February 26, 2016

A Great News!

We are sooooo pretty excited to share with you a great news and wonderful blessing we have! 
First of all, we all would love to thank you all for prayers! God is sooooo very, very good!!!! I even can not express what a great joy I personally have!!! :) 
And second. We have a PayPal account! So, it means we can receive donations again and help orphaned children!Yay! 
We just would like to let you know that this is temporary PayPal solution.  It will not be available for a long time. For several months. But it is better than nothing. :) For more details please email bibleorphanministry@gmail.com Thanks.

Thank you! Thank you hundreds times for prayers!!!! Your prayerful support means so very much for us!!! ♥

February 23, 2016


We feel so blessed! Really. We are so grateful God for all of you! His love is astonish and great! Your many messages how you can donate to Bible Orphan Ministry and how you can help with our issue, makes us feel humbled and surrounded by God`s grace and His mercy. We are so thankful for your efforts to help us! It makes me teary to see how God loves BOM... Thank you thousand times! 
So, we have a very big hope! There is a way. But it is need a time...  It would take us 2-3 months more. It is a long way for us. But it seems Jesus teaches us to be patient and trust Him more ;)  How we will serve, I have no idea but our Heavenly Father knows. :)

A time does not wait and our money is running out. :) We need funds to feed hungry young adults and families with little kids, we need funds go to the orphanages, visit precious souls in Children`s Homes and trade schools. We need money to help orphanages in their needs and needs of the young adults, give money for bus tickets they can come to church, help buy medicine, pay for a visit of doctor, pay rent for apartments and so, so many more...
So, we would be so very grateful for any donation and gift of love!To continue to show wonderful love of God and care for children in many orphanages and the young adults. To share the Gospel and give hope to many sweet souls in Ukraine.This is what God has called us to do but we need your help to reach souls and make a difference in precious lives. :) 

If you willing to show God's care to children and share the gift of love with the young adults. Please, let us know emailing to bibleorphanministry@gmail.com. And we will give more details how you can donate. Thank you! Thank you very much once again pray with us, love us and make a great difference in many precious souls!!! My love to all! ♥

February 19, 2016

Many blessings for many precious souls

Some time ago we visited several orphanages and provide humanitarian aid. God blessed with many wonderful and beautiful clothes. Each year we receive more and more huge boxes with clothes and shoes for kids. It is awesome blessing for what we are so thankful to many of you! Wow! God is so very good!!! :)

Little Beauties :)

Each year orphanages receive less money to dress kids. Sometimes do not receive money at all. For example, an one orphanage for boys with special needs, could buy 5 pair of socks per year for each boy. This year they can buy only one pair of socks. :(

So precious souls...

All kids were so happy to receive new clothes! :)

Your care and love through sending clothes is such a great joy for children and encouragement for administration of orphanages!

Not only kids in orphanages but graduated young adults were dressed up also. They were so excited and so thankful! Life after orphanage is not easy for the young people, especially for those who have kiddies.

Thank you many, many times! Thank you for your generosity, kindness and care!Your love brings glory and praise of Jesus Christ!

"He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor". (Proverbs 14:31)

February 12, 2016

Update about little Lisa

Hello everyone!I hope you all have a nice day today and enjoying God`s daily  blessings, His grace and mercy. :)

First. We would like to thank you all for participation of life of little Lisa! Thank you all very much for prayers and thank you to all, who donated small and huge gifts of love! Thanks your surrounded love and tender care God has provided enough for medical tests and treatment for few months! Wow! How awesome!!! God's love is astonish!!! Thank you so very much!!!! We were humbled by grace of our Saviour! Olga was so thankful!

Second. Having money on hands Olga with her daughter went on to Lviv to pass all medical tests at special hospital to find out what is wrong with Lisa. We all had so big hope!

Third. Olga spent 2 weeks in Lviv and doctors still do not what is wrong with little girl! Lisa passed through medical tests at 2 different clinics. How sad. The young mother feels frustrated... :(

Fourth. The small family took a ride to capital of Ukraine to another clinic. They are in Kiev now.

Every day  is different for small girl. One day she feels better. Next day not good. She still has a high fever every day and pains in her small tummy.

On behalf of this sweet family we ask you to keep praying fervently, please! God send a good doctors, who could find out a reason of sickness of precious girl. Also for energy and strength of Olga. Jesus gives her wisdom as mother and peace in heart. 

Thank you! Thank you very much for all your Christian love and care!!! May God bless you abundantly! ♥


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