October 24, 2018


This Sunday, we had Thanksgiving in our local Bible Baptist Church Charity. It was so beautiful and so wonderful day!!!

It was so great when young people helped decorate the hall and to clean as well! :) They are such a wonderful blessing!

There was a sermon at the service, children and adults praised God. There were also many amazing testimonies about what God has done over the past year.

Our hearts were filled with incredible joy and gratitude to see and hear how God works in the lives of young people!

Many people have been invited. Many unbelievers have come to praise God together. It was so wonderful to see a lot of young hearts! It came many more souls than we expected! We did not have free space and did not even have enough chairs! Some had to stand during church service. Wow!!!
Every soul is precious in the eyes of the Lord. We had almost 50 souls! Awesome! :) Our hearts sang praising God!

In the end we had the Dinner of love. No one was left hungry. ♥

We have a tradition that after the holiday all fruits and vegetables were distributed to the neediest families and orphans. Many precious souls got the bag of fruits and veggies.

Of course everyone was happy and grateful! ♥

It was amazing and so beautiful day! We praise and thank God for His mercy and goodness to our small but lovely family!!! ♥

P.S.Since our church is 80% of graduates of orphanages, different age. Many young people suffer and face various difficulties.We would be so thankful for your prayers for the spiritual growth of Christians and the salvation of those who do not know the Lord Jesus personally. Thank you very much! ♥♥♥

October 22, 2018

Update about little Elijah

THANK YOU!!! A HUGE heartfelt thanks to all, who participated and helped raise the necessary funds for little Elijah! God made a miracle and we were able to collect the required amount in a short time!!! Wow!!! Amazing!!!
You are doing a huge impact and give chance to live the precious little Elijah!!! ♥

Little boy feels not well... Attacks of epilepsy do not stop. In addition, he acquired another disease due to hormonal drugs. Cushing's disease. He is rapidly gaining weight, which is not good for the baby. We were told that it is very dangerous to perform the surgery for him in such state. The baby spends most of the time in the hospitals. :(

We talked with several neurosurgeon specialists. And all are talking about one thing, the baby needs brain surgery... The other day, Kiev experts said that they are ready to do the surgery! So very fast! Thus, the baby is preparing for it and will soon be sent to Kiev. We don`t know the details yet.

Please, pray that God will prepare the precious baby for the surgery, his body, spirit and mind. Also so that God would give His perfect peace in the hearts of parents. That the name of the Lord be glorified through this situation. God loves Elijah and comforts him. He had a dreams at night several times that Angels came to him. Recently, he dreamed that there was a lot of light from above and many angels came to him and they had dinner with him. Oh, my! How lovely! It comforts the heart to seeing the love of God to the little lovie. ♥♥♥


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