January 8, 2011

Testimony a orphan who was abandoned but was found by the Lord

 This is a testimony a girl who was left by mother at Children`s home, study at orphanage, was in shelter(half way house).Today she is Christian serves same children-orphans in Ukraine and is member of team Bible Orphan Ministry.Is not the miracle!

How i came to the Lord

" Come unto me, all that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
(Matthew 11:28 )

  My name is Oksana. I was born  and  grow up in family with unbeliever parents where i never heard about Jesus. We lived in a village. My parents divorced, when I was one year old. I have also oldest sister Alla.
We growed up….It was very hard for our mom  to grow us.We had not often food at home, had not good clothes to wear.I wear out the shoes what was too small or too big for my feets.It brought for me many troubles.Mother beat me often.I have been very frightened as wasn't to whom will stand up for me.I felt myself alone.

  When i was 3-4 years old my mother left me at Children`s home.I was in shock my mom left me.After that i could not speak for along time.Later my mom took me away and left me at home my grandmother who care about me.I did not see my sister Alla for a long time.We miss much one other, wanted to play and grow up together.
Some later mother took me to same orphanage where my sister was study we could to see and speak with one other.Some christians came to orphanage and had spent time with children telling about Jesus Christ. I was interested, but a lot of things I did not understand. In this orphanage I was study and years later my mom took me to home in village—to work hard at home, and garden. But my sister stay at orphanage.

   When I was 13 years old I was in a children's shelter. The father has hidden me there from mother as she often strongly beat me. In the beginning me held in a room with grids at windows that I haven't escaped. But I wasn't going to escape as have been very frightened and didn't know where to run. I felt very alone. There it was awfully boring. Nobody visited me there.My sister did not know i was in children`s shelter at this time.
Soon my mom has found me there and has taken away home. With a pain and fear in heart I had to come back home.
I had a time when i did not know what to do. I felt nobody love me, i felt emptiness and bitterness in my heart. I could not understand, why I live on the Earth, I had not sense in my life. I had depressed condition. In my mind came thoughts to kill my self….

My sister Alla start to come to church and received Jesus Christ in her heart when she was 15 year old.I was in village at this time.

   When my sister finished school, she was study at college for teacher  in other town. She witnessed me about Jesus Christ and invited me to one church. I was in this church a few times, but did not  do important choice in my life yet.But Alla prayed about my salvation of my soul.

   Years later has to be opened a Christian school, and was need a christian teachers. Alla start to work in this school. Some later she took me to live with her.I moved to live in city with my Alla. I was 15 years old and was study at 9th class. So, I lived with Alla and coming to church at same time.The 6 month later I knew many people, had christian friends in church.
I had fear, that some time, I can  go to hell. I wanted to receive Jesus on ministry, when not many people, because I was a shamed that long time visit church but not do important choice.

  But God did how He wanted.The 15 of April, 2001 was holiday of Easter.
There were big crowd of people. In the end of ministry I felt, Holy Spirit touch my heart i decided to give Jesus my heart and my life. I received  Jesus Christ in my heart. Halleluiah!!! Praise the Lord!!! After this, I understood and knew, that I need stay at city, to attend a church, communicate with christians to grow spiritualy. Also I wanted to serve Jesus like my sister. I prayed for this and God answered on my prayer!
Now, I have ministry in orphanages, i`m a teacher of Sunday School at orphanages and church.My life changed.I know, why I live on the Earth! I can minister same children because i was the same way, i know what they feel in their hearts when nobody love you.I know how you feel yourself lonely and abandoned. Just Jesus Christ can give you love, piece and joy in your heart.
Praise the Lord for His love, patient, mercy to me!!!!!


Oksana Vasilieva


  1. What and awesome Testimony!. And Jesus promises throughout your hardships that "The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

  2. Praise God for the wonderful hope he has brought to your life. May He bless your ministry to the orphans.
    Joy McClain


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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