May 30, 2011

God is sooo good to us!

I was in shock when opened our blog in the morning and saw we have $1.055!  In the beginning i could not believe! I thought something wrong is with my eyes. Oh my goodness! What a blessing we have ! It is amazing! Big HUGE THANK you to some person who donated $500! Really we did not expect some one else will donate, because tomorrow last day.

How is good God to us, how He is great and amazing! Praise the Lord! We are overwhelmed! Do not have words...Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!We are so blessed!

May 29, 2011

Our shoping for graduates

In this post we would like to tell you more where and how we bought gifts to graduates to make real our Special Project and about our little journey.

God blessed us $525 in this time and we decided to go to another town and buy things we wanted. You may ask why we should to go to another city?

Here is answer. As we had not enough for all kids we needed to save some finances that it will be enough to all graduates. Because in town where we live things we wanted to buy is expensive much.In other city is biggest we call it bazar(market), where everything is very cheap.So, we went to another city to save finances that to help ALL kids.

I will try to describe all things we did in this day.It was really fun!

At 2.00 AM  (at night) we left our city drive to Khmel`nickiy where is one of biggest bazar in Ukraine. It took for us not much time i think, about 4 hours to get there.

What is bazar? It is a place in every big city or town even in some villages of Ukraine.Than bigger city it is bigger bazar. Or sometimes big city has several bazars.  This place is outside not in a building(usually). There you can buy things cheaper than in shops. On bazar you can buy clothes, food, things for house inside and outside, even furniture and cars. But for cars we have autobazar.

Ukrainians(most) loves bazar because you can higgle with seller and buy things cheaper.It depends from a person. But there are all time a lot of people. Sometimes it is hard come through a crowd.

 Also bazar not all time has a roof. In some places is cover very simple from sun, rain and snow. In some places is not cover. In summer it is very hot and people are wet, there no conditioners.In winter and damp weather is cold much and there no heaters. Usually people often are sick.They work there at any weather facilities. It is real heavy work.

If you are interest, here you can see several pictures of bazar.

When we were driving we met uprising of sun. It was so beautiful! 
It is so nice to meet sun uprising when all nature wake up,  everywhere are still quietly only birds begin to warble. I think it is the best time to pray to the lord. When everywhere is quietly and nothing do not divert you. You can meditate and think about the God.How He is amazing, how He is great and mercy, how He created so beautiful nature for His glory and our pleasures. How many miracles He has done in your life and how it is amazing to know Him as personal Saviour, Friend and the Lord! 

Jesus Christ often prayed at night time, when He could to be alone and spoken with His Father. At night and earlier morning is most quiet time and you can meditate and be closer to the Lord.

"My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up." Psalm 5:3

"Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early".Psalm 57:8

This is the name of the city Khmel`nickiy, where we bought gifts to orphans.For foreign people it is hard to pronounce. :) Ukrainian and Russian langues are real heavy to learn it.

Few pictures how is look this city and buildings in Ukraine.

The day was beautiful and sunny!When we arrived to bazar we were not sure yet what it is the best to buy. We were thinking to buy bed`s clothes and towels or kitchen utensils. We have found bed`s clothes is very expensive we had not enough finances.We decided to look for kitchen utensils.

As i told you this is the biggest bazar in Ukraine. You will need several days to walk around and see all places.So we had a map with ourselves where we marked places what we need that to save time. We "knew" places on the map what needed. We knew it will take all day long to find everything.We prayed much and asked the Lord to help us and lead to places we needed.Also we were blessed because not many people were on bazar in this day. It helps much to save time and many other things.We were glad!

We walked and asked about kitchen utensils. We were worried some that we will not have enough time to buy all we needed because bazar worked in this day since 8.00AM to 2.00pm we needed to buy to 81 kids.It is a lot ! All sellers told us they do not have so many!So, we looked for and prayed, looked for it and prayed.

Do you know what?! God answered on our prayers! He did lead us to a place where we could to buy ALL things we looked for and so many, for all 81 kids! Also prices were cheaper than we saw before!Also it was across the road where was our van!It did not need bring far away. Oh my goodness how we were happy! It was real God`s blessing!

Until sisters bought everything, Sasha could to pass out Gospel tracts and told people about Jesus Christ.


It took us several hours to load and buy everything!We should to came back several times, because were many boxes. But we were so happy it was so close to our van!How is God mercy to us!

The baggage of our van was full!Oh how we were blessed we could to buy to ALL kids, found everything in one place and it was close to us!Thank you, Lord!We were so glad and excited! We said all time "Great! Great! Great!"
 So blessed and happy we began to come back to home!!!

Here is several pictures of same town. In Ukraine many things are same, buildings etc.
Some shop

                                       Apartments where people live
                                              Stopping take bus, trolleybus etc.

This is the view behind of cities on the way.God created the Ukraine beautiful country.We really enjoy it and thankful to Him!

When you drive you can meet different animals, dogs, cats, goats, horses and cows on pasture.

                           You can meet individual cows or herd of cows.

                                                Village`s transport with hay

We came back to home in the evening.Yes, we got tired much but next day we were going to visit orphans and present to them gifts.So, after our long day we started to clean kitchen utensils and wrapped them, make gifts, as i said about that before.We are so thankful to the Lord He blessed us and gave a strength to do it!
We love this place of scripture:
 "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Thank you to each one for prayers and being of blessings for us and orphans in Ukraine! We cherish and appreciate it very much!BIG thank you!!!

Please, help her to have a better life...

Please, help her to have a better life.Please, help her to save from lonely and ignoring by everyone life.

In Eastern Europe is little girl who need your help to be happy do not be alone.
We are so blessed to see how Lord provides and bless our ministry! We are so thankful to you who still donate to Bible Orphan Ministry! Big HUGE thank you to you!

But we are worry about little girl Teri Lynn...Our friends enclose all their efforts that to find finances will help this little girl to find a family. Their goal is to help $3.500. Teri has only $230. Very soon she will be 6 years old. It is means she can be transfer to mental institution.

It is means she will sit all day long on bench, every day all same, she will not have any education, no one will not play with her, no one will not listen her, no one will not hug and kiss her, she will wear not new dress and her hair will shear, she will not wear hairpin or bobby pin, she will not have her own toy, she will not eat what she would like but she will eat what she will receive, she never will eat icecream or any sweets,she will be alone and ignoring by everyone.No one will not ask her what she would like to receive, she will not leave a place where she will live to see nature or people or life in different places.She will not feel how to be loved and protected.She will be lost in crowd.Can you imagine life like it?

Here is very short video a life of orphans in mental institution.

 Please, please, help her to save from this awful life!
Please, share and pray about her.Pray God will help her to send a family who can help her and give a better life.A family who will love and protect her.

Our friends have only few days!Please,visit this blog
Thank you!May the Lord bless you!

May 28, 2011

Gifts to graduates

As i promised to show you pictures of presents we presented to orphans which are going to leave orphanages.I`m so sorry i did not do it yesterday as i told to you.God is soooo good to us we could to visit 3 orphanages  not 2 as we thought!We got tired much.Some of us even missed a ministry at Church what we had yesterday in the evening. Yesterday was heavy much and day  of blessings for us. We are much happy!

I will let you know what we did yesterday and all our blessings in next posts.Here we would like to show you gifts to orphans.

As i told you earlier we were able to buy gifts to all kids!We bought a small saucepan, 2 dishes, 1 cup, and 1 spoon and fork to each child.
Yes, we could not buy what we wanted but we are so glad we were able to buy these things.Thank you so much for your blessings to ukrainian orphans! Really we are so happy!We are so blessed!

When we bought all these things we decided to cover of plastic special paper to make a gift that it will look nice. When we gave it to kids they were glad much and workers of orphanages were surprised!All directors of orphanages were glad we could to help a little and they were thankful to each of you!

Here are some pictures.
                                                  Many utensils :)

                                                Here is a gift for each child
                                                Gifts to 2 orphanages
                                                       This is how it look

Some of you we know already but some we do not know but we really so thankful to each of you!
Thank you to show the love of Christ to orphans, thank you for their care and helping them in their needs! Thank you to show God`s love and His care in acting about vulnerable and abandoned in Ukraine kids.We really appreciate it much!Thank you so much for your blessings! May the lord bless you!

"He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again." Proverbs 19:17 next post i will tell you more blessings what we have.

May 26, 2011


Dear friends, followers and readers we are so deep gratitude to each one who took a part to help us in Special Project to graduates!

We have $525 for orphans. Is not amazing it?! Is not a blessing from God? Is not it a miracle? This all would not be happened without all of you! Thank you so much on behalf of ukrainian orphans!
Thank you so much for your prayers and donation! We cherish each your little step in it, each prayer and each donation!
We  worried some what we would present to kids this year?We did not know what to expect. What will happen?

But our Lord Jesus is wonderful and great God! He is soooo good to us!He blessed and we can help orphans! Thank you soooooo much being blessing to orphans!

We already bought gifts to all 81 orphans!Wow!It is great! And tomorrow we are going to visit 2 orphanages what will have graduation.Please, pray for these children.They need our prayers all time.

Tomorrow i will post pictures of presents to orphans and tell more about it.Thank you so much! Our hearts are full of gladness and we are so happy! What a blessing we have!It is amazing!May the Lord richly bless you!

May 23, 2011

great blessing!

When i got up in the morning and opened our blog i was shocked!We have $500 for graduates!Oh, my goodness! It is great blessing! Thank you so much everyone for donation and prayers!It is amazing!We are sooooo glad!!!

What a blessing we have!Thank you! Thank you so much!

Please, please, keep praying and help if you can!We have only 3 days to help orphans!

If you want to know more and have a desire to donate,please visit this blog you!

just letting you to know

Thank you so much to each one for prayers! last few days we had a great time with orphans!God is sooo good to us, He blessed and we had amazing time and journeys! We could to visit 3 orphanages!Tomorrow we are going to visit some more kids!
I will try to post as soon as i can.I`m so sorry but we are much busy. Hope you will understand. Thank you! Please, keep praying! Thank you to each one! :)

May 19, 2011

What did we do last Saturday?

We are so busy right now that i do not have a time to post!I`m so sorry! We are going to orphanage tomorrow, also Saturday and next week on Monday and Tuesday.We need to be ready. Simply the head is going round!Please, pray for us!Thank you!

So,what did we do last Saturday?God blessed and we could to visit orphanage what we visit regularly!We could to have Bible lesson with kids and had meeting with teens!What a blessed day we had!

Bible lesson with children

At this time class was full of children!We were so happy!

As all time we congratulated our kids with their birthday what they had.Did they were happy!Of course!When they, came back to the their places, they showed the gifts to other children.They were glad!

Then when we have studied a new song, have remembered last Bible story, Nadja has shown an object lesson.She has shown them two eggs, an one has been boiled, and other crude.If to look, it is difficult to define.  They are of the identical size and color.Children tried to twist that to define what egg was crude, and what boiled.
When children have defined where egg was crude. Nadya has explained to children. The egg what is not turn, it is heavier for breaking, when  break up about boiled egg etc.Also heart of the Pharaoh was cruel and proud, didn't want to humbled  to release the Hebrews from Egypt.
After that children could hear Bible history, about ten Egyptian plagues.

After that we were able to play with children in games that they have better remembered Bible story.
Here children chose plague, told about it and placed on a blackboard.

                                        In the end we had such pyramid of a plagues.

The following game of Nadya has conducted. Children chose plastic eggs at number what they wanted, and answered a question on the Egyptian plague.
It was very simple game. We didn't think at all and did not expect children with such big desire will want to play in it.As always was a lot of interested to play and did pull upwards the hands that have chosen them to play!What a joy!

Also we have studied the Bible verse.
"I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour."  Isaiah 43:11
And could to play game that children have remembered the verse. It was the big blessing when some children told the Bible verse for memory.

As always in the end we did a craft, a locust. As it was one of 10 plagues which God sent to Egypt. We used a clothespin and a color chenille stem.

Each child colored the locust of color what they wanted.On a locust have placed the Bible verse that learned at a lesson. That to save time we printed it in advance and have distributed to children.Children very much rejoiced to it!
Also we didn't expect that children will ask from us color chenille stems more!

It is very easy material with which children like to work. From it it is possible to do various crafts. We try to change whenever possible crafts that children would develop and learned to work with different materials.At present we haven't enough color chenille stems. Can you please to help us? We  don't have such in Ukraine. It is  pleasant to children very much!Thank you!

Here is example

Meeting with teens

As this day was solar and very warm. Sasha and Lyuba had a meeting with teenagers in the street.They also had a magnificent meeting!
Children sang and glorified Lord in the beginning of meeting
Then Sasha said and taught that to everyone loving God all becomes to good.And if they love the Lord should trust Him with all heart.
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Then they had time for games.They had very and very much fine time!

When we left, we said goodbye to children.Seemingly  children didn't want to disperse too...
Most of all it was regrettable and hurt for children of senior pupils. We won't see children even three months! It is a lot of! Children and we miss throughout this time.

 We saw children of senior pupils last time probably.In May, 27th the next Friday they will have a graduation..
And we don't know or we will see them once again. We very much want to congratulate, say goodbye to them and to present  gifts about which we ask the Lord to help us.

When we have left orphanage, the heart was compressed, became sick for them. Nobody knows that waits for them ahead... What difficulties they will meet? What expects them in the future, God knows only.

Tears act from eyes when you reconsider their photos. You remember how many all we have worried together. How many afflictions and pleasures, how many tears and blessings, how many experiences and the happy moments. So many the different and blessed moments! You look at their photos and you see as they have grown! Can not believe how they grow fast!

All children throughout 6 years visited Bible lessons. Many of them asked Jesus to saved them! And we are so  glad! We trust and we hope that the seed sowed in their hearts will bring in due time a fruit. Only when? It is a matter of time...

We ask you please help us to bless orphans, to say goodbye to them, probably to see last time on this earth...
We have already $250! And we are so glad to it and are grateful to those who has offered!
If the Lord gives you desire, please visit this blog of our Friends, who is doing a great work to help us, help orphans and little girl Terry Lynn who soon will be transmit to an mental institution.  There you can learn all details. Thank you so much and God bless you!


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