July 18, 2016

Renewal for the young men (part2)

Guess, where we have been?At the top of the highest mountain of Ukraine Hoverla! The young men had a blast!Awesome!
We have a saying in Ukraine. "Every Ukrainian should visit at least once Hoverla". :) When we said that we go to the highest mountain in Ukraine, guys were thrilled. 

So as I said in the previous blog post that the weather forecast showed rain and thunderstorms. We prayed and asked God for a good weather. In Carpatian mountains rapidly changing weather, when the bright sun for a few minutes, replaced by rain or chilly wind. During a thunderstorm, there is a danger of people lightning discharges. Also not recommended to climb to Hoverla those, who have heart and lung disease and physically unprepared. There were situations, when people died from a heart attack :(

And so we got up early in the morning, after praying together, reading the Bible, and a delicious breakfast, we hit the road. We had to walk about four kilometers (2,49 miles).At the beginning the trail led through the forest.We gradually gaining altitude.

Often met purling streams and rivers

A little gaining height, feel terribly thirsty. We were so happy to find on the path of the springs, where you can wash, freshen up, drink some water and continue the path. Undoubtedly, we had water with us as we know how important it is to drink water while lifting up the mountain.

Coming out of the forest seemed a mountain on which we had to climb, then next mountain, and only then was our goal, Hoverla. You can see the path and on it can see the people. This is what we had to pass.

Wow! Guys were so excited!

We are slowly and gradually gained altitude and it seems someone started visibly tired. Vadim hugged each pillar on the road. We all laughed :)))

But the higher you go...

all the more amazing and incredible view opens.

And then we saw the snow! Hooray! Snow! Among the hot sunny day, snow!The most daring and who still had strength, went down, which would touch the snow in the summer.

Kolya, was overjoyed, he jumped on the rocks, running.

Sasha and Vadim played snowballs with those, who remained on top.

Well, I went down to take a picture of flowers. :)The young people froliced fun playing snowballs. It's so unusual and fun to play in the snow in the summer!

After a few pictures on the rocks, where a magnificent view, we have gone further.

Still had a long road. It seems so close up, but to go so far...From this place it took us about 1.5 hours to climb.

And here it began...There have already come to an end strength, you feel terrible fatigue, no strength to walk any more, legs hurt, terribly thirsty and drink.It seems that you never reach the goal.

Look at the face Yaroslava!Oh, my!That's so funny! I did not pay attention recording the video. But in the evening, when we viewed all the photos and videos, we laughed out loud, and it was fun to remember all of our adventures. And look at the breathtaking view! It's amazing! :)

Someone has already begun to crawl rather than walk from powerlessness. Ha ha!

Yaroslava surrender. "I want to sleep. I will sleep here and wait for you. I will not come by there." She repeated constantly. Yaroslava come on! You can! ;)

Finally after 3 hours climbing under the scorching sun, we reached the top!Yay!I tried to memorializing the beauty from the top of the mountain to record the video. But there were so many people! It's incredible!

The beauty simply fascinating! I want to spend the whole day there and never come down :)

The smell of herbs is simply amazing!

We took thermoses with hot tea. Since all were pretty hungry. It was so great to drink hot sweet tea and eat sandwiches! Mmm. This gave much strength and inspiration. At least  it gave me the strength and energy. :)

And I went around the mountains to make pictures.This is other side of the mountain.

Spending some time, I returned and saw this picture :))) So funny!!!
All pretty tired and wanted to relax. Well, who does not want to relax after a long and grueling journey? Breathing the fresh mountain air and the heady flavor of herbs? ;) It seems only me, crazy running around and making pictures. Because I knew we had limited time. :)

We started to go down while continuing to enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

It is a natural, beautiful and the best flower carpet in the world! You fall down and not wish to stand up.  It's so soft! Just unbelievable! Our God is amazing and the greatest master in the world creating such beauty!

Having quite a distance. The mountain was already behind. Yaroslava remembered that she had forgotten the water on the mountain. "Oh no, it can not be!" we said. "Oh, no, I will not go back, I'm tired." the poorgirl said. I realized how important water is, because the sun beating down terribly and exhausting. And to go to the forest, where the streams and the rivers, it was still very far away. I still had the strength and energy. So, I decided to go back and ran up. After a short time, I gave back the water for Yaroslava. :)

I was thrilled! I was full of strength and energy! I could again go through the same path as we went on Hoverla! When I told everyone about it, I was told that I`m crazy. Ha ha! But I felt a surge of energy! I ran and jumped on the rocks. All the people looked at me like I was crazy. lol. Honestly, I do not know what helped me. Maybe because I always drink a lot of water? Maybe because I walk a lot? Or some other reason? But I was so happy and elated! I thank God for strength and health! 

Here began the most difficult steep descent. It seems someone`s feet has begun to hurt :) This is the heaviest stone slope. Because tired, aching legs and trembling with tension. It is very easy to injure the leg on the stone or break it. Come on, Sasha! You can do it! ;)

The guys continued to rejoice and enjoy the beauty.

If you look closely. On the right photo shows a waterfall, 80 meters high. Where  begins one the longest rivers in the Carpathians, the Prut.

Finally we came to the forest! It was much cooler and easier.

How we were glad to see the water! Oh, water! Water! we shouted :) Refreshed and drink plenty of cold and crystal clear water, we were able to continue our journey.

The interesting thing is that we took a raincoats in case of rain and thunderstorms. But instead, it was unbearably hot sun! We all laughed when returned home, we found that all looked like boiled crawfish, red color. Hands, neck,  face, badly sunburned. You will not believe! But the next day we could not find a cream from sunburn!  No one pharmacy! For 2 days the sun burned so that people have bought up all the cream from sunburn! 

All the young people were overjoyed and thrilled by trip! But the next day Sasha Kozak could not walk. He quickly ran forward no shore power. Everyone was laughing by his funny walk and steps :)))

We all had a wonderful and glorious time! Everyone were delighted and long shared impressions.We are so grateful to a sweet family from U.S., who blessed the young people to have such amazing and unforgettable renewal! All were so happy and no one wanted come back home :) The young adults learned alot from the Bible, we prayed and read the Word of God together. We lived together like one big family. And it was an amazing time!Our Heavenly Father was so very good to us during the journey! Our thanks never ending for this awesome and great retreat for the young men!To God be the glory!!!!

July 5, 2016

Spiritual and physical renewal for the young men (part1)

A week ago, we had an awesome retreat for the young men too!It was certainly sad that some guys were not able to go with us for some reasons. :(

So, who could go, they have gone.The boys were sooooo very excited and could not wait that they packed suitcases two weeks in advance!Ha ha! 
So, when we arrived a delicious dinner waited us. If you've ever been in Ukraine or know a little bit our national kitchen. Guess, what was for the first meal, red color? :) Borscht! Of course the yummy traditional borsch! Mmm. It was so good after a long trip!

On the way there, we stopped to see the waterfall Probiy. We were surprised because the river was overflowing, after we saw this same waterfall with mommies.

Next days we had the opportunity to ride on the truck that took us to one of the highest mountains in the some town. It was funny and we laughed a lot. When the guys get off and climbs to the track by one way.

And we girls other way. The driver put the ladder specially for us. Hmm. We never got into the car by climbing the ladder. Lol. But it was fun!

God's beauty makes to admire and marvel...

The guys were just delighted with this indescribable beauty!!! They were as how in seventh heaven! And they had fun :)

This is how we do these crazy photos :)))

This is what happened and how the guys express their joy and delight. Can you do it? Ha ha!

We also visited the Museum of the Carpathian miniatures

The young men were also able to feed the deer in the zoo. They were so excited! The tongue of deer is so funny :)

Deers are so precious! It is interesting to observe their behavior and life.

The young men had such a great time in Bukovel, one of famous ski resort in Karpati.

They were delighted and overjoyed to rise and fall on a lifter!

 They loved it! :)

After seeing how this couple "flew".

The boys decided also to try, those who were the most courageous :) They had a blast!

Sisters also had a nice time on catamaran.

 On the way we stopped to see this house upside down.

So cool!

Guys as always showed their skills :)

This is what you will see in the mountains, if you get up at 5-6 am. Not every day, but often.

A few hours later.

As beads the morning dew shatters on the grass. It's so interesting to see God's beauty in small details.

So clean and so fresh air!The mountains are so rich in oxygen.You breathe and you can not breathe quite enough. Those who live in dirty cities with a smoking factories, will understand me. :)))

It is perfect place to clean lungs.

It was fun on tubing also. It seems Vova was scared in the beginning. :)

There are a lot of bazars, where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs for a long memory.

It was fun near waterfall also.

Since it was a hot day, there was a great opportunity to take a cold shower :) It was so refreshing!

We had a great time at the railway bridge viaduct. It is a magnificent view!

It is one of the oldest and longest stone arch bridges in Europe, laid across the river Prut. Its length is 130 meters and the central arch has a length of 25 m. It was built by Italian prisoners of war during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1895). At the time, the bridge will be one of the links in the construction of highways Tarnskarpatskoi (united to the Black and the Adriatic Sea), realization of which prevented the First World War and the redistribution of land between the states. At present, it is not valid, because for the preservation of the old Austrian bridge in 2000 was built new. 

During these days we were there. The Lord just blessed us with a wonderfully beautiful weather! Before the trip, we checked every day the weather forecast, and every day has shown that there will be rain and thunderstorms. Not good. We did not want to stay home all day long. Everything that we could to pray for a miracle and ask for God's grace to us.

When we were there. Early in the morning we checked the weather and every day showed rain and thunderstorm. But the Lord heard our prayers and was merciful on us! It was amazing, the weather forecast shows rain, but everywhere we were was just a wonderful sunny weather! Awesome!

Praise God! Praise God!!!We were super excited!And praised Jesus Christ for His love and goodness to us!

People in the villages still use these old wells.

In addition to the wonderfully and cheerfully spent time, every day we had the Bible's teaching about the education of children.It was such a blessing to hear that guys thanked not only for the amazing spending time together, but also for Biblical teaching. For some it was the first time, some thought that bringing up children properly, but the Bible says how to behave right.  Some have said, when I get home I do the right thing with respect to children.For some, it was a discovery and what happens if you do not educate their children the Bible, etc. We are so grateful to God for this opportunity! 

Fathers were without children, and they can take a fresh look at their family life and parenting.
For those who are not married, a great opportunity to learn how to deal with children, which is a huge responsibility before God.

How it was perfect every morning and evening to pray together and read the Word of God! It helped some guys to renew a relationship with God, to learn a lot and take another look at the world and relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ.
We very much hope that this trip and the renewal will help Kolya husband Zhenya(in blue T-short near bro. Misha) accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Please, pray for him.

On the way home we visited a beautiful Pidhirtsi Castle in the Lviv region. It was built in 1640. History this castle is very rich. I love castles! We have hundreds of them in Ukraine :)

Castle repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt again. In 1646, after the arrival of King Władysław IV castle suffered its first destruction. In 1651 began its restoration, which lasted 20 years. But within eight years after the restoration of the building Tatars invaded. 

Huge well depth of 40 meters. Several people (servants) were walking inside the wheel to get the water. In this way it was rotating. Later a bear was trained, who walked inside the wheel that rotates.

Castle quite often passed from hand to hands of different owners or handed down.

Catholic church is located opposite the castle gate. Its architecture in Baroque.

We returned home late, tired but happy! With beautiful memories, wonderful and fun time and with million of photos! Ha ha!

To be continued... Wait! This is not all? Nope. I have something interesting to share with you. So, coming back soon! ;)


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