October 29, 2016

Best day in the life of one "bad" guy

The young people often bored at trade schools. They do not know what do after lessons... Often they just wandering on territory of trade school or sit at dorm rooms. They are like sheeps without shepherd. Not surprised. They left orphanages at age 16 (some even 15) -17 years old. Sweet souls feel lonely and depressed... Because of this kids get in different troubles. Stealing. Alcohol. Drugs. Prostitution. Missing lessons. Running away from trade school... So, police often comes to trade schools :(  Our hearts are broken to see them in such condition... So it was made a decision to have a special retreat for the students. 

When the day came. While we waited for the arrival of students from other cities, we had a fun time in the local entertainment complex with few others. I just love to seeing them laugh! Everyone had such a wonderful time!

 When everyone gathered, we went to the zoo! Yay! Everybody were so excited!

God provided such a beautiful weather at this day! We were greatly surprised because we had chilly days earlier. We enjoyed the last warm day :) By the way we have very cold days here now and it was snowing a day before!I am not ready yet for cold, windy and frosty days!

Two Nastya quickly became friends on that day, although they are from different cities and trade schools. They still often talk on the phone. Is not it sweet? :)

 I cannot remember the name of this creature.It looks partly like rabbit for me but with short ears and eats cabbage and carrot. But it is not rabbit. It is so interesting!

The young adults were amazed by so many wonderful creatures! We could hear always. "Wow! Look at this! What it is? So beautiful!"It's like a beautiful melody for the ears to hear their enthusiasm and joy. I just love! Love it! :)

 It was lovely and precious time of fellowship!

Students often malnourished in schools. They were so happy to eat something tasty!And of course they were excited to have an ice cream! :) If you ever been in Ukraine. I bet you know we have a delicious ice cream! Ha ha! ;)

But I would like to stay on this guy, who fed almost all the animals in the zoo! Lol

Some time ago, we were told that he is a horrible and rude guy. He ran away from lessons in orphanage. He quarreled with all the teachers. Fighted with guys. No one could manage him. Rude fellow and ill-mannered. In general, everything that there is only a negative, everything has been said about him. Another word a bad guy.We understood there is some trouble. But what?..

When we held the first meeting with the graduates of orphanage, he could not wait for the end of the meeting. Always asking, how long? when the end of the meeting? He seemed to be was not interested, because playing games on his cell phone. Honestly, several times I thought he will stand up and go away...
At the next meeting, he sat in silence without asking anything.
Then again several meetings. He began to talk to us and even escort to the door.
When later we arrived at the trade school, where he enrolled, he ran to meet! "You arrived! I'm so glad to see you all!" :)

When we invited him to the zoo, his joy knew no bounds!Sasha wanted to feed all of the zoo animals. When the meal was over for the giraffe. He raked up all the branches and leaves on the ground, only to feed the giraffes. Sweet :)

"Aunt Alla, see I'm feeding giraffes!!! Did you see it?! " I don't know how many times he told it... :)))

Sweet guy was as in the Heaven! He was thrilled to seeing all animals! I only could hear always. "Aunt Alla, did you see? Aunt Alla, what is it? Wow! Aunt Alla, look at this!" :)
He ran the zoo from one cell to another faster than us. Precious boy was delighted! We were worried that would not lose sight of him as the zoo is huge. We could only scream out. Sasha, stop! Sasha wait! And where is Sasha ??? :)))

At same time we could not believe our own eyes...He was different... He was not same guy as we were told a while ago! Trust me! He was another guy! He was not rude. He respected us whenever it was possible. He behaves well enough for teen age. I  would say backward! Sasha is kind, organized and responsible guy! He is creative and smart. We have learned it giving him some affairs. He did great! We just could not believe and our hearts rejoiced.On this day, we learned about Sasha so much beauty of his soul. He's another guy... Yes, he has some difficulties in behavior. But it's little things, and all can learn. It is just need time. :)

At the end when we were leaving, all the kids certainly were grateful. Sasha thanked several times and said, It was the best day of my life! I even could not think that can be both spent so fun and a great time.

When Sasha saw a camel he was amazed! 

Oh, his fur is so soft! I even could not think.Many times he touched and stroked the camel.

And in the end of the day he said, Do you know what? It was my dream to see a camel. I`m so thankful you made my dream true.

The tears flow as I am typing these lines... How the soul is precious in His sight. How good, merciful and loving our God Father. We had one goal, but God has shown us more... We were concerned why and what? God showed us the answer. How often do people estimate could be wrong ... It is simple enough to try to understand such as Sasha and just love. Spending time together. Rejoice and have fun. He is precious in God's eyes and his soul is beautiful. He just spiritually wounded and needed healing of the soul, which can only give a loving Jesus. Praying for this sweet soul.

We thank God for the opportunity He has given us and all, who made it is possible to bless these beautiful young souls. And also that God makes the dreams of young people real. This is such a precious and warms heart. Thank you very much from bottom of our hearts! Thank you all for your big and generous hearts!♥

October 15, 2016

Fighting for the life

  THANK YOU!!! Thank you so VERY MUCH for your prayers! God is doing amazing things! Wow! Just wow!

  Yesterday when I felt so helpless, distressed and overwhelmed because of sweet boy A... I had no idea... I did not know what to do... Many thoughts were swirling in the head. Thinking and praying, God what to do? We should... We should to do something... From helplessness I made a decision to contact an one  local Christian organization, thinking maybe they could help??? Maybe together? I don't know...But we must to do something... We know they are amazing mission and doing so much for Ukrainian kids! And it was rightest decision ever!
  These amazing souls leaving everything went to the orphanage at night! Yes, late at night. When it was very cold, dark, driving on rough roads to the darker place... Thanks to them, an ambulance was called and the poor baby was taken to same hospital, where he was discharged home to die... A nurse at the hospital did not want to take the baby A. with emphasis on the fact that it makes no sense because he will still die. ;( How it could be so callous and indifferent? How it could be with such cold and hard heart seeing that a death standing near?.. Ukrainian mentality of many physicians... Sad reality. :( 
  Oh, how a lot of negativity and anger we have seen and heard in relation to children in orphanages. How much violence and injustice. "Why do you come to them? They do not deserve it! Why do you spend money and bring different things? They do not appreciate! They're idiots and nothing good will be in their lives!" Yes. This is what we hear from employees orphanages ... and many others. It shrinks the heart of pain, knowing it is not true. This is not true!Children know when they are loved! They are precious in God's eyes! Every soul is valuable! They appreciate every visit, hug, kiss, every sweet word and just gentle look with a smile. They scream from a joy, when we come there!

 It is so hard, Friends. This is so difficult emotionally. This is what we fight daily. Changing minds and hearts through visits kids in orphanages, hospitals, lonely souls giving them hope and love.

 Administration of the orphanage through the fighing, forced staff to take the baby A. to the hospital. When staff of the hospital learned that had come from the state representative for children's rights also. 3 doctors came running. One children's pediatrician that we could not find a day. But now he had to come running at night! 
Today, by the grace of God the little fellow has not a high fever!He is alive by mercy of Heavenly Father!Praise God!!!

Trust me it was not easy... I can not tell a lot here. But we know it was the Fight! It was real Fight for an one precious life! Not with blood and flesh. But A. life what is value in God`s eyes!
(Ephesians6:12) "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

 We are so amazed and in awe knowing for what has happened this night. We are so refreshing to know that little angel is at the hospital and getting care he needs. Personally experienced. I can not say it is a good hospital. But! It is much better to stay there then in the orphanage! We never forget what has happened and what saw yesterday... We never will forget what we felt. We can tell you that Ukrainian Ombudsman for the Rights and Protection of children is involved in current situation. We can give praise and glory to our alive God! Yes, there too much to be done. Too much fights are awaiting...But Bible says (Proverbs31:8) "Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy."

Please, keep praying for this precious soul. Pray he will get the help he needs. We will give you an update and to follow A. life.

October 14, 2016

The worst day of my life...

Today was the worst day of my life... We visited an one young family. Also we visited the boys with special needs bringing them diapers and baby formula. And to see the work of our caretakers.We are so thankful for their hard work they doing!

 We were told a while ago that 2 new babies arrived recently. We wanted to see those precious souls.

When we entered, we were shocked to see a skinny and pale kid... 

  He screamed, gasping, convulsions twisted his precious body ... It was a horrible sight... But we were even more schocked when learned that a few days ago, he was discharged from the hospital because doctors could not do anything... The kid has very high temperature. A few days he lay in intensive care. They put him dropper, did everything, but nothing helped...  The doctor discharged from the hospital, saying that he was born in this condition, his brain is dying and we can not do anything ... Nanny said that sweet A. looked better before get to the hospital... ;( I could not hold back tears. It flowed in streams. It is very difficult to pass along, and to describe what we saw and feel... We started to ask the nurse to do anything. Because the baby was shivering on the temperature. We asked to call an orphanage doctor and ask what medicines the boy A. need. The doctor was not present because today is holiday. We went running in the few pharmacies looking for essential drugs that would alleviate the suffering of precious soul. Finally the medicines were purchased. 

  But the most serious is that A. requires that special drugs can only be issued by a physician prescription. We went to look for a doctor, who can give this prescription what would only help this kid. And a doctor at the hospital was not there, because today is a day off in Ukraine! And for the rest of the hospital is only one doctor, who has no right to give the recipe. When we explained the situation that the baby is dying and he can not even survive until the evening... We were told, "Sorry. Wait till Monday..." 

  My hands are shaking, tears flowing by streams. It hurts. And so hard. Why poor baby dying have to wait a few more days? Why he has to wait till Monday? There must be some way out! The orphanage only can call ambulance and he will be brought to the same hospital. We did everything we could... We prayed fervently for precious A. And we asking you all for prayers, please... 

 Today was the worst day of my life... I never seen dying baby... I never feel so helpless... Fear. Shock. It is hurts very much. My heart is broken and I feel overwhelmed. 

 The poor kid is not to guilty for the fact that our poor medicine can not help him or maybe indifference of doctors... He is sweet. He is precious. He is loved by Heavenly Father. And he deserves better life... Please, Church pray for this sweet and precious boy A. He is dying... Only alive God can do a miracle! For His glory and Praise! Everything is in His mighty hands and life of poor baby boy...

October 10, 2016

Thanksgiving at church

Yesterday our local Bible Baptist Church Charity had a Thanksgiving. It was such a lovely and beautiful day!

In Ukraine, it is also called the Harvest. But our Church celebrates Thanksgiving but not harvest. Everyone in our church thanks and share a testimony of what God has done for a year in his life. Mainly Protestant churches celebrate this day in Ukraine and every Church decides itself, when to celebrate this special day.

It was so fun to prepare and decorate with the young people, who are great helpers!

Preaching of our Pastor Misha was great that touch the hearts of many. The songs, testimonies of young people and their gratitude to the Lord melted and warmed the heart...

The hall was full and there were no seats. Awesome blessing!

The corridor was filled with childrens trolleys, so we had to find a new "parking" for the youngest newborns. Ha ha!

Every year is special. So this year was special also. So, we are grateful to God for the many new young people and many children :)

For those, who have returned to the Lord.

For those that you see how life changes. And many, many other wonderful and amazing blessings! I wish I would have a time to share about all!

Zhenya become such a beautiful young lady! Precious smile. ♥

 We are so thankful to bro. Kevin, who sent us new tables from U.S., what help us in many ways. :)

And paper plates, napkins sent from U.S.  made desks look very pretty as well. Everyone loved it!

 After the church service, we had a lunch or supper of love, where everyone can fill their bellies as well as the hearts. :) Our church consist somewhere 70% of the former orphans. Basically, all malnourished ... So for many it was a special time. 
Every Sunday our church feeds the hungry orphans. But during the holidays more food than usual :)

 "Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh? "
(Isaiah 58:7)

Everyone had a lovely and beautiful day. Outside was cold but inside was warm and sweet. No, we do not have heating yet. It is very cold in buildings now! But it was warm because of sweet and lovely spirit. In the end, all former orphans receive food, fruits and veggies. All were happy :)

But again. We would NOT have so many wonderful blessings without your precious love and generous support! So, we THANK you ALL for your astonishing God`s love, tender care and fervent prayers!!! Thank you VERY MUCH!!! Much love to all! ♥


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