January 24, 2011


  Yesterday we able to visit orphans in social dormitory. We have few friends who live there.They did study in G. orphanage where we have ministry.Also we have met there a girl who is from U. orphanage.Where we also have a ministry.She graduated from this orphanage also.Most off all children live there from G.

  There about 25 orphans (girls and boys) live in one building and on one floor.They have their own rooms.There can live 2-3 persons.Of course boys and girls do not live in one room.But they have one kitchen and one refrigerator for all 25 persons.How they live there? It is terrible!Maybe some time i will say about it more.You can not say just few words about it.

  After graduation children from orphanage have to study in college.They acquire a profession a plasterer.They must to study there even you do not want.It is very bad they do not have a choose to find other school, college where they would like to study.But director of orphanage in G. he loves much children and it is all what he can do that help these children after graduation of orphanage do not stay on street.We were talking with him many times.The government is not interesting to help orphans after graduation.The Ukraine do not have any program, nothing for it that help them.

  Children are unhappy that they were study there.Because they would like to study where they want.They had many and many difference troubles there.You can listen them hours and hours.But they do not have other way...

  So, we could to have nice conversation with few kids.Misha Director of Ministry could to speak with guys.Sisters could to speak with girls.We had very nice time!We are not able to help them in their needs.Of course we would like and pray about it.But we have Bible, we able to visit them, we can pray with them, we can have a fellowship, we can tell them about Jesus, we can teach them about things what they need to know in this life,invite to church and etc.Some of them already visited our church.Some of them already asked Jesus to saved them. But there are much and much work with these kids.

 We all were blessed yesterday to have a nice time!We are thankful to Jesus for it!

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