June 28, 2011

Meeting with smallest precious cuties

The Lord Jesus has blessed and gave opportunity to our team visited smallest kids we serve.

This is Children`s Home where are about 60 precious cuties 2-7 years old.They all are mental healthy and  there about 20 kids who can be adopted.When children come to 7 years old they transfer to study and live to an orphanage.Where they meet many troubles, trials, tears, fears, indignity, insults and etc.

How it can be that this darlings and beautiful children meet these terrible things and much much more?

How it can be if a boy or girl crying, their tears cleans by not mommy or daddy but someone else?

Why no one does not read Bible or tell stories about great  hero of Bible before the night?

Why they do not have own doll or car or any other toy?

Why these cuties do not know who is mammy or daddy and do not know how to be in family?

Why they do not know and do not feel kisses and hugs of parents?

Why these small precious kids do not get Birthday gifts, never do not eat cake, sweets,  not blew out candles and do not have friends who can celebrate their special day?

You can not look at them without tears of sorrow...

Many and many same questions you can ask. It is very heavy to answer...It is heavy burden in our hearts about these nice kids. One i know Bible says: "...and the whole world lieth in wickedness."  1 John 5:19(b)

One cute boy told us, when we asked him: "Do you want to be in the heaven with Jesus?" He answered: "Yes and  I would like to meet there mommy and daddy."
Can you imagine it? These little beautiful kids all time think about their parents! Sometimes when we come they ask us: "Did you see my mommy?" "Why she did not come with you?" or you can hear "Are you my mommy?" and twitches your hand or your skirt and looks at your eyes fixedly.
What we can answer to them? What we have to tell them where their parents?Oh, it is so heavy...very very heavy...It crush your heart...

That is why our team comes to visit these abandoned and darling kids.That is why we try to tell them about Who never will leave them, He loves and cares about them.All comfort and piece they can find only in Him. We love them so much! Oh, how they are precious and sweet!

So, what our team did with these little cuties?

When kids saw our Director Misha outside, they started to run toward him and huged like bees of honey.Misha could not move and thought  that he will fall down in a moment. It was soooo funny! Oh, how they are sweet!

Before children came to the hall where we usually have meeting with them, our team was preparing for program.
                                Here team doing our puppet stage.
When children came to the hall and saw our team, they were glad! They knew that the puppet show waiting for them and something special!They were smiling and took their places on chairs to sit down. Some were spanking by hands and said WOW! They were much exciting!
                                         So, here is our puppet show.

                                                         Short video

This time we told them Bible story about Daniel in den. Sisters have chosen kids who helped in story and have played acts of heroes.
I think our king Darius is perfect! :) He is sooo cute! Is not he sweet? And all kids did great job during story!
They like it much!All children did enjoy by this story!
Also kids have played a game where they needed to burst a balloon the way they wanted and will find tortile piece of paper.
Words of Bible verse were written on piece of papers. When children have found all words, they learned Bible verse.
And as all time they all wanted to play this game! Children love balloons! Sometimes it is heavy to choose a child for a game!

Here is short video of this game.It was funny when a girl needed to burst a balloon.But she started to play with it! How is sweet! And how a little boy decided to help her to burst the balloon.They are so funny! :)))

Also children were able to play in game "Pin a tail on the lion".There are were many kids who wanted to play!
                                                 They did real good!

And in the end of the meeting the team gave candies to children.
Oh, how they love sweets!They were glad to get it!

Our dream and wish is to present to them much more, not a one candy! Are they did not deserve much more gifts or sweets?
God wants to give them much more! We are not able and we need your helping... Please, will you bless these precious, darling and beloved kids? Thank you!

As this Children`s Home is in village. We think maybe you will be interest to see pictures. Here are several of them lives in village of Ukraine.

   Grandmothers coming back from forest with blueberries.

We need only $125!

WOW! What a blessing we have! It is amazing! Thank you very much to those who donated to help Anna to get a new wheelchair!Thank you to open hearts to help this poor girl!We are so exciting about this blessing!

We need only $125 to come true her dream and help her in big need! We can only imagine how she will be happy to get a new wheelchair! She spends half of her life using it. We Christians have to show Christ love to those who in needs.
Can you imagine her happiness, joy and glory to Jesus to get a new one?Can you imagine how she will be happy to get a new gift from Jesus?How she will be glorify Him?!

Please, help will come true Anna dream and need! Thank you!May the Lord bless each of you!

June 26, 2011

Please, please, help Anna have a better life!

Anna walks by her lap and it hurt her much. She necessary kneecaps. Also a wheelchair which she uses is broken and too small in the sizes for her. The wheels are crooked and can not move.

Women - workers each time should carry Anna with wheelchair to help her. Can you imagine it, how it is heavy for Anna and workers? Doorsteps in buildings do not have special place for wheelchairs and it is more troubles for Annya.

Can you imagine your life in wheelchair, broken, too little size for you, it squeeze your body, crooked wheels, your back and knees are hurt all time because of it and you can do nothing with it?

She SUFFERS in this wheelchair, instead of enjoys. Each time we come to orphanage,  she ask us, Did you bring wheel chair for me? She almost crying when she understand we did not bring it for her...
We are not able to help...We can help Anna only with your helping.

Please, please can you help this girl to be happy? To help her to buy with good size and a suitable wheelchair for her.It cost $350.

We placed a chip-in for this special project to help Anna.We pray and hope Lord Jesus will touch your heart to help this poor orphan.She does not have any person who can help her.She hopes we will help. Trust me it is very heavy to see her eyes with full of tears hoping you will help...We all Christians, Church of Christ, we must to do something.Let`s show God love to this girl-orphan! It is our calling to help poor. Please, please, help Anna!...Each dollar and cent is appreciate!  We have only 10 days to help her! Please, help....

Two brothers-Jacob and Esau

The next blessing we had that the team was able to visit special orphanage to girls and had regular Bible lesson last week!
And as all time girls were happy to see our team! They were so much exciting, oh my goodness! We are so blessed by the Lord Jesus to bring the Gospel to this orphanage! It is SUCH BIG privilege for us! We are so grateful to the Lord for His mercy and opportunity to visit these abandoned and forgotten girls. Each time God bless and we have amazing time with them!This time God blessed too!

The topic of the Bible lesson was about two brothers-Jacob and Esau.Genesis 25:20-34; 27 We consider this that the falsehood is the sin before righteous God. It brings many troubles in life of people, destroys families, separated from friends,  conscience bothering,  breaks your life and life other people and even brings death of people etc. The devil is biggest cheat in the world! Jacob outwited twice his brother Esau. He had many troubles after that.
In the beginning of the meeting, girls sang a song with movements.Even they are not small but really they like songs with movements! :)
Nadya told them the Bible story. We love to show this story in acting. Several girls were Jacob and Esau, Rebekah and Isaac. Girls like to play acts of Bible stories! It was so much fun!

 As Bible says Esau was hairy.
 "And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau." Genesis 25:25
"My father peradventure will feel me, and I shall seem to him as a deceiver; and I shall bring a curse upon me, and not a blessing."Genesis 27:12

We decided to make it more real and covered the hands of fur. We did not find  it for the neck. So, the neck our Esau was not hairy. :) The girls were laughing so much! They liked it idea!

Also as Isaac could not see good.
" And it came to pass, that when Isaac was old, and his eyes were dim, so that he could not see..." Genesis 27:1
We have played the game. Children needed on the touch to say what is inside of this sack.We placed different things inside there. Some of them did real good job but some no.It was heavy to say if you do not see what it is.After that team explained to children how is heavy to be blind people.We have to be thankful we have eyes and can see good. It is very easy to cheat blind people and their life is awful!
Bible says:"Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumblingblock before the blind, but shalt fear thy God: I am the LORD."  Leviticus 19:14

Also children have learned the Bible verse and answered to questions about the story in one game. "All unrighteousness is sin..." 1 John 5:17(a)
It is twin game. A girl who answered to question, walked to the desk and has chosen a card she wanted. All cards were numbered on the one side. But another side of the cards were written parts of words of the verse.So, children added together verse, learned it and answered to questions about story.
Also i think it good game for them to remember and repeat numbers. This is special orphanage where are mental retarding children. Many of them do not know very well numbers etc.

And in the end children made craft.They all like to color and make something their hands so much!They enjoy any crafts!
                                                Their crafts at this time.  :)

Most of all problem we have here.That many girls can not color, scissor out etc. We need all time to help them and teach. Yes, we are happy and with pleasure to do this and they are glad when you help them. But we do not have enough hands to help them! And it is very heavy for us.We need more hands!

But even it is heavy we have progress and we are so exciting!This girl(in red hat) could not color and she did not know how to do it!Each of our journey we come and teach her. And this time she colored a picture by herself! WOW! What a blessing! She was so glad she did it alone! You need to see her eyes how she was happy her progress!We are so glad for her!!!

When children have dinner they have time for nap. The administration of orphanage did let us to give them candies at this time.Girls were so glad to see the team in their bedrooms! They are enjoying and so exciting by each candy!
Before their time of nap, girls told to us goodbye . Really they did not want to go to their bedrooms.They wanted to speak, share their worries and gladness, wanted to have more fellowship with us. It is very heavy to leave them here...

We still beg Jesus to help this orphanage with mattresses. They still sleep and use awful mattresses  and pillows. You can not have a good and healthy dream when you do not have comfortable place or mattress. They still necessary $1.800 to buy mattresses to all 90 girls.They suffer much. It is our heartbreaking pain and prayer to Jesus to help these girls.

Here is short video condition of mattres what a child use.Can you imagine a dream on this mattress?

How about this?
Can you please, to help in this need?Can you please to help have good and healthy dream  these precious girls?Can you please, to help be them happy? Each cent is appreciate!
If you can not donate, can you please to pray about this need.We cherish each prayer. Prayer can do much more. Thank you!May the Lord bless you!

June 24, 2011

God cares about orphans!

First of all so sorry i did not post for a long time. I have some good news for you! But before i was very sick several days and was not able to do many things.It took me more days than i thought.Any way i`m happy our Lord Jesus is so good and He healed me and i`m able to do what i must. Praise the Lord!

I would like to share with you a blessing we received today! We are so exciting and thankful to the Lord! Jesus loves and cares about orphans!Oh, how He is amazing and great!

God sent today a HUGE many toys to kids!They are different sizes and kinds, animals and little cars to boys!WOW! I can only imagine how they will be happy to receive these gifts! Also God sent different crafts items: paper plates, metal brads, google eyes, crayons etc.
And even the team received a blessing!:) Peanut butter, dry cherries, hot chocolate etc. We love all these goods!Oh, thank you Jesus!
Thank you, Sabrina!Thank you to those who helps and cares about orphans in Ukraine! May the Lord bless each of you!Thank you for love to orphans and being of the hands of Jesus Christ!!!

During next few days  i will let you know another blessings we have.

June 16, 2011

The first Bible lesson in special orphanage for boys!

Oh my goodness!WOW! What a great journey we had!Thank you everyone for prayers!Jesus answers them!We are so exciting and amazed! We soooo happy by this God blessing!I even do not know enough words to describe what we feel and how we are thankful to the Lord!We had the first Bible lesson in this orphanage!How God is good to us!

A little bit about orphanage. This is orphanage for boys with special needs, mental retarding, autism, Down syndrome etc. They are 4-35  years old.
They study there mathematic, read and write.It is sadly but most of them can not read.Some of them even do not know how old they are.Some of them do not speak.
But some are real smart and talented ! We only think what they do here? This place is not for them!..

But all they are so sweet and kind! Jesus loves them so greatly! He wants they will be happy and they are special His creation. They need to know about Jesus Christ Who created them and wants they will be in the Heaven in His time and forever.
Usually we come to this orphanage with special program where is Bible story, games, songs, puppet show etc.But we wanted to do something more, have close fellowship with them, to be their friends, to know close each of them.The decision was begin Bible lessons. We prayed about it during some time.When we have been there last time, the administration did let us to have lessons with them. We were so glad and we could not wait to start it!

The administration did let us to be in small room, because floor in another rooms were dyed.When we saw this room, we thought it will be not enough place for everyone and hot. You can not be for a long time in this place where are hot and you can not breath even if window and door is open. Because of crowd kids.But we were so happy! Really!We even did not notice it. :)
Because when children saw us they were so glad!We were SHOCKED how they were HUNGRY of fellowship with us!Oh my goodness we even did not expect it!Yes, we  worried how it will work, how children will react, what we have to expect etc. But were shocked to see how they are hungry to have a fellowship with us! They were like thirsty in hot wilderness! How they were happy to see!They have smiled, did run to us, jumped, each one wanted to hug us. If they only could to touch to your hand you need to see their happy eyes!When you would to see their eyes, you saw they waited something special!

We had more than 45 kids!As we had not place in the room, many were standing in the corridor.We were amazed!
As we want to start to learn with them Bible regularly we began from the Genesis when in first chapter God created the world.
Boys love guitar!So we learned with them a song with movements about creation. They did it very well!

                                           No chairs but we had floor to sit down. :)
During the Bible story, kids have played the game.When we told them about fourth days of Creation.They needed to placed stickers of stars and planets.They did great job!

They all wanted to play!

When we finished all story of creation, they placed different stickers, animals, people, flowers etc. on other sheet of picture.
They were so glad to place stickers like they did it for the first time ever in their life!Probably?Who knows? In fact they do not have stickers and can not buy it. If they do not have parents so who will buy stickers to them?
look at this little boy how he was excited to place it!

Also we have played a game where we repeated with them and have learned days of creation again.

Also we brought to them candies.Kids were glad!
We were surprised much when oldest boys made for our team sweet wafers!Yes, it is very cheap.But we appreciate their attention and care of us.Oh, it was soooo sweet and nice from boys!

Sometimes we think we need a ton of clothes  to help orphans!Look at these small precious what they wear.

We are thankful God has blessed a little and we could to bring clothes, tee-shirts and briefs. When boys saw it.They said, it is nice!
Can anyone to help with clothes to boys and sandals?Can anyone to help orphans to wear good clothes?It can be not new but good!Thank you!May the Lord bless you!

June 14, 2011

Our website

Finally we could to fix and did reinstating services of our main website. www.bibleorphanministry.com  Praise the Lord! Hope it will not happen again. So sorry  it brought  inconvenience to you and took us several weeks!

June 13, 2011

Gifts to orphans

God blessed us and we were able to visit orphans last week! It was last orphanage with graduates which we were going to visit with gifts.Also it is one of the biggest orphanages where we minister.
They had exam in this day, also they got all their documents what they will need.And in this day they all did ride to home. It was very sad to see that only 2 of parents came to take to home their children.
You may ask but they orphans, do they have parents? Most of all, yes. In Ukraine 80% social orphans. What does it mean? A child can have parents but they can be alcoholic, use drugs, or father is in jail and mother lives amoral life or parents do not want to care about their child.Each child has own sad story.Often children do not know where are their parents. Very often in this situation child stay on street or brave it out violence.
So along with alive parents these children are orphans who sometimes never did not see their parents.:(

It was a blessing for us that Misha, Director of our Ministry could to read Bible and told them last words of exhortation! We praise the Lord! It is real blessing because not in every orphanage you can do it before all administration of orphanage! It was a blessing that some teachers could to hear the Gospel and God Word too!
In this orphanage workers are situated and hungry by God word! And we are so blessed to bring the Gospel there!
In the end we presented New Testaments and special gifts to 28 child. Oh, how they were glad! They were so happy and thankful to get this gift!Also workers and teachers were surprised! They said it is posh gift! :)
Thank you very much to those who has blessed these orphans!We are so Big grateful to those who helped us to brought joy to these sweet kids and help them if only little in their needs!Thank you!!!

Several pictures
Director of BOM is reading the Bible and giving his exhortation.
After that children received their documents. Some kids were crying. You may ask why? Because many of them have not good families, they do not want go to home, it is better for them stay and live in orphanage. They afraid future, they do not have some one who will help them.Even they are 15 years old they have to learn to live absolutely alone,  they have to learn to survive  and not waiting any helping from some one in this world. :(

Here are few pictures of buildings where they spend most of their time and some rooms iside.

Usually inside of the room where they sleep are nothing except beds , one table for 8- 15 kids and broken chairs.
If you will see on the picture, the wash stand has only one faucet. They do not have hot water.If they need to wash something, they use cold water and they take shower only one time for a week.
This is the room where get into a place sick children. Until they stay here, they have nothing to play or watch or do. All they do during a day, look through the window. It is heavy and bored to be here until you are sick and has nothing in the room.
Can you imagine yourself in this room when you are sick not for 1-2 days. What if for 2 weeks or a month?What you would be do?

Children spend most of their time inside of the these buildings.Also you will not see swings for children and playground  in this orphanage. It is heavy for children do not have a place where to play.

 These buildings are very and very old.Windows and doors are worn out and have holes. It is big trouble because children are cold in winter time and they get sick often. 

We are upset and it is afflict our hearts to know how live these kids. Along with that these kids are vulnerable and lonely they have not very good facilities of condition to live.
Our dream and prayer is to help them as much as will bless the Lord. Our dream is to rebuild, will make repair inside of the buildings or will change windows and door or will do playground or ...(they have many needs). We must to do something! Please, pray God will do miracle and help us to help orphans...Thank you!


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