December 29, 2011

How we got in ABC News

Many of you probably think how this very small volunteer mission team got in ABC News?How it could happen?When? How these Ukrainians could get in world news?and many similar questions...
We could not say before because it was private and we did not know the end of these all things. :)

Maybe it will be interesting for some one and will bring encouragement how God works in Christians lives. Here is our testimony, incredible blessing, adventure,worries and much more... 
As many of you know, we do not have enough support and we do what we can to help ukrainian orphans to bring joy and hope to these precious and sweet kids.
We pray, and our dear friends, followers, donors and everyone who knows about it.We fasted so many times also...It is very heavy to describe by words what we feel when we see and feel so helpless. It breaks our hearts. We cried many times and pleaded the Lord to help.
One day(on February 2011) God has spoken to my heart through His word very clearly (Isaiah 66:9-14)
 I will say beforehand Jerusalem it`s BOM.

 "Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.
 Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her: rejoice for joy with her, all ye that mourn for her: 
That ye may suck, and be satisfied with the breasts of her consolations; that ye may milk out, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory. 
For thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream: then shall ye suck, ye shall be borne upon her sides, and be dandled upon her knees. 
As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem. 
And when ye see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like an herb: and the hand of the LORD shall be known toward his servants, and his indignation toward his enemies."

I was shocked and could not believe and began to cry.I weeped and thanked God.I was overwhelmed and amazed.I even do not know how to say right.I was so much impressed!I thanked God.But had many questions.When God? When you will do it?When it come true?
I think many of you will agree, most of all it`s heavy to wait and you do not know end of that.We did not know when it will happen...

Well.About in a WEEK we received e-mail from Abbie Boudreau who was interested in our ministry, especially about kids with down syndrome! Wow!
In the beginning we thought some one joke with us.Correspondent from Americaaaaaa?What?!Is`t joke? Really! We did not know who is she.We do not have ABC News in Ukraine and how we could know her?  :) We did not believe for a long time.

We decided to search and find information about her on internet.We were shocked! She is real person from ABC News!Oh my goodness! My knees and hands began to tremble.I could not sleep all night.In the morning when I waked up my hands were still trembling. Hundreds questions swirled in my head.God!What that is? What do you want we do?Is that from You? What we should to do?and many similar questions...It scared me VERY much!

After many prayers we very carefully answered on questions, etc. during our correspondence.Really we did not want to be involved in it.We did not want to have troubles, stresses, many nerves, nights when you can not sleep because of thinking in your mind, we did not want that will bring any trouble for our ministry or to any person.We did not want to receive crazy calls or e-mails with threatens etc. We were scared much.And it`s because from famous television in US.
Honestly I`m a weak person who afraid to do or begin many things even it is something good..I know that is not right.I should to trust to the Lord.I`m very thankful to the Lord He is my Heavenly Father who keep my hand and never leave me lonely.He is next to me and any one person can not comfort you when you afraid something, only He alive God can give His perfect peace in  heart and calm.

We prayed very much and asked the Lord to help us, protect us.We beged God if it will bring any trouble that He will stop it.

But in same time God gave us peace in hearts and calm.And we began to think what if it`is answer to our prayers?What if God has His plans and He wants to make it real?What if He wants to do something special in lives of kids with special needs? What if is God`s will and we reject it? and many "what if" we had in our heads.

In same time it was fun to have new adventure and experiense! :)

Well.After some time Abbie and her producer Sarah Netter has let us know, they would like come to Ukraine.What?! Are you serious???
While they both were in Ukraine we had a wonderful time!They both are such nice, kind and very sweet ladies!Children loved them and they excited very much to see foreign people.We had such AMAZING fellowship!We enjoyed and praised the Lord for that!
 Some kids still ask about them.Why they do not come to us?Isn`t sweet?
Here are several pictures
A little lunch or picnic after long traveling to orphanage and mental institution.Abbie with tears in eyes after seeing orphans in a mental institution.They both are such kind ladies, as many of you we believe!

My horrible interview

Saying goodbye to friends 

And the rest of story you already know. :)

 A one more detail.Many of you probably watched ABC news 26/12 and noticed that we were not on television there. :) We believe Abbie and Sarah did a great job!They do their work very well and just perfect!
When we watched it, honestly we were upset a little bit.But in same time God gave us peace in our hearts.Next day we have found out a reason of  that. Dear friends, I want to say to you honestly.We absolutely are NOT upset! We believe with all our hearts it was God`s will!We were so much excited and it brought so much joy to our hearts!
But there is a link to our website and video what we believe many of you already watched.If no, please, follow to this link.
But we were so much happy to see a beautiful story about adoption a small cute girl from Ukraine.I think many of you will agree, the story is even more than beautiful!!!

I thought yesterday also why it happened.Also about television and these all things.I opened involuntary a Bible and it opened self at this place.Hmm!I decided just to read and continue to do what I wanted before.But when I read tears began to run on my cheeks.God told me in His word: "For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the LORD:but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word." (Isaiah 66:2)
I was amazed and overwhelmed!I thanked and praised the Lord!
It brought so much joy to my heart and God gave me more peace in my heart than I had before!It is amazing!

Also these last days we had huge traffic on blog and website!We were excited to see it and amazed!It was something!What a blessing from the Lord!We do believe it was miracle from the Lord!

I`m so sorry if it took you some time to read.But I would love to add some details in this incredible adventure and wonderful blessing from the Lord.More details why we believe it is from the Lord.

      1. A while time ago God opened our eyes about kids with special needs, especially about kids with Down syndrome.We were blown away to hear all information.At same time God gave a vision how minister to these kids.We understood God wants we do something for them!

     2. God had lead us to a conference more than year ago where we got HUGE knowledges about these kids!We were shocked and so thankful to the Lord!We were very much impressed and struck because we knew nothing about them, only little bit!

     3.  After conference we decided to change a program for these kids, teach them more deeply etc.And God bless each journey much, even more than we expect each time!

      4. An one little girl with D.S. has found a family in America through our ministry.It was the first adopting in this mental institution(where we minister) during whole their life!We hope more children with D.S. will find families.More read here and watch video here.
      5. We began Bible lessons more than a year ago in orphanage where are children(only girls) with special needs.God bless much!We are so exciting!We had before only program there.

     6.After many prayers we began Bible lessons to kids(only boys) with special needs in one more orphanage too.There we had only program too.Is not amazing miracle?!

       7. God blessed very much our journeys to orphanages to kids with special needs, when Abbie and Sarah from ABC News have been here.

       8.We have piece in our hearts about it.

      9.God blessed us in doing website.We saw many blessings during this time.Abbie found us through the website.

     10. We made a lot of videos in different orphanages that will edit a special video and will place it on internet, social network  etc. and leave a link of our website.Abbie and Sarah did same video what we did, even in same some orphanages and even same ideas and same places!Wow!Each time We were speechless and amazed!We could not believe by our eyes!We only did not have a time to make like a one short film-video about 5-8 minutes and place it on the internet. Is not God`s way?
But it was not on television news as I said above.But that is ok for us. :)

      11.Well the next it will seem crazy but truth. :) I all time joked and told to the team.I would like do everything I can that all world will know about orphans here.I did mean many countries. I will not surprise, if you will think crazy girl. :) Really as every person.What I can do???NOTHING!I`m dust of earth and sinner of sinners!!!And I do crazy things sometimes...
Did I know it can be real?ABSOLUTELY NOT! I even did not think about it. I only joked and did not think it can be sooo real! I even did not pray about that.It would be crazy to pray about it! I only laughed!
All glory and praise belong only to ALIVE God!

     12.But most of all important for us, God told us in the Bible about it in middle of February.We only did not know what it is?In a week after God told us it, we received an e-mail from correspondent of ABC NEWs as I said above.

 Well I think of these points are enough to understand is it God`s will.

So, for today we do not know what will happen in future.Will it bring any blessings to our sweet precious kids?We do not know the end of these all things.Probably it`s only beginning?or probably it is the end?You never know.We do know NOTHING. But one thing we have and know.We have absolutely perfect God`s peace in our hearts.And we are amazed by it!We are thankful to the Lord for this thing for most of all!
We thank ABC News and especially to those who was involved in this project, to help orphaned kids in Ukraine to have a better future.
We thank God for everything He already has done!It was incredible and awesome!God showed and  taught us what He can do!God is sooo good!!!
And we thankful for your prayers.It`s would not be happened without all of you!
 Please, will you pray with us about God`s will and that He will do what is in His plans?Thank you!
 One more verses what God told to my heart yesterday.Hope it will bring you blessing too. :)
 "He doth execute the judgment of the fatherless and widow, and loveth the stranger, in giving him food and raiment. Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God; him shalt thou serve, and to him shalt thou cleave, and swear by his name. He is thy praise, and he is thy God, that hath done for thee these great and terrible things, which thine eyes have seen." (Deuteronomy 10:18; 20-21) KJV
 Director of BOM, brother Misha would love to share with you a Bible verse too and to be part of this ministry.
"Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy."(Proverbs 31:8-9)
 Thank you, that you found a time to read it!Blessings! :)

December 26, 2011

A special blessing

I`m so exciting to share with you about visitation we had last week.God is so good to us and He blessed our visit of orphans!The hall was full of children who were sitting and listen soooo quietly that you could hear how "the fly flies".  :)We were amazed!Wow!
 It was last orphanage where we had our program with Jonah.And last orphanage which we visited in this 2011 year.In few days will begin New Year, new plans, new dreams, new trials probably and new blessings and everything just new...

Many of you are sweet faithful followers know what we do during our this program.Same Bible story, puppet show,games etc.But not same faces, impressions, blessings, smiles, eyes etc.Every visitation is very different, as every orphanage is different too.We were very blessed!

At this time we had such amazing and wonderful meeting with sweethearts!We were excited and praised the Lord!

 Puppet show to smallest ones.When they saw puppets they were amazed and so happy  to see them!

Song with children about Jonah. Kids liked it very much and they asked us to sing it again!Oh, it was so sweet!We were happy to see their smiles and asked us to sing more!

On video a game.For those who do not know.During this game children pass on a toy-whale while music play.When music stops, a child should give answer on question about Jonah, Bible story what they listened before.
 I know you will not understand what we are saying.But I would like that you will see how children excited by this game.It was fun!And they gave correct answers! :)

The next picture is our beloved game by children, to catch fish what helps to learn Bible verse, as you already know. :)
Oh, we were impressed and happy how they loved this game, as in every orphanage!They all wanted to play and lifted their hands to choose for game.

Look at this sweet boy.How he was happy that he hooked the fish!

After singing our new song, we gave sweets to children.

That is not all! We have very special blessing!Do you remember I have told you a while time ago that we do not have school supplies to orphans more(in the end of post)?There was last orphanage where we delivered school supplies.

Yes, we did not have!And we did not hope to help more orphans...But not our rich God who has everything for those who He loves and cares!Jesus has blessed and we were able to present 17 sport balls to the orphanage as they asked us a some time ago.Oh, you needed to see their eyes!How children were happy to receive it!How they were excited and enjoyed!

 Director Misha represents balls

 Look how they are happy!Isn`t amazing?

 In some time when we did not hope and we decided to leave it.God sent a huge blessing!
In times when you give up, God lift up your hands.  :)
We are so happy and grateful to those who has blessed,  who helped us to deliver school supplies to orphans! We could not help 760 orphans but we could to help 670 !Isn`t amazing! Yes, we had moments when we lost faith and did not hope to help them.But alive God see needs and blesses just in time!What a awesome God we serve!

Thank you so much to be wonderful blessings in many ways to orphans!Thank you so much for your prayers, donations, shares about these sweet and precious ones and for each little step in it.Blessings!

Bible Orphan Ministry on television tonight ABCnews!

Well.I was going to share with you a one more blessing we have.But we have one more amazing HUGE blessing about that we have found today! We are thrilled and so excited! I`m speechless!I can not tell you what I feel and how my knees and hands are trembling. Dear sweet friends, we need your prayers.Will you pray for our ministry?We know you do!

Don't miss Reece's Rainbow on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer TONIGHT (12/26) and Bible Orphan Ministry as well.

Here is a preview! Be sure to set your DVRs if you aren't able to see it!
Please, wait till advertising finish.Thanks!    
My English is horrible, so sorry... :)

Enjoy! Blessings during  these special holidays!

Here is a link

Having visited them and having shared our love

Last week we could visit an orphanage where have been recently and we were invited for their special holiday.As now is season of holidays in Ukraine and in whole world too. :)
We were very happy to see these sweethearts and have shared our love with them.They had songs, poems, theater play, etc.You could see how children worried because in hall was a big crowd.But they did it very well!

In the end of program when director of orphanage told to children that we came to see them(most of them did not know we came and we were sitting in the end of hall), hall had vivified and buzz began there and they all began to clap up hands.They were excited to see us!It was such blessing!

When director of BOM had let them know we will not have program as every time,so kids were upset.So, we did not have program because was not time for it, they needed to go for dinner.But director of BOM, brother Misha could speak some and share the Gospel a little.

In the end we could to give them packing of candies.It was such a blessing for kids!God has blessed us and we could to share this blessing with over 190 orphans!We had 4 full boxes of candies!Wow!

What a blessing was for our sweet little friends!
We were so happy to see these sweet kids and give them our hugs and having shared our love!Children were happy not smaller than we to see us.

We learned that several kids are at hospital.As this hospital is in other city but it`s not far from this orphanage, we wanted to give our love and hugs to those who lonely and think they are forgotten by all.Do you know when orphans are at hospital nobody visits them? :(

When we saw them they had let us know that have no toys to play, no books to read etc.And they feel bored there and want to home.A sweet one Vova even weeped , he wanted to see his grandmother and a nurse could not comfort him.She told us that.We were sorry to see them in these conditions.Think only moment, you are sick, nobody visit you, you have nothing in hospital room, only beds and several sick on them and you feel lonely and bored.Nobody visit you while you there, nobody bring you something, no tell you warm words and no give hugs.It`s very sadly. :(
But in little later Vova laughed.We gave presents to boys from Jesus.Did they were glad?Absolutely!!!

Vova liked box from candies and he asked to give it to play.

While we spent time with boys, they felt so well that even began to play with brother Misha :)
When we said goodbye, boys looked happy and excited.We were glad to see their smiles and joy on faces.
It was sadly to leave them there...We can only pray for them that God will keep them in his hands, to care about their needs,will heal them and protect from evil.

We came back to home late but were sooo blessed to visit orphans and having shared with them our love and Jesus love.

Very soon I`m going to share with you one more very special blessing!Thank you for coming back here!Blessings! :)

December 20, 2011

Joy to abandoned ones

Well.I`m very happy and finally can share with you about wonderful visit of girls in mental institution we had recently.But first I would love to thank you for return and be faithful readers and followers of blog!We appreciate it very much!

God had blessed not only successful visit to girls but provided their physical needs too.We were so happy to bring them, with what God blessed us!

People donated clothes, gloves, shoes.Also we were able to buy chemical stuff and diapers.Isn`t amazing blessing?
Administration of orphanage were very glad and thankful very much!We pray we can help more with diapers.As there are 90 girls with special needs, years of age 4-35, they have a real big need with it.They necessary about 1200-1300 diapers for a month!That is a lot!Also they have a need with overclothes, winter coats, wintery jacket etc.

Next I would like to show you photos and videos what we could do there with girls.
First we had meeting with small ones.In this room were heaviest children from this group.The others could not be with us.We were upset a little.Reason because government officials arrived at this day.
And we understood that is not good for us to go to an orphanage when there is any official, because administration, children and staff are busy and can not be with us full time.We knew it before and never did.
But probably director forgot to let us know about it when we called to him, do not know.But anyway we had a wonderful time with kiddies and they were so and so happy!They were so impressed and excited by games and especially puppet show!
But God used our coming there, I will tell you little below. :)

After singing, puppet show and Bible story, we had several games with children.Hope you are not tired yet to see and hear about Jonah. :)  We have one more orphanage where we will go with this program tomorrow.And probably it is last orphanage with this program.

Puppet show.They were excited sooo much that even a small girl began to jump.And some of them clapped up hands.I love it! Is not sweet?How they are precious and adorable!


Next we taught kiddies to pass on a toy to the next one and to spin around themselves.Nannies were very sweet and they helped us with games.When they told us that some girls can not play at this game, they understand nothing.We said that is ok, even they will touch to a toy, that will be perfect.That was interesting, who understand nothing, as nannies told us, they could to play games too.

 We try to break stereotype of staff and think about  children with special needs, by games, songs etc.That many of them understand many things.Yes, they can not do, because staff do not train them.But they are as all children, want to play, to learn, touch, try etc. 

Yes, it is not easy but we do what we can.But most we are happy to see smile and impress kids!That they will be happy and bring a joy and love to them.To bring positive emotions to them and give our hugs.Because as many of you know, children in mental institution are forgotten and abandoned for survival...

After we did catch a fish.As many of you know this game already. They did real good! Girls were excited very much by game!And they loved stickers we gave to them.

A short video

Look how she is happy!

Puppet show again

Girls were so much impressed and happy!Oh, how they enjoyed by puppets!

Several girls did not have any reaction because they are blind...It is so heavy to see it and understand you can not help...I only ask oneself and pray, Lord, how we can help?What we can do to make easier their life?What we can do they will not suffer?What we can do to give a chance to live if only little better and give a wish to live?
 I think being in this mental institution, where nobody hug or kiss you, where nobody tell you warm words, only yelling and reproaches,nobody spend time with you, someone take your hand and guide you somewhere do not explain, someone feed and wash you.You feel lonely and unwanted by sitting whole day on bench nothing  doing.It even words can not describe...I feel sometimes guilty that can not help...

In the end we could give candies and bananas to children.What a blessing was to children.

Also we could give candies and bananas to small kids who were not with us.Oh, how they were happy to see us!They had run to hug and kiss.And began to scream!It was scream of joy! :) They were excited so much!!!I even can not describe it by words! But we could not be with them for a long time because we needed to be with older girls, who waited for us.

Isn`t she cute and precious?I just want to hug her very much! :)

In next group for older girls we had all same games, song with gestures, very simple Bible story etc.And we had a wonderful time!!!

As we wanted that children take part in story too.We chose a Jonah.In group for small girls Nina helped us, such kind and smart girl.But in this group all (we know who can) girls hesitate to play a role.I would say they doubt or inadequacy than hesitate :(
So, we took Nina again.And she was happy very much to be Jonah again.She was in both groups.

We liked very much when they heard voices of sea-gull, whale and noise of the sea during story.They were soooo quiet and listened VERY attentively.It was such amazing and wonderful moment!!!

Here is a game where we taught them to pass a toy.

And the next game :)

Oh, how were happy girls when they hooked fish!It was something!
Olga is happy by her stickers.

Here we sing a song about Jonah with gestures.They like it!
Nina our helper, so sweet girl, she loved so much this song and to be with us that she tried to sing it and did not want to leave us.She is in the end of video in pink sweater.What a lovely girl.She is so kind, communicative and smart.We were amazed to see her ability.If I could, I would take her to home.But she is 18 years old.

During our time with older girls we had a blessing.We were going to one more group of kids.But director came into group and asked us to sing more songs.It was blessing that government officials could hear Gospel songs until they were there! Wow! Isn`t amazing officials could to hear about Jesus through songs?

In the end we gave chocolate candies and bananas to girls too.

It sadly was to hear that several more girls were transfered here.It is so and so sad and heartbreaking to know and see it...

But in same time, we had amazing and blessed time!We praise God!We would love to thank you very much for prayers!We are sure God bless us because many of you pray and lift up your hands of prayer and your hearts to Jesus and ask Him to help!Thank you!Just thank you to be blessing for us!
We very hope very soon to visit them again but it after New Year.

December 17, 2011

about mighty God and perfect peace in heart

With these sweethearts who you see on picture, we could have Bible lesson.Aren`t they just sweet and nice?They hold torches in the hands, having made it during  the lesson.Look how they are happy.Love them! :)

But first we would love to thank you dear friends, for your prayers.We feel it and see God`s hand in ministry.And we have one more huge blessing!I will tell you little later.We are sooo glad and amazed by God gracious!

Also we are grateful for your prayers for pastor Misha.He feels much better and he able to be in ministry every time.We praise Lord and THANKFUL to you on behalf all BOM team.God`s graciousness and mercifulness is so HUGE and without ending.Director of BOM and pastor of Church recovers very quickly, thanks by your hot and faithful prayers and by God`s huge mercy! He is grateful very much to all of you!!!  What a blessing to have alive Church of Christ! We love you all! :)

This time we spoke about all-powerful, mighty and live God. Who can do miracles with His strength and through small quantity of people. 
Do You remember history about Gideon? (Judges 6-7) About thirty-two thousand men volunteered to help Gideon, but God had other plans. He came to Gideon and said, "Gideon, there are too many men to help you. When you defeat the Midianites with this many men you will say 'We did it by ourselves'. I will not get the glory I deserve. Lead these men to the hills, and I will tell you which ones I want you to take."

Gideon did as God had asked. God chose only three hundred men to fight against a million Midianites.

He was the "least of his family" (Judges 6:15) but with God's help he would become a mighty warrior.  Gideon felt very unsure most of the time about how God was going to follow through but God didn't give up on him and reassured him that with His help he could do it.  
 God has made the miracle, having granted a victory through small quantity of people, only three hundred men. Isn't amazing!?
We might feel small, young, weak, insignificant but with God we can become something special, powerful, a mighty warrior!  God can give us special powers if we trust him and do His will.

Here are some pictures of that, what we did there. :)

We learned with kids a new song.It was not about Gideon, we do not have a song about him.It is sadly.We should find next time or think up. :)
But this new song children liked very much and they asked us to sing several times that we and did.

After the Bible history we played a game, named "to Fire torches".
Our game was based off the fact that Gideon and his army carried torches. So, the kiddos attached flames to the top of the torches if they answer a question from the story correctly.It was funny, children liked it.They all wanted to play this game! :)

Also they very much liked game "A tumble barley bread".  To strengthen belief of Gideon, God has told to him to go to a camp of Madianites with his servant Phurah and he will hear that speak and his hands will become stronger. He has heard a dream which has dreamed one of soldiers that barley bread tumbled on a camp Madianites. Judges 7:13

The game essence was in that. That children tried not to be Midianites. And while music played they should pass on to each other this bread. If music has stopped and who had bread in his hands this minute, he should say. "The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!"

I thought children will not like so much this game.But I wasn't right, they liked it very much and also they enjoyed this game soooo much! Then in the end of lesson we have given to each of children a pieces of this bread. And they were VERY happy!!!

Next pictures where we with children made torches.There also was phrase which we learned."The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!" :)

Kids liked their torches very much!

They were running at class and cried "The Sword of the Lord and Gideon!" "The sword of the Lord and Gideon!" They enjoyed their torches and it was fun!!!

Kids love to make pictures! :)

At this time in a next class, Sasha and Lyuba had a meeting with teenagers.

They spoke about the perfect peace in heart. How to have it, to whom God gives the peace in heart, what can destroy and why we lose it etc.

Lyuba with teens girls.

Also they sang a lot of songs and had fun.
"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus". (Philippians 4:7)

 We were blessed to have time with orphans!We are blessed to bring Gospel to them and teach God`s word! What a blessing from the Lord! We are sooo happy and grateful to the Lord! We praise Him and glorify Him for each moment and opportunity to be with these sweethearts and lovely kids!

Very soon I am going to share with you about wonderful visit of girls in mental institution we had. Come back soon.Blessings! :)))


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