please. This our biggest pleading for today. Saving Lives through Extra Hands...

Thank you very much in advance for any participation and prayers!!!Your support is important and gives a chance to live!!! Please, prayerfully consider a plea... May God bless you!!!

December 27, 2016


First. I came back from U.S. to Ukraine safe and sound! Yay!

Thank you very much for prayers!!! I was able to rest one or two days. And I started to do the affairs of mission as usual... So many things... I hoped to do blog posts being in US. But I have been super busy also! Ha ha! So, hopefully soon I will be able to give an update.

Second. We have such an exciting news for you all!
BOM now has one more way you can donate! One of our trusted friends has agreed to accept checks or money orders and then transfer these funds to BOM via Pay Pal. Isn't it amazing? ;)

If sending, please ensure that the check or money order is made out to Kevin Ruth as currently we do not have means to cash items made out to BOM. BOM is not a 501C3 registered charity in the USA, thus your gift is not tax deductible but we are praying that in the future this will be possible, if God`s will. Would you please continue to pray with us about this?
If desired, please include your email address with the gift and we will electronically send you the receipt from when the money transfer is sent.
The mailing address is:
Bible Orphan Ministry P/O Box 328 Bremerton Wa. 98337
Thank you very much!!! May God bless you!!!
My love to all!


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