January 28, 2014

The Fundraiser has started!

I am so thrilled!!!!In previous blog post Here, I told you that some of my dear friend Bree has started a Fundraising to help hire caretakers for another 6 months.

She already  finished putting together all of the items . Everything is so beautiful!  It`s even hard to believe that so many people donated! :)  Wow! I`m so humbled by the Christian love of so many people to Ukrainian orphans! What an amazing blessing!

Please, follow this link HERE to find out all details about this amazing fundraiser!Thank you VERY MUCH to all, who donated these awesome items and to every one, who take part in it!May God bless you!

January 26, 2014

God's plans are the BEST!

We are so and so excited!Oh, how merciful and generous our Heavenly Father!!!! Our hearts are full of joy, sing and praise Him!

Only for a week we have raised $1,300 to help with personal care items teenagers and young adults in institutions!It's unbelievable!Praise God! Praise God! Only 4 people made it possible!Oh, my!
We are sooooo grateful to all, who made it possible not only by donations but prayers and telling others about this exciting fundraiser! Million times THANK YOU friends!!!!!

We are so thrilled to bless these 240 precious souls by these amazing gifts!Wow! Please, pray that God help us to organize this all. Thanks.


So, since this need has been met very fast and so unexpected. Our Saviour is amazing!

My beloved  friend Brianna, would love to help BOM with other fundraising. She is so lovely , (who always inspires and amazes me ;0) ) Christian very young lady, who has such big heart to the orphans in Ukraine. She leads blog CoverUpForChrist, and is very talented the owner of the Etsy shop, who supports BOM.

Brianna, wanted to help in Project with Care Items to Teens. This week she contacted over eighty Etsy shops and businesses.  Isn`t she amazing? :) Many people replied and said that they wanted to help,  over forty items have been donated! Wow! This is fabulous news!

Since God already has provided needed funds. God has the BEST plans! Does not He?  :)
So, this precious girl already has started another fundraising to help raise $3000 to hire caretakers for other 6 months in mental Institution, whom BOM hired recently.

If you would like to join in this new exciting fundraising. Please, follow this link HERE to find out more details how you can help and pray. We are soooo thrilled to see God's loving and caring hand in it! ;)
Thank you so very much for your participation!May God bless you!

January 25, 2014

A medical help and adventures

Thursday was cold but sunny and beautiful!On the way in the morning, we could enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Everything is just wonderfully!

Especially beautiful was when the snow sparkled in the sunlight.

It seemed that the trees shedding by precious stones, diamonds and pearly. I just think, how in the Heaven will be much more amazingly, breathtaking and stunningly! :)

We went to Kiev.Yes, in these terrible days, what is happening in this city right now. No, we were not afraid, absolutely! Since we knew that this mess occurs in the city center, where we were not going.We thought that on the road will stand armed police.What will stop, check the documents, ask who we are and where we're going, etc. We were ready for it. But on the way there was no one, only Auto Inspection, who controls traffic disturbances. The road was perfect!
Life in Kiev goes on, people work and live as before. But only in a VERY tense situation, as shared with us, one of the capital's residents.Keep praying, friends!

So, why we went there?We planned to take our Olechka to the good doctor, but we had no idea that we will go to Kiev to a awesome specialist and a candidate of medical sciences, and that it would be in a foreign clinic! One very kind person told us about this clinic and besides also helped pay for the medical testing of our mommy.Wow! What an amazing  blessing!!!!!!
I am so excited to tell you about our travel and experiences!

So, God has led us to American Medical Centers.(AMC)

When we went inside, we were amazed at the cleanliness, beauty, and everything was new. It is very nice. Everything is so different from our government hospitals, where everything is old and destruction. When a patient sees all this, it seems even more depressing.

It was so nice on the table was fresh flowers and apples. Since during the day we were hungry, did not have time to eat, because we were busy. This was a blessing for us. But even more surprised us, when a lady offered us a hot tea! Really?! Surprising, as we have in the government clinic, you will not find even a glass of clean water for free. You have to pay for everything. :)

We had an appointment with the doctor. By registering, the doctor came out and met us. Such a blessing that you do not need to sit and wait for several hours in the queue as in state clinic. Sometimes 1-3 hours. And it happens sometimes that you can wait half a day, and have not got to the doctor, because a long queue or ended his day and he needs to go home.

The doctor was amazing! She was so kind and sweet!And she also liked her patient, saying always that she is so lovely and nice girl :)

Our wonderful doctor giving an excellent consultation ( never seen before that the doctor in such detail explained everything to his patient ) . Making some medical examinations, Olga passed some tests . Oh, yes, we  accompanied Olga everywhere, as she needed help. We went to another clinic that would do an ultrasound of our baby and some internal organs of his mom. Since the AMC does not have yet the necessary equipment to do it for pregnant. AMC took us in their car. Wow! Another lovely surprise!  A very nice and lovely nurse accompanied us always. Amazing! So, our driver, brother Misha, was waiting for us, as we were "traveling" with Olga. :)

So we were brought to a new clinic ilaya. Service and view inside, everything is just fantastic!

It was very interesting to see these streaks or lines, yellow, pink and violet on the stairs and the corridors of this institution. Each strip is in the desired direction. For example, a pink stripe leads to doctors, yellow leads to assisted reproductive technologies, etc. A woman- receptionist shared with us that women often go for pink line, and the men in blue(there is more line), thinking that it is for them. Funny. :)
There are many interesting and surprising.

Look, whom we saw doing ultrasound! :) The babe-boy is so beautiful and precious! We could see him in 3D-4D functions. It was so awesome to see all his bones, how he was moving, how he opened his cute and small mouth. Olechka was so excited to see him! I never thought that at this stage of pregnancy, 29 weeks, you can even see the baby eyelashes and eyebrows. Isn't it amazing? So, it was a bit experience for us as well. :)

Having passed all the required medical examination and passing all the tests. We finally tired could eat. We were so pleased that the cafe that we love :0) where Ukrainian traditional cuisine, there is next to the AMC, in grey big building. Wow! We did not have long to go and look for, and only 5 minutes to walk. What a blessing!

Our precious girl was so excited!!! After all, she had never eaten at the cafe and it was her first life experience!

It was just an AMAZING day, the service and the staff at AMC, simply  AWESOME!We had so many precious moments and blessings! We have been so excited!

I have great news for you! First, that "our" precious little baby is healthy and developing respectively his age! Second. Our mom finally hemoglobin rose to the required level! Yay!!! Praise God!!!!!!!! What an amazing blessing! See, what God is doing and answers your prayers! :) 
But there is no good news. Thanks this clinic, we learned that Olga has still some problems.I'm so glad that the doctor so responsibly and in good faith reacted to her work!The doctor that examined Olga was not happy, what she saw. Since our girl passed the tests, we'll know the result next week.Would you keep praying for Olga, please?

Our sweet mommy was overjoyed and amazed by service and adventures at this day! She always admired, was surprised and said, "I can not believe it, wow! I can not believe! My parents never cared as much as you do it. You are so kind and attentive to me." She warmly thanked and was so happy. It melts your heart....
 The words swirled in my mind that I recently read in the Bible. (Luke 17:10)"So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do". I love these words! :)

January 24, 2014

Our precious young mommies

Today is -18 C(0,4F)Brrr!But we stay warm and healthy, thanks God.

Guess, whom we could see and visit recently? Can you say, who is this? :)
This is "our" little princess Sophia!She is sunshine and little treasure.

Can you believe that she is 4 months old now?She grows so fast! She is so precious and sweet little angel.

Sophia is so darling! 

 Love her big beautiful eyes. Isn`t she beauty? :)

She is her mother Lena is doing ok for now. Thanks to your support, BOM has provided diapers that will be enough for several months for the little one.

Also we visited Zhenya`s family, where we met also her brother and her classmate Tanya. About whom I told you before. So, we could have a nice fellowship and helped with diapers too. 

Mommy loves her darling boy :)  Such a blessing to see it!

But we have more wonderful news for you!Do you remember we asked you to pray for Zhenya and her baby that she may lose him?So, our young loving mother visited a doctor and learned her little boy  is healthy and everything is well. She is not in risk any more lose him! Praise God!Praise God!Praise God!!!!!
Thank you so much for prayers!!!!! Zhenya was very thankful for your prayer support. But, please, keep praying for her and her family.

Also we have some news about Kozak Olya. I will update in next post. It will be little longer and different. :)

January 22, 2014

IT`S GETTING WORSE!Prayers for Ukraine!

We ask you fervently pray for Ukraine, PLEASE!Some time ago we asked you support us in prayer. In Ukraine is revolution during 2 months already.But everything is getting WORSE here! It seems as it became to civil WAR!

Civil war in the country becomes more brutal.

Berkut is shooting at people with plastic bullets, use water cannons and throwing tear gas bombs.

Over hundreds and hundreds people with burns and different wounds have been hospitalized( same as protesters and "Berkut", it is police), 4 people lost their sight, one person has lost an arm. 

Around 20 journalists were injured,  about 500 people asked for medical help, more than 30 people in the police, some of them could face up to 15 years in prison for participating in rallies.

Journalist has been hurt by a bomb while being LIVE on TV


  Protestants threw fireworks and stones at "Berkut"      


It was TODAY!

Taken HERE

And the WORSE! Several people are died!

One live station says that 2000 protestors have been heavily injured by gunfire today. Many in Kyiv have lost access to Facebook and Twitter making it even harder to get the news out.

This all is VERY scary, hurts, disheartening, makes me sick to my stomach!!! We tearfully are yelling and plead God to stop this all and give peace!!!! As Christians we are not involved in this and do not wish.Yes, we should fight! But believers should fight on knees!!! Bible says: 

 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]."  (Ephesians6:12)

PLEASE, pray with us for PEASE in Ukraine!!!  God save Ukraine!!!

January 21, 2014

Update about the Project of Caretakers

The days are windy and snowy now.The real winter came to Ukraine! Even it`s cold, -10C(14F) But we are very excited! Because we had very warm days, without snow for a long time. It was not Ukrainian winter. :) We so much wanted snow! God blessed us so generously!!! Yes, we praise Him for snow and little frost! 
(Job 37:6) "For he saith to the snow, Be thou [on] the earth..." 

I have a wonderful news for you! And I am soooo excited! :)
We had possibility to visit sweet boys in mental institution and blessed them by many diapers, baby food and special formula for those, who has a trouble digestion food. Yay!
Special thanks to those, who faithfully supports these precious souls monthly!

If you would like to be a special blessing to these poor and needy boys by monthly gift $15.00 also. You are welcome! Here is more info. Be blessed!

But the most wonderful and exciting news that we hired caretakers AGAIN! Praise God!!!!

We raised only %50 of sum it was necessary. God blessed us with $3000. He teaches us trust Him more.
So, we hired caretakers only for 6 months, not for a year as we hoped. But it is better than nothing!!! :)

BOM agreed and  signed  a contract with Institution to help with caretakers. Yay!

The same lovely ladies, who worked a year already, will take care and give love to these abandoned treasures.We could see and testify the wonderful work they do.

I love how this boy interacted and played with G. He likes to do it and she helps him.
A small piece of video


Director and all administration greatly thanked that BOM can help in this project. As need is GREAT!

But we know that it would not happened without mercy of the Lord Jesus and your participation!Thanks to little and big donations.Thanks to prayers it happened! We are so and so excited and humbly thank Him and give praise to our Saviour and Father of fatherless. Wonderful! Many thanks for your involvement. Thank you VERY MUCH, dear Friends!!!!! You are awesome and amazing!!!!!!May God bless you and your families abundantly!

January 17, 2014

New Progect-Gifts to Teens

Do you remember I shared with you what a great blessing we have received? We decided to divide, package and give these awesome blessings the kids. But packaging gifts to sweet souls in orphanages, we found a problem. We have nothing to give to teenagers, older guys and girls in orphanages!

Part of the gifts we have already packed and prepared for younger kiddies.

But what we will bring to sweet teenagers? :(

Workers and directors in each orphanage complain that there is not enough personal care items to children. Kids often do not have shampoo (one bottle of shampoo to the whole class)!!!, one bar of soap for the whole class as well (20 children)!, the older girls and boys no deodorant, etc. So our desire to bless the necessary things and fulfilled the needs of these precious souls. Can you imagine what will be a joy to have a personal bottle of shampoo, shower gel and deodorant?

Last year, when we gave out gifts and those deprived of many things the treasures, were overjoyed! Thanks to your donations and love, many and many hundreds children and young adults had a memorable day and got great joy. It was something amazing to see happy and shining faces!!!! :0)

And so this year the need and desire to bless 240 adolescents and young people in several orphanages. This is 62 teens- girls and 178 boys teenagers and young people in the institutions. Yes, we have lots of guys this year! :)

We need to raise $1,300 to help hundreds of precious souls and bring joy. And we have only several weeks!

Please, will you take part in this project to bless, even an one soul? For each child necessary $5.4. Every $ is greatly appreciated and may not only meet daily needs, but also to bring great joy to the hearts of hundreds of young souls!

We kindly ask you to share by this project, everywhere it is possible for you...Also, please pray we will get all we need...

Your gift of love you can send through BOMs` PayPal thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com .On the right side of the blog, you will be able to see how much it has been raised through Pitch In(green).

THANKS a LOT for your participation!!! May God bless you and fulfill your needs!

January 14, 2014

First Birthday and Gifts to Teens

 I love this precious and happy smile!Isn't Olechka looks happy?

Our two lovely Olga :0)
Olechka loved this lovely bunny so much and said it is biggest toy she ever received. And only third toy in her life...

Precious girl is ready to cry... Why?I tell you.Oh! It so deeply touched our hearts.
Can you imagine that NO one, EVER congratulated you with a Happy Birthday during 19 years? Think. What you would feel, if you received, sweet gifts, lovely wishes and warm words FIRST TIME in 19 years old?..

When we sang her a song "Happy Birthday!" She started to weep...Sweet girl.Such a small thing, such a small act of love so deeply touched her heart...

Here only a small piece of video. When she is ready to cry, hardly holding back tears. Such a sweet girl.

Then we had a small Birthday party.
Olya Necheporuk(our precious student, as we call her :)), said: "It was the best Birthday in my life.No one ever congratulated me with my Birthday..." Think. First. Birthday. Ever...and No one ever congratulated.

This young lady is so sweet that  takes care of her brother, who still is in orphanage, where she has been a year ago.

Recently she visited the orphanage, where she helped BOM team to hold a meeting with kids. It was such a blessing! And this sweet soul visited her brother Paul. Or Pasha as she calls him. It was such a sweet and lovely moment.

Such precious and calm girl, who needs lots of love and attention, what she was deprived in childhood...

I thought...Maybe someone of you will want to show to this sweetheart God`s love and care by sending a special box, any gift, as a toy, any clothes, any game for teenager girl, something for her long hair or any goodies for girls. Or just write a nice note with Bible verses to encourage her. Or probably someone will want to be her sponsor, showing attention and love? Whatever God will place on your heart... That she did not feel lonely, but beloved and having  friends, who care about her.It would be such a blessing for her!

Also, maybe someone will be interested to bless graduates of orphanages, about whom BOM cares? To send gifts and we could give them for Birthdays. This can be a personal care items, shower gel, soap, shampoo, deodorant, socks, towels, lotion before or after shaving for boys, any face cream or body cream for girls, hair clips or rubber bands for hair girls, games for teenagers and young adult games. Many girls just dream of having some big toy! Anything. This would help us to save money. Since the toys here are very expensive. Also I think it would be so nice to get a gift from a friend for - abroad, America or Germany, Canada or Great Britain or Switzerland, etc. :)

Trust me they LOVE receive gifts! Hmm. Who do not like receive a sweet note or even a small gift? But those kids, who were deprived so and so many things in childhood will appreciate your attention, efforts, care and love!

Here, you can watch video of some of them, their admiration and impressions. How Olga Kozak was excited, when she found a simple post card. She "knew" there was something special for her. :)

Think.Your letter or some gift can bring heartfelt tears of happiness and joy, and sink deep into their hearts forever.Or your special gift can make this special day of Birthday special forever. Orphans DO NOT celebrate Birthdays in orphanages! As they belong and joined to our big BOM family, our wish to make this day a special and celebrate together with them. Can we do it together? :) Thank you very much for your participation. God bless!

P.S. Sasha Kozak soon will have his Birthday, the 19 of January. Maybe some one will want to congratulate him? :) Thanks for your kindness.

January 9, 2014

New Year party

Do you see these beautiful young souls together?I am so excited to tell you what God is doing!

We had  New Year party at our local baptist church. Just would like to clarify we that we do not celebrate a New Year. :) But this is a great opportunity to gather together all friends and dear people.Summarize the past year, to share the blessings and the brightest moments that have been during the year, making plans for next year, pray for God's blessing and just have a great time with the children of God, to those who are dear to your heart.

The greatest desire was to gather our orphans and share the love of the Lord with all of them.A little sad that not all of course could come. We had over 12 young adults. Yay! Nevertheless, we had an amazing time!

At the beginning brother Misha as pastor preached. We came into New Year 2014 all church together in prayer!I love that!
Then we played different Biblical games, for those who are very young in Christ and knows a little Scripture and for those, who knows the Bible well enough.

And then at the end we had very fun time!

Everyone was so excited and had so and so fun!

Also we had  a supper of love.
It reminds me place of Scripture:  (Luke 14:16-17) "Then said he unto him, A certain man made a great supper, and bade many. And sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are now ready." 

Bible says: (Luke14:12- )"Then said he also to him that bade him, When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends, nor thy brethren, neither thy kinsmen, nor [thy] rich neighbours; lest they also bid thee again, and a recompence be made thee. But when thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind: And thou shalt be blessed; for they cannot recompense thee: for thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just."
So, we called poor orphans :)

The supper was so delicious!And we had lots of food! :)

No, we had not eaten all at once! :) The next day we had a meeting again and again we continue the evening and fellowship. And then we gave all food to all the orphans. Everyone was happy!

Some kids had lit sparklers :)

It is interesting that in same chapter Luke 14 is the verse 22 "And the servant said, Lord, it is done as thou hast commanded, and yet there is room." 

One of our orphans met a young guy, who wandered in the evening and asked the people to eat. He is homeless and living on the street. Sad, but he is graduate of an orphanage... Yes. This is reality. Without the support, these children live on the street, are survive and just disappear... Our guy invited him to this supper, because we had plenty of room!
He took a shower(we have at church for homeless) and gave him clean clothes.

This guy the name is Sergey, he has a lot of not only physical needs, such as housing and daily bread. We found him temporary shelter. But also spiritual needs, from which he suffers. Therefore, almost all night our pastor Misha spoke with Sergey about his life, about that he needs Jesus, which can fill of joy, love and happiness an emptiness that he has in a heart. We know that there is still a lot of spiritual work with this guy, still a lot of hours spent and not enough slept nights. But is not that what Jesus has called us ? Could you please pray for the salvation of this soul , of the change both his heart and mind.Thanks.

I like as one of our donors said, "I hope you have a wonderful party, that bellies are feed and hearts are full knowing Jesus loves all of them." And this happened! The spending time was absolutely amazing!
We had a wonderful fellowship!Some orphans first time in life was at church and hear the Gospel. Some first time in life had fellowship with Christians. Some probably first time in their life could hear and see how Jesus loves them and desires to change their life.

Thousands times thank you to those, who helped to make it happen!Jesus is so awesome!  :)


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