July 28, 2012

Sasha and Olya - urgently!

Olya and Sasha has VERY difficult and urgently situation. We at all don't know how to help them... Dear our sweet Friends, we need MANY and hotly your prayers.I will try to describe the best I can.

I`m so sorry it took me a week later to tell you about this young couple.We have been VERY busy here by visiting orphanages and repairing of Valya`s house, about these all things, I will tell in next posts.

Sasha has a room in a hostel(dormitory) where they could live...A room is in the awful status, about 12 years there nobody lived. There is no electricity and water, no door etc. But we would help them with the God's help.

We learned that Sasha's sister doesn't allow to live this young couple there. Though he is registered there. In Ukraine it is of great importance, if you have registration. If you are not registered, you can not find job, place to live, make any documents and a lot and a lot more...By other word you can do absolutely nothing.
Olya isn't registered anywhere, Sasha's relatives don't allow to make it to her in Sasha`s room. Even if we would make there repair and everything solved.

A problem is in that, that in this room many relatives are registered and they all can claim for it after repair... They all can throw out Olya and Sasha on the street with the kid on hands.
Also they all drink vodka, use drugs and there many other problems.  Usually with such people there are a lot of problems.It even is dangerous to live to these children there!

Olya has a grandmother, she sold Olya`s house while she was in an orphanage. And now this orphaned teen has no place to live. The grandmother doesn't want to take Olya to herself.
Also the problem consists in that, if Olya isn't registered anywhere, she can't receive money for her son from the government as the help. And she can't to do registration anywhere.

We see only one way.It`s to have a house or a room in dormitory to them, to buy or rent...

They will be owners of their house and anybody can make nothing to them.Also we can visit, help etc. Situation VERY much and very heavy...

So, we really do not know...We have only one way, it`s to pray really hard.Please, pray God help Olya to have a registration somewhere.She has only several months.If she would not do it, she will lose ALL her help money for baby from government.It will be worst than now...

We buy food  and give to them, each time we meet these kids. They both hungry often, so Olga does not have appetite.It`s very bad for her now, as she breastfeeds Edik.She is so suety(pale) and it scare, she can get any sickness.Please, pray for her health also.

 Olya went to ask a room from a city governor, but to her refused. Yes, it is reality dear our Friends. These orphans have NO place to live now with the small newborn baby on hands and anybody can't help them... It is simply awful and breaks our hearts...You can not sleep and eat well, knowing their situation.It`s our one more burden now...

 This young couple really suffers and survives. All relatives kick out and don't want even to hear about them. Imagine their situation, fear, hopelessness, disappointment, helplessness, hungry, without any hope and help...

It`s URGENTLY! PLEASE, please, please, pray for these teens that God help and protect them.We pray hard that Jesus will be mercy and do a miracle in lives of these kids...Everything is so heavy...Please, pray Jesus help them to have their own nest to live.They both are still children, who need a protection and help, love and support.Many thanks for your prayers!!!

"Yea, the sparrow hath found an house, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, even thine altars, O LORD of hosts, my King, and my God." Psalm 84:3(KJV)


  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2012

    Praying for this young couple - is there any way they could share Valya's house??

    Thank you for all you do to help...

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Well.At the beginning we thought also about this idea and Valya does not mind. But as there found is mother of Valya, we very much hope that after repair she will come back home. Therefore we aren't sure and we do not know what will happen further...
      Thanks for prayers!

  2. I'm sure we would all pitch in and help with what we can if you set up a chip in account.Will keep them in prayer.

    1. We also thought of it MANY times! But we are not sure yet what sum is necessary... Therefore we solved that everything well to consider and make a final decision HOW to help these children. Probably one of these days we will set up chip in account.
      Thank you for prayers!


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