January 14, 2011


Finally the winter vacations had finish at schools and orphanages.And finally we could to visit orphans in orphanage again!Praise the Lord!

In the beginning when we came there we thought we will not have a Bible lesson, as there was a some problem.It is not because something bad.No, no! Some usual affairs of life of orphanage were there.

 We were thinking  come back to home, as we saw was not a chance to have a Bible lesson with kids.But we decided to wait some and will see what will happen.Maybe something will change and we will have a meeting with kids?We asked again a administration of orphanage.Can we have a Bible lesson with kids?They had let us do it.(We call to administration of any orphanage all time and ask can we come to children a have a Bible lesson before we go there?)
So, we wait almost a hour.Everyone was busy.Finally they finish some and we had a meeting with kids!

We had not many children today, because many of them were busy some affairs of orphanage.But we had a good time with other children!

Today we had Bible lesson about Rebekah is bride to Isaac.We played games, sang a song, have heard Bible story, made craft.But most of all children liked as they were played act of Bible story.We took some kiddies who wanted to play.Of course, they all wanted to play! So, we clothed them, read a Bible story and they played.For them it was fun, they liked it much!As these children are mental retarded some.Some was hard for them to play.We told them what to do and helped.They were glad much to do it!Hope they will remember this Bible story.

Kids are playing act of Bible story

Children are collecting puzzles together

Next game is Bible verse. "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."Proverbs 3:5    We did hide the Bible verse in class.They had to find it and put in right direction.

Children are making a craft Bride and Fiance  with Bible verse

We hide surprises for them at this bag.They closed eyes and took it.Oh, how they like it!

Other orphans who could not be on Bible lesson with us :(

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  1. I love seeing the kids being introduced to the Bible this way, playing out the roles will help them remember it so much more! :) They all look like they're havig so much fun!:) How wonderful that you were willing to ask again and wait patiently for the chance to meet and have this lesson with them. It was obviously very worth the wait, for the sake of the kids! :) They're all so beautiful!


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