April 18, 2019

Weekends with a loving family

   Often for the weekend graduates of orphanages from different regions come to us to spend time together. Often, trade schools are located in villages or very small towns, where there is absolutely nothing to spend time with your family or have fun with friends. Simply nothing! Children who spent their childhood in closed institutions, are accustomed to decide everything for them, what to do and where to go, often can`t and do not know how to manage time, do not have dreams, do not know what they like or would like. After school, and especially on weekends, these teenagers do not know what to do. Not surprising! After all, they were not given a chance, they never tried anything. They suffer. Often just wander the streets from ignorance of how to spend time. From despair, they either sleep all day or spend time in social. networks. Sometimes because of this they commit crimes. This is depressing and leads to even greater depression. Therefore, our visit to the trade schools is a special event for these sweet students! They are always very happy, always waiting and saying, thank you for not forgetting us! 💖

    It is impossible to visit all schools at one time. Therefore, we decided to invite young people to spend the weekend with the BOM family. Since some have scholarship 400 uah($15.00). They can not even pay for a ticket on the bus. BOM pays their fare. Teenagers live with us for several days. We ride bicycles, go to an entertainment center, spend time outside, walk in the park, ride sleds in the winter, feed birds, play snowballs and much more. On Sunday, the children attend our Church, where they can hear the Gospel, comfort, encouragement etc. We eat together, pray, read the Gospel, mentor, teach and much more. The young adults learn to help each other, take care, and simply learn to live in a loving family.

   And you know what? Thanks to this, we became VERY good friends with young people! 💓Thanks to the Weekend, we noticed a HUGE change in behavior, relationships and learning! Children began to open up and trust us more. Thanks to these special meetings and weekends, we have become especially close. These teenagers have become especially dear to us! God makes amazing changes in precious hearts! They call us "mother and father" 😊 It warms and blesses our hearts. 
                         It is not necessary to give birth to become someone's mother. 😍

One day after a similar weekend, the next day, some guys did not want to come back to trade school. One of them even shed a tear... Poor guy.

Also, a 15-year-old boy came in one day to say goodbye to us to go back to school, but he spent the whole day with us instead of being with his family. When, I asked why? With a sad face, he said. "And what's the point? Mother is drunk, she don`t need me. She has her own life ..." The young man has no father. It breaks our hearts to a million pieces.💔 They are very, very young and it is very hard for them without support!

  About 15 teenagers are expected next week. It will be crazy 5 days! But we are so excited! At the end of April and at the beginning of May there will be a few days off. For us, this is a great opportunity to gather young souls and have a great time together! But only for food we need $500 to feed such a crowd! Nadiya, is a great cook. She always cooks to eat for young people.

  If the Lord promts your heart to be part of the amazing changes in the lives of these sweet children. If the Lord gives you desire to bless and feed the hungry so that the orphans can spend time with the BOM family. You can send your gift of love through Ting Ministries.

PayPal tingministries@comcast.net
Send a check:
Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon Pa 17042

 We also need someone who would like to support this project monthly to bring joy and bless these young people.

Thank you very much! Trust me, a weekend with a loving family is an incredible joy and a huge blessing for many precious souls! But we cannot do this without your participation!😊 Every gift is invaluable!May God bless you!!!



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