January 3, 2011

God breaks our plans and dreams that to make what He wants for His glory!

  My name is Alla.This is my personal testimony how God has changed my life for last few years and months.
I know English not perfectly well but i hope you will understand dear Friend my heart and about what i`m saying.I would like to share a story how God works in my personal life and what He still does.Hope this story will be encouragement for any person who had trust all life to Jesus Christ.
Bible says: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose." Romans 28:8
   It really works because God whom i have trust all my life He is alive God and still makes a miracles!
I`m not marriage yet and do not have a family.About 6 years ago i wanted to adopt a child.You can ask: "Why i wanted to adopt"?I can marriage and have my own children."

  Well.Here is my answer.I`m a teacher of Sunday School at local Bible Baptist Church Charity.About 7-8 years ago we had 2 kids who visited our Sunday School for children.I noticed they wear dirty and worn out clothes, looked skinny.Later i had found they do not have a father and never seen him, their mother was a drinker.They often were hungry, did not know where is their mother.Oh, it is very hard to describe what i saw and felt it this time...
  I decided to feed these kids and wash their clothes in my tub.I had not washing machine at this time.When i washed their clothes it was hard some, it was so dirty that my mop were more clean.Imagine that your clothes was not washed on during few months.How you will feel yourself?
 I loved much these kids!They were so good, loved much to hear God`s Word, forgave other kids very fast, were friendly and many other.i I wanted to help them much as much i could.
  Very soon some man had killed a mother these kids.Killer and she were drunk at this time.Oh, it was more heavy, it had break my heart, brought many tears.I had start to think to adopt a girl, she was 7-8 years old.The boy i could not, he was 16 years old.Very soon i had found they have folks who took the girl to their family.It was a shock for me!I never knew before they have a folks! Well.Sometimes it happens...
About a boy.His life is not very well.The government took him to half way house(we call it shelter). After that government took him to an orphanage.He was run away many times from the orphanage, he did not want to be there much.We could not help these kids...It is very and very hard.I saw many tears on faces these kids but i could not help.It tears much my heart.Many nights i could not slept, just pray and wept, pray and cry and wept...
This little girl has changed my life, my heart, my thinking, everything in my life.

  Well, her folks took her to their family.It is means i never can adopt her...Trust me it was very and very hard for me that i lost her.Lost this small and very smart girl.I had fed her, washed her clothes, spent much time, she was coming to my apartment, we played together, i gave her my heart.We were happy to be together.I dreamed all time she will be with me but....
   Since this time i start to think about other adopting.I did not had a child whom i wanted to adopt but i have ministry at 10 orphanages, there are many kids whom need a family. So, i did not worry about it.
I was thinking and praying about it on during 6 years. I was hesitate.Is God`s will in it? Than more time has gone than more i was thinking and praying.Every year i had more and more desire to adopt a child.
   Most of all i was worry much about my ministry.How i will continue to visit orphans in orphanages, how i will be do this and this and this if i have a child.I understood i have to spend much time with any child.But in same time i did not want much my ministry suffer because of it. I prayed much and did not know what to do...

  Well a year ago i decided to make document for adoption.I did it for very fast time.I was glad!Just a one document the goverment still did not give me.I prayed and waited, prayed and waited.
One day a lady called me from center for adopting in Ukraine and asked me to come and visit her.I felt in my heart something is wrong, my heart was beating much, i had not piece in my heart, i was worry much, could not understand what is wrong with my feeling.
   When i came to center for adopting, they told me i can not to adopt.Reason was because i was study at orphanage, i had not a family, so i can not foster a child. When i start to explain i`m a christian, Jesus has changed my mind, heart, everything.It did not help...Oh, no Lord, please!I could not believe!I could not believe i will not have a child...With tears on eyes, with crush my heart i came back to home.All my pilow was wet from tears.I could not understand why God does it!
It is second time!Oh, no God, please!It is very heavy for me!I won't endure it!
Yes, it was hard for me to humility with it.In this time God has crushed my other dream about what i prayed 9 years.Oh, no Lord!What are you doing! It breaks all my heart, all my dreams.Oh, no....
  I prayed much, could not understand what God wants i do for Him?!Finally some later i prayed:"God, you did not answer on my prayers about what i asked you for a many years.Please, show what You want i will do in ministry, in church, in my all Christian life.I`m a tool in your hands, i accept all what you doing in my life.Please, just show me what you want i to do.I do not know...Use me for 100% for your glory.Use me like you want not like me." Just tears and tears was running on my cheeks.I have a ministry to orphans but i wanted God will show me a vision in ministry, something more.I wanted to do something more...I prayed much what i have to do.

Here i have to say i think.We do not have a support for ministry.We decided to register in social network to find a support.We do not know HOW and WHAT to do.We just do what we think it is right. Hope you will understand us.
I decided find a friends who love Jesus.Very soon i liked a profile in facebook one lady Joy McClain : "I am a very ordinary woman who has a God-given passion for the orphans of our world who desperately need a family." I liked it much and decide to invite her to be my friend.She answered i was glad!In first letters i was in big shock!She adopted a children with  Down`s syndrome?! What!? In my country many lady make abortion, kill these kids, many people think they are not human, many leave at orphanages.Just very few people who decided to not kill but love and foster a child.I minister in some orphanages where are these poor children.It was a shock for me what did a Joy.I was interesting much how she teached them, discipline and etc.I never heard like it! Here is her blog http://www.livingwithouradoptionoption.blogspot.com/
Believe me or not but Joy not ordinary woman!She is very sweet and nice lady.She encourage me often when i need it.I`m blessed and thankful to the Lord to know her!

   Very soon Joy gave me a address Meredith Cornish.She was a coordinator ministry for kids with special needs in Ukraine.I was interesting to know more people and decide to write to her.She was coming to Ukraine sitting in airport at this time and reply me very fast.In first letters we have found we both know a orphanage where we have ministry.Surprise! Meredith invited me and my friends to conference what had to be in Kiev, for kids with special needs.I was worry much, i felt like my heart burn of fire, i did not know what happened with me but i was happy to come there.In this conference we got a lot of information about kids with special needs.We did not know sooo many!We were so blessed to be there!God changed our mind and vision how to minister this orphans!We are so thankful to the Lord for it!
Also big surprise was for us to met Meredith there and her nice friend Shelley.I never imagine i can meet Meredith someday or somewhere so fast in few days when we were correspondence!Tell you what, she is very nice and sweet lady and Christian.She is a tool in God`s hands what He use for His glory.
She told me all story about Aleksa whom she could not adopt and gave a photo her family.

  In few weeks we have gone to an orphanage.Lord gave us a disire to speak with director and told him about familly of Cornish.It is intersting we called to many orphanages for many reasons they told us we can not come this week, maybe later.So, we decided go to this orphanage.Is not God`s work?
  I was not sure director will be agree or no to give them second сhance.But when he said ok, let they make a documents, will come, i will speak with them and we will see.I said myself, "Hmmm, there is a hope!"

  Also in this time we start a new ministry at one orphanage.We start a Bible lessons, come more often to these kids.There children mentally retarded, special needs and children with a Down`s syndrome.Dear Friend you need to see their faces how they are happy when we visit and spend time with them!There are many employers who like to hear the Gospel.We are blessed to come there!
Also God bless and we more often start to visit other orphanages, where we have Bible study and other.
We are so blessed! God has turn around everything in my mind and heart for last year in ministry to orphans!I have like other eyes, heart, everything is difference!

 Here is video what familly of Cornish says about their adopting.The tears running on my cheeks each time when i watch it.How is amazing our Lord!It blow my mind how He does what He wants!


After many prayers and efforts Aleksa found a family who had try to adopt her almost 3 years ago.
I`m so blessed to know she found a family who prayed and waited for her on during these all years!I`m blessed to know her new mommy and daddy love much and will give her new life not like in orphanage.I`m blessed to know she has her personal toys, her own and new clothes, she has a brothers and sisters who loves her.I`m blessed to know she is doing well now!

I often think.What would be happened if Lord did not give a wish to registered on social network?What would be happened if Lord did not lead me to find Joy?Tell me how i could to find Joy who knows Meredith in 500.000.000 people in social network? Is not a miracle what Jesus has done? What would be happened if Joy did not give me the adress of Meredith?What would be happened if i and my friends did not go to conference and did not meet Meredith?What would be happened if Lord did not give us a desire to speak with director of orphanage? Most of all what would be happened if i have adopted a child?..
If i would be adopt a child.I`m sure i would be not have a time for these everything what i have and do in ministry.

Dear Friend, tell about others, pray, think, spread the word about your friends, folks and others, help others.You never know how God can use you for His glory and it will change your heart and your life!

I believe it is not the end this story.God will prepare something else.Something else has to happen...

I understood all these thing Jesus Christ has done and all glory and praise just to Him!He is alive God Who still makes a miracles like 2000 years ago!We just tools in His hands.If you trusted all your life He can make a miracle in your life too!Maybe already has done!
I`m happy can continue the ministry what i have.On during these time we had MANY blessings!We are so happy and thankful to the Lord!I`m so blessed what God has done in my life!I`m thankful Him for it, praise Him and glorify Him!He is alone alive God Who is worthy honor and glory!

"O give thanks unto the LORD; for [he is] good: for his mercy [endureth] for ever. 
O give thanks unto the God of gods: for his mercy [endureth] for ever. 
O give thanks to the Lord of lords: for his mercy [endureth] for ever. 
To him who alone doeth great wonders: for his mercy [endureth] for ever." Psalms136:1-4


  1. Alla, your story again blesses me so much. Another interesting detail is that I was actually very new to Facebook when I started corresponding with you. People had been telling me for a few years that I needed to get on Facebook but I really wasn't interested. I just am awe-struck by God's amazing timing. We were with Meredith in Ukraine (also adopting) when she and her husband tried to adopt Aleksa the first time!! And now Aleksa is home. To God be the glory!!

  2. Alla, thank you so much for sharing your story! What a blessing you and your ministry are in the lives of many children. And praise God that Aleksa has a home and for the Social Networks that brought these other women into your life.

    Joy & blessings,


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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