April 23, 2014

One abandoned little boy

This absolutely breaks my heart friends...It is such a common here and often happens. But sometimes a situation or a story has something special and especially heartbreaking...

In March we visited Zhenya`s family and had a wonderful biblical fellowship with her husband Kolya and her brother Ruslan.

A few days ago we visited Zhenya again. Day seemed was ordinary and as all workaday. All blossom and smells, trees, flowers, people are preparing for sowing, everything looks so wonderful and amazing. You enjoy and delight by beauty of God`s creation.

A small boy Vitya grows healthy and cute little man. He is so precious! His beautiful blue eyes melted my heart  :)

We brought diapers, toys and some clothes.

Also, thanks to your donations we were able to buy groceries for the family.

But there was a boy with a sweet smile on his face. 
-Is he a neighbor boy came to play? we asked. 
-No, this is my nephew,- said sadly Zhenya. Roman cries often and wants to father and mother...
-Where is the mother and father ? What's the matter ?

Mother Roman recently released from prison for murder. Among drunk people killed someone. Father of the boy still is in prison. When he will be out, unknown.
A few months ago, his mother brought this little boy into the house Zhennya and left him there. She abandoned him...Poor little boy...He is only 6 years old.

Zhenya in despair did not know what to do. Tried to find any clothes and take care of the boy. This autumn he should go to school. His aunt Zhenya does not know how to help him and what to do. Thus Roman awhile already lives in this poor family, where the other day must be born another baby...  

This is so and so sad and heartbreaking. But was more heavy to hear that mother of this sweet boy was in orphanage... And in same orphanage, where I have been many years ago. This absolutely breaks my heart. ...Typing this blog post with tears in eyes...It is hard. It is realy hard and hurt. 

It's like a vicious circle. Children left walls orphanages, and then years later, their own children get in the same orphanages. And then again, all the same. And so from year to year... 

I can not stop my tears...It is so hearbreaking and hurt... Knowing the fate and life of some of my classmates. Some no longer alive, they died, some were imprisoned several times, a few of my classmates girls birth of illegitimate children, some drink alcohol. And it's scary. Scary and painful how Satan mocks the fate of orphans.

It is spiritual war, friends. It is longest spiritual God's war in the world for souls, for their salvation. Over two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again to give new life and new heart in Christ. Life is full of meaning, happiness, peace and joy. But the answer to the call of God depends on us. Do we wish this life? New life with a new heart filled with incredible joy in Christ and happiness?The life with a forgiven heart and perfect peace inside?
Jesus told Christians to go and preach the gospel throughout the world. And this spiritual war for souls, goes on for over two thousand years  already.
The BOM`s main goal is to change the terrible statistic of graduates that our country has. That children, who leave orphanages, their temporary homes, could live independent and successful  life for God`s glory and praise.That Jesus has changed their lives and hearts and give meaning to life, as in his time filled ours, BOM team.

Please, pray for graduates we have this year, pray for the current project to bless them with beautiful gifts, pray for their salvation that they trust their precious lives Jesus Christ and follow Him.

Also please, pray for this little abandoned boy Roman. He can be send in orphanage also...Only God can do a miracle that this little precious and sweet soul will not be send there...Thanks.Thank you very much, friends!


  1. Alla, this is breaking my heart too. what is needed so that precious boy does not end up in an orphanage? Will Zhenya be able to keep him? Are they willing to keep him? Do they just need money to care for him or are there legal issues to him living with them?
    I will most certainly be praying for Roman and this whole situation.
    Ashley in CO

    1. I think it will be really hard for Zhenya`s family to keep 3 kids, even they would have money. They are expecting a second baby. Zhenya has a little mental delay and it will be not easy for her. Yes, Roman can live with them while his mother wishes it. While she has legal right as mother, she has right to do with him what she wants. Zhenya and Kolya are relatives and if mother wishes, her son can live there.

      Thank you for your prayers, Ashley! The situation is really hard. I can not answer all questions. We can only pray for this precious boy.

  2. Praying for little Roman - he looks like such a sweet little boy. I am glad he is safe with Zhenya now, and hope he will be able to remain with her. Perhaps some of the clothing I'm sending will fit him and will help a little bit. So sad for little children to be in such situations...

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Yes, it is really sad for little children to be in such situations.Thank you for prayers, Susan and your care of Roman!What a blessing it will be for him!

  3. I mailed two boxes to you today - one contains sandals and light-weight shoes for children, and the other has children's shirts - I think some of the shirts and shoes might fit Roman. So sad for him - I hope he will be able to remain with Zhenya.

    I also sent the baby doll for little Edick, along with a toy baby bottle and sippy cup - hope he likes having his own "baby"!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Susan!What a wonderful blessing for children and especially for Roman and little Edick!Thank you!!!

  4. I meant to also say that the box with the shirts includes a little knit top for baby Andrey as well as the doll, etc., for Edick. Hope the little shirt fits - but if it's too big, it won't stay that way for very long!



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