October 8, 2012

Olya and Sasha -renting apartment

We are so excited and SO thankful to you dear friends, to be part of 3 dear souls, precious Edick and his young parents, Sasha and Olya.
We so rejoice we could to raise $1700 to help them in renting their apartment and needs.It`s almost the half the necessary sum!Praise God He cares of his children!!!What a great joy!We are so grateful to you!!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord they are saved from the street and have warm and such nice apartment.We can easily breathe and breathe sigh of relief.They grow spiritually in obeying of God.And they learn to be nice parents to darling Edick.

But the situation in their family changed.
Sasha working at shoe factory injured seriously left hand. The knife on the machine that cut off a sole of footwear came off and cut Sasha's hand so that muscles and a hand bone were visible. Sasha lost a lot of blood, the hand awfully hurt. There was an awful sight!Oh, my! But on God's favor the wound is tightened and heals and everything is good now.Praise the Lord!
As a result of trauma Sasha left that work and certain time can't work. And he couldn't find here work where  he could work by one hand. Not to waste time, BOM helped him to arrive with training school, where for 2 years of training, he should get 3 professions, such as the house painter-plasterer, the joiner-carpenter and the bricklayer.So, Sasha is student now.

So, we still need to raise more funds to help in renting of their apartment for all year and for their needs such as medication, food, etc.That their shelves wouldn't be empty as here.

 But enough of food for all family.

 From all sum $3465 are necessary to raise $1765 more to help with their needs.It`s for all year.

Please pray that the Lord would provide and sent all necessary for this family. Pray that the Lord would help them grow spiritually, to come nearer to Him and to love Him with all their hearts. Thanks a lot!

If the Lord gives you desire and stirs your heart, please use the button chip-in on the right side of our blog. May the Lord Jesus will bless your heart and will bring you pleasure and blessing.Many thanks!!!

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