May 25, 2017

The Lord feeds the orphans

We are so very excited to share with you all amazing blessing we have!

The director of the Children`s House phoned us and asked for help with the food some time ago. Because the institution does not have enough money for food.

These precious kiddies are so very sweet! They love visitors so much! Their hugs and kisses melt your heart. ♥ Very sad... But many of them are from very poor families, drugs or alcohol addiction... And many of these sweet kids transfer to orphanages when they get age 6 years old. :(

We prayed and asked the Lord to help to feed these sweet children.
We are so happy the Lord provides necessary funds to bless these little souls!

These little children will have food for a long time now! BOM was able to purchase rice, buckwheat, flour, sugar, sunflower oil, peas, pasta and more. It is over ton of food!!! Wow!!!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to bless little ones! Thanks a lot to care and love them! Many, many thanks to those, who made it possible and we praise God for His goodness and mercy!!!!

God is good all the time!!! :)


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