September 30, 2013

Not good news

Well. I have not good news for you, dear Friends.

All the while we were busy in search of housing for family Zhenya

We glued  announcements wherever possible, called , went to several towns , walked for hours through the streets and homes, and asked the people, also we left the announcement in some newspaper . In those cities, where we thought we settle this family , there are no agents or brokers, who could help in the search for housing. People have to do it yourself. It seems, you can spend months in searching of housing...

It was difficult, because it is very cold right now in Ukraine +7, +10C(+44.6, +50F) This weather is usually in late October or November. Do not even want to leave the house, when the rain every day for 6 weeks, very cold and damp. Brrr! Many people have started to get sick. We are all , by the grace of God are healthy.

Rain washed away everything. We  had to renew the announcements  . And all this is to no avail. We can not find housing for this poor family. We do not know what to do. Maybe God has a different plan , or we just have to wait or go to other cities and towns ? I do not know. We need your prayer support , friends. That God has opened what is in His plans. What He wants that we would do. That He would direct our hearts and eyes , where He wants,  where ever the family settled.PLEASE, keep pray!Thanks a lot.

Zhenya is worried much. Almost daily calls and asks, if we found something ...

So beautiful sky on the way home!

Few minutes later. :(

P.S. Even in these desperate days we have AMAZING blessing! I can not wait to share with you all! :)

September 16, 2013

What is with Zhenya`s family

The first, we would like to thank you all for prayers for this poor, Zhenya`s family.
The second, PLEASE, keep praying!

Finally, I can tell you some news that we have for today.

Since that time, as happened this grief and trouble at this young family, we visited them a few times to do something about this issue. But it was hard, because precious little baby Victor was sick and his mother was with him at the hospital. Husband Zhenya works till 8.00 pm, and he is unable to decide something. Finally a sweet baby is feeling better by God's grace, and he is at home.

The family still lives in the house that this poor girl bought. But every night they are going to bed and DO NOT know, whether they will spend the next night in this house. Of course, they are frightened and feeling discouraging. You can imagine what they feeling...

We spoke with several local authorities. Here's what we found out. First . The police is doing their job in concerning aunt of Zhenya . I do not know how this will end , and whether she will be in jail. But her aunt is famous by not a good reputation in the town. 

 The second. We have asked some questions and asked for help . Since Zhenya is the orphan and has a newborn baby. She also acquired the government house , which generally can not be sold . There are certain laws in our country. That is a BIG trouble even for government staff! There so many details. That not to confuse you , because the laws of our country and the laws of other countries can be different . After talking with the local authorities, we realized that the best option for this family, to move from there  in search of a new home. Now we are working on it. This may take some time. One kind person blessed $500  this poor family. Glory to God !!! That will be enough for a few months to rent a home for them!

PLEASE, we ask you heartly continue to pray fervently and unceasingly for this affected family. Pray that we were able to find an  inexpensive and good house/apartment as soon as possible . Also, for  a  new work for Kolya , as he forced leave this one, in connection with the move.Thank you VERY MUCH!

If Heavenly Father moves your heart to help this family. Donations can be made through PayPal BOM  Thanks a lot!May God bless you!

September 14, 2013

At home already

A precious little Sophia is at home already. She and her young mommy is doing really well. Praise God!

When we took away Lena from the hospital, there was made a Hospital Discharge for her and her baby.
I do not know how it is in other countries. It would be interesting to know ... But here in Ukraine, where her mother with a newborn baby is discharged from the hospital, the employee may make a solemn discharge, of course with the consent of relatives or friends. Everyone decides for himself whether he wants it or not. Certainly, we wanted to have a special event for our lovely mother. :)

There were many different wishes and congratulations.

A woman has arranged a fun lottery. Everyone pulled the card, where it was written, who will do what for the baby. 

Take to the zoo,  nurse in absence of parents, be a sponsor, sing lullabies, etc. It was very funny. 

 All this happens very quickly, within 10-15 minutes, but stayed pleasant and joyful memories.

But at home, a pleasant surprise waited for Lena. We bought a crib, canopy, a blanket, a mattress and everything need for a crib.All is not new, but in great condition. We haggled with a woman, that would be even cheaper to buy it all. But when she learned that we buy for an orphan, she has lowered and sold out by a very good price, and gave a several new different bottles for the baby free of charge. Yay! What a joy!

We have set all and decorated by balloons. Everything turned out great! I really like the crib and everything in it. ;)
"Wow! This is so beautiful!", our young mommy cried out, when came into the room. She was so impressed and so excited and started to hug everyone. :) We were so glad she loved it and  she was happy!

She immediately had put a little angel there, who slept so peacefully. Isn`t Sophia precious? :)

She is our little princess, who deserves the best what we can give.She is such beautiful gift from God!What a wonderful blessing she is for her sweet mommy! ;0)

September 8, 2013

Welcome to the world, little Sophia!

This morning, around 8:30 am I got a phone call.
-Alla, please come! I am very afraid! I'm scared! through her tears, weeping bitterly called Lena.
-All will be well, dear! I'm going!

I hurriedly began to gather at the hospital. I started to worry a bit. Arriving at the hospital and saw this precious girl that she was in good order. I calmed down and the Lord gave me peace in my heart. I belived that everything will be well. I realized that Lena should have give a birth to a sweet baby today. She was VERY scared.Hmm. Not surprise.

It was not easy for her. I consoled and encouraged, Lena as I could, doing massage, read comforting verses from the Bible and prayed. But the Lord gave me the confidence and peace of mind that everything will be fine. The perfect peace of God filled my heart. I am so grateful to Him for that! Thank God, my past  little experience was very useful. I told Lena, what to do and how, etc. Also God blessed with a very good medical staff, doctor, obstetrician and others.

And .. at 1.25 pm a miracle happened!A little Sophia arrived to this world!Oh, my! Tears. Just tears of happiness.
My first words were. -Oh my! She is so cute! :)

She is sooooo precious!Born one small miracle. She's just a gem and treasure!

She is SO beautiful! Isn`t she? :)

We are so happy for Lena!
One more miracle  happened. Doctors were surprised  partly, that Lena, being small in stature and delicate constitution, gave birth to a big baby 3,550 kilograms(7826.3 pounds) and 54 centimeters(21.26 inches). Is not a miracle and mercy of the Lord?

Sofia is a healthy precious girl. And all thanks to you, my friends! We have helped and fed Lena, that a baby would was born healthy. Praise God it happened!
Our young mommy is doing very well and still can not believe that has happened this miracle. :) Also, the Lord gave me strength and I am not tired, despite the fact that only 3 hours I slept. :) Working at night, I went to bed just before dawn at 5.00 am and after 3 hours Lena called me. I'm so glad that God gave me strength and also to be with our sweet mommy and support her in this exciting moment. It's AMAZING how God set it up, and blessed!!!

We are SO grateful for all your prayers and support! I believe thanks to your prayers and mercy of our Saviour everything went just perfectly!What an amazing joy and blessing!God is sooooo good, as ALWAYS!  :)

September 7, 2013

Expecting a baby

Lena is at hospital now in delivery room. She has not given birth yet. We are all expecting for when Sophia will come to this world. But her mommy Lena, this precious girl is VERY scared and crying... She called and asked me that I would have attended to her at birth. Having a little experience a year ago, :) I would have to go and support the Lena  in this exciting moment. I started to worry too. We need your prayers now so much! Please, please pray!Pray for peace in heart, good childbirth and healthy baby!Thank you!!!

September 6, 2013

Incredible blessing to Kozak family!

A while ago we thought and prayed. We did not know what to do. We knew that we will have several projects. And all these projects were urgently. We knew it would cost a huge finances.

 Honestly, we did NOT know, what Projects to start first. Since it was necessary to help  poor Lena , who had been big term pregnancy and she undernourished and had many other difficulties . Our desire is that a baby girl Sophia was born healthy to the delight of her loving mommy and glory of God. We also urgently needed to raise funds to help Olya go to school and help in the basic needs. 
By the grace of God Lena feels good because of your love and care. Olya is in school getting education. By the way. Please, keep pray for Lena. Today or tomorrow she should give a birth of little precious angel. We hope. :) 

But at the SAME time, we needed to raise finances to continue to support the family Kozak with their cute kiddie Ehdick. 

The year already has gone as BOM supports this sweet family. Wow!Time flies so fast!

These pictures have been taken year ago.Do you believe it? :)

Through your prayers and care, they raise their baby strong and healthy. Aren`t he is cute? Everyone here adore him :)

Sasha continues his study at the trade school . Olga is a very loving mother . She often says , " I'm so glad and happy that I did not leave Ehdick in an baby house and did not listen to blandishment workers of orphanage . Everyone said, that you will not unable to do it. You are very young . Why do you need it? You have to get an educating, etc. Now I can not imagine my life without my babe". So priceless.

We understood that and knew very well, if we do not help this precious family, they will be on the street. Hundreds of thoughts, worries, our heads were spinning! What to do? How to be? All we could do, was to pray. Pray to the Lord leaving this need to Him . Trusting that He would provide. Plead Him to do a miracle and take care of the family. He sees everything. He knows everything.

And do you know what?! :) Our great God prompted hearts of an one beautiful Christian family from Australia, wrote to us and inform that they would like to help this family, so that they can pay for rent and their other needs.Oh, my! Reading the email, I could not believe. Is it dream or what?How it can be? INCREDIBLE! It is amazing how God works and takes care!

Thus God sent HUGE gift of love $3000 to this precious family Kozak, for ONE MORE year! Unbelievable! It is incredible how God pours out His tender love at His children!Praise God!Praise God!

It is even more overwhelmed and humbled our hearts when they said, "... we are not worthy at all to even do YOUR shoelaces up on your feet. We are not important or special people, and our desire is that the Lord gets full credit for the work HE does". Just tears... Tears of joy. Oh, how great and good our Heavenly Father!Tell me.What is impossible for Him? 
"Behold, I [am] the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?" 

THANK YOU!Thank you very much for your generously and amazing support! I often think that our "thanks" never will be enough...All glory to the Lord Jesus! Only He worthy of praise and honor!

September 4, 2013


A few days ago I received a phone call. Picking up the phone, I heard the bitter and desperate cry of a young girl. Who in depressing,   told me terrible experiences in her life right now. She is overwhelmed with grief...

  Zhenya is 16 years old orphaned mother, who gave birth a small boy Vitya 4 months ago.She got to marriage for father of her son. But they survive and live in such poverty.We support this family as much as we can.

  Several months ago, she bought a house from her aunt for $625 and moved  to live to this house in another town. 
When we were there last time, we explained to her that she should do the paperwork, that this is her own home. It's not a good thing that she bought a house without documents.

  A few days ago, she learned that she can NOT live in this house, because it is belongs to government and such houses are not sold at all. 
She is on the street already! She has no right to live there because the house does not belong to Zhenya at all. A true owner of the house must come and live there.
It sounds that aunt Zhenya cheat to her. Now, Zhenya, with small baby Victor have nowhere to live!  

  Zhenya wrote a statement to the police at her aunt. Went to the local authorities and explained the situation and asked for help, etc. But she was denied it. 
I do not know how this will end... But we ask you to pray very hardly, PLEASE. Zhenya crying bitterly and does not know what to do and where to go...After all, she had nowhere to go and ask for help...

Please, pray that the local authorities have done something because it is their duty!Pray that God will protect Zhenya and her baby and help to solve this trouble.

If this girl will not find in the near future a place to live. Government employees can take away her precious son and place him in an baby house. In order to protect a newborn baby from hunger, cold, and give a roof over his head, a children's home...

From  despair and hopelessness, Zhenya is forced to move to the house of her mother in-law, who abuse alcohol and kicked her out of the house some time ago. But more than that, her mother in law is ill with tuberculosis! She does not take any medication and does not interested in fact that was waiting for her and what kind of life she leads. It is VERY dangerous to live in that house! Alcohol abuse, sickness, the crime there . Zhenya, her husband and the child can become infected with this terrible disease that has already killed hundreds of thousands of people in our country.

Ukraine holds the 2nd place in Europe in the incidence of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis - the only officially recognized as an epidemic in our country, which has lasted for 17 years, since 1995. According to official statistics, ill with tuberculosis in Ukraine 457 thousand people, according to unofficial - about a million. Every day, more than 100 doctors diagnose patients. 1 hour in Ukraine four people are infected with tuberculosis and dies. 

Among the causes of death from infectious disease tuberculosis is more than 80%. 

When I explained to this poor girl that this is not a good idea to live with her mother in law with a TB patient and who abuse alcohol . She said, I have no choice ...
Oh, my!PLEASE, pray for all this situation!

September 1, 2013

Yes! It happened!

  It happened dear Friends! God answered our prayers!It happened a miracle!!!
The very last day God sent a wonderful blessing to Olya enough not for a month but for FOUR months!Oh, my! It is AMAZING!Praise God!!!!

  Thank you VERY MUCH for your enormous concern and efforts to help. Thank you SO much for your participation and prayers. We are so excited and happy! It's amazing to see how God blesses through His precious children and generously pours His wonderful blessings! Just for a day we raised 45% of needed funds. It is almost half! Wow! Only alive God is God of wonders!

  Our wish is to raise $1,700.  So, we still need $921 more. PLEASE, keep pray!We believe with all our hearts, when God began to bless, He will finish and not leave on the half way. :)

  Olga entered to the Lyceum- school. Yesterday was a bit of a difficult day. It took some time that would settle her in the dorm. Then all the students of the Lyceum gathered in the auditorium and had a meeting and introduction with the administration of the school. Then the meeting of the  group in class and getting to know the teachers. We were able to pay for tuition, housing, etc. All this took some time and we're all a little tired. For Olga it was a special and exciting moment. When we said goodbye, this precious girl cried herself suddenly. In the beginning it will be difficult for her... After all, everything is new for her. The new city, the people, the place of housing, bandmates, a way of life. She started a new life... She worries, a lot of thoughts and impressions.
We would be so thankful, if you would pray for this precious soul.That the Lord will help her in everything.Thank you!

Thank you very much for giving her a chance to have a future!

P.S.  Donations can be made through PayPal BOM,


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