April 30, 2014

Only 5 days!

Time flies so fast!Wow! We have ONLY 5 days to raise funds to bless graduating orphans by wonderful gifts!!!Time is very short!
God started to bless soooo wonderfully this current project!We purchased 100 Bibles already!Isn`t this amazing blessing?! This is so awesome we can bless teens by this treasure, where they can find answer to all their questions,  comforting, a hope, salvation in Jesus and much more.Praise God!!!

 God blessed by $1,100 to help these young adults in their needs as they leave orphanages with empty hands.It is enough to bless 46 orphans.Thank you, friends!Thank you so much for any your participation!

We kindly, with humble heart ask you. Could you, please, share this CURRENT project showing the love and support to these abandoned souls?Thanks. Also, if you can help, sowing the seed of faith, even a little, $5.00, 10, 25,...we would be so thankful! You can use the PitchIn button "Gifts to Graduates" on the right side of the blog to showing your love and care.Thank you so very much for any your help!May God bless your hearts!

With God all things are possible! :)

April 29, 2014

First time in McDonald!

What a wonderful and blessed day we had today!

An one great and awesome our sponsor sent donation for this purpose. So, today these young adults were at McDonald first time in their lives!Yay!
Yes, you read right. First time ever. After graduating orphanages most orphans do not have opportunity to visit this place. I do not say when they are at orphanages.

They were so excited!We had a wonderful fellowship.Praise God!What a blessing!

We have very nice and warm weather these days. Today was sunny and such a beautiful day. So, we decided after McDonald go to a park, where is river. Why not? :)

 Oh, how I love this little man!

It is such a privilege and blessing to see how he is growing.

 It was lots of fun :)

Precious little Andrew is growing healthy and everything is well. Oh! Have I told you that his parents, Sasha and Olga called him Andrew or Andriy, Andrey, on russian or ukrainian? (we speak both languages here) :)

 On the way home we saw a hedgehog. Everyone was delighted. Edik interested looked at  it. But it seems that he was not very interested. He loves more cats and dogs. :)

Thanks God for one more wonderful and beautiful day with these precious souls.Thanks a lot for your support and love!May God bless you!

April 23, 2014

One abandoned little boy

This absolutely breaks my heart friends...It is such a common here and often happens. But sometimes a situation or a story has something special and especially heartbreaking...

In March we visited Zhenya`s family and had a wonderful biblical fellowship with her husband Kolya and her brother Ruslan.

A few days ago we visited Zhenya again. Day seemed was ordinary and as all workaday. All blossom and smells, trees, flowers, people are preparing for sowing, everything looks so wonderful and amazing. You enjoy and delight by beauty of God`s creation.

A small boy Vitya grows healthy and cute little man. He is so precious! His beautiful blue eyes melted my heart  :)

We brought diapers, toys and some clothes.

Also, thanks to your donations we were able to buy groceries for the family.

But there was a boy with a sweet smile on his face. 
-Is he a neighbor boy came to play? we asked. 
-No, this is my nephew,- said sadly Zhenya. Roman cries often and wants to father and mother...
-Where is the mother and father ? What's the matter ?

Mother Roman recently released from prison for murder. Among drunk people killed someone. Father of the boy still is in prison. When he will be out, unknown.
A few months ago, his mother brought this little boy into the house Zhennya and left him there. She abandoned him...Poor little boy...He is only 6 years old.

Zhenya in despair did not know what to do. Tried to find any clothes and take care of the boy. This autumn he should go to school. His aunt Zhenya does not know how to help him and what to do. Thus Roman awhile already lives in this poor family, where the other day must be born another baby...  

This is so and so sad and heartbreaking. But was more heavy to hear that mother of this sweet boy was in orphanage... And in same orphanage, where I have been many years ago. This absolutely breaks my heart. ...Typing this blog post with tears in eyes...It is hard. It is realy hard and hurt. 

It's like a vicious circle. Children left walls orphanages, and then years later, their own children get in the same orphanages. And then again, all the same. And so from year to year... 

I can not stop my tears...It is so hearbreaking and hurt... Knowing the fate and life of some of my classmates. Some no longer alive, they died, some were imprisoned several times, a few of my classmates girls birth of illegitimate children, some drink alcohol. And it's scary. Scary and painful how Satan mocks the fate of orphans.

It is spiritual war, friends. It is longest spiritual God's war in the world for souls, for their salvation. Over two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again to give new life and new heart in Christ. Life is full of meaning, happiness, peace and joy. But the answer to the call of God depends on us. Do we wish this life? New life with a new heart filled with incredible joy in Christ and happiness?The life with a forgiven heart and perfect peace inside?
Jesus told Christians to go and preach the gospel throughout the world. And this spiritual war for souls, goes on for over two thousand years  already.
The BOM`s main goal is to change the terrible statistic of graduates that our country has. That children, who leave orphanages, their temporary homes, could live independent and successful  life for God`s glory and praise.That Jesus has changed their lives and hearts and give meaning to life, as in his time filled ours, BOM team.

Please, pray for graduates we have this year, pray for the current project to bless them with beautiful gifts, pray for their salvation that they trust their precious lives Jesus Christ and follow Him.

Also please, pray for this little abandoned boy Roman. He can be send in orphanage also...Only God can do a miracle that this little precious and sweet soul will not be send there...Thanks.Thank you very much, friends!

April 16, 2014

Gifts to Graduates-project

These young adults are graduated orphans. They all were abandoned by parents in early childhood and got to baby houses, after were transfered to orphanages. All of them did not know, where to go after leaving orphanages. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine their worries and fear? What they felt at that time?Parents do not wish to see them any more. Some lost their parents and never seen them.  Each of them has teir own heartbreaking story...

Many of you remember how Olga Kozak lived at hospital about month after birth of first baby Edick, because she had not home! She did not have a place, where to go with her beloved newborn son! It`s terrible! Do you remember how suffered Zhenya`s family and how they stayed on the street with sweet baby Vitya? Do you remember about situation with Yaroslava? How she was in high risk to be left on the street.

 These precious souls and many others BOM supports thanks mercy and love of the Lord Jesus, who provides for their needs.We are so thankful to you!!!

 This year few more dear souls should join and become members of our big family. We are really excited! We do not know how everything will turn, what our Heavenly Father prepared and we have no idea from what to start ... But our hearts rejoice and triumph! 

But how about others? How about rest of teen girls and boys, whom we are not able to help?

 Each year we have a special project Gifts to Graduates.Where we bless kids with kitchen utensils, blankets and Bibles. What can be very useful in their lives.
 Orphans, who live in orphanages, leave their temporary homes with empty hands.  They take only their few clothes or whatever they have(if they have of course that mostly do not ) and leave walls of institution forever, without nothing. Do you remember guys, who did not have jackets for winter, shoes and even socks? Some took sweater of their friends to wear because they had not their own? Here is how Father of fatherless blessed them.
These young adults stay on their new threshold life, not knowing where to go and what to do. They became "adults" absolutely not prepared for the life.

This year we have 70 teens, who need our help. The need and our wish is to bless the precious souls by kitchen utensils, blankets, towels and Bibles. The towels only for 20 kids at 10 grade.

Do you know that God already started to bless this special project? We only started to think how to organize this all, about funds etc.And only in few days He sent enough money to buy Bibles for all graduates this year! Wow! How amazing is our God! ;)

Our goal is to raise $1,650. It`s $23,5 for each kid to bless by wonderful gifts. The button PitchIn on right side of the blog will show you process of our current project. Please, prayerfully consider this great need.If you can help even by a little gift, $5, 10, 20..., we would be very grateful on behalf of these orphans!

Please, pray for this project. But mostly for these beautiful souls, who leave orphanages and start independent life.Thank you!Thank you very much for any participation!May God bless you!!!

April 11, 2014

Giving clothes to the orphans

Such a great joy and blessing!Few days ago we visited an orphanage and clothed over hundred kiddies. Wow!

Yes, we brought these huge boxes of different clothes. Awesome blessing!

 Some young ladies that joined to BOM, helped us. This was such a huge help and a blessing that we had extra hands.

 Yana(in dark blue jacket), graduated this orphanage the past year. I told before about her on Facebook Here. When we came, she said,  "I know everyone here and I'll help you!"  What a nice girl. :)

It took us several hours to clothed all children.

 But everybody were so glad to get this blessing!

Precious smile

More sweet souls with their blessings

These boys were especially happy. They are so sweet!

 All children received a few pieces of clothing. Excepting teenagers. We need clothes for children aged 14-15. They are all tall, but thin. Maybe someone has a chance to help clothing for teenagers, jackets, trousers, sweaters, and for girls any clothes will help. It can be used/worn but clean and in good condition.Thanks.

Also Yaroslava met a girl with whom she studied in one of the orphanages. This young lady later was transferred to this other orphanage. Yaroslava saw her, gleefully running up to me saying, "I know! I know this girl! I was with her in one orphanage!" "Come to her, I think she would be happy to meet you again," I said. :) Then a long time they communicated with each other. Nice meeting :)

So excited that so many orphans received clothes! Praise God! Administration greatly thanked. THANK YOU so very much for all your packages!!!You are such a great blessing to these kiddies!

April 8, 2014

The baby is at home!

Yesterday was  so emotional and so wonderful day! Because the baby boy, the Kozaks new angel is at home! Yay!

As always we had a small celebration for parents, "Discharge from Hospital". Everything was just great! We congratulated Sasha and Olga with their new baby, a lot of wishes and congratulations as always.

Oh, how I love their both here. Their smiles are priceless!

 And then the woman that led the program, held a fun lottery. Where each pulled a card with writing assignment and a wish for the baby. Sasha pulled the card , which says that he will bathe the baby, and Olya every day to change diapers. :)

  And then all the other guests and friends pulled, what they will do in future. Someone will sing lullabies, someone to buy toys , take to the zoo , etc. Parents also were awarded diploma Parents. :) Altogether it was funny and lots of fun. And most importantly, Sasha and Olya stayed pleased and happy!

 I loved it, when we were asked to be photographed with Ukrainian embroidered rushnyk, where it says "family". Such a nice idea!

Then we were proposed to take pictures of our baby and with different decorations in different images.
Isn`t he precious?

Soooo cute little rabbit!

 But the MOST interesting thing was to see the reaction and getting to know Edick with his younger brother!This darling boy LOVED his little brother!

It was sooooo precious and lovely to watch as he was learning and watched for a toddler. At first he kept looking at him seriously. As if he thought. "Is he my brother that everyone talks about?"Then Edick started pat him on the head! Nobody did not tell him what to do!

So priceless!!!

Here is some pictures and videos. But the most, I LOVE how Edick was patting and kissing his sweet brother. :) We all have been amazed by love of this handsome little man, because no one told him what to do. What a blessing!

Olya says, when she changes diapers baby, Edick starts stroking and kissing him. Today, kissed on the tiny brother`s leg. How sweet! :)

P.S. Parents still can not come up with the name of babe. Any ideas? :)

April 4, 2014

Congrats Kozaks with a new blessing!!!

Oh, my!!! I am crying, tears of joy...I am soooooo happy! I want to jump, screaming, sing and praise God ...because a few hours ago was born a little boy. I know am crazy. But I am sooooooooooo happy!!!!
He is such darling and SO precious! He is sooooo beautiful and ABSOLUTELY healthy! He was born at 11.50 AM. The weight is 3,200 kilo and  height 50 cm. Hmm. Interesting date of birth  04.04.2014  :)

 Our sweet mommy Olga is feeling very well, I would say great! Honestly, I am surprised! But Praise God! I know, God was present there, because many of you prayed for Olechka, safe delivery, for her and baby health. She is VERY happy by her new and adorable blessing! Everything was just wonderful, fast and safe delivery, great and such good care of doctors, feelings of mommy. Wow! Hallelujah!

Yes!He was smiling!

For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb. 
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully [and] wonderfully made: marvellous [are] thy works; and [that] my soul knoweth right well. 
 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, [and] curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. 
Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all [my members] were written, [which] in continuance were fashioned, when [as yet there was] none of them. 
(Psalm 139:13-16)KJV

Welcome to the world, sweet angel! 


Sweet happy mommy :)

Happy Sasha could not wait to see his son! He was so thrilled! Called a hundreds times. How looks my son? How is he? :)))

I am SO happy that baby was born healthy and Olechka is feeling so well! It`s because of God's mercy, your many prayers and great caring. Wow! Wow! Praise God!!!!!THANK YOU so much!!!!You are AWESOME, friends!!!!!

(Psalm107:8) Oh that [men] would praise the LORD [for] his goodness, and [for] his wonderful works to the children of men! 

Please, pray for this family further. Since both, Sasha and Olga grew up without parental love and care. From the very childhood were at orphanage. Now has two children. They are very young couple and many things have to learn. Those, who have children know, how hard it can be physically and emotionally. The family moved a new frontier family life. They need help on many things. But the most, prayer support. Thank you very much!

Parents still have not come up with a name for their babe. :)

An interesting moment, one nurse called me "grandmother". Lol. Funny, that  Edick constantly called me always "bysi", which means ba-by-sya, babushka (granny). A little later began to call me "papa"(dad). Lol


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