December 22, 2018

Delayed surgery

 Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support! By the grace of the Lord, little Elijah is still alive!

  But every day he gets worse ... Now the right hand began to function poorly and the kid can only say 3-4 words per day. His brain is slowly dying off ... :( The surgery was postponed in November because the baby fell ill again. Then he was in contact with sick of measles. Then, for about a month, the baby was in the hospital and the doctors expected measles to manifest. But thank God, Elijah has no measles! Then again pneumonia and resuscitation. Because of these diseases, the boy still can not get operated. Therefore, the surgery was postponed to January, in the hope that the baby will be better. Today the poor boy is at home and the doctors hope that the home environment will improve his condition. 
  Please, pray for God's mercy to little Elijah. God knows better when to do the surgery. Pray that the faith of the parents will be strengthened and they will be closer to the Lord in these difficult days. That God will give strength to endure all difficulties and His perfect peace in the hearts.


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