November 25, 2014

More firewood for the kiddies!

Pretty excited! The Children's Home has more firewood! Yay! They had a great need and director felt heartsick and worried as they had no money for it.The foresty has started to work and some part of the firewood was delivered.

The foresty has brought more firewood that BOM has paid for.So, today a darling little children stay warm and safe thanks your tender care and generous love!Thank you so very much!!!!

Also we bought a special covering but it seems that not enough and need cover firewood from the rain and snow.The problem that it is hard to find and became in twice expensive! Ohh!

Prices in Ukraine grows up extremely fast! Many items became expensive on %30-50-%100! :(
It becomes colder and frosty! Brr! Not every orphanage has enough firewood...Sad. But we are very happy those little kiddies stay warm!Praise God!!!

November 24, 2014

New update about current project

So excited to share with you one more awesome blessing!We visited the orphanage again!Yay!

Well. We finish our current project. Thanks to your generous love, kindness, and tender care, it happened SO fast! Thank you!Thank you!THANK YOU from bottom of our hearts! You answered to the calling take care of orphans, so quick!Wow!

Thanks your precious gifts of love BOM blessed kids with thermoses what will help them greatly stay warm in cold days or when they will have a trouble with heating. In Ukraine it may happen often.Also soap, personal care items, medicine, chalk, lamps and other needed items. Yes, sometimes orphanage can not buy even electric lamps or chalk... Director was greatly impressed and so grateful! 

You won't believe but we were not able to find those thermoses! No where!!! We went to many stores. The only one lady brought all she has found on bazar!Because all people buy lots of, lots of them and send it to the East of Ukraine, to Ukrainian army and hungry people... The lady thought that we are buying thermoses for army too.

Our thanks never will be enough...We thank you heartily.THANK YOU again!!!!

November 22, 2014

A little update about current project

How wonderful!!! How merciful Lord Jesus!!! Thank you! Thank you very much! Thanks your participation, we could raise 90% of needed funds for the current project! Praise God!!!! Oh, how good the Lord Jesus to these precious kiddies!...

We were able to visit these beloved ones.

Do you see this poor doggie, who tries to keep warm? Well. This is temporary stove where chefs cooked food for so many children... Several times for a day. It seems that stove was still warm.

 We could provide candles and charging very well lamps. Director was so surprised as she didn't expect that we come so late (in darkness) and will help in their need. It was urgent and vital! How we could not come? She greatly and warmly thanked. So, we greatly thank you all! :)

As today Ukrainian people don`t know what happen tomorrow... Because of the war, economic situation, gas issue etc. Many people are greatly concerned and buy those charging lamps, flashlights. So, it is even not easy to find it! We took all a store had.

This how lamp gives a light. But because flash of camera it is impossible to see.

So many local residential places still do not have electric power. :(   The ice was so heavy and so much that broke so so many trees, electric wires etc.

But today orphanage has an electric power! Yay! So, kiddies stay warm thank to mercy and goodness of the Lord Jesus! Many, many of you prayed, donated and shared of the great need! Oh, how we can thank you all? Your generous love and care warmed over hundred kiddies! When they saw BOM team, you would see how they were happy! :) They saw that they are not alone and someone loves them! How wonderful!
Director shared with us. It was so hard when children were afraid go a bathroom in darkness or feed them in dining room. And how they all felt cold. It was terrible! 

We were not able provide everything they need as we could not find it. So, in few days we are gonna come back to the orphanage again.

But we thank God that many of you opened hearts to these sweet kids. If they will not have electric power. The winter only begins and everything can happen. Those  little treasures will not be sitting down in darkness at least :) We are so happy children stay warm today!Praise God!!!

November 21, 2014


Dear Friends, with a humble hearts we ask you to save orophaned children from terrible cold and darkness! My hands are trembling to typing...and eyes full with tears.Our hearts are broken and we are greatly concerned about these suffering kids...

Few days we had rain with snow, wind and icing. Many electrical wires are broken in over 600 residential places no electric power in Ukraine. Our oblast mostly was harmed.

We ask you URGENTLY pray for 135 orphaned children, who stayed today without electricity power, water and heat in the orphanage due weather condition! The pipe what keeps warm building has burst. So, children feel cold, sitting in darkness and cookers cook a meal outside in such cold weather...It is awfully!!!

The temperature inside of the buildings is terribly cold! Director asks us to help with candles, thermos make tea that keep children warm, maybe charging flashlight etc. We have few charging flashlights what we have bought for young adults, who under BOM supports. Because our government was going to save electricity and turn off every day for some period. We had to be ready... But thanks God it did not happened and we have electric power in our homes today. But we give those charging flashlights to many more poor souls, who suffer today. And we need to buy it more...

Yesterday I got a call from a young lady. She studies at a training college.
-Alla, I'm in a big trouble. It is a catastrophe...I do not have place where to go...
-What happened?
-College doesn't have light power, heat and water. They told us go home till Monday. They hope maybe they will fix it till Monday-Tuesday.

Many students went homes. But how to be for the orphan, who does not have place where to go???... I can imagine the fear of this young lady... Thanks God we have found a temporary place for this precious girl.

But HOW to be these precious children, who feel cold and sitting in darkness in the evenings and nights today???I believe many of them pray today and ask Jesus to save them from cold!Oh, my!

We are looking for ANYTHING to bless them....Please, pray for these poor children and God will help them in their vital needs. We will update and let you know as soon as possible.

We kindly ask you to help them with ANY amount, if you can... A small gift of love may warm their not only little bodies and save from sickness but warm their precious hearts and show the care and love of Christ. Please, send your gift of love through PayPal Thank you very much! 
And we ask you to share this need. It is vital and urgent! We are going today to the orphanage to bring what we can. But they need much more...Thanks.

November 19, 2014

What's it like to be an orphan

What's it like to be an orphan and at orphanage? Are they happy?What's it like there?What is life like in an orphanage as a child? and lots of similar questions more and more people ask.

Every child has their own story... Every child passes through his own life road and has different experience and feelings.But at same time they have same feelings and emotions. Every child wants to be loved and feel protected...

So, here's a very little story of orphan girl what she went through and felt being at orphanage.

  • She remembers very well her first day at an orphanage, even it is gone many years since that...She was 9 years old when got there. She remembers well promises of her mother come back and take away home in several months. She waited her, waited that special day daily but it never happened.
  • This little girl remembers well, when her hair was cut off very soon. She felt terrible as all girls looked as boys with very short hair. She did not wish look as a boy. She knew a girl should look like a girl with long hair. She degraded. But no one paid attention on her tears.
  • She was transferred to different orphanages several times. New classmates, new teachers, new friends. She felt stressful a little. As in every orphanage she had left friends, she always was so excited to get a letter from some. It was like a balm for a afflicted soul. Years later when she became a teen, this girl got a letter from a Christian lady, she kept it gently many, many years. She often opened it and re-read with such desire and carefully each word as she was reading it at first time.
  • In one of orphanages weekends were worst days for this girl. You can not go where you want, only spend time in the yard of the orphanage. She wandered and did not know what to do...She felt sad and depressed. 

  • At the age of 12 years old very often she was standing near window, cried and dreamed to have wings that fly away from the orphanage, somewhere where she would feel better... To be with someone, who would give a simple hug and where she would feel loved and happy. She dreamed to be at home... In a loving home...
  • But at same time she did not wish to be at home...Because parents even they did not live together were fighting and yelling. She cried a lot and pleaded parents to stop. But tears did not help...Mother never understood her and beat her up with no reason by everything she had in her hand. This girl grew as abused child. She was very scared. When the child was beaten up again she run away to a forest where felt protected at that moment. She cried and wandered at the forest. She thought when she would grow up and become adult she would build a tiny home for herself and live on the tree.
  • Became a teenager she started to hate her mother that she beat her up with no reason. That mother never hold her promises. She kept bitterness in her heart and stopped to trust her mother...
  • At the orphanage nothing belongs you. If orphanage gives you a clothes it can be too big size or such condition that teenagers feel embarrassed to wear it.One pair of shoes, boots or clothes a child should wear several years. Even it looks worn out. Orphanage cannot provide more. One pair of socks can be given once a year. This girl doesn't remember, when underwear was given to children...
  • The clothes, shoes any your belongings can be stolen by children or caretakers.
  • Together with all girls she hidden everything under mattress. It was an one safe place for your belongings. Even a caregiver yelling because everything should be clean. But it was a place, where children could hide their own things.
  • She never got a gift and never celebrated a Birthday and grew as neglected child... 
  • Every day was same. She felt herself like in jail... One day she has run away, when was going home for summer holidays from the orphanage. Because she felt unwanted at home, no one waited her and at same time she felt like prisoner at the orphanage. The police was looking her for a month...
  • Children do not know their rights there. When she graduated the orphanage. Caretaker told her give back the jacket what orphanage gave to the girl. So, leaving the orphanage she had not a jacket.
  • She was a witness of humiliation of human dignity, offence when caretakers beat up a children. Or children terribly humiliate other children. Yes. She was scared.You should protect yourself.
  • Several times local guys, who came to the orphanage hiddenly and classmate tried to rape her. This 15 years old girl cried and begged him to let her go. She was trying to jump from the second floor to run away from classmate but she was afraid. The classmate turned on music loudly did not listen her and told, you can scream no one will hear you. She was very scared, cried and pleaded him to let her go.This soul felt unprotected and alone...
  • She felt terribly when teen boys came to girls bedroom and spent nights with them. She wanted run away at that moments...  But how and where to go?
  • She was angry, felt pain and bitter betrayal when the best friend spent a night with a local guy and he bought a new pants and shoes for her. Everyone knew it and laughed at her. She could not protect because her classmates girls beaten her friend up no once...The girl knew, she was weak physically to protect her friend.
  • Humiliation, not understanding, unprotection, violence she could not accept this all and felt unhappy. At teen age she started to think is it sense of life, if no one understand you? Is happiness real? And what is happiness???She felt pain and felt depressed. It seemed that she was necessary to nobody...

  • After leaving the orphanage she did not feel as a normal kid. She felt guilty as teachers at the orphanage always told to children, you will be same like your parents, alcoholic, go to jail or become a prostitute. So, she never told to people she was at orphanage and where she grew up. She knew society will not accept her as they think "children are bad from orphanages".It humiliared her. She wanted to be and live as a normal kid...
But one wonderful day Jesus came and healed her broken heart. She heard from Christians about Jesus with such a great desire and she felt herself as a thirsty soul to know more and more about God`s love.She prayed very hard with tears and asked to save her and change her life. All bitterness, pain, loneliness, emptiness in the heart, hatred, Jesus Christ took away and filled her heart with joy, peace, forgiveness, love and happiness. 

Today this girl became a young lady, who serves same orphans and brings hope. If you don't know yet this girl was I...Jesus Christ is only one, who can give hope, joy and fill your life with a sense.To God be the glory!

I hope it will help you understand, why this( and not only this) but all ministries to orphans are so important! And why we cherish your prayers and wonderful support. I hope it will help you to understand if only a little... what feel children in orphanages and why they are so happy to see visitors. Thank you so much make it possible for Bible Orphan Ministry!My love to all!

November 14, 2014

I will keep your gift...

So pretty excited! We had such a wonderful visit of girls today! It was so amazing time with these beautiful souls!

We didn't expect that...But when they saw the blue(our) van, they started to wave hands, screaming of the joy and were running to the meeting. I wish someone would take a video at that moment...Just in 5 minutes, all girls were sitting at the class and were ready to listen sitting so quietly with such attention. Love that! :)

We told them a Bible story about 10 commandments at this time. Before that we have been talking about road signs. What happened, if people break it...

We have formed a Mountain Sinai from several big and small boxes and then covered by a paper. It was not exactly what I wanted and tried to do before but it was fun. :) Make a cloud took us several days. I love how it worked out well!  It is not very well visible on the picture. But we can use it for many Bible stories. Hope, children will remember well the story.

Also we played different games.

It was so fun when they blew up balloons!

Thus we have learned and remember 10 commandments what we attached to the board on the table.

At the end we made a simple craft, Moses with commandments.

Girls enjoyed to color and make it.

But I would like to stop here and thank you, who send "gifts" to the orphans. It means so much not only for these young ladies but for all "our" children!!!

 Today as always we congratulated girls with their Birthdays. They never celebrate it, no one wish sweet and warm words, no one present them a gift, no cakes, no candles and so on and so on. Can you imagine that their Special day looks like as usual day, nothing special, no events? ... How would you feel, if no one did not call you over phone and congratulated you in your Special day? What you would think, if no one your friend and beloved one did not give you a hug and say special words? So, these all beautiful souls are deprived these special feelings and joy.

They were so happy to get a Birthday gift!

An one young lady approached me and said quietly, "I will keep your gift and will sleep with it to remember about you". Oh, my! Think. Just a small your gift means love. Love of God and care to the young lady...How priceless. Thank you! Thank you sending your love over ocean and through different countries.

Yep. Kittens have found a home at the orphanage. Girls feed them and try to keep them warm. On the picture not all kittens are present. There were lots of them!

Those kittens remind me of these young ladies, abandoned and thirsty of love and attention...

November 13, 2014

About Moses to boys

What a sweet and lovely time we had with boys! They are lost, abandoned, neglected and incarceration...But not forgotten by God!We thank God for the opportunity to visit them.

We told about Moses this time. How he was born, how God saved and protected him.

After song with movements we played a game.

The guys competed. Wins the one, who first drink milk from a baby bottle. It was very funny how all the children enthusiastically supported the guys. We did not expect such excitement and delight!

After that we told them story about baby Moses.As always boys were excited to dress up and wear a special outfit.  A. was so proud to play a role of mother holding a baby ;)

Then we played a game "To save baby Moses". Children had to move a basket with doll Moses down the river through the bulrushes by answering questions from the lesson on Baby Moses. It was so fun as they were so excited to move the basket!

Would pray please for caretakers of the orphanage?  God will change their hearts and make soft and loving. They not always wish that small boys come to Bible meeting, even director gave us permit that all boys(who wish) can come. We always have to go and ask them. Please, please... Boys just sitting and watch TV all day long...

A one caretaker did not want to let come this sweet boy and have fun with other children. Explaining that his behaviour was bad last time. Hmm. We do not remember that...Any way Oksana started to plead, 'Please, he will behave well this time. Only let him come and enjoy fellowship etc". Oh, my! You would see how he was happy and was running to join to other kids! He was sooo delighted and impressed take part in games! And he was so quiet as a mouse... Precious boy.

Also we played one more game learning a Bible verse. (Psalm 121:7) "The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul."  

Whoever gets the ball in the bucket had the right to burst the balloon, where inside have been hidden the words of the verse.

Boys especially loved to burst balloons!

Maybe someone has an opportunity send balloons here for a very good price ? :) We kindly ask you... It became very expensive here! We need lots of for many kids, different colors. For example. Simple 1000 balloons cost $67.00 -70.00 here (for today) :(  Exchange rate of $ changes every day here. We do not wish to leave precious souls of this simple joy and excitement but do not wish to waste money...Just let us know, please.

In the end we made a sandwich craft. A small part of sausage was a baby Moses wrapped in a piece of cheese. This all placed was in basket. Then boys ate their small sandwich. :)

They were so excited to do that and then eat!What a joy!

It was such a great blessing deliver these huge boxes with 137 pants for young men and small boys!

Thank you! Thank you so much who made it possible!Many thanks for supporting and sending all blessings! To God be the glory!

November 10, 2014

One more U.S. news article! :)

Hello Everyone! I really miss tell you here about wonderful blessings we have... What I really love, to share how God is so good and merciful! But we are busy, busy, busy always...Ah!

So, here is an one more link to the U.S. newspaper article, where BOM has been featured again. This time at Canton Repository.Interesting that each article is so different same as people in the world. :) Enjoy!

Much blessings and love!

Daniel Widder, 24, of Dover, got to bond with several Ukranian orphans during his trip there in late September. Here he is with an orphan boy, about 8 or 9 years old, as he distributed 128 quilts at an orphanage that were made by a group of 43 Dover women.

November 2, 2014

BOM in news article "The Bargain Hunter"!

I am so excited tell you that word about BOM is spreading! Recently, I shared with you what God is done in lives of sweet orphaned children, so many wonderful blessings!God is SO good!!!!!!!!!!!

So, here is article. There is made a mistake. Instead of Bible Orphan Ministry, spelled out Bible Hope Ministry. It will be corrected near future. :)

The Lord Jesus made so and sooooooo many wonderful things for precious kids. There are so much to say!

Daniel Widder will share his experience Nov. 9 at 1:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall at St. John's United Church of Christ. The church is located at 409 N. Wooster Ave. in Dover.

If you live close and would like to hear more about what is doing BOM. You are welcome!It will be great joy and blessing for us! :) May God bless you!!!!

November 1, 2014

A template for Jacob and Esau

 People asking for template of this craft, Jacob and Esau from this blog post. So, you can have templates for free. :)

To save these templates on your computer, simply right click on the image and select "Save As".  Now, you are ready to print!

Enjoy and God bless you! :)


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