March 30, 2013

Blessed day

I would like to share with you, what a blessed day we had recently!

At this day we were able to visit orphaned kids and had Bible time with beloved teenagers in one of orphanages.The younger kiddies thought we came to have Bible class as we have weekly.They were upset to hear we came to older children.

Having presented to them our smiles and hugs we went to a hall to prepare to meeting.Do you think they left us?No! They took our bags, all our baggage and helped to carry.Such lovely!

It was sadly a little that many older children could not be with us because of sickness.But we had such awesome time with the rest ones!The special blessing was for us that several adult teachers were with us on meeting and could hear the Gospel. Wonderful!In the end of the meeting some of them even approached to us, huged and thanked. Such sweet surprise! :)

We sang songs with teenagers

The topic of the meeting was Choice.I and brother Misha played roles of Devil and God. Satan made proposal and said everything what God said. Children did not know, who was Devil and who was God. They had to guess and do choice, whom to follow.It was not easy! "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light". 

Then we suggested to play a small game. We distributed to children of chocolate candies and suggested to eat. Then we distributed same candies in same wrapper but from another box and suggested to eat again.

When they took their candies, they began to laughed so very much and cried out. "You cheat and make fools of us!" "What is wrong", we asked.
We took out the real candies and put there garbage. And certainly children couldn't eat it. :)

The example was successful!  Teens loved it very much it! Then Nadia summed up and explained that thus the devil offers same, in the same wrapper, only the inside other and is deceptive. People are often deceived accepting acts of Satan as acts of the Lord. Devil sly fellow and big deceiver. He often comes as an angel of light.

That to learn actions and strategy of our enemy. We studied the Scripture. Children found and read Bible verses.

 That the Satan offers only that brings pleasure for a flesh and is temporarily. And God offers what is important for soul and forever.

We placed these verses in 2 columns. From one party there were verses that spoke about actions of a fallen angel. From other party, action of our Almighty God.

Then jettons of 2 different colors were distributed to teens, each of them symbolized a devil or the Creator. Choosing color of a jetton, children chose, they want to follow God or Satan and then placed it in a hat.
In the beginning we did same. Children had to vote or choose whom they follow. Follow those beliefs that brother Misha spoke or that I spoke. As it was difficult to define who is who. Who played a role of the Creator and who played a role of the deceiver. After we studied some places of the Scripture. Children found out, who there is who.In same time it was fun!We were very excited!

At the end of the meeting we had sweets.Precious souls loved it!

The meeting was so awesome and blessed!We had great time with teens!

 Having learned that some children were ill and are in hospital. We also visited them not leaving behind and without attention and brought some fruits.

Tanechka, the sweet girl was so excited by visitors and little gift. After all, no one visit them while they are at hospital.

Even we came back home late and tired, exhausted. Our hearts were filled with pure joy and a praise to God! Our joy wasn't the end how miraculously Jesus Christ blessed our day!He is so good! ;)

March 29, 2013

Gifts to Graduated Teenagers

We begin a new project what we do each year, to raise funds and present gifts to graduated teenagers.

Every year thousands of orphaned teenagers graduate orphanages and start to live independent life.
But there is a big tragedy that they aren't prepared absolutely for independent life! They as baby birds not taught still to fly, already leave the nests. 

Teenagers aren't able to distribute money. Don't know also how and where look for work, housing. If find work, the long time is very difficult to settle and be kept by it there. Many of them live in poverty, without having means of life.Even in trade schools when they study there.

Many do not have a house that to return from orphanages and to live there. If there is a house, so it is impossible to live because a horrible condition there. Therefore these children without having means and hope, having seen the house in such condition, start wandering and begging on streets, that though somehow to survive.

A one orphan lives in this house
For those, who does not know.Here is a testimony of brother Misha, Director of Bible Orphan Ministry.How he suffered and survived after leaving an orphanage.

Many of teens get to the bad companies, start stealing, get to prisons. Girls give birth to unwanted children and refuse them... Some at the age of 15-16 years aren't able to read and count numbers. When buy something in shops, they never count the money  how many the seller returned, trusting her/him. 
These children can be easily deceived. After all how they can see reality, having spent all the years of life behind walls of orphanages? They not up to the end realize on how many in the world there is an evil and how swindlers can use having gained their confidence.

Did you ever think that graduated teenagers are in high risk to get in slave-trade?
They are very easy "product" because no one will not look for them. Even those, who have parents who left their children, these teens will not be looked for.If parents do not visit them  in baby house or children`s home, in orphanages and institutions during their childhood. Do you think they will be interested in lives of their children after graduation?Often children do not want to see their parents and do not contact with them by years.

Here is a short video of reality.

On the first year of independent life, after leaving an institutions, suffering and surviving, all children want to return back to orphanages...

Those, whom we able, we support by delivering food, clothes, different items, medical treatment, have Bible study and we call it "Lessons of Life", where they learn all necessary life skills.

Every year we deliver Bibles, cooking utensils, blankets to help in needs of graduated children.
HERE  we delivered gifts last year to one of orphanages.

This year we have 58 souls, who are going to leave orphanages.Our goal is to raise $1,520 to buy these wonderful gifts to them.We are very thankful to Ten For Orphans and Grace Haven Ministries wishing to help BOM and take part in this fundraising.

We need your help in spreading the word by any way how the Lord Jesus will guide you and give you an idea.But most of all pray.Please, pray God will provide needs of these children and send all means to bless them.
If the Lord give you a wish to bless them. Tax Deductible donations can be made here .  Where it says Grace Haven Ministries.
Or on the right side of our blog, where it says Donations for Graduators.(Tax Deductible also)

If you willing to donate directly to BOM. Donations can be made  here  Just select option "I'm sending money to family or friends" and leave a note that this gift is to graduates.

The website Chip-in does not work any more and we can not set it up on our blog. The thermometer on the right side, will show how much we raised.

THANK YOU very much for any your help and involvement!God bless you!

March 27, 2013

The end of fundraising

Ok, friends.Here is update about fundraising we had for windows project.With God`s help $2,450 was raised through BOM, GHM, and TFO together to replace new windows and to help boys  will not feel cold and be safety.Thank you everyone, who take part in this  charitable work and opened your generous hearts!
We are really excited and happy, we are able to help orphanage in this need for the glory of  Lord Jesus!God is good!

We will order windows and replace them. It may take several weeks to do everything.Next week we will begin to work productively on that.Please, keep pray everything will be well and God bless in every detail. I`m super excited to share with you new, beautiful and warm windows! :)

What a joy and awesome blessing!Thank you very much for your kindness and support!Thanks a lot to be hands and feet of Jesus and bring glory and praise to Him!

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." (Matthew5:16)KJV

March 21, 2013

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Today is special day because all world  celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. For BOM this is special day as well!Here are some reasons.
  • We thank God, He called us to minister to these special orphans.
  • We thank God that He leads us daily and teaches us how to minister to these precious creations. 
  • We praise Him and never ever will forget how the Lord Jesus opened our eyes and widely hearts that to know more about needs of these kids on special Down Syndrome conferencesome years ago.
  • We thank to God he burned our hearts up to change program in ministry some time ago that to serve to these sweet souls, more productive, knowing their needs.
  • We never will forget how we were shocked that kiddies with DS can be educated and can be adopted! :)
  • We remember, how by miraculous way, God used BOM that one little girl with Down Syndrome was  adopted and have wonderful and loving Christian family.
   Today Aleksa is blossom and has a future!
  •  One more precious girl with Down Syndrome is in process of adopting now! Isn`t awesome our Lord Jesus!
  • We began Bible lessons in orphanages, where are orphans with special needs, such as DS and have successful and wonderful  each meeting.
The list can be much longer...We do not know what else our Heavenly Father prepared for us in ministry that to serve and make, if only a little difference in lives of these sweet souls.We have some plans and pray.God knows! We just celebrate today`s day.
Happy World Down syndrome Day!God bless you! :)

March 19, 2013

A little changes in sending of packages

   This blog post for those, who sends to BOM or is going to send a parcel to Ukraine.

  Since summer of 2012 there were some changes. And it is very important for us.If you wish to send a parcel directly to BOM. The parcel shouldn't exceed 50 kilo and cost no more, than EUR300 ($ 387,86 USA). Otherwise we will be compelled to pay customs duties. We would be very grateful, if you inform us (when you sent already) that you sent a package, how many boxes and when we have to expect. It is important for us. Thank you! If you have questions, please feel free to ask.
Thanks a lot for your understanding.We appreciate your love and support very much!God bless you!Love to all!

March 12, 2013

A wonderful day!

The First.We would love to thank you for prayers, for our health.God is so good! We feel very well now!We are so excited, we are able continue to serve the Lord Jesus and visit our lovies.Thank you!Thank you very much for all your prayers!We are so and so thankful for your support.We are so blessed to have wonderful Christian friends, such as you are!Many thanks to you!

The second.We had incredible and such wonderful day today!

We were able to visit sweet boys with special needs and had Bible lesson.We missed them so much and it was such a wonderful joy to see their sweet faces and give our love.The spent time was awesome!

Today we told them beautiful Bible story, how the Lord by amazing way led bride Rebekah to Isaac.(Genesis 24) Boys helped us by playing roles of Bible heroes of this story.

All boys so loved this story!It was very fun!
Also the wonderful blessing was, when workers of the orphanage could hear the Gospel and what Bible says about marriage.

 Boys loved the song with movements and they did very good!

Then we played one amusing game. In every mumpish balloons we placed the warped sheets of paper, where words from the Bible verse were written. Children burst a balloon how they wanted and had to find the word. All boys were very excited to play this game.It was so fun and awesome to see their joy!

Worked hard to burst the balloon.He is so sweet! :)

 Then we attached these words to a board. Such a way, we guessed right and studied the Bible verse."Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding". Proverbs 3:5
 In the end they made craft.

Love this precious soul.He is very emotional and smiling all time.He is very happy by every little thing and is such sweet boy.

 But today we had one more very special and amazing blessing.BOM had privilege to meet in person Founders and Executive Director,  Randy & Tina Kacirek  from Grace Haven Ministries and Mary Malone, living missionary family in Ukraine, who came with us to visit children.Can you believe it?

We never expected we can meet in person those, who helped in some our previous and still help in current project for orphans.But life is interesting and you never know what God prepared for you.And it is fun! :)

After the Bible lesson, boys did not want to leave the room for a long time and wished to communicate much and asked "hundreds" questions of their new guests.They were surprising to see Americans and sometimes asked funny questions. :)
Our amazing helpers are such wonderful people with beautiful hearts of Jesus.They have been our "extra hands" and it is wonderful blessing from our Heavenly Father.We had awesome spent day together!God is so good!
Thank you, Jesus for such wonderful and blessed day!

 Behold, how good and how pleasant [it is] for brethren to dwell together in unity! 
[It is] like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, [even] Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; 
As the dew of Hermon, [and as the dew] that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, [even] life for evermore. 
Psalm 133(KJV)

March 7, 2013

Sick again

The BOM staff(I and brother Misha) are sick again. We caught some very bad virus.It seems as flu but really not flu.Here a lot of people get sick with this virus and same symptoms.
Some days ago we felt so very and very bad, high fever, headaches etc. Now we feel much better by mercy of the Lord Jesus but still not well yet.We kindly ask you to pray, please, for our quick healing and good health.That with new forces we could continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.Thank you very much!God bless you!


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