March 25, 2015

Ukraine’s first university student with Down Syndrome!

This is so awesome!!!! This is happening in Ukraine today!!! 
19-year-old Bohdan Kravchuk from Lutsk in Western Ukraine is a first year student in the history faculty of the Lesya Ukrainka East European National University. Given the general attitude toward people with Down syndrome in Ukraine, this is absolutely astounding news! Can you believe it?! :)So excited for this young man!!!

Read full article, HERE.

March 24, 2015

A special guest last week!

Guess what?! We had a special guest last week! Yay! Danny, young guy, who helped so many in orphanages, with new beds, personal care items, quilts and so on, and so on past autumn. He raised funds and came back to Ukraine to help orphaned kids again! How awesome!!!Is not a wonderful blessing to see a special friends again?! ;) We had such a blessed time together!

So, we visited several orphanages telling to our precious kiddies about the Lord. This time we told them a Parable of the Lost Sheep and Jesus Christ is our Shepherd. (Luke 15:3-7) 

Nadya learned Bible verse with children. (Psalm 23:1) "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want."  I really love Psalm 23! In Russian/Ukrainian Bibles, Psalm 22 . Before that was hidden the sheep with word Shepherd. Children had to find it. It was fun how they were looking for sheep.

Then the Parable of the Lost Sheep.

Time with kids was awesome!!! I can not tell you how it was exciting, to hear the laugh of kids, see their joy and happy smiles.We had so and so much fun!!!

We played at game, "Gathering Your Sheep" The children had to pretend they are shepherds and that the balloons are their sheep. The object of the game was to be the first shepherd to get his sheeps into the fold with the rest of the sheep. The "gate" were between the chairs. The first child to push his "sheeps" across the floor with his "rod" through the "gate" is the winner.We all laughed a lot!Children loved this game and many wanted to play!

At the end everyone was provided with personal care items blessed by bro. Daniel and his community.

Huge blessing for entire orphanage!!!!

Then we visited our sweet boys...We also had wonderful time, singing, listening Bible story and playing at games.

So fun to gathering sheep!

Boys got sweets. Happy smiles :)


And personal care items, shampoo, shower gel, soap, diapers and baby formula.

Also we had such amazing time with our sweet girls!

Precious souls received stuffed toys and personal care items too! You would see their joy and delight! They cuddled and kissed toys like a small kids... It was so priceless to see...

 Young ladies were soooo happy to get a set of personal care item!They asked many times, is this for us? :)

We are soooo grateful to our dear friend Danny and his generous community to bless so and so many sweet souls last week! So many wonderful blessings helped not just in needs of kids but brought so much joy and love! We are so happy and rejoice for our many small friends!!! Jesus is so good!!!! 

March 13, 2015

I'm going to America!!!

I have an awesome news! I am going to America!!! Woo Hoo! Stunning blessing!

Some my sweet friend decided to bless me by visiting USA. Isn't she amazing?! :) We have prayed for some time asking about God`s will. I asked God to show me, is it what He wants to do in my personal life and BOM? He showed me, Yes. :) So, I decided apply for visa. I had no idea it will be approved or not. But God gave me peace in heart always! I "knew" that everything will be well... 

About 45 minutes or so, I was standing near embassy, happy me with approved visa! Yay! The interview was so easy!!! Unbelievable! It took me less than a minute! Can you believe it?! Wow! The officer asked me just few questions. I was shocked as was ready for many, many questions :) 

 Then in 2 days I got my passport with visa! I had no idea for how long period. I even did not think about it. I was excited and thanked God that my US visa is approved and that`s all.

Can you imagine my shock, when I opened my passport and saw that I have 10 years visa?!!!!Woooow!!!!!

It means I can go to America at any time or period!Fantastic and unbelievable!!!

 I`m look crazy? Right? :) But I was excited as a super crazy one!

God is soooo good as always!!!! It`s sooooo amazing and breathtaking blessing!

What I will do in America? I will visit our sweet friends, have meetings with our wonderful supporters and do a presentation of BOM, God`s will. I will be in California, Arkansas and Michigan. Yes, it is scary a little bit. I never been before but so excited to see beauty of the country and meet with precious God`s people! BOM staff will continue to serve precious kids. I will be update as much as possible. It is sad that not all our team can go. But maybe some day it will happen? :) For more info, please, email me at or send message on facebook BOM. Thank you! I would be so thankful for your prayers! God help me to be ready and in different organization questions. Thank you so much!!!

I am sooooo grateful to sweet families, who make it possible! Who will pay flight tickets and all travel expenses! Awesome blessing! So thankful God for such a generous hearts!!! ♥

March 9, 2015

Housing for Young Adults - a new project

We start a new project. Young adults do not have place where to go and where to live... Kozak family with their 2 little ones and young lady Yana, who are under BOM support as well. Also often another young adults or families stay for a night or several days. Those, who do not have a place, where to stay for a night.So, for many souls this housing was a nice and safe place.

BOM supports Kozaks for several years already. The couple is very young and still need to learn many life skills and need the help in many vital things.

Grandfather of Yana kicked her out on the street some time ago. At that time young lady had no place, where to go and live. Can you imagine what felt and thought this precious girl?

On the picture. Yana is at school, where she study for cook.I love her beautiful smile here.

Sasha Kozak can not find a job for a very long time. Some people tell him "no", because of his very short stature.
Except this trouble, his wife Olga became very sick. Young mommy visited a doctor sometime ago, he gave a medical prescription. Olga took the medicine but it did not help her. Last week she visited another doctor, who gave her direction to an oncology clinic and he discussed that Olga will be send to hospital for some time. I don`t know how it can be with 2 small kids. That is a big problem! We do not know or medical staff will let that at least small Andrew can be with her mom at hospital. Olga need go through medical test and give analysis to find out exactly her sickness. Doctors can`t find it.

Thanks your support BOM provides food for young people.

Edick, the oldest one, loves his little brother Andrew and likes to play with him.I cannot imagine that all young people and babies can be send or stay on the streets!

Edick is so adorable little man. He is such a treasure and blessing not just for parents but for all of us. We love how he likes to watch, touch, kiss and hug little babies. It is so fun to observe his fellowship with little Artem, who was born recently. So priceless!

Young people will stay at same lovely and warm apartment what was found some time ago.They all need our help. Can we do it together, please?

The goal is to raise $2,350. The money will be enough for renting of apartment for entire year and their daily needs, such as food or medicine and more. Can we help provide housing to protect and secure the young souls?That they would feel loved and safe?

If you have a desire to show the God's love to these young Christians, our brothers and sisters. You can send your gift of love using the blue button PitchIn on the blog.

Also you can send a blessing through PayPal  Please, leave a note, "housing for young adults". 
For those in the U.S. who wish to donate by check, make check payable to:
Bible Orphan Ministry 404 Greenview Dr. Caledonia MI 49316

We have just a few weeks. Any amount is very and very helpful!Your participation is greatly appreciated and is a wonderful blessing from the Lord Jesus!

At current moment we ask you.Please, pray God will provide all needed funds for these young people and babies.Pray God will bless with a good doctor Olga, who can help poor girl and for her health also. Olga is very scared and cries. The word oncology makes her afraid and all these medical researches. We very hope that sweet girl  has not a serious sickness.We don`t know. But maybe that is why young lady lost some kilos, became pale and feel weakness often? A week ago, she lost consciousness and fell to the floor.
Pray Sasha can find a job and can take care of his sweet family. With the war and unstable the economy in Ukraine it becomes more and more harder...Your prayers, would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you! Thank you very much!!! As always we very thankful for any your help, any your little participation. We can do absolutely nothing without your support!May God bless you!!!


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