August 31, 2011

Peace in heart

Ok.We have only 17 days to raise a sum need for 760 orphans, help with school supplies.Now we have not  one $ or cent for it.
Yes, we have time.We do not know will we raise in time.God knows.We do not know will we raise all sum or part of it or probably nothing...God knows.We do not know will we able to help orphans in their needs.God knows.We do not know will we able to bring this joy and blessing to those who needy.He knows.We do not know will we able to bring a little light to abandoned and lonely kids. God knows.
He knows the best time for this and a sum we need.He knows all because He is PERFECT and HOLY God.He knows the best way to do something.We must just trust to Him with all our heart, because He knows everything.
 "...for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him." Matthew 6:8

Yes, we beg Jesus help orphans and hope He will bless some day.I would like to tell you, God gives us a peace in our hearts.Really! We do not worry about that.Yes, we pray and hope.But God gives us such full peace and calm in our hearts that tears are leaking on my cheeks.I even do not know why...Probably because peace, love and calm He gives us in our hearts. We are so thankful to Him for it, for His peace in hearts!

In my heart is this place of scripture.I just love these verses!

"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. 
And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

Sometimes you do not see the way out.Sometimes you do not understand many things.Sometimes you do not know what to do. But God gives you a peace in heart and it brings much blessings!
 And we are happy by that!Because God knows!

August 27, 2011

Something incredible

 I would love to share with you a story what happened with us last week.As usually we arrived to special orphanage to boys will have regular Bible lesson.The boys were so happy to see us! They excited so much by that, smiled, waved their hands etc.And we were happy not smaller to see them all. We are blessed so much  visit and spend time with them! We thanks God for each moment to be with boys and share love of Christ!We are blessed to see smiles on their faces, shine eyes, how they exciting by something and just happy! We are happy by that! :)

This time it was something incredible.We could not begin a meeting during some time because of behaviour of boys.Some boys did beat one other, some were agressive, some were screaming, in room was so much noisy.It was something horrible!!!!!!!
We could not continue fellowship with boys...When we calmed children they did not hear us.We had try to do everything we could to calm them.But nothing helped... :(  Really we lost courage and felt abashed. We were all overwhelmed and did not know what to do...We thought it will be awful meeting!We could not continue the meeting...
Please, remember this is orphanage for boys with special needs.Some of boys have psychical excitements. Sometimes they can be agressive, break up windows, furniture etc.
We understood we need the Lord.We had only one way, pray. Pray to God and beg Him to help us...
We began to pray and beg Jesus to help us.Please, God help us, we do not know what to do...Please, God we need you...Oh, God please...Everyone prayed in heart and pleaded God to help.
Do you know what? It is something incredible and amazing! God answered our prayers! Just in moment all boys were sitting quietly! We did not expect it and we were shocked! Really, they were sitting so quietly that it even scared us a little bit. Just a few minutes ago, they were screaming, made noise etc. And just in moment were so quiet!  Hallelujah!We were so glad and thanks God!It was something great and amazing!And to the end of meeting they were quiet!

This is not all yet. We felt as Holy Spirit guided the meeting with boys. The 8-10 boys asked Jesus to saved them! Hallelujah! More shock! We were amazed and overwhelmed!WOW!

We had small and older boys.And we had wonderful and such blessed time with kids!

As this time we told them story about Noah.We decided to show to them different animals. It was our object lesson. Also we could to tell them a little bit about different animals whom they do not know and never have seen.They were excited and liked that!

Also we learned with them a new song about Noah. As this song with movements, they had liked it much and enjoyed to sing it.

We had full class about 30-35 boys.We did not have much place, many boys were sitting on the floor. But it was nice.

And they listened the Bible story soooo quietly and attentively much, thanks to God!We were very glad by that and praised Jesus!

Here we played a game.Boys needed to answer on questions about Bible story about Noah and flood. And they did it real good!They liked to turned of circle here chose a question they wanted.And they could do it during long time.Just turned and twisted many times. :)))

Also they loved to place animals on ark.It was so funny!They enjoyed by that!

Here kids made a craft.They chose animal they wanted.We printed a lot of different animals.

They colored and place wooden stick inside, as this two-sided craft.They LOVED this craft!

It seems that this boy wore a narrow shoes what pressed on his toes and he has them crooked.

This sweet boy has 6 fingers on each hand.It remind me a one place of Scripture  2 Samuel 21:20

 "And there was yet a battle in Gath, where was a man of great stature, that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born to the giant."

But this boy is very kind and most of all joy that he received Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

When we finished Bible lesson children went to dining room for dinner.As there about 90 boys, they eat by several groups, not all together.In the beginning go to eat small after older.So until older boys waited, director Misha could to play by ball with several boys.It is sadly little we could not play with many of them.Because boys after dinner go for nap.Hope next time we will think up something.

 Smallest ones :)
Look at toys of this boy.It is all he has.Very sad.He finds lids somewhere and plays with it. Boys often tell us their wishes or dreams to have something to play. Older boys would like to have balls or any sport games. Smallest boys want to play by cars or any games etc.
Caretakers often tell us, often boys do not know what to do and they just wander on territory of orphanage. Sometimes they run away. Please, can you help come true of dreams these boys?..Thank you!

August 24, 2011

School supplies

We exciting to begin a next project "School supplies".In same time we have big burden in our hearts. Because there are soooo MANY needs. The head swims because of that sometimes.
The 1 of September children will go to schools in Ukraine. Same is in orphanages(not in all).Our desire and wish is to help orphans who educate in orphanages where we minister. There are about 760 kids who educating.We need to raise $3000 for that.In every orphanage education is VERY different.

Each orphanage where children educating has a very BIG need in school supplies. It is exercise books, pens, color pencils, sharpeners, fiber-tip pens, albums, colouring, glue, plasticine, educational books, etc. Each director of orphanage ask us to help with these needs.The orphanages have needs of that because governments gives not enough finances for that. Directors of orphanages struggle to care about children. But very often they can not do what they have to do because of not enough  finances...

 Orphans get just a one pen for a year.They can not buy exercise books for themselves.Only when it finished, they have to show it to a teacher and if teacher will see it real need a new, only after that child can receive a new exercise book. If  teacher will see exercise book have if only one clean sheet, child will not get a new.
Also orphans never have color pens, red, black, green, yellow etc. Only blue what they use in their exercise books during lessons. Often after lesson they should to return a pen to a teacher. When lesson begins the teachers give them pen again.It is sometimes every lesson that children will not lose pens.If a child broken or lost a pen, it is big trouble! They have not something their own. That is why children very happy to receive new pens, writing blocks, exercise books, color pens etc.

 These are few pictures for last year.

We weeped to see how children were happy to receive exercise books, pens, color pencils etc. It were tears of happiness. Just this little things made them happy!They were excited so much by that!
This is very big joy and blessing to get these supplies to orphans!


In one orphanage director asked us to help them with balls for physical education. They necessary 60 balls: 20 volleyball balls, 20 basket-ball and just 20 children`s balls. In this orphanage over 100 kids.They have not balls they necessary for that. We would be happy to help with all balls they need.Please, will you help orphans in this need?

Also in another orphanage, director asked us to help them with different things for labor training. They necessary special kind of wood(board), plywood, furniture lacquer, different kind of metal, nails, armature, self-attack screws, different wires, different tools and many, many other. Children learn to make different things from wood and metal.
There many talented children whom need to help.As the orphanage has need and it will help to develop kids and learn many things what  will help them in future to find a work.

The special inspection demands that these all orphanage will do in school program for children but governments does not give finances for that, because have not.Director worries much about that and pleads much to help them with these all things.
Here are few pictures. All of their productions are so beautiful! It is amazing what orphans can make there!


and much more.

We can not help in all these needs what orphanages have, without your help. Please, can you help orphans in these needs they have?
It is real BIG blessing and joy for children to receive these school supplies! Please, will you help us to bring this special blessing from the Lord to these beautiful children?Every cent and $ appreciate!Please, pray together with us about this need.We plead Jesus to help in it as we are not able...
Please, use the chip-in on our blog.Thank you!

Thank you so much for any little your step in this need!May the Lord bless you!

August 20, 2011

Smallest ones creation of God

God is so good to us! We were able to visit special orphanage for girls where we have regular Bible lessons. We had amazing time with kids! 
Most of all we rejoicing by special blessing for us that finally we could to separate all orphanage by two groups(older and smaller) and we had Bible lesson with smallest kids.

Why i say finally. Because we think and pray about that for a long time. Yes, smaller kids were on Bible lessons but not all time. For many different reasons they just could be with us sometimes. Our hearts were hurt and sorry about them too.Because they are needy love, attention, care and know Jesus too. they are so precious and how we can leave them!? They are beautiful and so sweet creation of God!

When they were together with older girls, it was very hard for them and for us too, because of age, their ability etc. We had understood very well we should to separate and have 2 groups.

We are blessed finally we could do that! Will be it more easier? For children, yes.But for us, no because a lot of children there. We have not other way.Our decision was that 3 members of team will have Bible lesson with older girls.The rest 2(sometimes 3) will have Bible lesson with smallest.

Yes, it will be hard for us.But is it problem to bring a joy and happiness to these precious creation of God?Is it problem tired much bodily and emotional?I do not think so. :) Yes, we are worry little bit how it will work in future. We worry a little or will we able to do that?We pray God will help us, give strength and wisdom.

 So, this time we arrived to the orphanage will have Bible lessons with 2 groups. We have found that older girls can not be with us because they were busy by cutting of apples to make it dry, make ready for winter. Well.We took smallest kids.I thought we will have 15, probably 20 kids. I was wrong. We had about 40 girls in class! What a blessing! In the room were small and older girls too.Those who can not work.
And we had amazing time! Praise God!

Here girls and caretakers are cutting apples.After that they put it somewhere outside where is sun. When it will dry, they use it for drink in winter.We call it compote (stewed fruit).

This sweet girl does not speak, does not react on any action, does not pay attention on anything, can do nothing. We try to teach her elementary things.But really it is very hard if you do not see her every day. All these things have to do caretakers. But they are not able because there many children.And they just have not time for each child. So, these children with special needs suffer there.
This time when we arrived she saw us and began to smile, her eyes were shine, she clap up by hands and we noticed she was exciting by seeing us.So, she began to react! We were so blessed to see that! It is very heartbreaking we are not able to teach them what they necessary, vital things, make their life easier. :(

Girls who had Birthdays. They were VERY glad to get these gifts!
As we began to teach small kids, we decided to learn Bible from the Genesis. Older girls who already know it, they could to recall and solidify knowledges. As they forget often and can not remember well. It was good for them too.

For object lesson we used toys(animals) and fruits(bananas). In the end of lesson we wanted to give them these bananas and also melon. But administration of orphanage did not let us to give rockmelon to children. They were afraid that children will have a trouble with stomach. So, we did not show them it that will not upset them.

Here we showed them different animals and explained that God is creator each of them etc. It was funny when they called rabbit by dog.We think it is because of his ears. But real it is sad they even do not know many animals.

Lemur they called by cat. It is because they did not see animals  except dogs and cats on territory of orphanage. That is why our dream and prayer to God is take these children to zoo. I`m sure it will be the best day of their life! What a blessing would be for them!I can only imagine!

This time we showed to them children cartoon about creation of God. They were excited so much, like they watched cartoon for the first time ever! Who knows, probably...

We have played games, stickers.
The next game was puzzles.We divided all children by 7 groups, as 7 days a week.

They did it real good! But some children they do not know how to play by puzzles.

The next we learned Bible verse "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1

Girls needed to play by ball and say this verse.Not many could do that.

After that we left small kids at class to make a craft but older girls have gone to play by ball with our sisters.

Until we decided who stay at class, small children had pause. Director Misha did a video.They just loved to see themselves and waved their hands. They are treasure of God, are not they? How they are precious and sweet!

We were blessed a caretaker stayed with us and helped with crafts. It was real blessing from the Lord! Because it was very hard with small children in this time.They asked every 2 minutes what will use color, how to do that or that.Some of them call you just to be sure or right color they use. They called us every 2 minutes to ask anything.Even we explained to them before how to do a craft. Ah, really we tired very much. We understand these are special children, they need attention. And God teach us patience through it.Really we tired. But we enjoy by it and happy to be with them and get tired for the lord! :)

At this time sisters have played game by ball. They let us know, have found many girls do not know how to pass a ball over zephyr. But they were happy and excited sooooo MUCH when they could to pass a ball to some one else!

Well.We  have one more idea, dream and plea to God. That will do a playground for them and teach them how to play by ball and other games. Imagine here girls 5-35 years old and they DO NOT know how to play by ball.
In the end we gave to them piece of banana.

They LOVE it very much!

We were glad during a meeting with children 2 caretakers could to be with us and heard about creation of God etc.Also we were glad they helped us much.It was such great blessing and joy for us!Thanks God!

We were very glad we finally began a class with smallest of this orphanage. We need to learn much and study with children God`s way and His will for us here on earth. We need to learn and to know each child in orphanage even it is not easy when usually in class 40-45 children. We need to learn to be observant to each child to consider their special needs and their character and behaviour. We need so much yet to serve these treasures of God and His precious creation! Please, pray for us! Thanks so much for praying!

August 16, 2011

Shoes and clothes

With big burden and sadness i`m writing this post. I told you about orphans in camp before but not all... Because i was going to tell you about that in this special post and it is not only about orphans in camp but about ALL orphans we minister.

We saw the big need of orphans have with shoes and clothes. It is terrible what shoes/sandals they wear!
 Same is with clothes. But i would like to stop here and say about shoes.
Their shoes too big 2-3 sizes more or too small.Also it is broken, worn out much, it hurts their foot or soles, makes callosity or wounds on feets. Boys wear girls sandals and girls wear boy`s.Because they have not other shoes.They wear what they have. Some of them generally have not shoes and they wear shoes of their friends or classmates.

Here are few pictures

 Can you imagine yourself in shoes like these?

Would you like wear sandals like this? Me, no.

Can you imagine yourself in their shoes just in a moment? Imagine they have to wear these shoes all time, because they do not have a choice.They can not buy, they have not parents or relatives or friends who can present a new shoes for them.They just do not have no one, nothing...They can not run and walk in cold or wet weather.They have to suffer and bite the bullet. It is terrible!

An one girl shared with me her little story that she does not have a shoes and she wears shoes of her friend.Her shoes she can not wear because it is already worn out and unfit.Can you imagine you wear shoes of your friend?..

Just in moment I recalled myself  when i was in orphanage. I was about 14-15 years old in this time, the same age as this girl(sorry have not her picture). I was talking with her and did not think to make a picture.
An one person stole my winter boots.It was winter and was very cold. For several weeks I had to wear slippers, because I had nothing. Yes, it was snow outside and frost but I did not have a choice.It was good that buildings is close one to another and I just did run or walked very fast to them. But I could not to play outside at this time.

You may ask but where was caretaker?

Do you know who stole your shoes?

Did you tell about that your caretaker?

I was afraid

Did caregiver see you did not have boots and needed it?
Well. I can not answer on this question, saw she it or no.I do not know.

 Did you tell her about that?

But why?
I was afraid.

I was afraid to tell everyone about my this need and others.I was afraid to ask any one to help or ask something.And I was afraid to tell her who stole my shoes.I was frighten very much.Because my mom beat me up often in childhood.
After that I was afraid everything.I was hidden all pain and suffers inside of my soul.This caregiver did beat children also.I was afraid to tell her that I have not boots or shoes.I thought she start to scream and beat me because of that.I remember it very clear like today.Sadly that some moments of our life we can not forget...So, I suffered physical and emotional in this time.

But praise God my aunt gave me autumn shoes for me.Yes, it was several sizes bigger than mine and I looked funny. :) Yes, it was cold in my foots and I knew I should to give back her it when season will finish but I was glad.

This is just very simple example.But i`m sure there are many children who suffer much more.There are many children who have not parents or relatives who can help them.Even they have relatives, they do not take care about these poor kids.These children are abandoned, neglect and forgotten...

We ask you to help in this need.Please...We are Church of Christ, we are Christians we should to show the God`s love and care to these children.

These children like this sweet kitten, who need food, care, attention and love.And these children are beautiful like this sweet girl.Let`s together will not let suffer these precious children!

 Lately I like these verses and love to read it again and again.

"Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. 
Here I think can be children with special needs, who can not speak
Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy." Proverbs 31:8-9
 And second verse without comments.

So, we open our mouth in our prayers before the Lord and plead Jesus to help orphans, these poor kids in their needs, clothes and shoes. 

And please,we ask you to help.Probably you, your children have clothes or shoes which you not wear. Need sizes 4-35 years old, for small boys and girls, teens and adults(in mental institutions).

If you, your family have not it.Please, tell your friends, relatives, neighbours, even Church will  help orphans in Ukraine.It even can be used clothes or shoes but good.

Please, will you help us to show these kids God`s love and His care? Please, will you open your mouth in prayer together with us before the Lord about need of these orphans?With heavy heart we plead you to help.We appreciate any little step in it. Thank you! God bless you!


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