May 31, 2014

Sweet time and chocolate

It was sooooo exciting and wonderful to visit these precious girls again!

This time we had a Bible story with smallest about bride Rebekah for Isaac.All the girls, even the older very miss and wanted to be with us. Therefore some older girls could be with us. It was so joyful, when they were dressed up in biblical suits and played a role. It was very fun and they were excited take part!

We sang and played various games.

 Then at the end of the girls did a craft, the bride for Isaac, Rebekah.

Isn't her smile precious?

They love to draw and do something with their hands!

We had a wonderful time with these sweethearts!

But most of all the children rejoiced, when they received chocolate.

Oh, my! How they jumped, excited and were overjoyed!Wish you would see their happiness :0)

It was so sweet and such a blessing to see their joy!

 Just a simple thing made them soooooooo happy!!!!!

A little sweetie...

Nadya has a new friend :)

Also we brought a construction paper and colored pencils for kids in orphanage. Thank you very much for your packages!

 So glad we were coming back home and saw on the way these beautiful poppies.What a beauty!

May 29, 2014

I never ate shashlik(barbecue)!

"I never ate shashlik(barbecue)!!!Mmm. It's delicious and yummy!!!"often said exciting Olechka Kozak, enjoying barbecue. :)
Not only she but many our graduating orphans, young adults NEVER in their life ate barbecue!

Few days ago we had an awesome picnic with some of them and some members of church. Sadly that not all our young adults were able to come. :( But the day was wonderful and we all had an amazing fellowship!

So, for many of them it was FIRST experience in their lives, picnic, shashlik(as we say), games and much more.

Beautiful young ladies ♥

While the ladies were cooking fish broth or "uha" as we say :)

with catfish

cooking uha :)

There were preparing shashliks also

At this time another souls could enjoy games and fellowship :)

When all ate

everything was so delicious mmm! Wish you were with us :)

Then everybody could enjoy all kinds of games. We had lots of fun and joy!The day was amazing!!!!

 Precious little Andrew Kozak ♥

 We had lots of different games. But most liked this one.
A balloon filled with water. And the two teams play throwing the balloon to each other using blankets. The essence of the game to catch it. But it is very funny, when the team can not catch the balloon and someone stays wet.

Here are a few videos

This one I like most :)

The nature is so beautiful!

 We had picnic till late and saw this wonderful sunset.

God blessed by the wonderful weather. All were fed and happy with fellowship. For many young people, this day was especially joyful. First picnic in life, the first "uha", the first barbecue. Awesome! I am especially happy and thankful God for these young precious souls.♥ It is such a great blessing to bring joy to someone and make happy! :)

Thank you for stopping by and reading the post!

May 26, 2014

What a beautiful busy day

Last week was super busy! About one of these beautiful and busy days, I would love to tell you.

At the beginning we visited our precious graduating orphans and young agults from poor families in trade school.

It was so awesome that these 7 young guys came for our meeting first time! They never heard the Gospel and never holding and even seen the Bible.What a blessing!

We talked about that real love, relationship between a guy and a girl starts with friendship and gradually turns into love. We talked about what can be friendship between him and her.

We talked with the guys about premarital purity. That young girls and guys should keep their purity before marriage. God condemns pre-marital relationships and how many problems it all brings. That girls should keep themselves, but not defile their body. That each of them is beautiful as this rose.

Here Andrew told his wonderful testimony. The guys are very attentively and with amazement listened.

Then all present received a precious gifts, personal care items. There were socks, deodorant, shampoo, shower gel etc.

 Everyone was glad to get a gift!

At the end we had cookies and drink.
Do you know what? After a few minutes there was nothing left! I think next time buy more food. :)

We had an amazing time and fellowship with these precious souls!
When we were ready to leave this room. We were approached by several women that worked there. 
-Is this your blue vehicle? they asked. 
-Oh, how they wait for you! How they wait for you!- several times they repeated. 
They are so thrilled when see blue van!Come, visit them oftener. Perhaps your visit will help to change their lives and relationships.And we will be glad to see you. 

I think they have heard all what we talked about, even behind closed doors. But it was such a blessing to hear that these beautiful precious souls are waiting for BOM always. :) ♥
Some of them graduating this trade school in June and hope we can see them oftener.

Then we gone to another orphanage that would bring packages to these beautiful young ladies, from the sponsors.

There was lots of delight and joy :0)

Then having a lunch very fast, we met an one orphaned guy who were wandering on the street and who graduated orphanage few years ago. It was very sad to see him in this condition and hear his sad stories. We fed him and had a fellowship little with him. Then saying goodbye with this guy, we went to other orphanage. It was late some, around 7.30-8.00 pm. I thought that we will have a trouble from the administration of the orphanage that we came so late. :) We never visit orphanages so late because they have day regimen and we try do not break it. Go there only with permit of administrations.

But even on the contrary, all employees of the orphanage and kids were happy by meeting. Administration warmly greeted us and organized ​all. That we were able to have a little meeting with graduates.And presented these beautiful 20 towels. We call them "big candies" :)

All teens were glad by gifts and warmly thanked.

We came back home late, tired but happy!

THANK YOU all very much for all your love and care, for taking part in the project and sending packages! Here so many work. Wow!Thank you! Thank you on behalf of these beautiful souls! ♥

May 23, 2014

It's a boy!!!

What a great joy and amazing blessing!!! It`s a boy! What a surprise! The little precious boy was born May, 10 to this world! Congratulations to sweet family!!!Zhenya, his happy mommy is feeling well and baby was born healthy and beautiful. Our young mother was expected a girl :) Thank you very much for all your prayers! Zhenya is very thankful for your support and prayers ♥

Look at this little angel!Isn't he precious?

We congratulated Zhenya at hospital and she was so happy!

 Then we brought food to their home as always. But sweetheart Vitya was sick. :( His teeth are growing, so he is feeling not well sometimes. Poor baby. And he always cried, as wanted to be with his mommy. Zhenya was at hospital about a week till  birth her second treasure.

 Now all sweet family is at home.We plan visit them next week, if God will allow.

I am very sorry for the late update! We are super busy now. Hope you will understand and forgive me :0)

THANK YOU for prayers and support of this poor family!Thanks your support and care, baby was born healthy and mother is feeling well.What a great blessing you are for them all! May God bless you!!!!!!

May 22, 2014

Beauty in aches

I have so many to tell you here! I`m rejoice and glorify God but in same time feeling heartbreaking during last few days.

 Several days ago we visited one more orphanage and had an AMAZING last meeting with graduating orphans! God has been so good! 
They asked so many biblical questions. We gave reply what Bible says. Ah! We would spend whole days with these sweet teens to answer for all their questions! It was such a wonderful time.

In the end of meeting 3 young men accepted Jesus Christ!It's so great and such an astonishing blessing!!!Praise God!!!!

Then we gave Bibles.

 Oh! We did not give them the rest of gifts as the director of the orphanage officially invited BOM and asked us to do this on the Last Bell. Ok. No problem :) So, 31 May we will meet these kids again on the Last Bell.

Next day we went to other orphanage.
When we only arrived, one of the employees of the administration, said. They will not  come to the meeting and will not listen you. They need anything, they nothing interesting, they are interested only do evil, destroy everything etc.I remember how administration of the trade school told us how 'bad' are students, who came from orphanages. And what an incredible meeting we had!We knew it is not truth and went to invite personally for the meeting.

It's absolutely breaks heart to listen about bad behaviour of the teens. What they do, how often get in troubles,  police often comes to orphanage and much more. But we know the truth! They are not SO terribly how staff of the orphanage says! If staff humiliates them in front of all, calls them bad names, deride, can beat, say they have no future, their future only jail or life on the street . How these kids will behave??? What do you think they feel and think? They are abandoned by their parents, lonely, feeling depressed, unloved, uncared. They think that all world hates them! Their hearts scream about justice. They often ask, why? Why me? Why all hate me and ignore? 
Than more we come, more we hear and see. More we understand we must pray for staff of orphanages! Because they have huge influence on orphans. That is not surprise why so many orphans get in jail, kill, steal, commit suicide...

Recently teenagers from this orphanage visited a prison. Police and orphanage administration  hoped it might inspire fear and stop some from lawlessness. After returning to orphanage these kids said. "In prison better than in an institution and we'll be back there". Imagine, what these poor souls are going through and feel, if they think that the prison is better! I believe they do not want get there. But their hearts ache and are broken... They do not see the meaning of life and feel depressed...They as all kids want that someone just UNDERSTAND and LOVE them!
Oh, how I wish hug them all and cry together. To cry about their feelings and hurts, about  aches and sorrows...It is SO hurtful, friends. That society does not accept them but ignores...

Do you know what? The two of graduating orphans are already in jail!Many of them have run away from the orphanage and do not wish come back any more!The police catches them and brings back. But in 1-2 weeks they run away again...

Oh, my!What we can do?!My eyes filled with tears. I can not describe and convey the pain that I feel about them...So, so heartbreaking...My heart is heavy with sorrow.

But through these sorrows and sad moments God shows us His beauty...His grace is amazing and love astonishing!!!

Do you know what? All teens, who were present at the orphanage at that moment. They came! And we had AMAZING meeting!All these sweet kids listened attentively testimony Andrew about how he turned to Christ.They all are so precious and so smart! They all took part during the meeting and had such a wonderful fellowship!!!

 Throughout the meeting, watching them, which are a lovely, beautiful and smart guys. It boggles the mind. Why are they so "bad" in the eyes of orphanage workers? :(

At the end of the meeting a few guys have expressed their desire to receive Christ, but ashamed ... or their classmates or the teacher, who sat at the meeting ... or for any other reason. But we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and that they wanted to do it ... But God knows their hearts and minds. Brother Misha said that they can do it at any other place or time Bible says.

After the meeting, one of the administrative workers was greatly surprised that the teens sat and behaved so quiet. She said, "I do not know what you did with them, but I am impressed by their behavior! Please come more often!"
But we know that Holy Spirit was present there :)

Then we were given the beautiful blessings. They were more inspired, when they heard that the people in America and other countries sent money to bless them with these gifts of love. :)

About 10 gifts were left as the teens ran from the orphanage ... :(  We will leave them for graduates next year.

As we drove away from the orphanage to the van ran these precious kiddies waving their hands. They ran up and excitedly asked. "When you come to us? Please! Come to us!"
Awww! Aren't they sweetheart? Look at these cute faces! Aren`t they treasure?! Melts my heart...♥

One of the graduates asked to pick him up to a certain place that then would go home.

On the way we visited a small private zoo. Everyone can come and feed animals there.

Lyosha, a graduator, liked to feed animals and had fun.

 So beautiful.

How amazing colors and creation of God!

Then on the way home, close to the orphanage, these children saw our van and started waving arms and shouting for joy.

That day was a very strong hurricane, threw a lot of trees, were cut off electric wires. There was no electricity, even in orphanage. The chefs had to cook to eat outside, on the special equipment stove.

These days go by torrential rains and water is very rose in rivers. In the West of Ukraine, the rivers flooded homes. Thousands of people stayed on the street.

The water is still very cold. But do kids like to wait? :) So orphans bathed in a small rivulet that could go before forded. Seeing us, wet, shivering, some already with blue lips, they joyfully ran that would greet us. And as always ask. "When you come to us? Please! We are asking you! Come to us!"
Oh, how beautiful and lovely are these souls! Tell me, HOW these sweet faces can be "bad" kids? They are TREASURE and SO beautiful! ♥
Leave these sweetheart children is so hard!

Then we had a little picnic in this amazingly beautiful place.

Lyosha all this time was still with us and kept saying how sorry we were not on the way with him, but we need go in the other direction.He is so nice and communicative guy.
Heaven rejoiced in this day and the angels sang because Lyosha accepted Christ! How is great joy and a wonderful blessing!!!!

We do not know but we hope that we will see him...He looked so happy but it was sad to leave him.We dropped him off to the place he needed and then he was gone...

On the way we saw this beauty of God`s creation.

Would you, please, pray God heal all these broken hearts of orphans? That they will find love, understanding and justice in Jesus Christ. That they will see beauty of His love in their lives and Father of fatherless protect them and saved them.Thank you!Your prayers mean a lot!


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