April 20, 2012

He was a street boy...

    When his parents divorced, he was still the child. And it affected his further life. Soon he appeared in an orphanage. Absolutely lonely, with the injured heart, parents forgot about him. It seemed that the world was gloomy and gray, cold and cruel. Nobody will listen to your awful pain, nobody will hug, won't tell warm words. Tears, pain of heart,sorrow,grief, misunderstanding, lonely with empty heart.It seemed that all forgot also everyone was occupied with the vital affairs, without paying attention to the guy which so needed a consolation and love. 

   Time went... Time came to leave the orphanage forever.When he left walls of the orphanage and came back to home.He saw that the house was empty. His mother lived with the girlfriend drinking vodka thinking of nothing. Nothing disturbed her. The heart pain of the broken family, complete of loneliness and pains, she tried to find a consolation in vodka. She  circumfused her pain by vodka and to forget about everything forever. Soon she became to nobody the necessary to suffering of alcoholic abuse. The father lived with other family.

   The house, where returned this guy was empty and in an awful condition...There was no light, water and gas. The service came and cut off everything for failure to pay of utilities. Windows were beaten, without glass. In the house there was no food. It is empty, there is nobody. About the house that is the house, only reminded memories and known things.
   Shocked from seen, from pain and fear in heart, tears began to well up on eyes.He sat down on the iron and broken bed, clasped the head by hands and started to cry bitterly. The big fear filled his heart, pain, loneliness. What to do is future? How to live? To whom to follow the help? I am not necessary to nobody, forgotten and lonely ...he thought at this time. Tears slid as the river. Hungry, and full of fear and horror, in tears he fell asleep in the empty house.

   Days were cold and rainy. Therefore windows he fixed different boards and fibreboards. What though somehow to be warmed. It became shortly cold and he woke up from cold in the morning, shaking like an aspen leaf on a tree. Snow covered a room where he slept. When was very cold he muffled up more feasibly in a thin worn blanket to be warmed.When he hammered windows by boards or a cardboard or than it will be come into the hands, in the house it was dark and cold as in a storeroom. Often boards were broken by bums. Also it was necessary to repair windows again and again. To make light in the house, he connected two wires among themselves, what though as that to live. But he hidden from neighbors that lived behind a wall that they wouldn't be issued in the house and didn't go to complain in service.

   In the winter wore gumshoes because there was no other footwear. The rubber footwear froze and it was impossible to endure cold. Feet were simply ice.The frost was about 30`C. He dressed on two pairs sock to be warmed, but it didn't help...

Nobody wanted to take 14 year old guy on the work. It was heavy to arrive somewhere to study.

   It was necessary simply to survive...That though somehow to be consoled and allay the heart pain and fear, he started to drink vodka.On the work don't accept, there is no place to study, money isn't present to buy food and there is no place where to take. It was necessary to steal that to survive...
   To survive he wandered on different streets, the cellars, the thrown places and collected dairy bottles. Handed over them and on this money he bought food. It was not finite enough. Often he was undernourished.

   One day he managed to find a work. As in the USSR nobody took on the work juvenile child and it was illegal. So illegally he got job in cafe. He helped to undress meat in kitchen. But not long it was necessary to wait. Someone from government officials or inspection learned that the juvenile child works at kitchen. The director came and he asked him leave immediately or he can to get to prison that the juvenile guy works for him. Again hunger days, again problems...

  Once street children robed a small shop. The police thought that he also was involved in it. Also took away him in a children's shelter where held him, accusing him of that what he didn't do. Behind a high concrete fence and many iron doors, in a strict daily routine to walk everywhere only a system, hearing humiliations and insults, seeing mockeries and violence over children, he had to spend there about 30 days.It was scary and awful place.

  Once at night he passed by confectionery and noticed that a window was open.The smell of tasty cakes was so wonderful and tempting. He having yearned and having exhausted for hunger, reached to an open window. Having gorged on cakes, on following night he returned again. And here he got in hands of tall and strong man.

   When there was a court and accusing asked him why he stole.He is lost and frightened, with lowered head, he silently responded: "I simply wanted to eat..." The procurator became angry and the enraged voice started to accuse of various sins. The guy burst into tears and asked to mercy. But he was ruthless and screamed: "I will make everything that to put you in prison. Anyway you are necessary to nobody.Such as you should be in prison!" "Such as you", means those who was or who are in orphanages or on street...

  Nobody wanted to listen his explanation that he couldn't find to the work, couldn't find any educational institution. There was nobody him to help. The verdict was made. Three years of prison for the stolen cake.

  This is the real story a former street boy.It is only small part of history... He remembers everything accurately and clearly as though it occurred yesterday. Today he is saved Christian by grace of God, who helps the same street boys and girls. Who doesn't know about that there is a way and hope. The get-out or solution  is always, this is Jesus Christ.The consolation in heart, protection and rest it is possible to find only in Jesus Christ.

Many of you know this former street guy. Who passed all this way of loneliness and horror, knowing what such hunger and cold, fear and horror, pain and disappointment, injustice and indifference, humiliation and much more...This is brother Misha, Director of Bible Orphan Ministry in Ukraine.He was this street boy.

Here are videos of lives of children who stay on street.It`s heavy to watch it without tears...


Here one more video on YouTube.You can find a lot of videos there of homeless children.

It everything waits for orphans who are graduate from orphanages in some weeks.Fear, tears, helplessness, loneliness, hunger. If will be a lucky probably will find a work or educational institution. But if no, there they waits the street, hunger cold, alcoholic and drug addiction, prison etc.

    Dear beloved friends, with heartbreaking hearts we ask you to help in our project, Gifts to Graduates.Time is running out and we have only 2 weeks...Our desire to help them in their needs and to bless at least is a little.
   With your help we already raised fund $745.Amazing!It`s almost the half what we necessary! We already able to buy kitchen utensils for ALL 80 orphans!Thank you SO much!!!You are awesome!So, we need to raise more to buy blankets for kids.Read here to know more about this project.Every little bit of help is VERY helpfull and appreciating.

   We pray God will bless and provide needs of those who are in need.Please, share about this need.Time is VERY short.We need many your prayers.Thank you SO much for any your help!God bless you!


  1. Thank you for sharing Misha's story. A sad story with a happy ending...Jesus saves us, He rescues us, He loves us.

  2. Yes, all glory to the Jesus Christ!

  3. God uses all things and circumstances for His good, doesn't He? I cannot wait, however, until this all passes away and there is no more evil. There will be nothing but perfect peace in Him. We love you all so very much.

    1. You are so right, as Bible says! Romans 8:28 Now brother Misha can use his knowledges and experiences to help those, as he was before.We love your family so very much also. :)


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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