September 12, 2018

Hope for little Elijah...

Our hearts are absolutely broken these days...I can not find words to describe what we feel these days. My heart is squeezing from indescribable pain. It beyond words... My eyes are full of tears.  It hurts. Very much...

  Many of you know (from Facebook posts) about the situation of the little Elijah and thanks to God's grace, many hot prayers and generous donations, the kid is still alive...

About six months ago or so, the kid was an active boy, played games, laughed and lived like all the children. But over time, he became worse. We began to notice strange things in the behavior of the little boy.

We saw how he got worse every day ... The boy was very tired, every 15 minutes there were epileptic seizures, because of seizures he could not sleep, he started talking badly, there were days when his body refused food, he could not swallow and all the food went back, the body did not obey the child, he could not walk, fell constantly, could not sit, began to lose sight... He was in intensive care many times for this period... Not once we thought that we had lose little angel...He could not breathe and the doctors used an oxygen mask. Doctors fighted for his precious life. Thank God, he is alive today!

It is difficult to convey all the pain that we experience in these difficult days, and especially the parents who both are orphans... Elijah has been found the brain cyst(not confirmed today), and then Rasmussen's encephalitis. Inflammation of the cerebral cortex.


The doctor gives a disappointing prognosis and says that everything is very bad ... 😢 And he told the mother to prepare for the worst ... The condition of Elijah deteriorates VERY quickly...😓 Day by day.. The situation is VERY critical. The little boy slowly goes away...We know this baby from the first months of his life. And it is scary to think he may will go away today or tomorrow...😭 Elijah is slowly dying...

The doctor says that Elijah is the first patient in his practice, which makes it difficult to treat the boy. Doctors fought for his precious life and did everything they could ...

Later little Elijah was sent to Kiev for a medical examination,  further and better treatment... He became worse... Besides all the terrible symptoms, the little boy has a pneumonia...😥

 For today, no medications help him. The neurosurgeon doctor says that sweet boy needs to do the surgery, delete half of the brain because the medications are powerless... He says if the surgery is not done then the other part of the brain will stop functioning as well... 😰😭

We need to raise $4000 US for a med.tests, a surgery, on medicines, diapers, food, transportation, consultation with specialists and various expenses. His mother is scared of the surgery very much. No doubt it would be scary for any person...

The neurosurgeon in Kyiv said that he had already operated on several children with encephalitis and the surgeries were successful. Children live a full life. His first surgery he did with a specialist neurosurgeon from New York. They are ready to operate Elijah in November.

He also said that the boy can be sent to Germany for treatment and they give direction. Next week we meet with specialists in neurosurgery from Israel. Please, pray that God will give wisdom and the right decision.

This week, little boy is being prescribed to go home to treat pneumonia at home(he can`t be in touch with kids and there are no place at hospital) and get ready for surgery so that he is healthy and ready for it. If he is sick with any infectious disease the surgery will not take place.


We do not know what the Lord prepared for this sweet family. They are going through a VERY difficult time now. 💔The Lord knows all the experiences and HUGE troubles... We pray that God will arrange everything and send Elijah where he needs to be.

Many of you love this precious angel what is a great encouragement for his parents. ♥♥♥ Please, keep praying for the healing of the poor boy. That God strengthened the faith of parents, give perfect peace in hearts and gave them the strength to go through everything. His mom Stella feels exhausted from sleepless nights. Also, that the Lord will open His will in the treatment of the baby, for wisdom and right decision of doctors, and for the needed funds. PLEASE, pray for a miracle, God`s mercy to the precious boy and his family. Pray for God’s glory to shine upon Elijah that God will be glorified through this situation. His precious life is valuable and in God's mighty hands...
Your prayers mean VERY MUCH for this sweet little boy and his family!
If you wish to bless little Elijah to give a chanse to LIVE, you can send your gift of love through PayPal
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Every $5, 15, 25, 50 is VERY helpful! Please, leave a note: "for little Elijah". Thank you so much!!! May God bless you!!!


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