January 15, 2011


Yesterday when i said about our trip to orphanage.I did not say all.Really i did not know need it to say or no...May be do not need to say about it...maybe necessary...I hesitated.So, i decided to say.

Yesterday we had one girl at class who was very upset.She did not want to play any game, she did not want to sing, she did not want a candy, she ignored it. She was just sitting and drawing something.We saw she was thinking about something. Later she has hidden her face and was weeping.She did not want to speak, she did not answer no one question.When the lesson was finish all children left the class, she did stay at class.She did not want to go away somewhere.Later we found she wanted to see her mom and papa.Oh, it is so heavy...

She just came back to orphanage from winter vacation.Now she wants to home again.I came to her, did try to hug, stroke her head and tell good words to her.Also i told her i was study at orphanage too and i understand her very well, how she feels.I remember very well when i wanted to be at home, weeping and prayed.Yes!I started to pray in this time.I asked God all time that my parents come and take me to home.It is very hard to describe what you feel at this time.Almost 20 years gone away but i still remember what i felt!

When i told her it, i was almost weeping.It was just a moment! Now i`m typing and almost weep.It is unusually! A big lump is in my throat about these kids who stay at orphanages and want to see their parents who sometimes do not want to see their kids...

I do not know did she hear me, i do not know did she wanted to hear me, i do not know did she accept my words, i do not know did it help her what i told.I do not know. I do not know answer to many questions.I just wanted to help her do not feel lonely, let her know that we and Jesus Christ love her.I just wanted she stop to weep.I understand we are people.We can not give a comfort and piece in hearts just God can do it.No candy, no nice and new toys, no good new clothes, no good friends can not replace parents for a child.We saw many tears of orphans who just wanted to be at home, to see mom or dad.We saw faces with tears who asked, please be my mom or daddy.

Dear Friend, who are reading  it now.I do not know are you Christian or are not.Bible says we must to have heart of feel with any person.We must to have a quash heart.

If you are a Christian.Please, pray for abandoned children in Ukraine, pray for orphans in orphanages, pray we able to come more often to these kids, bring to them hope, joy and love, pray God will change hearts of parents who leave their children in orphanages...



  1. Oh Alla. These children deserve so much more love than they receive. My heart aches for this lost young girl. I know you have been where she is now. I'm thankful that God put you in her life that day. I'm sure she was listening to every word you said, whether she showed it or not. I pray she's carrying the message of Christ in her heart b/c of you. I will keep praying for her, and for all the kids in Ukraine. They mean so much to me!

  2. Heartbreaking. Thank you for doing your best to share with this little girl about Someone who will never leave her and will always be there for her. She represents so many children all around the world that just want their parents :(

  3. Thank you Alla for showing her the love and compassion of Jesus. This just breaks my heart.

  4. Dear friends, thank you for comments!We appreciate it much!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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