June 28, 2018

The bittersweet project

 These beautiful children with childhood traumas, some had to sleep on the streets in the bushes, under the bridge or where they had to... Some escaped from the orphanage in cold and frosty winter days, without clothes due to humiliation and violence in the orphanage...

These sweet kids live in terrible poverty and are forced to earn a penny to support their families. Sometimes parents have many children in family and are not able to provide food and forced to send the children to the orphanages. Parents of some of the kids spent their childhood in the same orphanage. :( Sometimes the parents are very ill and unable to give the most necessary to their children. But most parents drink alcohol and they do not care where are their kiddos and what will happen to them tomorrow... Sometimes girls hate men because their fathers drink alcohol. Can you imagine what feel a girl, when her godmother sold her to a guy for 2 bottles of vodka ?... That`s terrible!!!

Graduates were afraid to leave the orphanage... Every day they face fear what there will be tomorrow, uncertainty, loneliness. They are looking for a comfort drinking alcohol or sniffing glue. Some were dying many times due to intoxication of the body... Recently, a 20-year-old girl from the same orphanage committed suicide leaving her small baby...😢We do not know the details. But this is awful news since we knew this girl... :((( Each story of child is heartbreaking...

Therefore, we decided to make a small camp for these precious souls, in the hope of helping them in emotional healing and surrounded with the love of Christ.

When we started our travel, the big sum of money was not enough. But with all our hearts we believed that the Lord would send the necessary funds! The Lord gave peace and calm in the heart. We did not even care about this, because we worried about the children more. :)
The Lord knew that this would be enough! In many places we were given a huge discount or it was free of charge, when they found out that the children from the orphanage! We praised our Heavenly Father for such great blessings!How awesome!!!

At the first our day we stopped for a small picnic to eat on the way to... We spent only half of the day and children said that they got to Paradise!!!  What?!! We did nothing yet! 

My heart thrilled and was filled with such incredible joy and happiness! Honestly, I thought that I would die from happiness to see them so delighted!!! ♥♥♥ :))) I only imagine what an amazing next few days will be, I thought for a moment...

We arrived late at night when it was dark, so no one could see the mountains. But many woke up at 5.00 AM to see this beauty! Probably, they did not even close their eyes in anticipation of the sunrise. Ha ha!

Every morning before eating, we devote time to reading the Word of God and praying.

Also we had a Bible time every day, where we discussed different topics and talked about salvation. Everyone listened with great pleasure and interest!For the first time in the life these sweet kids saw waterfalls, fed animals, went to the mountains, climbed the highest mountain in Ukraine, Hoverla, saw the castle, went for a drive in zipline, played games, had fellowship and many more. What an awesome and incredible time! All the kids thrilled, delighted and said that they had the best days of their life!!! They had a blast! ♥♥♥ They are such sweet souls...

We thank God for the safe road, for the wonderful weather, even we had to survive the downpour. Little experience :) But most of all, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the wonderful time with these beautiful souls! We lived together as one big lovely family and it was amazing time!

It was a bittersweet project... A lot of heartbreaking situations. So many wounded and broken precious hearts... Many souls needs spiritual and emotional healing. :( 
But it was the BEST project we had!!! :) God is doing amazing things!!!

 Their hearts began to open for the Gospel. During the year when we came to the meeting of the graduates, they did not express much desire to sing, many felt shy. But these days, we could not stop them! They wanted and asked to sing again and again!!!
 We became better and good friends. And we keep fellowship daily :) Those who were afraid began to show courage, those who were silent became more talkative.Those who did not laugh began to laugh with all their heart. The children began to open their precious hearts telling about their lives, share their feelings and experiences. The graduates never went far and one of the girls started panicking... You know what? She began to show courage in many things!The teacher was very surprised and said, "I do not recognize them and can not believe my eyes! What's going on? For the first time in 9 years of work, I see them new!"  The love heals wounds! :) 

One of the girls said how good that I fell ill with pneumonia 9 years ago because of this I did not go to school. And I went to school for the coming year and got into this class. Just think, I had to graduate last year! After all, if I was not sick with pneumonia, I would never have got into this place in my life...

We are so grateful to all who took part in this awesome project!!! You are AMAZING!!! THANK YOU soooo very much to everyone, who made this possible and brought so much joy, delight and helped in emotional healing!!! Thank you very much for prayers! And thank you for giving opportunity to show the love of Christ to these precious souls. ♥♥♥

It was a little experience in holding the camp for orphans and it was a success! We plan to hold the same camp for graduates next year, God`s will but longer. ;)

Please, watch the video to see more pictures of God's beauty and mostly beauty in precious hearts! These kids are amazing and they took special place in our hearts ♥


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