January 30, 2011

Trip to orphanage

   On Saturday our team was able to visit orphans again.One part of team could have a meeting with older children 12-15 age.Second part of team could have meeting with smaller children 6-11 years old in this time.
The team with older children had very good time.They sang songs, had Bible study and fun time.Everyone was happy to have meeting this time.

  In class with younger children everything was not so well.This is special orphanage where are children mental retarded and  nervous sick.Some of them get a medication in special hospital for psychotic sick people.It is so heartbreaking to know some kids were there.It is worst place for children! We can not describe of few words how is there.Some members of team visited there some people.It is horrible place for people still same after communism.

Just tears and tears runs on your face and much hurt your heart because of people who are there.How they are unhappy, oppression and melancholy.People walk there like zombie after got a treatment.They eat awful food!It is often not soup but just water and potatoes.They never get there any fruits.In dining room they get just few pieces of bread.People all time are hungry there.If some one visit them and bring food they eat it with esuriency. It is look like they eat it in first time for few days!Women live in one big room.Same is with men.They steal difference things each from one other.Most of all food.So, they can not keep their things. Everything they have, they have hidden it under pillow where they sleep.Many not good things are there.
It is awful place!It is so hurt to know these kids get into this place  sometimes.

At this time several kids did some troubles.Almost in the end of lesson they were good finally.Their behaviour was no so bad. We were glad.

But one boy in the end of meeting did a one more trouble.Oh, no! Lord, please! All team was frighten to the death and we thought we will have a big trouble with administration of orphanage.After meeting we had talking with caretakers and they said everything is ok.So, we came back to home with piece in hearts.Praise the Lord!

At this time we met a new girl who came to this orphanage lately.She is 6 years old.She is first time in the orphanage.It is very sad but her mom was in same orphanage.We do not know reason why she left her small and sweet little girl there.A kid when saw us she looked much scared.She had big eyes, looked confused, afraid to speak.
But in the end of lesson she was difference girl.She smiled, did not afraid any more come to ask us something to help, did not afraid to ask any question.She is not afraid us any more.:) But we were in little shock when we gave a candy to children.This girl when recieve it, she was soooo happy!She was laughed, smiled.She told us, she adores this candy!How she was happy got it!Also she said she will leave this candy for her mom.Oh, poor little girl!


                                                            Is not she sweet?
Several pictures of meeting with kids.

Happy kids who received toys for Birthday

Children enjoy to play act of Bible story in characters.
Yes, we came back to home more late than usually, because of some troubles.We missed our bus, were waiting on stop some time and freeze as was cold much in the evening.But we were happy we able to visit orphans, everything is well and everything is not so bad like we  scared.

We understand and know now more deep we need more prayers, we need wisdom, we need patience, we need power and everything  what need to work with these kids. We are not perfect.We need the wisdom of the Lord all time! We need Lord all time! We understand and know the wisdom will not comes when is everything just well.God gives a wisdom just in hard time.

All these kids are creation of God.They are special! They need good friends, hugs, time, smiles, good words, our  love and love of the Christ and many many things what they can not receive from other people.We love them much! We love them much so we are ready come back to home  very much tired, hungry, our bus miss and walk to next stop for bus  in cold weather for a long time with heavy bags(where everything for lesson), spend half of day that to get there and after  spend time with them.We are ready to be sick in cold weather, freeze our hands and legs, lost our voices.We are ready to weep and pray before the Lord for their souls, tear our hearts in prayers and much more to suffer because we love them much! Jesus Christ died on the cross for salvation their souls! He suffered much, people humiliated Him, did beat of Him.He bleed to death because of our sins! So, it is for what we do for kids and we are ready to suffer it is nothing if compare with Jesus!
He is our Saviour, God, Shepherd and Friend!We have everything in Him! We are happy we have amazing God Who is Jesus Christ!

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