August 29, 2013

Only one day for a miracle...

We have only one day... One day, that the Lord do a miracle to help Olya with education. Because August 31 at 9:00 am, we should meet with this poor girl and pay for her tuition, living and  help with food. We have to pay for one month. We need only $189.00. 

God has NEVER left us, even at the last minute! The Lord gives me peace in my heart. I believe that something is about to happen... I just do not know what to say to Olya, when we will meet with her ... "Sorry. We can not help you. We did not meet your expectations..." 
What should I tell her?I do not know.I do not know how to look her in the eye on that day ...How to wipe away her bitter tears and comfort?

Will I tell her that the Lord has answered your prayers and poured out his boundless love for you? You can learn and get an education, attend to church and to be with your Christian friends(BOM), who know you for many years. Will she be able to rejoice and praise God in that day?

But she HOPES! She PRAY. And BELIEVES she will fly out of the house, where she suffers abuse and violence. Fly out and start an independent life. She beg and plead of God to help her realize her dream. She is SO excited and waiting for a miracle!

We kindly ask you PLEASE, support our sister in Christ in prayer that the Lord would have realized her dream, defended and keep from evil. Please, would you help this precious soul give a future and hope?Would you pray please, God will pour out His blessings to this beautiful girl?Would you pray, God will show His love and care of this treasure?Our hope is only God.

"[I had fainted], unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living". Psalm 27:13 
PLEASE, pray for a miracle!Thank you!

August 28, 2013


Hallelujah!What a great joy! What an amazing blessing! We have all necessary funds $2000 for needs of Lena and her small Sophia. THANK YOU!Thank you very much everyone, who took part in this project! Thanks to your prayers and generousity God made it possible! Awesome! 

Thank you for your open hearts and sharing bread with widows and orphans, like Job did in past.
"If I have withheld the poor from [their] desire, or have caused the eyes of the widow to fail; Or have eaten my morsel myself alone, and the fatherless hath not eaten thereof."  (Job 31:16-17)

Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! Oh, how I wish to give a hug  everyone!Because my heart exults and rejoices with gratefulness to you all.  :)

August 27, 2013

They said: "YES"!

We are soooo excited and thrilled! Our hearts sing praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! The heavens are singing and rejoicing.

Family Kozak, Olga and Sasha said: "YES" to the Lord! They expressed their desire to be baptized and follow the Lord! Praise God!!! 
It was a very emotional moment and a day in the life of this lovely family and for whole our church. What a great joy and awesome blessing!

"The like figure whereunto [even] baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ."
(1Peter 3:21) KJV 

Please, continue to pray for this sweet family, for their needs and spiritual growth. They are such a great blessing for all of us!Thank you!

Love this precious family :)

My love to all!

Still waiting

Ok. We are still waiting. Waiting for a small treasure, Sophia, when she will come to this world. Lena`s doctor says now, that she will give birth in the beginning of September. We can not wait to see this little angel and hold in our arms. Sometimes I think that everyone here is expecting a precious one, more then Lena herself. :)
Lena got tired to wait, when her loving daughter would be born.
Please, keep pray! Thank you very much!

August 26, 2013

More news about Vlada

The first. I would love to thank for your prayers about Vlada. It is amazing and such great encouragement! It is so wonderful to receive your emails and notes, seeing your concern about this preciuos girl.
Nadya is so impressed by your love and care of her daughter. She is so excited to receive a note that someone, far away, across the ocean, loves her child. :) THANK YOU so much!!!

The second. I have not so good news. Several doctors  examined of Vlada. And they all say the same thing. 
That they can not do the surgery for Vlada, as she becomes a teenager. A several of weeks ago she turned 12 years old. 
If she will do the surgery now,  her face may be distorted or contorted, because she is still growing. The doctor prescribed treatment that would remove the headaches. Vlada takes all the necessary medications. 
Also, the doctor said that he needed to wait and see what happens. But no one knows HOW LONG to wait... :(

The doctor said that the best solution of this problem would be, if a cyst would blowed up  and everything came out by itself. Then would not have to do the surgery. Hmm.Maybe we have to pray for this? Do not know...

So we should pray unceasingly, wait patiently and see what will happen...
We kindly ask you, PLEASE, continue to pray for Vlada and her sickness. God will do something.Thanks a lot!!!

August 22, 2013

Giving future to precious souls

   This beautiful  young soul  this year just graduated an orphanage. Аll her childhood she spent away from the family, not knowing that such parental care and gentle mothering love. Throughout the years Olga was a good student and always did well with liability given to her assignments. She is always happy our arrival and came to Bible lessons or meetings. Olga is loving the Lord Jesus soul. She is a Christian who trusts the Lord that He will take care of her. In the daily prayers, she opens her heart to the Lord, pouring out all her heartaches and worries.

  This year, Olga faced with a huge challenge. Not one college and trade school did not want to take her, because she was in orphanage for children with special needs. Spent a lot of time and days in search of schools, who have agreed to receive this sweet girl. But it was all to no avail ... Imagine, what felt Olga at this point? What she thought?  Not being accepted from childhood she has still suffering from this terrible stain. "You are not like everyone ." 
In fact, Olya is smart girl and sometimes, when we saw her in orphanage. I always thought, what she was doing there? She probably got here by mistake of doctors. That unfortunately is very common. :( 
Honestly, I do not know why Olga came to the orphanage. But she would LOVE to study very much! Her dream is to get an education and to live an independent life. 

   So, finally found a lyceum- boarding school for the disabled, who agreed to take Olya, but on condition that she should pay for her tuition and living expenses. She can study there only under the contract. But where she will take money for education and living expenses? Oh, my! This is an impossible and unrealistic dream for this beautiful soul. Why life of orphaned children is SO heavy??? 

Our goal is to educate this young precious girl and help come true of her huge dream. If we will help her, she will be cook confectioner.

That to get an education and help in basic daily needs it necessary $1700 for the year.  The $675 will go for the Educate Year for Olechka. The $112 will be spent on dormitory in lyceum- boarding , where will live this precious soul.She will not be able to receive a stipend as a student. We therefore commit ourselves  to take her fully for support. $913 Olga will spend on food in the cafeteria in lyceum  (so it will be much cheaper) and other daily needs.

Can we PLEASE, help this beautiful young soul to get education? Can we help come true her dream? Can we show love and care of our sister in Christ through this acting? Can we show together, how great and awesome is our Lord Jesus and how He loves her tenderly, His daughter?
Please, pray God will help to make it possible. August 31th we need to make the first payment for education and dwelling.

If the Lord leads your heart, you can send your precious gift through BOM PayPal  Just select option "I'm sending money to family or friends" and leave a note that this gift is for Olya.
The thermometer on the right side(marked by red) of the blog, will show you how much was raised and how much need.

THANK YOU very much for ANY your help big and small blessing to this precious soul!Together, with God`s help,  we can make a BIG difference in life of Olechka! Many, big thanks from bottom of our hearts!May God bless you!!!


  Here, also, I'd like to ask you to pray for another precious soul.
When Yaroslava was one year old at birth, she came to the babies house, then another children's home, orphanage, etc. All her life she spent behind the walls of these institutions away from her family. Her parents were drinking and did not care for her younger and older brothers and sisters as well. Some of them have graduated and some are still in orphanages.

 After graduating of an orphanage Yaroslava worked. But on each work, she experienced problems and injustice. Or her salary is not paid partly or not paid the all money earned by her. Each time she had to change jobs in search of better. At the last job, where she worked. About 2 weeks, she could not work because of her illness and had to stay home and spend these days in bed. When she returned to her former job, she was told, you do not work here anymore. Can you imagine her shock?  Thus because of her illness, she lost her job again. With tears and broken heart she came back home... So, today Yaroslava is unemployed. :(

  She suffers . Starves. Can not buy all the necessary clothes/shoes and has daily basic needs. Lost hope...
 But  that's not all. After a few months, this beautiful soul will be homeless... She is very scared.
Yaroslava lives in a dorm, but in few months forced to leave it.She is frustrated and does not know what to do...
  We decided to help Yaroslava get an good education that would find a good job. Honestly, I lost count of how many trade schools, technical schools and colleges, we have went and asked to take her. Not all schools can  accept orphans. In some are limited places. Only 1-3 places. Hmm. But what about the rest of  the hundreds, who want to get a good education?

 Each college or technical school has its own rules and restrictions. Finally we found a technical school, which has agreed to take Yaroslava. We were ready to pay for her education as well. Yaroslava was SO excited and happy! She began to gather all the necessary documents and to pass medical examination etc. It seemed that her joy would never end. :)

But again misfortune . A some time ago, got a call from Kiev to this college and was told it is too late. So this precious soul will not be able to enroll in college again.Again, frustration, tears ...Yaroslava was very upset :(
We cried together and comforted her as could. Our hearts are broken.We felt so helpless...

We have hope that next year, this beautiful girl will go to this technical school again... She is very willing to study there and ready to do everything she can.

  Now we do not know how to help her... Or she have to go work. Will she find a good job that will not deceive her and use her rights, using the fact that she can not defend herself? Or, God has a different plan for her. We do not know ... But our hearts are broken and feeling sad knowing how much she suffers...

 Yaroslava is very nice, sociable and lovely Christian girl. Despite all the hardships in her life. She knows how to be happy and bring joy to the lives of others. She is always happy to help in any request.

 Please, pray God comforted and bring peace in her heart. That she trusted to the Lord with all her heart. He has best plan for her. Pray that the Lord would keep her from evil and did what in His plans. That she would  not stay on the street and provide her basic needs. Thanks a lot for your prayers and support! My love to all!

August 18, 2013

Lena and her baby

The doctor said that this week  Lena should to give birth of her precious baby.She is doing well thanks to your prayers. But she is nervous a little and worries. It is not surprise. You know how stressful can be last days. But at the same time Lena excited and can not wait when her little treasure come into this world and take her in her arms.  How is exciting! She gave her name Sophia. Beautiful name. Isn`t it? :)

Because of your love and care, Lena started to eat better and get all the necessary that a baby would be born healthy for God's glory and our joy.Many, many thanks to you all!

Please, continue to pray for Lena and her little girl.Thank you!

August 16, 2013

Thoughts and impressions about Ukraine

The guys are at home already. But they left a message that so deeply touched our hearts. I read these messages with tears in my eyes. It is such a great encouragement and blessing for us. I thought maybe you will be interested to know what they think about Ukraine... So decided share with you their thoughts and impressions.

From Andrew:

         I have felt called to mission work since I was about 11 years old. God really worked it all out and made it possible for me to go to Ukraine. This trip really exceeded my expectations. Everything went so perfectly. It was really a life-changing trip.
         I fell in love with the beautiful country, great food and especially the people. We were warmly welcomed by the Bible Orphan Ministry team. They treated us like family and they felt like family to us. They are true Christians, always focused on God in everything they do. Even though they are busy and work hard, they're always having a good time.

       We visited several orphanages and institutions. It was quite an experience to see in person where the kids live and it was great to be able to visit them and bring them something to do. They get excited when they see the blue van coming and they remember the crafts they've done in the past. It was easy to see that Misha, Alla, Oksana and Nadya make a big difference to these kids. They do a wonderful job.

     It was also a great experience to meet some teens/young adults who used to be in orphanages. I made some really good friends. A younger Misha, who helps out at the church, and Yaroslava who helped with some of orphanage visits. Olya and Sasha and their baby, Ehdik were really nice.  The language barrier didn't matter. It was easy to become friends and understand each other even though we didn't speak the same language.
      Many of the former orphans attend the BOM's church. Everyone at the church was nice and welcomed us. Alla and Oksana did a great job of interpreting for us so that we could talk to everyone at church. Misha is a great pastor and does a great job of leading the church. They are really like a family and the church is important to everyone who goes there.

      It was hard to leave and very emotional for everyone, but a little easier since I plan to go back, hopefully next year. I'll really miss the whole team and all the church members, but I'll look forward to planning another trip and seeing them all next year.

We really appreciate them letting us come to visit and making the whole trip so great. 


From Trevor:
        I'll start at the beginning. I was confronted one day by my good work friend Andrew Musk to join him on a mission trip to Ukraine. Flattered, I wasn't sure what to say. Yes, I wanted to go, but would my family support the offer? I came home and asked my parents if this mission trip was something I could partake in, and was ecstatic with the answer. They said yes! The message was relayed to Andrew, and we planned the trip months in advance. Plane tickets were bought, currency was exchanged and a countdown began!
       After some first-time independent airport navigation, we finally arrived in Ukraine. As we made our way out of the building, we were stopped by a man wielding a camera and a young woman. They waved and motioned to us to stay still to get our photo taken. It had all happened to fast, I had no idea what was happening. Quickly afterwards we learned they were from the Bible Orphan Ministry. Misha and Oksana greeted us with the biggest smiles and some of the happiest demeanors I've ever witnessed. We then met up with Nadia and Alla and made our way to their nice clean blue Volkswagen van. Sleep deprived, Andrew and I were glad to have a break from the stressful airports. We ate our first Ukrainian meals at the Big Belly House in Kiev, and fell asleep for the two hour ride to our apartment.
       As I write this, I look back and see the past two weeks blurred together. This is due to the time flying by so fast! The two weeks we've spent here felt much more like four or five days. Each day was packed full of fun and excitement. We spent many days helping orphanages receive the word of God, and provide some much needed entertainment for those who lack the fun in a childhood many children take for granted.
          Not only were we able to visit numerous orphanages, we also saw many beautiful and iconic places in Ukraine. The BOM crew planned our trip very well. We got to hike to a waterfall, see an awesome fountain and light show, traveled parks, ate some rather unique food, and so much more.
       I will never forget this trip. It was the most fun I have ever had, and it lasted for an entire two weeks. How children scream and horde together in excitement at the arrival of The Bible Orphan Ministry was truly touching. The fact we were able to provide for so many children amusing and beneficial visitations makes me feel as though I've played a powerful role in my life. The impact we have had on so many people; the smiles we have put on so many faces; the joy had between the entire ministry's crew will be remembered to my death bed. Andrew and I fully intend on visiting next year. We both pray that plans for this next trip will be without obstacles and that we, along with the entire church and ministry stay healthy for this next year.

     One thing Alla always asked us after visiting an Orphanage was “What are your impressions?” We always answered honestly and conveyed we were shocked at the conditions of the orphanage. We were also happy to play a positive part in their lives. Now, I believe it's time for Alla and everyone else to know our impressions of the church and ministry. Possibly more than anything else, my heart was struck hardest with joy at how I saw the church. The people there are filled with happiness, delight, and thankfulness. Everyone is so happy to be in everyone's presence. It then got me thinking... many members of this church have gone without a family their entire life, or maybe some from dysfunctional families. It nearly brings a tear to my eye when I see that this ministry is their family. No orphans exist in this church. The church; their family has adopted them. God and love is surely present amongst each other in their every day lives. Thank you for letting us be a part of it all.
      I can't say this enough. Thank you, Alla, Pastor Misha, Oksana, Nadia, Vlada, Vasya, Misha, Yaroslava, Olya, Sasha, Ehdick, Dima, Lyuba, Lena, Allona, Kate, Nadya-Kate`s  mother, Sasha, Vova, Lyuda, Pasha, and Vova. Thank you all so much. You have all made our trip wonderful. Without your great acceptance, understanding and patience with us, we wouldn't feel so strongly about returning next year.

We came as strangers, but are leaving like family.

On the last day in the Ukraine, it was very noticeable as guys were sad and not talkative. They often said that they did not want to leave... On the day when we took them to the airport, a long time they did not want to get out of the van. There was completely silence... Saying goodbye to them, everyone was in tears.It was so hard! This day was very emotional for all of us. As for this short term they became as dear friends and a family for us...We had perfect and such blessed time together.


August 14, 2013

Update about daughter of Nadya

My apologize to keep you waiting soooo long for news about Vlada, daughter of Nadya. We were very busy these two weeks. It was impossible and very hard to find a time.

Finally, Vlada was able to pass some medical tests and do tomography of the head. It is so sad and disappointing . But discovered another cyst. Thus poor girl has two cysts on both sides of the nose. :( One of them is very large and has for a year there!Oh, my! Thus it appears that surgery is inevitable...

One of the doctors said that if she will do the surgery but  by the old method. Nadya learned that  people after surgery by this old method,   their face swells up all over, sometimes people lose their sense of smell or partial vision and more. In short there are bad consequences. The precious girl has gradually started to lose part of her hearing. I do not know, or because of this disease ... Her loving mother is trying to find a doctor, who will agree to do the surgery by gentle manner without causing terror and not hurting her daughter.

Please, keep pray for healing of this sweet girl and God will lead Nadya to a good doctor.Thank you so much!!!

But even in these days of worries and fear, God shows His mercy and shows His power. Oh, how great and generous with his almighty hand!Our wonderful and merciful God has heard your prayers, my dear friends.
He sent all the necessary funds for this small treasure! And even more. He sent twice as much as was needed! Do you believe it? Oh, my!It is absolutely UNEXPECTED amazing blessing!
Nadya was ready to scream with joy and excitement. :) For a long time she still could not believe it and thought it was a dream.Vlada hotly thanked her Heavenly Father for the care and love. :)
Wow! AWESOME and such HUGE blessing!Praise the Lord!!!

A lot inordinately gratefulness for your generosity and such a huge handsome gift. Honestly, I did not expect, and this a huge blessing to my dear friend convicted me in disbelief.
THANK YOU very much for your kindness, love and tender care!Your generosity and care overwhelms our hearts, amazes and brings glory to our Lord Jesus. We may say the words "Thank you", but in reality we mean it much more deeply.My love to all!God is good as always!!! :)

August 13, 2013

Stunning busy days

Praise ye the LORD. I will praise the LORD with [my] whole heart, in the assembly of the upright, and [in] the congregation. 
The works of the LORD [are] great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. 
His work [is] honourable and glorious: and his righteousness endureth for ever. 
He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered: the LORD [is] gracious and full of compassion.
(Psalm 111:1-4)

We praise and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ!!! Our hearts sing His joyful and triumphantly! We have had SO many wonderful, awesome and blessed days with our friends missionaries. Lord  has blessed miraculously all the days and each visit! Everything was just amazing and so exciting. Oh, how I wish to tell you about EVERYTHING! But if I start to tell how much joy and blessing moments we had, it would take me a few weeks. :) So here are just pictures and little information.

Amazing and fun visiting orphans in a summer camp

Sweets to kids :)

 Distribution Gospel tracts and New Testaments to precious souls

Blessed Bible lesson with girls with special needs

The distribution of ice cream. There was so much joy and delight!

All the children were so much excited and were overjoyed when they received an ice cream! :) Little sweet thing.., but  made this day so special for these treasures.

The beautiful and such a wonderful visitation other precious treasures in a mental institution.

Another visit of sweet boys in a mental institution.

Small picnic :)

Visits to several interesting places in Ukraine

Beautiful singing fountain and light show.

We thank and praise our wonderful and great God and Creator of all these wonderful and such amazing moments that will remain forever in our hearts.I can not tell you all our  impressions and our whole joy that we have experienced in these special days. We were super busy but everything was just delightful  and stunning!!! :) Oh, how great and is so good our Lord Jesus!!!

August 5, 2013

First few days

I am so much excited! The Lord Jesus is so merciful and gracious! Oh, how blessed we are serving our great God!God miraculously blesses to stay our friends - missionaries here.We have AWESOME and AMAZING days!Oh, how I wanted to convey to you all my feelings and joy that fills my heart.

Due to lack of time, I will briefly explain what is happening.

The Lord has given us the opportunity to visit our precious boys in an orphanage and hold Bible lesson.

This time we told them the story of two brothers, Jacob and Esau.

 They were thrilled! They loved to play the role of heroes.The guys were excited and excellently coped with their work.

Game on remembering the history and study of the Bible verse. A lot of guys would like to take part in the game and were so excited.Love this precious smile. :)

At the end, the boys were doing crafts and our friends were able to help those, who needed help.
 The meeting was simply amazing! For a long time these precious souls did not want to leave and say goodbye. Many of them asked when we come back...

Next day we could visit our sweet heart ones at summer camp and had great fellowship.

Then the next day we were able to visit family of dear Zhenya.Orphan girl, who gave birth to a precious boy a few months ago.

The Lord sent her the necessary food, a bit of kitchen utensils, clothes and diapers for the baby and other necessities.

Kitchen of Zhenya, where there are not necessary furniture :(

Crib, where sleeps the little darling...We plan to bring a better bed next time, with God`s help.

We also met with graduates of orphanages and had a great time.

Along the way, when we visited those sweet and precious to our hearts, our friends the missionaries had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our country. :)

I thank God I was born in this lovely country. :)

A huge thanks for all your prayers and support! Because of your great love and tender care, from the hearts and lips of those in need sounds glory and praise to God. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

During these few days, our friends fell in love with our country. Awesome! :)


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