January 28, 2015

Welcome to this world, little Artem!

Look at this adorable little angel! Isn't he cute? :) What a precious baby boy beautifully created.

How awesome!Little Artem was born yesterday! His weight is 3,700 kilo and 53 cm. Welcome to this world, little Artem!He is absolutely healthy and is going home soon. What a great blessing from the Lord!!

Young dad is very happy holding in his arms precious son. So priceless... Ruslan said, it's real miracle.♥

 Marinochka got tired and she needs strength but she is OK thanks God.

BOM, Marina and Ruslan is so thankful for your prayer support!Thanks your prayers, sweet family is doing well. Thank you very much!!!!!!!! Your prayers are greatly appreciated!!! God is so good!!!

P.S. Their lovely nest is ready too. We are so happy it is done just in time and they will not be on  the streets! THANK YOU for saving this beautiful family!!!! Pictures will be as soon :) or you can see few of them on BOM facebook

January 23, 2015

What a mess and new beginning

We have started the renovation of the apartment for Ruslana, Marina and the little Artem, who should come to the world soon. So pretty excited!

We have found that wallpapers is worse than we thought and saw...Hmm. We have been discussing what to do? So, we decided to change for better one. Picture will be later :)

We cleared out from a lot of garbage and trash

We clean, clean and clean and clean...

 Ruslan is very happy to prepare the housing making a lovely nest for his beloved ones.

Do you see the difference? Before

 and after?

There was such a mess when cleaning! Dust, dirt. Oh! But what a great new beginning for a sweet family!So proud of young people wishing to help Ruslan! What a wonderful blessing!Thank you all for making it possible!

We still need 24% of needed funds. What a wonderful blessing!Amazing!Please, prayerfully consider the need to help young couple, who are expecting baby boy very soon. Thank you!

January 21, 2015

The Sudarik family has a nest!

We are so excited!!!We are so happy Sudarik family(Ruslan and Marina) have a nest!It is a REAL miracle we could find apartment for a day! The owner is a very nice woman and she likes Christians. (If you are a baptist, pentecostal, adventist, charismatic etc you are not a good person and you belong not to church but to a sect. Thoughts of many people in Ukraine today still persist). She was surprised to hear the answer why BOM wants to rent the apartment. And she liked it. Also it was a great second blessing that owner agreed that there would live a couple with newborn baby. Even a broker was surprised, who helped us to find a housing. She could not believe and said, guys you are very lucky that owner agreed! Because mostly owners are not happy to have renters with children. We know it...But we are not lucky, we are blessed :) Aren't we? Lol

We know for sure God's hand was with us and it is the answer to your prayers!So wonderful blessing!Thanks tons!!!

But we have been greatly surprised more, when we learned that apartment has 2 rooms but not one as we were looking for!For the same price as cost apartments with 1 room, we can rent 2 rooms! Wow!That is AMAZING!We believe God has a special plan...We already know who will live in second room in several months. :) We have many young adults who are looking for housing...We have young adults who need place stay for a night, several days, weeks, even months.
We always have a trouble with housing...Isn`t our God marvellous and surprising???How great!!!

The apartment is not in very good condition... The renters before were not very good. So, it is need a lot to clean, wash, to paint then again to clean, clean and clean.

We have very few days to be ready! Wow! So, we have to use extra funds to prepare lovely nest for little Artem. 

Please, remember Marina in your daily prayers. She should give birth precious son during these days. Maybe till the weekends? So, pretty excited!!!

We would love to thank everyone, who helped to make it possible! Thanks your tender love, kindness and great care, little boy Artem will have a warm nest and his parents will not worry, where they will live with their darling son. It will be much less stressful for them! Thanks your step of faith with us one more family is saved from streets! How wonderful!!! Ruslan is very happy! He can't wait to hold in his arms his treasure :)

Our current project still proceeds. The fundraiser is going so well! Praise God!!! We have had 43% of needed funds only for few days! Many, many thanks for your small and big donations. Oh, HOW  good, mercy and generous hand of Jesus to this sweet family! But we still need funds. With humble of hearts we thank you all for your Christian love!Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

Look what prayers can do!!!!

January 17, 2015

Can we stop this baby from living on the streets?

How would you feel, if you live in this abandoned and terribly cold house?

What you would think, if in a week or so you should bring a newborn baby here?

What your thoughts would be, if you knew that government will not help you and will not give you any penny or cent...

And you don`t have money in your pocket...

You work but the money enough only for a little food...

What you would do, if you do not have place, where to live?

Please, meet young couple, Ruslan and Marina, who's expecting precious baby boy Artem soon. The baby should be born the 20-27 January. Marina is  17 16 years old  student in a trade school. Ruslan is 20 years old young man, who works hard. Both live in a dormitory but after birth of baby they can not live there any more. Ruslan is from big family with 9 children, was abandoned in childhood and grew at an orphanage. Because of alcohol abuse of mother. Marina, was abandoned and abused by mother in childhood also. Mother was beating Marina so strongly that sweet girl has a scars on her body... :(

Today they feel lost and don`t know what to do... They have faced with a big trouble and feel scared...

Marina and Ruslan do not where to go after birth of their precious son...This is very and very scary to be on hands with newborn baby and not having a cozy and warm home!Ruslan, young Christian man, prays every day expecting a miracle...

We had two options how to help them. But seems that the first option will not work out...So, we have a second one, raise funds to stop the baby living on the streets.

When we asked Ruslan or does he have a house for living? He said, yes and showed us this abandoned house...We were hoping that they could live there. But when we came, we were greatly shocked. Since they do not have a place for living he thought to bring his newborn son here... Can you imagine that? Oh, no!!!! Human can not live in such cold and drafty house! We felt so heartbroken. It is such a disappointing...Imagine, the stress the parents must be feeling.It`s grievous cry, Friends!How we can stay away and let the baby live there???

So, our goal is to raise funds for year to help them with renting an apartment. It will cost $1600-1700 and $800 for the needs of precious Artem, a medicine, diapers, with food may parents have... in first months and so on. Also fees $80. Total $2,580

But we already have an awesome blessing! An one family would like to offer a matching grant for $800 for this sweet couple until January 20th. So whatever we will raise for them before January 20th they will match up to $800! The family will send the money sooner if the $800 is raised sooner! How amazing is that!?

Do you wish become a part of this wonderful blessing for young parents? :) God already has started to bless... Can we all be a great miracle for the family?So, we have only few days that this awesome blessing would be doubled!!!

Please donate your miracle gift through the PitchIn widget on the side of our blog.  Or, you can donate directly through Paypal thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com which will remove any fees.We will be sure to update the total amount raised on the side of the blog! 

Would you pray, please for a miracle and for this young family? We have only few days... We have to start to looking for an apartment this week. But we can't not having funds.Would you pray God will lead us to the right place and right owner? Many owners do not like give for rent housing with children and it always stressful for us...We hoping and praying for God's mercy to this lovely family... Ruslan hopes and prays his sweet son and beloved wife would have a safely and warm home.You can become the answer to his prayers! :)

Also may we ask you kindly to share about the need? Would you do, please?Thanks.

Thank you!Thank you very much for any step of faith with us!Thanks a lot for anything you will do for this poor family! Your any step is cherished greatly! May God bless you! ♥

January 16, 2015

Precious teens will stay warm!

Our hearts full of joy and delight!We praise and glorify our mighty and loving God! We are so thrilled that we are done!We could finish latest project Keep Teenagers Warm thanks God!Yay!

Our trouble finally is over. Thank you very much for your prayer support! ♥ It meant so much for us...We feel so restored everything is behind thanks God.

So, we purchased such beautiful jackets and boots for 50 precious young people.God blessed abundantly that we could purchased 11 warm jackets for little ones in Children`s Home also! Amazing!

We felt terribly cold, when purchased and got tired soooo much... Imagine, when you go to store to dress an one child. But we needed to find over 60 different sizes for jackets and boots. Phew! But when we started unload loading, we have been surprised that could buy so many. Ha ha! So, we were happy!
I love how it looks! :)

First we visited little ones in Children's House and blessed them with these beautiful gifts.

Precious kids

The director was so happy that started to hug and kiss bro. Misha! You(BOM) are so dear to my heart! she said. :) What an amazing testimony of God's grace and goodness!

When we came to the next orphanage the boys were ready and happy to help to unload.

Beautiful young ladies

Poor guy wore summer shoes in winter...

I love how he looks in new jacket and shoes! Isn't he handsome young man?

Can you imagine to wear in cold and snow those shoes in winter? This beautiful young lady(not only she) did because she had nothing. She said that felt cold...What a joy she has beautiful and cozy boots now!

We are so grateful absolutely to everyone, who was participated even partly! That helped not only show love and care of Jesus but keep teens warm because today in the orphanage is very cold and they wear 2-3 sweaters to stay warm. All children and adults wear coat or a jacket even inside of buildings. We praise God for His goodness and mercy to these young beautiful people they can stay warm and feel cozy today. Awesome blessing!!!Thank you!!! THANK YOU very much be wonderful hands and feet of Jesus!!! Thank you for your loving and generous hearts!You all are such amazing blessing for so many Ukrainian children! ♥ May God bless you!!!

January 7, 2015

Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015

Hello Everyone!Hope you have a wonderful days and enjoy your time with beloved ones.
We would love to thank you all for amazing past 2014 year we had. BOM had so and so many wonderful and awesome blessings!!! We are in awe! Our hearts are humbled and grateful for absolutely everything God is doing in BOM.

Yes, we had very sad moments and situations, when our hearts cried to the Lord Jesus, we feel heartbroken and disappointed, cried and didn't sleep at nights, we felt like a king David "Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.Lo, then would I wander far off, and remain in the wilderness. Selah. I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest. "But that is life and a Christian path, suffer, sacrifice to bless many orphans, bring joy and hope.

Then happened revolution in Ukraine, war, many refugees, a lot of killed people... Hurt, distress, fear, lose. All this is terrible! The war is still remains...More and more children become orphans... Please, keep praying God stop all this awfulness!

But beside heartbreaking situations God was so good to BOM!
God simply did pour out His awesome blessings...Our hearts rejoiced and danced from a joy. We cried from happiness and glorified the Lord. Because His love is astonish and marvelous. We saw His presence in every situation and were amazed.We felt blessed and it warm our hearts to see happy faces those, whom we serve.
But we know exactly! All those wonderful blessings, would not happened without your participation.Thank you for staying with us, loving, trusting and supporting us in past 2014! We praise and glorify our God for all His wonderful blessings and astonish love! For new generous Supporters and wonderful Friends! We thank our God every time in all prayers for all of you. We always pray with joy because of your partnership in the Gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. We wouldn't feel blessed and loved by the Lord without your love and tender care. BOM wouldn't have so many amazing blessings without your persist prayers and generous donations, gifts of love. Many precious children wouldn't be greatly blessed, if your hearts won't be here.

So, we all said goodbye to 2014 and another year started and with it, new hopes and aspirations sprout in our hearts, hopes for happiness, prosperity and better times to come. May our hearts be filled with gratitude for all the blessings God has placed in our lives, and may we cherish every moment we are given with those we love. May the year 2015 gives everyone the opportunity to realise dreams, rediscover strengths, master a willpower and rejoice the simple pleasures that life would bring our way. 

We would love to hear from you! It would be so sweet. Maybe BOM impacted your life somehow? or maybe BOM inspired you? :) We would love to hear what is your favorite blog post? How it blessed you? Or maybe saddest blog post. Maybe you learned something new from BOM blog? What you would like to hear more? What inspires you? We would more than happy if you leave your comments here. It will help us to bless you :) Thank you tons.

The struggle here in Ukraine continues, and we ask that you continue to lift up the nation and BOM before the Lord. Pray that in 2015 there would be great changes. Pray more sweet kids will be blessed and more souls brought to Lord Jesus.We pretty excited to see what the Lord has prepared for us. God bless you all our dear Friends! Happy New Year to all our loving Friends, Donors, Sponsors and other Loving Individuals!!!

Well. I`m pretty excited tell you that we have a first blessing!  The lovely family, Vadim and Stella led to church their friend Tanya(on the left side), who is former orphan also. The young lady is a single mother with her small daughter Vlada. They are homeless. This small sweet family has a temporary place for living. Thereafter Tanya does not know, where to go with her small girl. Besides this young mother has personal worries and troubles. That is interesting that Tanya has sister, who is classmate of Oksana, BOM staff. They are from an one orphanage. Vadim and I from same orphanage as well :) But most amazing, few days ago Tanya asked Jesus saved her and change her life! How awesome and incredible blessing!!!!What a marvellous God we serve!!!!


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