December 23, 2010

Read the miracle story about first adopting for all life of the orphanage!

 This is the testimony for those whom the Lord gives a desire to adopt a child, whom God induces to it, who prays, searches, worries.Who has a burden to help orphans in the world, does not mean where live a orphans.

The Bible says:
"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, [and] to keep himself unspotted from the world." James 1:27 

This is testimony of encouraging how the Lord works through the social network.

  We have ministry at an orphanage, there are girls age 5-35 with special needs, Down`s syndrome and many other special needs.There over 85 children.Usually we come sing songs, tell Bible story, they like much puppet show.They like to play with you, hug, that you stroke on a head.They do not have a mommy or dad who can do that.Who can play with you, teach you do something, playing and etc.

   These children never saw cities, villages. Never were on the nature, never were in park or lake. Never bathed in the river splash in the water. All that they see it some buildings in territory of this orphanage. Yes, they have a beautiful garden. But they can walk there only in the summer and when warmly.But they do not play there just sit on a grass or bench.These children never were in any shop, they all even don't know what this is. They don't know how to play toys and what to do with.

What they do all throughout day? They sit and watch TV, sometimes not good movie or program.They sitting and being swung on rigid bench. In one group where 20-25 children, only 2 of the working woman. Which have no education and have no concepts  how to work and how to be engaged and  teach and  develop these children. And how 2 women can learn 25 children at one time? It is very hard work for these lady there.
All these children are with special needs,  many of them the need individual approach. Many of them don't know as to remove a wrapper from a sweet. Therefore each time when we come there we remove wrappers from sweets.

Children are very glad when someone comes to them and spends time! They very much appreciate it.

For all time of existence of this orphanage anychild has not been adopted... Many of them already aren't present in the alive.

   But our God is alive, surprising and wonderful God! In  2010 in a month of December God has made a miracle! Almost 3 years ago an one beautiful  and lovely family haven'ted one girl Sasha. They called her Aleksa.

Today she is 8 years. Almost 3 years ago Family Cornish wanted to adopt this nice girl. They prayed much, all made for this purpose that  to adopt her, but to them have refused it. With the broken hearts they have come back home. Yes they cried much, prayed, couldn't understand what God wants.
 Later they have lost the information where is this girl Sasha, how she is, how is her health, how she feels herself, maybe someone has adopted, maybe she  has found a family, or maybe she isn't present already in the live. Almost 3 years they knew nothing all this time about her and couldn't learn is she  alive and is still there a hope!

  Today this girl Sasha or Aleksa is the daughter of this nice family! Praise the Lord! How they have met the lovely and lovely girl again, how they have met her again without knowing about her absolutely nothing is she still alive, how the Lord has answered their prayers! You can read more on their blog to enjoy together with this family and to glorify our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ!

Read more HERE

Meredith blog

This is the first adopting from this orphanage!!! It is amazing! We hope and believe director let to adopt other children whom need a family also. Praise the lord!

This is Meredith Cornish with her nice 2 kids, Sasha is in pink blouse

                                  Is not it a miracle?

December 22, 2010

Read story how God has changed life of the former orphan- girl for ever!

  How i came to the lord
And we know that all thing work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”
(Romans 8:28)

   These words apply to all Christians who have trusted the Lord. All the problems and  difficulties we encounter on our  way, the Lord uses them to the benefit of His children.

It was this way in my life too. I grew up in an ordinary family where people did not know God. When I was seven, my younger sister Oksana was born. In a few months my parents divorced. My mother had to raise us all by herself.She was often mad that we were growing up in poverty, without a father and without any support or protection. My mean and very aggressive mother often beat me up; I could not understand why I was often beaten up. I harbored this grudge in my heart. When my father would  come to visit us, I would complain to him and then he would beat up my mother. Continually, I was a witness to fighting and strife. When my parents had a fight I often cried and pleaded with them to stop.

   I was growing up in a family without love, understanding and protection. I was growing up reserved, I kept bitterness in my heart that gradually turned to hatred towards my mother. I was growing up with a dream in my heart to pay her back, for everything she had done to me.

   At the same time I was afraid of her. If I did something not the way she wanted, she would beat me with her fists or by something she got in her hands. Mother worked, but often this money was not enough for us that is why she decided to send me to an orphanage and my sister to the children’s home.
  When she has left me in an orphanage, she told that in 3 months she would return take me back home.I was 9 years old. This orphanage was near Chernobyl.The 3 months pass way, but she hasn't returned...I waited for her all the days long  that one day she would come and it will be in the most joyful day in my life!

   When I was 12 years old, I studied in one of orphanages. Parents came and took away home children for the weekend who lived near. But me parents didn't come. I often was by the window, looked at a city which it was visible partly and cried. It seemed to me that life wasn't fair to me. I was sad and felt much pain in my soul .It seemed that I was nobody necessary. I didn't know what to do.I used to walk  a lot at  the orphanage yard. Children who were more courageous called me to escape from a orphanage. But I was afraid.

   When I was 14, I wondered what happiness was, what the sense of life was.I felt emptiness, bitterness and a pain in my heart. If anybody doesn't love me, what is the point of living on earth?
    I knew that money and material assets don't bring happiness. I understood that happiness not in a family.I could not find the answer, but in my heart I felt there had to be an answer somewhere.What is the happiness?

   Often for different reasons I had to study at four different orphanages. At one of them I heard about Christ.Each week some Christians used to visit us, they spent some time with us, sang songs, and told us about Christ’s love to us. At the same time I came to know other Christians. I noticed that they were unordinary people who were joyful and happy. I couldn’t understand why they were this way, and I wanted to find out the reason why. I loved to hear about Christ and attend services, but as I did not feel a need for Him I often went there because of mere curiosity.
      Almost two years passed. Getting used to the Christian way of life, I began copying their style.Every morning and evening I prayed, bought a Bible and began reading it regularly. I attended services constantly and witnessed to people about Christ .For all those years, I acquired some knowledge of the Word of God that I could apply in my life and telling others about Christ.In my heart I decided I would spend my life this way, reading, praying and so on, but I hesitated to trust Christ and to give my heart to Him. I thought I had nothing to repent of, because I lived a righteous life.

   But once when I was going by train reading the Bible as usual, I started thinking about my life. For what I live, in what meaning of the life, what waits for me in the future? Why should you live if you  are  nobody necessary? I felt emptiness in the heart and that I am not happy.
   I began thinking about the life of Christians and comparing it to my own life, I felt the emptiness in my heart.Something was missing and I got scared. I realized I was going to hell. The thought came to my mind what if the train suddenly came off the rails; I would die and go to hell. I felt I was a great sinner before a Holy God. That day (it was a Sunday and I was just coming to service) I decided to trust in the Lord and put my life in His hands, and surrender completely to Jesus. At the service when the pastor’s invitation was given, I began hesitating, I realized I was held back by Satan, but I made a decisive step forward and went down the aisle. During the prayer I cried much and regretted that I was a great sinner and realized I needed the Lord.
That day I understood what the sense of life and happiness was! I felt very glad and happy!
    The Lord started working with me. The emptiness and pain I had in my heart, He filled with love, peace, forgiveness and joy. I thought that, if I wished for my mother to be dead, that it would make my life easier, but now I forgave her easily, and now I am praying about the salvation of her soul too.I love her very much!

Now I understand why the Lord has allowed me so I studied in different orphanages. That I could bear the Good message to the same children.

   I have since graduated from Teachers Training College in 2000. I used to hate the profession of a teacher, but during the last year of my studies I came to understand that it was the will of God that He appointed me to the ministry to the Children.

   I used to be ashamed to tell everybody that I was a kid from the orphanages because I knew that people where of a bad opinion about these kids. It humiliated me, I did not feel like a normal kid but the Lord turned everything to good and now I am no longer ashamed of this because I know it was the will of God. Glory to Him for that!

   Now I love the children in the orphanages! I have a dream to be able to help orphans with their physical needs and I know how they feel and what they need everyday. I pray and dream that the Lord will enlarge the limits in the ministry of Sunday School in the orphanages. To let them know about the Living God. That He is our hope, our help and also our protection. If there is no love and understanding in a family, that they might know that they can find it all in God!

How the Lord called me to the ministry

    I`m almost in the begining this ministry. In 2001 i was study at Bible college.In this college was a ministry and all students who wanted, they could to visit orphans.In couple months later i start to visit orphanages also.

   When i was first time at orphanage where are boys with special needs and with Down`s syndrome i was in big shock.Many of children are cripple.I live in Ukraine and did not know about these poor children.They had so threadbare and wear out clothes, most of all can not speak just some boys and very bad,they all were screaming, crying,oldest boys beat smaller,some of them were aggressive, most of all can`t eat good, all children skinny much, just bons, they had wear out clothes, with out shoes, nothing good and many not good things i saw.They even did not know how candy need to eat with out cover paper.When we start to visit this orphanage, kids were sit inside of the room on sand or earth.There was not floor! The fly and other bugs were crawl on their body and in this rooms were smell so much(i`m sorry).Outside they were like in special cage, that they can not run everywhere.No toys, no any games, nothing!

   Students of college were singing but i could not, a big lump was in my throat.The tears was running on my face.After this trip i could not come to myself senses for a long time.After i visited some more difference orphanages.

   In same time i was a teacher at Christian school, i had first class.After trips of orphanages i wanted come back but could not because i worked.I prayed and could not understand many things, i loved much my work but felt God gave me a wish visited these orphanages.I said to Lord: "God, i work i can not do it! Where i take money to live, if i will leave a work?"  But in my heart i felt i want to come back again and again.I did not know what to do.So, very soon a school where i worked closed.I stay with out work but was happy could to visit orphans!
    It was very hard i had not work, lived with younger sister Oksana, we were need food, often we were hungry, we were need pay utilities for flat and other physical needs.I prayed to God about it, about job.In Ukraine many things are difference.I understood if i go to work i can not visit orphans.Also i understood we need food and other things.These thinking were every day in my heart! I undertood responsibility for my sister.I have to care about her, feed, buy clothes and etc.I was breaking in my heart.I prayed much and fasting often.I did not know what to do.It was on during 2 years.But every day God bless us, sent food, money for utilities and many other blessing! God showed me that i continue to visit orphans, He will provide what we need.He is faithful! Our Lord is wonderful! No one day He did not leave us! He has made a lot of miracles in our life! 

  My lovely Bible verse: 
"Trust in the LORD, and do good; [so] shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed." Psalms.37:19

   After graduation of Bible college i decided to continue to visit all orphanages.I love much this ministry! I understood, if i will not do it but who will do? If we will not teach them about God, devil teach them wrong things.By the grace of God we continue this ministry! I`m so happy Jesus called me and i can to minister this poor and abonded children! His perfect way is the BEST! I cannot tell you of all the joy and thankfulness in my heart what i feel! It is amazing  when we can visit orphans and give them love and hope! God is so good even when we don’t deserve it!

This is the house where i grew up when was a child

It was my room

Alla Vasilieva

December 19, 2010

One more possibility

  Yesterday there was one more possibility  met children in a orphanage and to conduct a Bible lesson. And also to have a meeting with elder children.

  The one part of team Sasha and Lyuba had metting with elder kids. They played games sang songs and glorified our Lord Jesus Christ. Also Sasha spoke with children volume what price the Jesus Christ has paid for rescue of all mankind. About  that we are bought pay a heavy price and this price is the blood of Jesus Christ spilled on a cross.
"For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."
 1 Corinthians 6:20

"Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed."
  1 Peter 2:24

    The last time when there was a meeting with elder children. Sasha has allowed  to learn 5 Bible verses. Children which have learned, have obtained small reward for it. And those children which haven't learned, it has induced them to learn and tell next time.

   At this time in other class there was a meeting with younger children.The meeting subject was about the correct choice in life and that it not necessary to swear and be polite and compliant. Bible story we took as Abraham's shepherds and the Lot`s quarreled and as the Lot has dispersed with Abraham.We played games, made a craft, listen the Bible story.

There was one game we named it Choice.
The different pleasures: sea tour, a mobile phone, sweets, games, a bicycle  etc. which the person can have have been written by balloons.On one balloon has been written Jesus. Children needed to make the correct choice.Take balloons than  more  where there are these pleasures and to leave Jesus. Or to leave all but to select a balloon with a name Jesus. Not all children would like it was possible to make the correct choice. There were children which took all and more these pleasures.The majority of children finite understand that the correct choice in their life is Jesus Christ, to give Him their heart and to entrust all life.

    As there was the game where children should select among themselves who Abraham and who the Lot.
 Children quitted on-two and who took a sweet became the Lot and went to one side of a class.The next child did not have a choice he there was Abraham automatically and went to the opposite side of a class. There were children which swore among themselves, they wanted to become Lot to take a sweet. In the end of game we have summed up that it is not necessary to go to lives on guiding of the eyes as the Lot. Have asked children which steels Abraham how they felt when it does not remain choice how to go in the opposite side and without a sweet. Certainly children spoke about injustice as badly the Lot has did. We have summed up it is impossible to swear as shepherds swore among themselves and to be compliant.Some children which swore among themselves, it became very a shame and they have hung a head.

 Also we learned with them a Bible verse "If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men." Romans 12:18

In the end of lesson children have made a craft Abraham and Lot, what they enjoyed.

In this time untill the team had the meetings, the director of Ministry Michael could to speak about Jesus Christ with some employers of orphanage.

It is so sad for us but we could to see these kids last time in this year.Next week they go to home to winter holidays.We will see them just in 3 weeks in next year.

God, please protect these children from evil where they will be, help them to remember these Bible trues and to apply in their life. Also we ask you Lord, fill all their needs which they have. In name of Jesus Christ we ask you all it. Amen.

December 17, 2010

Very sadly

     It is very sadly but we could not visit orphans today at one orphanage because  many of them are sick.Please pray for them.
    Today in the street it is cold -5 -7 C` (-20.5 -21.6 F`) also snow. Tomorrow we are going to go to the next orphanage.Hope all children  are healthy and we can conduct the Bible lesson with them and a meeting with older children.

December 13, 2010

Orphans at hospital

       Today we have visited children of orphans in hospital K. We ask about it God that has given the chance to see again these kiddies. We visited them last Friday as spoke about it earlier.
      There  were 14 children.Children having seen us from a hospital window, waved to us hands before we haven't entered yet into a building. They already cheerfully met us, when we have entered into hospital separation. We have given them small presents, fruit, sweets, shampoo, tooth-brushes and tooth-paste as at them wasn't. Certainly they very much rejoiced! As we have given them small books, stories about Jesus Christ.
     One older boy the  of 15 years, has run away from hospital without clothes, through a window for an hour before our arrival. Has run away without clothes though in the street it is very cold also a frost. Couple of days ago one more boy has run away from hospital too. It is finite medical workers worried and have informed on it to the director of a orphanage. In hospital to children it is very boring, there are no games, toys, books, anybody doesn't visit them. When we have asked them, than you are engaged throughout day. Children have answered, nothing, simply we sit on a bed. Not surprisingly that children escape. But children on are older want  freedom. Often escape from orphanage too.
   We have arrived just in time because 5 children discharged from hospital. Therefore we had a possibility to take away them and to deliver in their orphanage. At this time when wrote out these children, 2 small girls have burst into tears. They spoke we want to want home too. The house they name the orphanage. Some times we had to calm and console, tell them that they soon will at "home' too.
   We have noticed that these children have no mittens, at some aren't present kerchief.Their jackets are not winter, but autumn. Trousers at boys very thin, cold. Their socks not the winter and thin.
Not surprisingly that children often are ill. Please, can you help to  these children buy good and warm clothes?
Please, pray for these children, after all they are necessary to nobody, lonely and are thrown...

                          These kids we took to their "home", orphanage.

  Other children who remained in hospital were by the window and saw off us the sad look.

Please, help these children to have warm clothes.Bible says:
"He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again." Proverbs 19:17
Most of all we need your prayers!

December 12, 2010

What a blessing!

     Yesterday we had a meeting with orphans in K-v orphanage. All children of the orphanage have come on  2 lessons! What  blessing was to see them all!
Our command has been divided into 2 parts. Sasha and Lyba always hold meetings with older children.At them was more than 40 children. They played games, singing glorified our Lord and spoke about the most important, about the Lord Jesus Christ.
"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."Romans  3:23
    Sasha spoke and mentioned  that the sin does a disorder in human life. In life all turns out on the contrary. Only the person which has reconciled with God tries to live so in his heart and life there was an order.

                                                   Time for games.

   At this time other part of team Nadya, Oksana and Alla held a meeting with smaller children. There as were many kiddies.The meeting subject was Bible story about Abraham as the Lord promised him to bless and grant the son."That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which [is] upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;" Genesis 22:17

      Here children try to count sand grains of sand as like Lord promised to Abraham to bless him.

Here children located stars where they wanted. Then all have together counted them. And we have summed up to that. Whether we can count stars in the sky? So the Lord has promised to bless Abraham.

   Then we have shown to children short video about the Universe about stars created by our Lord. Children were surprised and admired! In point of fact our Lord surprising! What god can create the same beauty?

On it video we with children recalled songs what already have learned before. Here they sing a song about Noah.

   After children have heard Bible story, could play even in game. They answered questions on stories which have heard. And in the end of a lesson children did a craft about Abraham and his son Isaake.

  At this time while the command was engaged with children, the director of ministry Michael could communicate and witnessed to 10 employees(educatress) of the orphanage.They all are ladys. Also he had a fine possibility to speak about Jesus Christ to the director of the orphanage and her assistant.Praise the lord!

  We hadn't time to lead  that have planned, because in the orphanage children have been occupied their affairs of orphanage`s life before our arrival. We had even to wait a little while children will be released. At us time has been restricted. But all of us were glad to a meeting! All rejoiced and glorified the Lord! We value and we appreciate each moment and an instant led together with these children! We always thank the Lord for each possibility to see them and to spend time with them.

"A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, [is] God in his holy habitation." Psalms 68:5

Busy day with the orphans

We were so happy to visit the orphans on Friday in K. orphanage. We spent wonderful time with the children! We taught a Bible lesson about Genesis 13 where Lot and Abraham separated and Lot chose to settle in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. We played different games, sang, and did a craft with the children. At the end of the lesson, everyone got a small reward, a balloon.

It was a big blessing for us when the director of the orphanage invited us to tea in his office. We spoke with him about different problems the orphans face and how to help them, etc. We had the opportunity to witness to him about Jesus Christ! He willing to listen and very open to hearing the Word of God. We were so glad!

Here are some photos of our time with the kids.

    In this game, was written something on each balloon that made children happy, such as bicycles, games, traveling to the sea, candies, etc. There was one balloon that had the name of Jesus written on it. The children had to make the choice of whether to gather all of the worldly things that made them happy, or choose the one balloon that represented Jesus. The children learned to make the right choice in life, which is Jesus.

                                  The Bible story about Lot and Abraham.

 Here we played a game. The children selected who they wanted to be, Lot or Abraham. If the child took a sweet, it meant they were like Lot and they went to the earth that was pleasant to his eyes. The next child was Abraham and did not have a choice, but had to go to the opposite side.

The lesson of the game was to teach the children to make correct choices in life and learn to be compliant, not to quarrel and fight among themselves, but to be generous and kind like Abraham.

Before the children came in for the lesson, we hid the Bible verse “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” Romans 12:18
The class divided into 2 groups. The 2 groups competed to see who could find the verse first.

                              Here is a video how the kids were trying to find the Bible verse.

At the end of the lesson the children did a craft about Lot and Abraham, where they wrote the Bible verse they learned during the lesson.

                              The children have received balloos as a small reward.

                                                         Kids at the hospital.

   Unfortunately not all of the children could come to the Bible lesson. Many children are sick in the sick room of the orphanage and also in the local hospital. We had the opportunity to visit these children and bring them small gifts. We wish we could give them more, but we do not have that option right now. The children were so glad! We heard them say things like, “Wow, I have an orange! Wow! I have this!”
Bible says: "Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep." 
Romans 12:15
  We were very glad when we found out we could visit them. We risked our health by going to the hospital, since the children have high temperatures, cough, colds, etc., but we love them very much and we couldn’t pass by the hospital without visiting them.
   From communicating with the children in the hospital, we learned that many of them don’t have toothpaste or a toothbrushes. There is no shampoo or soap. No games to keep them entertained and free from boredom. Tomorrow, if God allows, we want to visit them again.

   The director of the orphanage asked us to help get the children vitamins so they will be able to stay healthy, since they are often ill. We would like to bring the children lots of vitamins and medicines! At this time, we can only pray and ask the Lord to help the orphans…
We are a bit tired, but happy we came back by evening. We were glad to spend the whole day with the orphans!

 "[Let] love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.
 [Be] kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;
 Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord; 
 Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;
 Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality." Romans 12:9-13

December 11, 2010

A Nice Meeting!

   Our Lord is wonderful and great! On Thursday, December 9th, we once again had the opportunity to visit an orphanage in N.B. and to teach a Bible lesson about the great flood and Noah.

   In the beginning of the lesson, we congratulated the girls’ who had birthdays the during previous week. We know that these children have no toys and no one wishes them a happy birthday. They are very glad when they receive any small present. We remind them all the time that these gifts are given to them by Jesus because He loves them.
During the lesson, we played different games, sang songs, and talked. The children love to do things with their hands, so they enjoyed doing a craft. As soon as we enter the class, they ask if we will be cutting and drawing today.
While we met with the children, our director Michael was able to witness to many orphanage employees about Jesus Christ, telling them the need for them to reconcile with God.

 Here are some photos.

                                                  Girls who received birthday gifts.

                                            Nadya explains Bible truth to them.

                                               We sing a song about Noah.

They enjoyed this game very much. The children were blindfolded the goal was to attach their animal closest to the ark door.

                                   Lyuba helped them to go in the right direction.


Here we are playing another game. The children spun a wheel and they selected the question they wanted. They answered questions about the flood which we had taught them about. Oksana and Lyuba helped them.


At the end of the lesson the children did a craft with different animals. The children liked the craft so much that some of them made several with different animals.

 Some of the children aren’t able to cut, glue or do simple things. Therefore it is necessary to help them. Sometimes it is physically difficult since there are many children. They all ask for help. Some of the children are confused and don’t think they can do the craft because they don’t think they are able to or they are afraid it won’t turn out well. Some of the children want to learn to cut and draw in spite of the fact that they are 25 years old or older.

For a long time this girl said she didn’t want to do a craft because it would not turn out well It is so sad to see that there is only one teacher at this orphanage for 20-25 children in a class. It is a hard job to teach all of them and it would be such a good thing for them to learn. Sadly, we don’t have the right to do this and our time with them is restricted.
This girl was very adamant about the fact that her craft would not turn out well. We decided to help her do it, so she would know that she could do it, just like the typical children. Of course, we help them with pleasure and we assure them that all of them will turn out well. It is important that these children have confidence and don’t feel that they are silly. They need to understand that they can do something, they are important to someone, someone loves them, and they are a glorious creation of God.
Together we won! This girl finished in the end. When she realized that she could, she was glad and she sat and smiled.

It is our goal for the children to learn to work independently. We want them to be able to learn and study without our help, since this will benefit them in the long run.

In this orphanage, there is an employee who is very glad about our visits. We witnessed to her a lot and gave her literature. She is a nice lady and she really enjoys hearing about Jesus Christ, she also asks questions. We answer her with pleasure. She often helps us during our lessons. This time she even invited us to her home to talk more. We are very glad! Now we are praying about this meeting and asking the Lord to grant us this meeting so we can tell her more about Jesus. Who knows, she will probably come to Christ. Please pray for salvation for her soul too.

                                        The children rejoice to do the craft.

Not all of the children can come to the Bible lesson. We brought them sweets. We waited for them near the dining room after dinner so each of them would receive these sweets. We want everyone to get some.


They were all soooo happy about our meeting that they didn’t want it to end or to say goodbye. All of the girls walked us to the gates of the orphanage as we left to go home.


At the end of the lesson, 3 girls asked Jesus Christ to save them from hell. Isn’t it wonderful?
Bible says
" I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance." Luke 15:7

     I need to tell you about the needs of the children in this orphanage. The workers asked us to help them again with new mattresses and pillows for the children. The mattresses are worn out. They have been used for 15 years! Many girls wet the bed.

The workers asked us to help buy a sofa for the children. They would like the children to have soft sofas rather than sitting on rigid benches in the game room. In this room we noticed there were few toys and no developmental games. In fact, all of these girls have special needs. They are mentally delayed or have Down syndrome. They need different games, books, etc. How can children develop and learn without having these things? Can you please help these kids with their needs?


  The girl that sits in an wheelchair walks in a lap.It hurt her laps.She  are necessary to a kneecaps. Also this wheelchair is broken and too small in the sizes for this girl. As the girl can't call on what threshold any buildings in this wheelchair . Women - workers each time should transfer her to help this child. She suffers in this wheelchair, instead of enjoys. But she doesn't have other choice.

Can you please help this girl to be happy? Can you help her buy a good wheelchair that is suitable for her and is the right size? The cost is $200-$300.


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