February 27, 2013

Good news

Thank you!Thank so very much for all your prayers!God always is so good!Isn`t He?

A little bit, on slightly thing move ahead. Brother Misha says that everything is very difficult. But the favor and God`s grace is more than all obstacles and problems. 
Bro.Misha could make the important document what further to solve his big trouble. It didn't happen and didn't occur, what could happen bad that would harm to orphans ministry, private life of our pastor and local church. The God's hand is strong to destroy all obstacles and leads quietly and peaceful, through all windstorm and storm. Thank God for all his mercy and grace!Thank God that we can take cover and feel protected under his loving wing.

To brother Misha was told that probably his problem can be solved in 2-3 probably 4 weeks.It would be real, real miracle!Because usually it takes 2 years to solve the trouble like this one!Our pastor works to solve these troubles already during several months.
 We would be so grateful, if you could please, pray together with us further, for God's favor, for the help and protection. That anything bad wouldn't occur and didn't damage to BOM ministry, while this problem not to be solved.That it really would happen and for these weeks this issue was resolved.

Thank you so very much!!!!Many thanks for all your support and love. We are so blessed to have you!God bless you!

February 25, 2013

Little news

First of all we would love to thank all of you for your prayers!We so much appreciate and thank God we have those, whom we can ask to support us in prayers and to be with us in troubles.Thank you very much for your concern and love!

Today the important meeting took place. But it didn't help to solve a problem to brother Misha. Tomorrow again a meeting, only it will be in another place and with other people. Please continue to pray that the Lord removed these mountains!Thank you so very much!!!

February 24, 2013

Prayers are necessary for brother Misha

Some time ago we asked you to pray for brother Misha.He has some trouble in his personal life.Slowly, little by little this problem is in process of solving.Praise the Lord! 

But tomorrow is very important day and an important meeting on which depends the future of brother Misha, future BOM and the local Bible Baptist Church Charity, where he is the pastor.

We ask you to support in prayers for this situation that it will not bring harm to any person and orphan`s ministry in Ukraine.That it will not harm and affect the life of our pastor and our church.
Thank you very much for all your prayers, love and support!We so much appreciate your prayers!God bless you!

"Consider mine affliction, and deliver me: for I do not forget thy law. 
Plead my cause, and deliver me: quicken me according to thy word". 
Psalm 119:153-154(KJV)

Visit of students

Do you remember these sweet guys, who had absolutely nothing for winter season and whom, you blessed recently by winter clothes? BOM continue to support them.It is big pleasure for us, to care about their needs, showing God's love.

We were able to visit them at this time and had such great fellowship, sharing the God`s love.We taught them how to live justly, what Bible says and much more.They were so happy to see us!We were happy not smaller. :)
Other boys could to be with also.We had super wonderful time!

At the end we blessed them with food, which we brought specific for them. You would see how these precious guys were happy and how they rejoiced! In prayer they warmly thanked God for those people, who remember them, care of them and for food what the Lord sent, because they had absolutely NOTHING...It touched our hearts to the soul depth.

 The dormitory, where they live is very and very poor.There are a lot of furniture are broken.The one shower is for many and many people.The restroom  has not lock.When you go there, someone have to help you to guard of the door that no one would not go, while you are there.One kitchen is for many people.Boys cook in their room. The little electric stove they put on the window or on the chair in the middle of their room, when they cook.
Here they dry of  their  the washed clothes.

But the most us struck, that the majority of children wear  very worn out clothes and shoes, which are with holes and many children look as street children... The majority of all children there from orphanages, which we visit. They all remember and were very glad to see us. Heart become clenches seeing these children of the hungry, undressed, poor and abandoned. They began to smoke, drink alcohol, wander on streets, live amoral life...Some teens do not know why they study there, some have no goal in life, some do not know why they live and what they will  be do after graduation of the trade school. My heart aches, seeing of these lonely children.They are only 15-18 years old. Very soon they will be on street again...They suffer and they all want come back to the orphanages, where they felt safety. 
Seeing this reality and hearing their thoughts, they look like nestlings not outspread their wings and not ready still to leave the nest.

But they very much would like the fellowship and someone who would love and edified them. They as baby birds in a nest, opened a mouth and are ready that their mother fed them. If only she brought food. They very much thirst for communication, as the person a thirsty of water in the dry desert. Their hearts and souls are devastated.

The idea came to our minds and hearts to come to all children, who wish to study the Bible and to hear the Gospel. To teach them what in our forces. The idea to bring together them in the big room of dormitory, where there is more place and all wishing can come. We asked permissions. And the teacher of a dormitory allowed us! What a wonderful blessing! 
Our desire to give them water of life that will give to drink for their thirsty souls. Our prayer and the purpose to give them spiritual bread and to feed their hungry souls. We at all don't know when we will be able to do it and how. But the desire and big need is. That to warn these children and to give them hope. To show them that there is a sense in life and someone loves them.

Will you pray, please that God would organize everything, gave the chance and blessed?We don't know when, we don't know how, we know nothing... But there is a big desire, huge need and opportunity.

Also there is a desire to help some children (to those, who needs) with clothes and shoes. If you have opportunity and desire to send clothes or somehow to help. We would be very happy to help these children. Clothes and footwear can be not new, but washed and suitable still. The sizes necessary for teenagers, girls and boys. If you are not able to help.Will you pray please,  God provide for this need?

Also this day we could visit girls in a orphanage, Oksana and Marina, who were in TB sanatorium before.Oh, how they were happy! We bring them sweets and fruits they love, apples and bananas. :) We thank God for the opportunity to see them again.They both are such sweet girls!

With pure joy in our hearts and happiness we came back to home.God is so good!

But worries do not leave our minds and hearts. Thoughts about teenagers in trade school, who necessary a care, support and just love.God`s love, what can lead them to the salvation of their souls, give them hope and peace in hearts.

February 21, 2013

A small beautiful princesses

Do you see such happy faces? Yes, these precious souls received their Birthday gifts and it made them such awesome happy. :)

From packages you sent, we made these beautiful Birthday gifts and to present to orphaned children. They never celebrate their Birthdays. These special gifts make them so awesome happy! Thank you very much showing your love through sending different items to these sweet kiddies and bring so much pure joy!

If you would like to bless these sweeties and do not know what and where to send.Please, feel free email to bibleorphanministry@gmail.com We will be just happy to help you!

 We had amazing visit of children and so blessed Bible lesson, recently.At the last meeting we told them history about suffering Job and had wonderful time. This time we told them the following beautiful history about the courageous queen Esther. 
When we only arrived, children asked. Will be today sandwiches also as we had before? :) They were upset a little, when heard the answer, no.

But we had simply amazing spent time at this time also!Children and we were so super excited! Probably we even more than kiddies. :)))

That it was more interesting to children listen the story about Esther. We took with ourselves various suits for Bible heroes. Knowing, that girls love different dresses and dream to be princesses (after all they remain ordinary children). :) We took with ourselves different dresses also. And when king Ahasuerus chose to himself the bride among girls. (Esther 2:2-4) Girls were simply delighted  and amazed, that they though for an instant can be as small beautiful princesses and walk in a dress.They so much laughed and were super excited!
It was so and so fun!We did not expect they would react so emotionally playing their roles.

Oh, we are beautiful!We feel ourselves as princesses!

Then the king chose beauty Esther.

 Oh, how Olechka was soooo happy that she was queen!You would see how she was thrilled and overjoyed! :)

Our brave queen entered to the king, risking her life.

Our small heroes and helpers.

Then after animated cartoon  viewing, we played game. Where children had to crown Esther. Who answered correctly a question, had the right to attach a crown.

At the end as always, we made a craft. Children cut out a crown from construction paper and decorated it as wanted. Oh, how they rejoiced especially to jewels. "Wow! Are they real and natural?" :)))

 Small beauty

Our beautiful princesses

Aren`t he cute? :)

A little princes and near them, beautiful small and precious princess.I love her!She is such darling and sweet and so seeking the love.When we only come, she runs at once and hugs all. Very much loves when someone take on hands, hug her are played. She is such comely kid!
We praise God and our hearts sing the glory to Him!

  I will praise [thee], O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works. 
I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High
Psalm 9:1-2(KJV)

February 18, 2013

Beautiful gifts to hundreds children

I`m very excited to share with you an awesome blessing we have!

Some time ago, we received some boxes of beautiful different items to orphans.So, we packed it in plastic bags to deliver to orphans and that each child would receive a beautiful blessing from the Lord Jesus.
There are hats, socks, gloves, toothbrushes, candies. Also  a nice organization Life2Orphans blessed BOM by donations and we were able to buy more sweets and chocolates to add there.Thank you so much!

Gifts looked beautiful and we loved it!

Over 330 packages were ready!Wow!

Having prepared the special program, we went to visit sweet kiddies.Three days in a row we went to orphanages sharing with children the Gospel and God's love, giving hugs and our love. We told them an amazing story about Jesus Christ's wonderful birth. Time with all children was simply awesome!We had so much fun, hugs, kisses, joy and more than 1000 pictures! :)))

Except roads. Roads came to an awful condition after this winter. Because of hard frosts and ice, asphalt cracked and roads in places are simply awful. All drivers are very upset. As after each trip repair of the car can cost at least $100.
Here are only a little part.

Thanks to God, our trips are safety!

When we only arrived to the first orphanage for typical kids, many lovely helpers appeared. Children are always very glad to guests!

The hall was full precious souls.

Nadia carried out a bright example. As it seems that plastic bag or the balloon is full of water can't remain whole after to pierce it through a pencil. So impossible can become possible! God descended on the earth having left glory of the Heavens and in an image of the person was born wonderfully.
Children loved this example and tried to do the same! :)

Throughout a meeting we sang with children about Jesus birth.

After Bible history and studying of the Bible verse, children played one remarkable game. Chose some children, who made 2 teams. They had to put on speed puzzles, the picture of Jesus birth, where also was the studied verse. It was very amusing to observe!

After having fun, children received wonderful gifts.

The time spent with kids was so awesome and so blessed!In the end we had lovely helpers again.Isn`t sweet?

Hmm... Did I mention ever that I have been in this orphanage many years ago? :) The first one, when I got  to the orphanage first time... So, this orphanage is special in some way for me.

The big dining room.I remember very well my place, where to sit each time when we had time to eat. :)
There are nothing changed.Everything is absolutely same.

The second part of dining room

The four little clothes cabinet. It seems that children don't use them. Why? I don't know. It is possible because there is nothing to keep?
When I was a teen, it was my prayer place. Because there was heavy to find a place to pray and to be alone with God. But in other orphanage, not here. :)

My prayer is about these sweet kiddies Jesus changed their hearts and lives as my some time ago. Our hope is in God, sharing God`s word and what Jesus Christ can do in their lives. Our prayers and faith - that seeds of His word will fall to the kind soil of their children's hearts and will bear a fruit once...

Next day we had possibility to visit orphanage with our sweet boys with special needs.We had the same program and everything was just perfect! God is so good!
And boys received beautiful gifts as well!You have to see their joy! :)

Also BOM blessed boys by box of different puzzles. If you have possibility to sent it here.Please, do! Caretakers very often ask us for puzzles or any type of games for these boys.It would be so awesome blessing for them!Thanks.

After, in 3rd day we had possibility to visit other our treasures.
Puppet show to smallest ones.We can hear only their laugh :)

Nadya told the Bible story
The game again

And in the end wonderful gifts

Also we could to bless of sweet girls by 25 pair of absolutely new sneakers.

Awesome blessing! :)

Thank you so very much from bottom of our hearts to everyone who took part to bless these precious souls, caring of their needs and bring so much delight and pure joy in their lives! God bless you!My love to all! :)

[Oh] how great [is] thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; [which] thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men! 
Psalm 31:19(KJV)


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