January 20, 2011

They missed for us and we missed for them

"We  missed for you much! We miss you often!" These words we have heard today all time when we came to visit orphans in orphanage, where are mental retarded girls.Of course, we missed for them too!When we came there they run to us to hug and kiss.It was so nice!

We had a great time with children!God blessed us much!We had more than 45 children on Bible lesson.Yes, it is a little hard when in one not big room are 50 people(with team). But we all were happy to see each other!

In the begining of meeting we congratulated 2 girls with Birthday and presented to them a Birthday gift toy.How they were happy! They smiled, their faces were shine and they showed to everyone a toy what they got!
After we continue a meeting with children.We told to them Bible story Tower of Babel, sang songs, have played games and in the end of lesson they made craft about Tower of Babel with Bible verse.They liked much their craft.Children liked most off all to build a tower from cardboard boxes. They enjoyed it.It was fun for them much. When children have done everything, we gave them sweet marsh-mallow.

Oh, dear Friends, you need to see their happy faces!We could give them just a one little marsh-mallow to each child.But they were sooooo happy!We have heard all time.Wow!It so sweet, it is so nice.They were much happy to got these.Many children never did eat it before!Can you believe it?! They all were shine, some children jump when they got it and show their hands that they like it! We were happy to see their happy faces!

The team pass out tracts and Christian literature to employers of orphanage also.Our Director of ministry Michael could to speak with administration of orphanage about Jesus Christ at this time when we had the Bible lesson with children.We are much blessed today that we had a wonderful time with orphans and we had a great time with some employers of orphanage too!Praise the lord!

                                                Children got the Bithday gifts

                                      Nadya told the Bible story Tower of Babel

The game

Nadya expalin how make a craft tower.


                                                       Children are making a craft.

 This girl we teach how to cut.She even does not know how to use scissors.It is very hard to hear from her all time."I can not do it, i can not do it." But little by little we teach her what we can.


                                                 Children get the marsh-mallow.

Also we have not good news.The principal of orphanage and other employers of orphanage asked us to help in needs of children and orphanage.They have a lot off needs.It is a big list.The biggest need is today matrasses and pillows for children.They still do not have it.Small children sleep under thin blanket.In Ukraine the winter is real cold sometimes.It is -10, -25C`


                                                 The matrases what use children

       Also some children have worn out much their winter coat.Children freeze often.

Also they asked us much to help buy a special fabric for embroider.Some children are talented much and they can to embroider very nice pictures.It helps them to develop and be quiet because these children are with mental delay.Can you believe children embroider so nice pictures!? In these orphanage are children difference.Some are much talented.Some of them does not know how to use scissors and hold of a needle.

A girl Annya still do not have a wheelchair about what we said earlier.

There are many and many needs what they have.
We do not have possibility to help them.Please, can you help these orphans in their needs, be happy and praise the Lord?

If the Lord Jesus gives you a wish to help orphans.Please, click HERE. If you can not help financial.You can help if you will spread the word about these orphans to other people. Big thank you on behalf of these orphans! May the Lord bless you!

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